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Unlove Me (Game On Trilogy #3)

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Unlove Me (Game On Trilogy #3)

  Unlove Me



  Unlove Me

  By Lisa Sommers

  Warning: This work contains sexual content and is written for adults only (18+). All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age.

  Cover Design by Kelly Emery

  Photography by Christopher John

  Cover Model: BT Urruela

  Proofed/Edited by Jillian at Jilly’s Polished Proofs, Ninfa Zito-Maisano and Keri Quinn

  Interior Design and Formatting by Lisa Sommers

  Copyright © 2016 by Lisa Sommers

  Published by Lisa Sommers

  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are completely coincidental. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission.

  ISBN- 13: 978-1539629511

  ISBN- 10: 1539629511

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  To everyone who has enjoyed the Game On trilogy. You all ROCK!

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  Chapter 2

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  Chapter 1


  “Strictly out of curiosity,” she is totally going to kill me. “How long do you plan on staying?”

  Her body stills and the pressure of her skinny fingers all of a sudden become not so delicate. Her claws begin to dig deep into the skin on my back.

  Fuck, as much as I love a good back massage, I’ve got people who do this kind of stuff for me. Shit, I pay good money for a deep tissue massage. I don’t need. . . damn it, what’s her name again?

  I adjust my body so that I can rotate to my side. “Baby, what’s your name again?”

  The deep intake of her breath and the fact that her eyes are turning red are a pretty good indication that she’s mad. “You son of a bitch,” oh shit, I pissed her off. “I just spent the last hour and a half giving you everything I’ve got,” yeah, she’s not too pleased with me. “and you don’t even know my name?”

  I begin to explain my side of the story but she begrudgingly pushes against my chest, leaps off the bed and reaches for her articles of clothing from the floor. “Baby, I . . .”

  She doesn’t even give me a chance to explain as she reaches for her red high-heel, pulls back her arm and launches the shoe at me. “I can’t believe we just shared this special moment and you don’t even know my name.” She screams as the dagger of a shoe swooshes past my head and stabs into my brown leather headboard.

  “Damn it! This bed was expensive . . . Amanda.” I have no freaking clue what her name is but she reminds me of this chick I went to grad school with. That bitch was crazy.

  “Amanda?” She’s looking at me as if I killed her dog. “My name is Sara!” Her shrieking voice pierces my ears.

  “Sara? Huh.” I shrug my shoulders. “I never would have guessed that. You really seem like an Amanda.”

  Her mouth drops open in mock horror. I don’t think I said the right thing. Amanda, I mean Sara, grabs the rest of her clothes and storms out of my bedroom, knocking my baseball cap on the floor as she passes by the dresser. Fuck, I hate when people touch my hat. Seconds later, I hear a loud crash and then the sound of my front door slamming.

  Well, at least she’s gone. I can’t stand it when these chicks think that once we do the deed they have the right to stick around and play house. They know who I am and they all want a piece of me.

  I better get up and see what the fuck she broke. I walk out of my bedroom butt naked, stroll down the hallway and see shards of glass everywhere. It was a cheap-ass vase my grandmother sent me when I broke my arm several years ago. The only reason why I keep it is because whenever she visits she always asks, “Where’s that Waterford crystal vase I sent you three years ago?” Waterford my ass. That thing was a straight-up plain glass vase that can be bought at the local Dollar Store. But, because I care for my grandmother, I always put it on display.

  I tiptoe past the broken glass and make my way to the front door. I need to make sure that the crazy lunatic is gone. I don’t see her car and just as I am about to turn and head towards the kitchen I see her other goddamned red shoe sticking out of the front tire of my brand new black mustang convertible. “Are you freaking kidding me?” I yell at no one but myself.

  I pull open the door and jog to my car. I quickly rip the heel of her shoe out of the tire and I immediately know that that was a bad idea. The rush of air spewing from the tire against my face pisses me off.

  My house and property is fairly hidden from outsiders, but the minute I yell, “Damn it!” I hear someone rustling in the bushes.

  “Oh. Well, hello there, Mr. Moon.” Oh, God, please help me now. I crouch down low so I don’t show Mrs. Robinson my full package. I wasn’t even thinking when I ran outside completely nude.

  “Hi there, Mrs. Robinson. How are you on this fine evening?” I am not someone who is ashamed of their body but there is just something about showing the goods to the little old gray-haired granny next door. I keep a low profile and remain behind my vehicle.

  “I’m doing just fine, dear. Better now,” she mumbles the last part, but I heard what she said. She tries to stand on her tiptoes as she stretches her wrinkly neck to try and get a peek. “Do you need some help, Mr. Moon?” She asks as her eye contact is definitely not focused anywhere near my face.

  “No, Mrs. Robinson. All’s good here.” There is no way I am going to stand up until she is gone.

  “Well, ok then. So be it.” She tugs on the leash she is holding with her little ankle biter attached to the other end of it. She keeps her eyes on me as she slowly makes her way further and further away from my yard.

  I make a mad dash back to the house and quickly shut the front door. There is no telling if that woman is still peeking through the bushes.

  Running back upstairs, I decide to throw some shorts on just in case someone else decides to pop out of nowhere.

  I need a drink after this mess. After grabbing a beer from the fridge and my cell phone from the table, I walk out to the deck, take a seat, kick my feet up on the railing and relax.

  I take a long swig of the ice-cold beer, allowing the cold liquid to cool my throat.

can’t believe that chick destroyed by bed frame and then popped the tire on my car. Crap, not to mention my grandmother’s vase―and my hat. She touched my fucking hat. She had trouble written all over her face. I should have known better. I really need to think about not bringing these crazy ladies back to my home.

  I throw my head back, close my eyes and blowout a deep breath of pent up air. Just as I begin to relax, my cell phone rings. I glance down at the table where the phone is and the display says it’s Shane. He is my number one pitcher for the Sun Devils.

  I promptly slide the answer button on the screen and hold the phone up to my ear. “What’s up buddy?”

  “Hey Coach! What’s new?” This boy has been on cloud nine since he and Alli became engaged.

  “Same old shit, Shane. Just a different girl.” I used to date Shane’s fiancé, Alli. Well, maybe not date, but we went out a few times. Nothing ever came of it, not to say that I didn’t try. Hell, we were so close one time but then Shane showed up. It was clear from the moment I saw those two together that there was something between them. I’ll admit they are perfect together. I may be an ass but I am not that much of a dick.

  “Please don’t tell me you have some chick there with you right now.” I can tell by the sound of his voice that Shane is rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

  “No, she left in a frenzy just a little bit ago.”

  “That doesn’t sound good.”

  “No, not really. Dude, she got all crazy and shit when I couldn’t remember her name.”

  “You never cease to amaze me, Coach.”

  “Shut it or I’ll think about replacing you. That chick had an arm that could rival you any day.”

  “Whatever, dude,” Shane completely dismisses my comment. “Anyway, I’m calling to see if you wanted to join us for a barbeque after the game Saturday.”

  “Yeah, that sounds good. Are you inviting the whole team or just me?”

  “The whole team. Alli wants to get everyone together to announce the date we picked for the wedding.”

  “That’s awesome. I’m happy for you guys.”

  “Thanks, Coach. It’s been a long time coming. We can chat more at practice tomorrow.”

  After I hang up with Shane I breakout the playbook and go over a few last-minute details before making one last call to Derek.

  “Hey Huntington, how’s your hand? Are you going to be at practice tomorrow?” Derek broke a couple of knuckles a few weeks ago and healed up quite quickly until he re-injured them during a minor motorcycle accident.

  “Yeah, didn’t you get my message? The doc cleared me this morning. I’m good as new.”

  “That’s good to hear. How’s Chelsea doing? She gonna make you sell that bike?” Derek’s fiancé had gone through some life tragedies in her past and it’s all come to fruition lately so I know that Derek has been worried sick over her.

  “I got rid of my motorcycle before she even had a chance to ask. No reason to make her worry about me. She’s doing really good though. Thanks for asking.”

  “That’s great.” I know when I ask him this next question he’s going to go ballistic, but I want to know. “So, uh, how are your sisters? Summer and Sonny, is it?”

  I hear nothing but silence for a moment when he finally exhales a loud puff of air. “They’re fine.” He sternly replies.

  Really? Is that all he’s going to give me? Those two are hot as hell and there is nothing I want more than to team up with them for some two-on-one action.

  Another second goes by when he says, “Just stay away from my sisters, Coach.” I don’t say anything because I can’t seem to get my mind off of them. If he had any idea about the thoughts running through my head at this particular moment, he’d send them on the first plane back to Atlanta. “Do you hear me?” He speaks a little louder into the receiver. “I mean it. Stay away from my sisters.”

  “Yeah, yeah. I hear you.” Fuck, why does he have to get all high ‘n mighty on me? “So anyway, Shane mentioned a barbeque at his house after the game on Saturday. Are you guys going?”

  “I believe so. I think I just overheard Chelsea talking to Alli on the phone about it.”

  That’s awesome, because I know that Alli has been getting close to Derek’s sisters. If Chelsea is going, then I know for sure that the twins will be there. “Alright. Well, rest up and don’t be late to practice tomorrow.”

  I end my call with Derek, kick my feet back up on the railing and rest my eyes. Within minutes I am dreaming of San Diego’s newest and hottest residences. Summer and Sonny, I’ve got a welcome package waiting just for them.

  Game on . . .

  Chapter 2


  “Summer, where do you think you are going dressed like that?” I love my brother but he needs to lighten up.

  “We are just going to a local club. No big deal.” Derek worries way too much.

  “Who’s we?” He asks as his eye’s take in my low-cut tank, short skirt, and high-heels. He’d rather I wear a damn parka made out of burlap.

  I walk a little closer to him so that when I answer him he will have no problem hearing me. Don’t get me wrong, Derek’s hearing is just fine, but he tends to tune things out when Sonny and I explain things to him. “Sonny and I, big brother. You do know that Sonny and I are only two years younger than you, right?”

  “I know that, but . . .” He interjects.

  “But nothing,” I cut him off. “We are saints compared to you.” Our brother may not have brought any girls home to meet our parents but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. Hell, he had a different bimbo in his bed every week.

  I hear footsteps behind me so I turn to see the woman who changed my brother’s life. “He’s a born-again Saint.” Chelsea says as she makes her way to Derek. She wraps her arm around his waist and he pulls her in tight for a kiss. They really are perfect together.

  Maybe I can sneak out now since his mind is elsewhere.

  I see Sonny tiptoeing downstairs with her index finger over her lips. She’s holding her stiletto’s in her other hand. Nodding to the front door, we both try to sneak out before Derek see’s us.

  We just make it to the door when we hear, “You know dad wouldn’t like this one bit,” Derek hollers. “and I’m not done with the both of you.”

  “Just let them go, baby. They’re just having fun.” Chelsea comes to our rescue. God, I love her. “Besides, this means we have the house to ourselves for the next few hours.”

  She fucking rocks. “We love you, Chelsea!” Sonny yells loud enough for the both of them to hear.

  “Yeah, Chelsea, we totally love you.” I agree.

  “What about me? I’m the one who worries sick about you two.” Derek counters back.

  “We love you too, big brother.” Sonny holds the door open for me and we both say in unison, “Don’t wait up for us!” And then we walk out the door.

  “Well played, Sis.”

  Sonny flashes me one of her devious smiles. “Thank you.” She gloats.

  “Are you driving tonight?” I ask because I didn’t grab my keys.

  “Nope,” she says just as I see headlights round the corner. “Kelly is.”

  “Sweet.” Between the three of us we usually make sure that the one driving doesn’t drink. “I guess we won’t see Jenny tonight then.” We both laugh at my comment. Jenny is Kelly’s alter-ego. It’s like she is a completely different person when she starts drinking.

  Kelly steps out of her car. “Why don’t you two ever dress alike? We could have so much fun.”

  “Been there, done that.” I reply. “It always ends in trouble.”

  “Yeah, remember that one time when I worked one day for you at your job because you had a hangover and you said if you missed another day then you’d get fired?” Sonny recollects.

  “Yeah and you still managed to get me fired.” I laugh.

  “Well, you didn’t tell me you were sleeping with the boss.” She whines.

  “Yeah, we
ll, I didn’t think he’d come on to you at work.” I never said the guy was bright but come on. At work?

  “Whatever, you’re too good for that piece of shit job anyway,” she tries to justify. “My fist hurt for nearly a week after I decked him.” That’s my sister for ya.

  “Yeah, you’re right, I am.” I agree. “So anyway, where are we going tonight?”

  “Buckle up girls, we are heading down to Johnny V’s.” Kelly responds as she throws the car into drive before I barely even have the passenger door shut.

  The three of us are new to San Diego so we don’t really know too many places around town so when we arrive at Johnny V’s I am pleasantly surprised. “I’ll buy the first round.” I yell loud enough for the girls to hear me as I make my way to the bar.

  The club is a bit crowded and I can’t seem to get the attention of any bartenders. The female one seems to be pretty busy with a group of people who are also trying to get her attention. The male bartender looks to be dealing with a bunch of girls who look to be part of a bachelorette party.

  It’s been like ten minutes and my patience is beginning to wear thin. “Shit, what’s it take for a girl to get a beer around here?”

  “What can I get you?” I feel a warm hand lightly press against my forearm. I turn and notice a hot, blond-haired, blue-eyed typical San Diegan young man staring directly at me. He has the prettiest eyes.

  I offer him a half-smile. “As much as I’d love that, I don’t think they’ll notice us over here.” I turn back to the two bartenders who are way too busy to help any of their other patrons.

  “Rock!” Hot dude yells to the guy behind the bar. He immediately catches his attention and finishes up with his customer before making his way over to us. “Get this pretty young lady anything she wants.”

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