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Crowd of Lies (Kingsley Academy Book 2)

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  Pulling open the back door, I gesture her inside.

  “I know what happens if I get in that car, Kai. I’m not stupid.”

  My lips twitch, despite the topic we need to talk about. “It’s about my father, but I prefer what you have in mind.” I reach out, pulling her into my arms when her face pales and she begins to tremble. “Get inside. There’s much I need to tell you.”

  Her grip on my T-shirt tightens as she blinks up at me, guilt written over her face. “There’s something I need to tell you before we get in that car. I forgot to mention it earlier at the market. You kept distracting me,” she rushes out. Taking a deep breath, she looks me square in the eye before continuing. “Your father hasn’t left.”

  “I know,” I tell her softly. “Get in the car.”

  Lifting herself up into the car, she elegantly slides across the seat, giving me room to enter.

  I scan the area, checking for anyone out of place or possible threats. It’s only when I deem it safe, do I enter the car, closing the door behind me.

  “You can tell me,” she whispers.

  She says that, but I can hear the indecision in her tone. She’s afraid of what I need to say.

  Taking a deep breath, I start, beginning with Kieran and who he is. “Kieran, my father’s head of security, paid me a visit today. He had a message from my father.”

  With a trembling hand, she reaches for mine, comforting me, soothing the anger rising from the reminder of what I had to do.

  “Is that why you’ve got a bruise along your jaw and your knuckles are raw?”


  “What did he say?”

  “He wants the recording. He believes the charges will be dropped if it’s gone, and then he can leave. He wants access to the money he stored in oversea accounts. He can’t reach it until he’s free to leave the country.”

  “Kaiden,” she whispers painfully. “I can’t give you that recording.”

  I pull her into my lap. “I’d never let you, even if you offered. I meant what I said when I told you I was on your side.”

  “This is such a mess,” she groans, resting her forehead against mine.

  My fingers tighten around her hips. “He’ll be caught,” I promise her.

  “I need to go. I need to tell Nova,” she explains, but I tighten my grip, stopping her.

  “She knows. I was at her house before coming here. She wanted to call you home, but I told her I had you covered.”

  “Is she okay?”

  I hear the sincerity in her question. “You two okay now?”

  She shrugs as she ducks her head, watching as her fingers play with the hem of my T-shirt. “We’ve had a lot to talk about. I’ve had a lot of time to actually still my mind. Since my mum died, I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop to let myself acknowledge what I was feeling, to pick apart those emotions and find out what they meant to me. I just lied to myself and those around me. I’m not saying I’ve been fake. The closed off, not give a fuck girl you all met, it was amplified. It rooted inside of me and I let it. It gave me the numbness I needed to cope with everything that had happened.” She pauses, blinking up at me. “But I do care. After the accident I got so angry it scared me. I wanted you all to pay. I turned into the very person I never wanted to become. When I returned after my recovery, I went back to lying to myself, pretending I needed Nova to escape from my old life. But the truth is, I know I can survive without her. I just don’t want to. I want to have family. The love that comes from that kind of bond. To taste normalcy. And I realised I pushed her away because a part of me was scared she’d reject me eventually. I didn’t trust her motives to want me for me.”

  I nod in understanding. “But you’re certain now that she’s not out to get you, to use you. She loves you.”

  “The fear is still there, but I’m giving her a chance—a real chance this time. No more acting, no more keeping her at arm’s length.”

  “Good,” I murmur softly. “She loves you.”

  A moment passes between us, neither one of us looking away. A flash of acceptance crosses her expression, before she masks it. Or tries to. It makes me inwardly smile. She forgets how easy it is for me to read her.

  My thumbs dig into her hip bones and she inhales, her eyes dilating with heat.

  She takes me by surprise when she slides forward in my lap, her fingers running over my scalp as she leans in and kisses me.

  I groan into her mouth, cupping the back of her head, and kiss her back, deep, hard.

  “I need you,” she moans against my lips.

  Not giving her time to change her mind, I rip her top up her body and over her head. Pushing the silk covering her breasts down, I take her nipple into my mouth, sucking it deep.

  “More,” she moans.

  Leaning back against the seat, I let her pull my T-shirt off before pressing my lips to hers. Her movements speed up as she rocks her hips, grinding down on my rock-hard cock.

  She breaks off the kiss, and when I go to protest, her eyes widen, looking around outside. “Oh my God, someone might see.”

  “It’s tinted,” I tell her, moving forward, but she leans back.

  “No! Not here. Someone will see or hear.”

  I smirk, twisting her nipple between my finger and thumb, causing her to close her eyes and moan. “Like you’ve been bothered about being heard before. You love the excitement,” I tell her, my tone hoarse.

  “No,” she moans, but it’s a pathetic attempt, because she continues to rock.

  I grip her hips, lying her down next to me and sliding her jeans, along with her knickers, over her thighs and down her legs, leaving them bunched at her ankles. With one hand I play with her clit, pressing harder every time a word forms in her mouth. With my free hand, I undo my jeans, lifting up a bit to pull them down enough to free myself.

  She squeals as I lift her back up until she’s straddling my lap.

  “Oh god,” she moans, still looking out the window.

  “Eyes on me, baby,” I order, gripping her chin to tilt her head until she’s looking at me. I reach between us, lining up my cock at her entrance.

  Her eyes glaze over in a haze of lust as she seductively runs her hands up my chest, over my shoulders.

  My cock is like iron, pointing to her entrance. I grip it tightly, feeling pre-cum bead the tip. I want her. I want her so damn bad.

  And as she nears, her lips a breath away as she blinks up at me, it takes all my strength to hold back. If I take over, I’ll hurt her. And she doesn’t need that from me right now.

  She flicks her tongue against my top lip and a shiver races up my spine. She releases her grip on my shoulders, leaning back a touch before pressing down over my cock. My cock slides between the slippery wetness, my full length entering her.

  “Fuck!” I grip her hips, stopping her from moving. I’ve never been one to hold back, ever, no matter how much of a release I need. But with Ivy, it’s different. I never know how much I can take before I blow my load.

  Easing up on my grip, I let her move. Her hair falls around her face, blanketing us as she cups my jaw. Her breathing is erratic as she drives up and down my hard length, using her knees for support.

  “Kai,” she breathes, leaning back. Voices from a crowd of people sound close by, blinking Ivy out of her haze, and her eyes dart around the car.

  There’s no way I’m letting her leave this car, even if those fuckers are standing right next to the window.

  I’m close.

  She’s close.



  I’m close. It’s a mixture of Kaiden and the chance of being caught. It’s heightened everything I’m already feeling and everything I’m not.

  But hearing voices close by is a wake-up call. A part of me doesn’t care, the other is scared they will see, hear. I feel vulnerable in this moment.

  “We need to stop,” I breathe out, but the second he massages my breasts, I arch into him, my body pleading for more e
ven if I don’t say the words.


  I want to savour the sensation, the feeling of being the one in power, the one in charge.

  The voices sound closer and a small squeak escapes past my lips. I try to reach for my shirt, but Kaiden stops me, his heat and desire sucking all the air out of the car.

  “Finish it, Ivy. Fuck me. Fuck me like there is no tomorrow, like a part of you doesn’t hate me.”

  His words hit me in the chest, and I shake my head at him. “I like you more than I could ever hate you.”

  My words have an effect on him. I can see it in his expression, in the way his fingers dig into my hips.

  “Then fuck me. Fuck me before they get close, fuck me before they see your pretty little tits bouncing for me, before they hear how you sound when you come.”

  I moan at his dirty words. My arse cheeks slap against his thighs as those words propel me to drive myself harder on his dick.

  My tits bounce with my movements, and for a moment, Kaiden is transfixed, licking his lips as he watches.

  I can feel my orgasm approaching as I continue to ram myself down on him, my movements frantic.

  “I’m going to come,” he growls out, flicking his tongue against my nipple.

  The voices get closer and tingles shoot up my spine.

  “Oh my God,” I cry out. I drop my forehead against his.

  I knew I was close, knew it would happen, but the power of it sneaks up on me. I cry out, my internal muscles squeezing his cock in a vice grip. It’s powerful, consuming, and as Kaiden groans out his orgasm, I slump against him, feeling exhaustion creeping in.

  It makes me wonder if it will always be like this between us; euphoric, passionate, fiery.

  Then it clicks. I unintentionally just admitted this would happen again. We would happen again.

  I pull back, ready to tell him I’ll give this a try. There might have only been one guy before him, but I know without the experience that what we have is rare. People have great sex every day, but what we have is a connection beyond the passion, beyond the sex.

  He watches me, his eyebrows scrunched up in a frown.

  “Kaiden,” I start, but the blaring of my alarm interrupts us. I cringe, rolling away, onto the other seat.

  “Don’t go,” Kaiden groans, pulling up his jeans, but he pauses on his button. “Fuck!”

  I finish pulling my knickers and jeans up and reach into my pocket for my phone before switching off the alarm.

  I glance up from putting my bra on, seeing him still frozen on his button. “You okay?”

  The fear staring back at me stops me from reaching for my shirt. All I can think is that someone has seen us, but scanning the area, I don’t see anyone. I don’t even hear the group from before.

  He’s starting to worry me.

  “I didn’t use a condom.”

  I sag with relief, reaching for my shirt. “It’s okay. I’m on the pill again. I have been since the incident. While we were there, they sorted me out a prescription.” What can only be described as relief runs through him, and I watch him take his first breath since he admitted he didn’t use a condom. I smother my giggle and turn to give him a stern look, ready to tease him. “You don’t want to be my baby daddy?”

  He finishes pulling his T-shirt over his head and looks at with me wide eyes. I can see the flicker of panic, not knowing how to answer me. “Kids?”

  “I think we’d make a cute baby. We could get married, buy a house.”

  “What?” he squeaks, and hearing him so undone, I burst out laughing, slapping his chest.

  “If there’s anyone not ready for kids more than you, it’s me. I’m not ready for that kind of commitment. I don’t think I’ve really thought about it, but seeing your face is priceless.”

  “You bitch!” he grouches.

  I giggle, tying my hair up in a bun. “Get over it, because we really do need to go.”

  “Can’t we go back to mine?” he asks. “I wouldn’t mind stripping you down for a shower. Tossing myself off while you play with yourself, suds of soap running over your tits.”

  My breathing escalates, and for a moment, I consider saying fuck it, but I’ve been waiting for this moment since I first met Danielle.

  “No, you’ll want to see this too,” I warn him and open the door nearest me before sliding out. The breeze has a small chill to it as I hold the door open, arching my eyebrow at him. “I’ll leave without you.”

  “Fucking hell,” he groans, sliding out of the car and standing in front of me. He cups my cheek, leaning down and kissing me briefly. “You’re lucky you’re hot.”

  I wink at him and look around for the sign near where Danielle is parked. We weave in and out of cars, making our way over to where Clary, Selina and the twins are waiting.

  “Just in time,” Clary hoots, and I turn to see what she means. Danielle is standing beside her car, screaming at those around her that they aren’t her knickers.

  People are taking photos or videoing the scene, which is making it worse. She gets in her car, starting the engine, but then Jasmine leans through the window, whispering something.

  “What the fuck is going on?” Kaiden asks, stepping up behind me. I close my eyes at the touch, savouring it, but open them when Danielle’s scream echoes through the air.

  She looks out the window, down at the wheels, to see them deflated.

  Seeing her more clearly, she’s covered in drink of all colours. I even get a whiff of the foul spray we used. Clary was right, it got worse. It reminds me of the mouldy eggs my mum boiled once. The flat stunk for weeks afterwards.

  “Keep watching,” Clary demands, snapping photos of her own.

  “Who did this?” Danielle screams, her hands slapping against her sides in frustration.

  Jasmine steps back, cringing as she covers her nose.

  The minute Danielle’s gaze locks on mine and hardens, I lose all amusement, glaring back at her.

  “You!” she yells, pointing in my direction.

  I grin, giving her a little finger wave. She storms over to me, but halfway, trips over something, landing on the ground.

  She screams, dirt on her chin and clothes when she gets back up. She’s barely holding it together. I wouldn’t put it past her to start smashing stuff up around her. I’m thinking this is the first time someone has ever gone against her and won.

  Her friends run to her aid, but the minute they get close, they take a step back. “I think you have poop on your face,” Krysten points out, squeaking when Danielle slaps her hand away, her face thunderous.

  She keeps coming my way, her hands balled into fists. “I’m going to kill you!”

  Kaiden steps a little in front of me, pushing her back when she gets close. It annoys me, because I can handle myself, but having him willing to protect me sends my heart racing.

  “Don’t touch her,” he warns, his low, menacing voice sending shivers down my spine.

  “She did this,” she screeches.

  “Did I?” I ask, standing by Kaiden’s side.

  Her narrowed eyes harden. “You know you did.”

  “Seems to me you had what was coming to you.”

  Noticing Clary, she turns to her, sneering. “I bet you had something to do with this, you freak.”

  “Better a freak than to be you or one of your minions.”

  “You’ll regret this too. You both better watch your backs,” she threatens before turning to Kaiden. “And you. You let them do this to me. I was your girlfriend.”

  He snorts. “No, you really weren’t.”

  “Yes, I was,” she yells, and those around her begin to laugh. Her face tightens as redness spreads up her neck and over her face.

  “You really are delusional. You need medical help,” he sneers.

  She looks around at everyone, frowning when it clicks that no one is taking her seriously. They aren’t following her. Even her friends have stood back a little, looking unsure of what to do. They bought into
her lies, into her fantasy of what kind of relationship she shared with Kaiden.

  “Go home, Danielle. Let this be a lesson to you,” I tell her, crossing my arms over my chest.

  “You’re just a slut like your mum,” she snaps, and my gut twists at her bringing Mum up. She laughs, clearly reading me before her twisted mind attacks Kaiden. “Do you know she slept with your dad and that’s why he’s left?”

  I throw my head back, laughing. She couldn’t be further from the truth, and as long as she stays that way, anything she says won’t get to me.

  “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Danielle, but whatever helps you deal with not getting fucked by Kaiden. Because that’s all it was. A warm hole he could shoot his load into. I mean, he could have used his hand, but why bother when you are clearly so willing.”

  She steps forward, but Kaiden pushes her back.

  “Don’t,” he snaps.

  “What will you do?” she yells, pushing at his chest.

  He shakes his head, looking down at her with pity. “You really have no idea.”

  “This doesn’t have anything to do with you. This is between me and Ivy,” she warns, trying a new tactic.

  “You’ll have to get through me,” he growls, low.

  “And me.” I feel Grant step up on my other side, also showing a pact of loyalty, along with the twins, Selina and Clary, all of us standing side by side.

  “And me.”

  “And me.”

  “And me.”

  “And me,” Clary finishes, glaring at Danielle and her group of friends. They try to pull her back, but she shrugs them off, standing against us.

  Looking down the line of people on either side of me warms my heart. I swallow the ball of emotion, not wanting them to see how overwhelmed it’s made me. I’ve never had this before. Never even craved it. But they are there. For me.

  I smile, feeling a true sense of belonging for the first time since arriving.

  It washes over me, giving me a sense of purpose, of safety. And although a part of me is scared to lose it, I’m not going to fight it anymore. I’m going to let each of them redeem themselves, start all over again, and not let the past define our future. I’m going to hold on tight to this feeling, this belonging.

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