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Surprise Me

  Surprise Me


  Lila Mathews

  Surprise Me

  Written and published by Lila Mathews

  Copyright © 2019 by Lila Mathews

  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author or publisher.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of either the author or the publisher.

  Not too long ago, Gabe was just an average guy, working forty hours a week to make ends meet, and looking for love. Then his elderly aunt passed away and left him everything, making him a multimillionaire. Now life is tossing Gabe another wonderful surprise. One that goes by the name of Cam.

  Gabe lugged the huge basket of candy out to his front patio. Any moment now he expected the kids to start showing up in their cute and scary costumes.

  Gabe didn’t live in a huge neighborhood. He usually only got a little over a hundred trick-or-treaters every year. That was more than most of his other neighbors, though.

  There was a reason for that.

  Three years ago, when Gabe inherited a large sum of money from his elderly aunt, he didn’t upgrade his house, or purchase a new, more expensive, fancy car, as most people might have done. Instead, he opted to spend the money on things like grocery gift cards for those in need, toys and soft blankets for the animal shelter, and other small things that brought joy to others.

  One of those things was buying and handing out king-size candy bars on Halloween night. Nothing brought a smile to a child’s, and sometimes even a parent’s, face, quite like a huge sugary treat, when they were expecting one the size of a quarter.

  Being an only child, and having no nieces or nephews, Gabe figured he might as well blow the money on others while he was alive. It wasn’t like he could take it with him when he died.

  “Hey,” his friend and neighbor, Cam, hollered as he limped across the street. Four months back, Cam had been in a bad accident. The driver of an eighteen-wheeler had fallen asleep at the wheel, and crossed the center line. Fortunately, Cam had had time to swerve away enough to avoid a head-on collision. The truck had still clipped the back end of his car, though. The result was that Cam had lived, but he’d been left with a messed up leg that required multiple surgeries to get him back to somewhat normal.

  All the surgeries had gone well, the last one taking place five weeks ago.

  Healing wasn’t the issue, though. It was the medical bills piling up that darkened the circles under Cam’s eyes more with each passing day. The other motorist hadn’t been insured, and Cam had confided in Gabe in a moment of darkness that he didn’t have the best health insurance, having worked in construction his entire life. Gabe hated watching his friend of six years slowly slip into depression as a result.

  Many times now, Gabe had held himself back from offering to pay off Cam’s bills. He knew Cam wouldn’t accept his money, even if Gabe told the man that he was a multimillionaire.

  Gabe wasn’t entirely sure why he’d never told Cam he was loaded. It wasn’t like he didn’t trust Cam. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Cam was the only person Gabe trusted enough to keep his secret.

  If Gabe was honest with himself, it all came down to fear. Fear that the knowledge would change something between them. And that was the last thing Gabe wanted. It was the same reason why Gabe had never confessed to Cam that he had feelings for him.

  Gabe had gotten to know Cam well over the years. They’d had many long discussions about their pasts and future goals while sitting on either of their front porches, watching the world go by, or hanging out watching football games at one of their houses. Cam was an old soul with a kind heart. It was a combination Gabe had yet to find in another man during his online dating attempts. And honestly, Gabe was tired of searching for it elsewhere.

  He’d rather just have Cam.

  All of Cam.

  He wanted the man not just as a friend, but as a lover.

  That wasn’t an option, though, given that Cam wasn’t into men.

  Many experts might agree that friendship was an excellent basis from which to begin a romantic relationship, but most of them would also probably agree that it wasn’t likely that a straight friend would suddenly realize he was in love with his gay best friend and switch teams. Gabe needed to let that dream die.

  Cam grimaced as he came to a stop into front of Gabe. “I figured I’d be better off just joining the cool kid on the block this year, instead of handing out my own candy, if that’s all right with you?”

  Gabe smiled. “You know I’ll never turn down your company.” Gabe lifted his hand, offering his support to Cam as the man moved to sit down on the outdoor couch next to Gabe. Cam slipped his hand into Gabe’s, braced his other on the opposite wide wicker arm, and lowered himself onto the seat. It was a cozy fit for the two of them, their thighs and arms touching.

  Once settled, Cam straightened his leg, and let out a sigh of relief.

  “Did your sister and the kids head out this morning?” Gabe asked. Cam’s siblings had been taking shifts caring for him after each surgery.

  Cam nodded. “Yep. I’m moving around well enough now that they all deemed it safe to leave me to my own devices, again.”

  Gabe chucked. “Bet you’re happy to finally be left alone.”

  Cam rested his head against the top of the back cushion. “I’m happy that they’re able to go back to their own lives. I hate being a burden.”

  Gabe placed his hand on Cam’s thigh, just a light comforting touch, something he’d found himself doing more often lately. “I’m sure that’s not how they see it. Your family loves you.” He gave his leg a squeeze then let go.

  Cam rolled his head to the side, his lips flattened into a straight line. “Yeah, I know.” He shrugged. “I just hate being dependent on others.”

  Gabe snorted. “You’re stubborn is what you are,” he said, drawing a chuckle from Cam.

  A little girl dressed as a bunch of grapes dashed up the driveway toward them, pulling their attention toward her. She squealed at the top of her lungs as her eyes landed on the large candy bars.

  “Go ahead and pick your favorite,” Gabe told her.

  The purple balloons taped to her body bounced as she jumped with excitement before selecting one of the chocolate bars. “Thank you,” she called out, as she turned and ran to her father. “Daddy, look,” she yelled, holding it high in her fist.

  Cam’s laughter filled the air. “You’re like the Santa Clause of Halloween.”

  Gabe passed him the basket. “Here, you have a turn. It’s a lot of fun.” He stood up. “I’m going to get an ottoman for you. And a blanket, too. It’s getting chilly.” He trotted to the front door, dodging the glow-in-the-dark spider webs he’d hung earlier in the week.

  When he returned, he propped Cam’s leg on the low stool, then draped the afghan across both their laps.

  “You always take such good care of me,” Cam said, his voice soft.

  That’s because I love you, Cam.

  Gabe kept the words locked inside his head. Maybe one day he’d let them out.

  Cam twisted his upper body toward Gabe, pushing the bowl back onto Gabe’s lap. Gabe shivered as Cam’s chest rubbed over his bicep. “I should have grabbed a jacket,” he mumbled, hoping Cam thought it was from the cold instead of his touch.

  Cam grinned and stretched his arm across the back of the seat, his body heat seeping through Gabe’s flannel shirt. “I’ll keep you warm.”

bsp; What was happening?

  This was not how two male friends sat together for an extended period of time. In front of their neighbors, no less.

  Not that Gabe minded.

  Did Cam know the image he was projecting to others, though? No doubt people would think they were a couple. After all, Gabe wasn’t exactly in the closet.

  Cam had to know they might jump to that conclusion. It would be weird not to.

  Screw it.

  Gabe leaned into Cam, acting as if he were seeking more warmth. Cam tightened his hold on Gabe, pulled him closer, and even rubbed his hand over Gabe’s upper arm.

  Cam definitely knew what he was doing.

  Being of equal height and weight, both just under six-feet with a lean-muscled build, they fit together well. Gabe couldn’t remember the last time he’d been held like this. It was nice, cozy.

  They sat like that for quite some time, taking turns handing out candy, commenting on all the costumes, and discussing their favorites, which were always the homemade ones. Eventually the night wound down, the porch lights of their neighbor’s homes diminishing one by one, until only Gabe’s was left shining bright.

  “Do you want kids someday?” Cam asked, his voice quiet, thoughtful.

  The night sky hid Gabe’s shock at the random question. It was one he hadn’t really considered before, given that he hadn’t found the right person yet.

  Well, that wasn’t entirely true.

  He’d always known somewhere in the back of his mind that he’d love to raise children with a partner, he was just hesitant to allow himself to picture that life. Cam was the only man that Gabe had ever met that he would want to raise children with, and no good could come from dreaming of a future that had no chance of ever coming to fruition.

  Right now, though, nestled under Cam’s arm, it was easy to conjure an image of him and Cam, holding hands, surrounded by a couple of kids. Some adopted, some from a surrogate, but all well-loved.

  Gabe frowned and shook his head. Cam wasn’t asking if Gabe wanted to raise kids with him, though. He was just asking a general question. Gabe needed to remember that.

  “Yeah,” Gabe responded truthfully. “If I find the right person. We’re only in our late thirties.” Gabe’s heart ached for the future he craved. “There’s still time I guess.” Gabe avoided making eye contact with Cam, didn’t want to see pity in them. He swallowed the knot in his throat, and tried to will the pain in his chest away. “What about you?”

  Cam stared at a spot in the distance, gave a slight nod. “Definitely.”

  Gabe patted the hand Cam had draped over his shoulder. “I’m sure some woman will sweep you off your feet in no time, once you get back out there.”

  Cam pinned his gaze on Gabe. “Or man.”


  And the distant laughter of some teenagers probably up to no good.

  That’s all that could be heard at the moment.

  Gabe’s jaw dropped.

  Cam’s brow pinched together in the center. “Gabe,” he said in a hushed tone. His eyes glistened in the moonlight. “I need to tell you something. It will probably seem sudden to you, but I’ve been thinking over it for months.”

  Gabe held his breath. His heart pounded fiercely.

  Cam’s throat pulsed as he swallowed. “In the moment right before the crash, when my life was supposed to flash before my eyes, all I saw was you. It’s taken me some time to wrap my head around it, but it’s never been clearer to me that you are what matters most to me. I have feelings for you. Ones that go way beyond friendship.” Deep wrinkles appeared on Cam’s forehead. “I’m not sure how you feel, but–”

  Gabe launched himself at Cam, crushing their lips together. He couldn’t take a second more of Cam worrying that his feelings might not be returned. He fought the urge to climb into the man’s lap, mindful of his injury.

  Cam wrapped his other arm around Gabe and licked over the seam of his mouth. As Gabe parted his lips, Cam caught the bottom one between his teeth and lightly nipped it. He pulled back, resting his forehead against Gabe’s. He squeezed his eyes shut. “I want you so much,” he said, his voice gone raspy.

  Gabe groaned, his cock swelling, pushing against the tight confines of his jeans. This was definitely a welcome surprise. Yes, it was a bit sudden. Not weird, though. Maybe because Gabe had already played out multiple versions of this fantasy in his head over the past few years. So if Cam wasn’t weirded out by it, Gabe wasn’t going to protest. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that,” Gabe admitted.

  Cam smiled. “Should we go inside? Otherwise, I fear we might give the neighbors a show they didn’t bargain for on Halloween night.”

  Right. It’d be best not to do that. “My house or yours?” Gabe asked.

  “Yours is closer. It’ll take us too long to get to mine. We’d be risking public indecency,” Cam joked.

  Gabe chuckled. “Definitely mine then.”

  It was amazing how fast a man in need could hobble. Cam had Gabe inside and pressed against the back of the door in less than five seconds. Gabe carefully reversed their positions, undid Cam’s jeans, and dropped to his knees. Now that Cam had offered himself up, Gabe wanted a taste of him. He slipped Cam’s pants and boxers down far enough to release his shaft. He licked his lips as he took in the size of his swollen flesh. Five inches, and not too wide. Gabe grinned up at Cam, as if he’d just received the best present ever.

  Cam bit his bottom lip. “I’m not huge, not even average,” he mumbled.

  Gabe locked eyes with Cam as he traced a slow circle around the protruding tip with his tongue. “You’re perfect,” he said, before shifting his focus back to his target. Cam’s body shook as Gabe massaged his sack, and covered his engorged cock until his lips were at the base. He swallowed, pulling a whimper from Cam.

  Cam brought his other hand to Gabe’s head. His grip was tight, but not forceful. He didn’t try to take control, which Gabe appreciated. Cam had never been a pushy guy, though, so it wasn’t all that surprising. “God, Gabe,” he uttered. “So good.”

  Gabe licked and sucked, bringing Cam right to the edge, but not over it. He had a plan.

  Cam gasped, humped the space between their bodies, as Gabe released him and rose back up. “Want you inside me,” Gabe whispered the request into Cam’s ear. “Please.”

  “Yes,” Cam hissed between clenched teeth.

  “Will standing be less painful for you? At least you can keep your leg straight that way,” Gabe asked.

  Cam gave him a blank stare, looking genuinely baffled. “What pain?”

  Gabe chuckled. “I think all the blood has left your brain and gone south.” Gabe eyed the entrance table. It was the perfect height. He pulled his wallet out, retrieved the packet of lube and a condom from it, then tossed it on the ground. He jerked his jeans down, then bent over the table, pushing a picture frame and decorative pumpkin away. He tore the silver packet open with his teeth, squeezed some of the clear gel out, then reached back to prep himself.

  Cam groaned behind him, as Gabe rubbed the pad of his index finger over his hole, then slowly pushed it in. Cam’s warm hands covered Gabe’s cheeks, spreading them.

  The idea that he was on full display for Cam had Gabe thrusting his cock over the precome slicked mahogany furniture beneath him. The friction was delicious, but what he really wanted was Cam. He pushed a second digit inside himself.

  “Look at you, opening up for me,” Cam said huskily. One of his hands disappeared from Gabe’s skin. The sound of Cam jerking himself followed.

  Fuck, that was sexy. Gabe wished he could watch.

  Maybe next time.

  Gabe pulled his fingers free, and gripped Cam’s thigh. “I’m ready. You don’t have to be gentle.” Thank heavens Gabe used toys on himself quite often.

  Cam rolled the condom on, and used the remaining lube on himself. He pressed the head of his cock at Gabe’s entrance, and pushed just enough so the tip made it through the tigh
t ring of muscle.

  A deep rumble vibrated in Gabe’s chest. “More. I can take it,” he nearly begged.

  Cam wrapped his hand around Gabe’s hip, anchoring himself, then thrust the rest of the way in.

  “Yes-s-s,” Gabe groaned.

  Cam folded over his back, slid his palms over Gabe’s shoulders and down to where Gabe’s fingers clenched the sides of the table. He latched his hands around the edges just below Gabe’s. “Do you want me to pound you?” Cam asked.

  Gabe whimpered. “Please.”

  “Hang on then,” Cam said, his voice deep, laced with promise. He shifted back, then surged forward, slapping their bodies back together.

  “Oh, God yes,” Gabe shouted, his knuckles turning white. “That. Keep doing that.” He panted.

  Cam repeated the action, picking up the pace, setting a harsh rhythm. He shifted his angle, so he grazed Gabe’s prostate with each thrust. In a matter of seconds, they were both reduced to grunts and moans. Gabe had never been worked over so well. If it weren’t for both of them having a strong hold on the table, Gabe was positive it would be screeching across the foyer.

  Gabe rested his cheek on the cool polished top, as he pressed his cock harder against it, seeking the friction he needed. He was so close, yet helpless to chase his release, since Cam had him trapped. Gabe could only lay there and take what Cam gave him, revel in the pleasure he offered. Gabe closed his eyes, as his body began to tingle, his orgasm building low in his groin. His sack pulled up tight to his body, but refused to release. “Cam,” he cried out, trying to convey that he needed more.

  “It’s okay, babe. I’ll take care of you,” Cam said, his voice raw. He slammed into Gabe harder, ruthless. “Let go. Come for me,” he commanded.

  It was exactly what Gabe needed. He hollered as his climax took hold of him, rolling through his body. He saw stars as semen jetted from his cock, smearing over his stomach. His ass clamped down on Cam, setting off Cam’s orgasm. The man growled Gabe’s name as he too found relief at last.

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