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In the Light (Alphas’ Captive Book 2)

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In the Light (Alphas’ Captive Book 2)

  In the Light

  Book 2 of the Alphas’ Captive Duet

  Leann Ryans

  Copyright © 2019 Leann Ryans

  All rights reserved.

  No part of the book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and events are fictitious in every way. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any trademarks are assumed to be the property of their respective owners and are used only for reference.

  Leann Ryans

  In the Darkness

  This book is intended for mature audiences only. Adult content, explicit scenes, violence, and other triggers.



  The Beginning


  Lost in the Heat



  The Return

  Fully Claimed

  Making Plans

  Almost there


  Fully Taken




  Raider’s Bounty

  The Beginning

  We made it to the Break without any other incidents. It seemed like the group of Alphas that had ambushed us were the last ones willing to risk themselves to the dead zone.

  Stopping at the last pile of rubble, the men sat, each of them breathing heavy as I stared back the way we had come, waiting to see Pine running up and yelling at them for stopping. It just didn’t make sense that the strongest of the men could be dead.

  That he had given his life to get me safely away.

  Maybe he had simply been trying to save his friends.

  Though I kept one eye back the way we had come, I turned to look at the Alphas around me. Their attention was split between our backtrail and the empty swath before us.

  “It should be dark enough to move on soon, but we still need to try and keep out of sight,” Charles said.

  “I’m going to search a bit and see if there’s a better spot for us to cross,” Grady replied as he stood, dusting his hands on his pants.

  Walking over to me, he gripped my chin in his hand and tipped my head back until my eyes met his.

  “We will not lose you,” he murmured before crushing his lips to mine.

  Tears springing to my eyes, I held my breath so I didn’t start sobbing as he turned and walked away. I was so confused by these Alphas. Even my body was confused as the urge to sob fought with the empty clenching of my core. It seemed like my need for them grew the more I was around them instead of lessening.

  Gasping in a deep breath, I tried to distract myself.

  “Why does he need to find a better place to cross? Isn’t it all empty?” I whispered as I looked up at Charles.

  Glancing down at me, he cupped the back of my head and pulled me closer, pressing a kiss to my forehead as his nostrils flared. I hoped the scent of Pine’s shirt hid the trickle of slick I could feel.

  “Do you think the city just lets people leave? We have to avoid the guards.”

  My eyes widened, but he had already gone back to staring in the direction we had come from. Things were so bad in the city, and especially in the Slums, that I had always wondered why people didn’t just leave. There had always been rumors, but none had ever had any substance.

  Charles must have felt the tension in my body, because he ran a hand down my spine, letting out a soft purr as goosebumps spread across my skin. It was warm sitting here on a pile of rocks that had soaked in the heat of the sun all day, and his fingers tickling through the shirt gave me chills.

  “There aren’t many, and we should be able to avoid them. It’s easier to do if we can find a place that’s not quite so… flat though,” he said, scanning his eyes across the Break.

  It had grown so dark at this point that I couldn’t see much beyond the pile of rubble we sat on, and I wondered if the guards had anything to help them see. What would they do if they caught us?

  Charles had to steady me when I jumped as Grady seemed to appear right beside us.

  “I found a shallow gully we can use, just a little to the north. It’s dry and better than nothing.”

  Seeing Charles’s dark head nod in acknowledgment, I wrapped my arms around his neck again as he stood. He began to follow after Grady until he noticed Wesley was still sitting on the rocks.

  “Wes, let’s go,” he called.

  “But, what about-“

  “He’s obviously not coming, now let’s go!”

  It took a moment before he began to follow behind us, a darker shadow moving in the darkness around us. I was sick of the dark. Every noise I heard made me jump and I couldn’t keep my heart from racing.

  We moved along the edge of the Break until we came to the gully Grady had found. The men were so tall that their head and shoulders were still above the level of the ground around us, but it was better cover than nothing.

  Once we had moved away from the city, I began to squirm in Charles’s arms.

  “I can walk now, there aren’t any rocks here.”

  “There may be, and we could have to run at a moment’s notice. Be still,” came his gruff response.

  I stopped moving for a few minutes before I began again. I couldn’t seem to help it, it felt like ants were crawling over my skin. A sharp smack to my bare bottom under the shirt had me crying out in surprise and clinging to Charles tighter.

  “You will be still,” he growled in my ear.

  His warm breath across my neck coupled with his large hand cupping my bottom caused a spasm to rock through my core and I whimpered. I could feel the wet spot on his shirt where my slick was soaking into it.

  Groaning, Charles clutched me tighter, licking along the top of my shoulder.

  “Now’s not the time,” Wesley grumbled from behind us.

  Chuckling, Charles nibbled along my neck, sending shivers down my arms as I tried to grind myself against him. I didn’t understand why my body seemed so needy when I knew we were in danger, but it didn’t seem to care that now wasn’t a good time. I needed to be fucked, and if that meant I had to piss off the Alpha to get it, then I was going to keep wiggling.


  Panting against Charles’s neck, I tried to climb higher on his chest, tightening my fingers in his hair to keep him held against me. Stumbling, he had to release a hand from my ass to catch himself on the side of the gully.

  “What the fuck, man?” Wesley growled behind us, increasing his stride to get closer to us.

  The scent of another Alpha close by made my core clench again, more slick flooding out to soak into the shirt between mine and Charles’s skin. Glancing over, I could hear as Wesley took a deep breath and a low growl rumbled from his chest.


  The word was a bare whisper, but Charles turned his head to look at him over his shoulder.


  “I know you can smell that! Pay attention dipshit! Fuck!”

  I looked back up at Charles. In the dark, his eyes were black pools, the moon giving them a shine that seemed to make them glow. Clenching my legs to rub my pussy against his stomach, I tipped my head to the side, offering my throat to him when he leaned forward.

  Chest expanding, he took in a deep breath and seemed to hold it for a minute before releasing it on a growl.

  “Fucking shit! No, I didn’t notice.”

  His curse drew Grady’s attention and he slowed to a stop.

>   “What’s going on?”

  “She’s going into heat!” Charles snapped.


  His tone was incredulous, and he stomped back to where Charles and Wesley had stopped. With all three Alphas circling me, it felt like there was fire pouring through my veins, and I tried even harder to press myself into Charles’s chest.

  “We can’t stay here. We’re close enough that the wind will carry her scent back if she goes full blown right now,” Grady said.

  “I know!” Charles hissed at him.

  Taking a deep breath, he tried to push me back down where he could see past me.

  “Let’s keep going. We’ll figure something out when we have to, but we need to get as far as possible before her heat fully blooms.”

  Whimpering when his hands left my ass to wrap around my waist, I began to wiggle against him once again.

  “Behave, omega. Don’t make me punish you while we’re still out in the open.”

  Charles’s low, growled threat made my core clench harder. I didn’t want punished, I just wanted his hands back on my skin, not separated by the shirt covering me.

  Releasing one hand from his shoulder, I reached down to grab his wrist, trying to push it back down to my ass. If he had resisted, I wouldn’t have been able to move his arm, but he let me guide it to where I wanted it, his hand gripping my ass cheek as the tips of his fingers brushed along the cleft down the middle.

  Charles groaned when he felt the slick smeared on my skin. Sliding his hand closer, he slipped his fingers between my swollen lips and brushed over my clit, making me jump in his arms as a gasp tore from my throat.

  Pressing down into his hand, I searched for more friction, his touch easing the building discomfort in my core. His strokes were slow and deliberate, keeping the pressure light no matter how I tried to make him give me more.

  I was a moaning, writhing mess in his arms, the tension in my belly growing tighter. When he leaned down and latched onto my neck, sucking hard, it finally snapped, my back arching as the orgasm ripped through me.

  Reaching up to grab the back of my head, Charles pulled my face against his chest, muffling my cries as I heard Wesley cursing behind us. Panting as I came back down, my body was limp in his arms though my core still ached.

  Whimpering, I tightened my arms around Charles as his fingers stroked through my slick folds. I was sure that the wet spot on his shirt had grown into a streak after my orgasm, and a flash of satisfaction rolled through me at the thought of him being marked by my scent.

  Lifting my head to look for the other two Alphas, I was briefly distracted by the trees that now surrounded us. We must have passed into the forest while I was distracted by Charles’s fingers, and I wondered if that meant we would be stopping, but the men didn’t show any signs of looking for a place to rest.

  “Are we going to stop?”

  “We need to get as far as we can. If there are any Ferals in the area, they probably keep an eye on the city for anyone who makes it out, and anyone within a mile will be able to smell you soon,” Charles responded.

  Though I just had an orgasm, I still felt the need to be taken and filled by an Alpha. I tried to ignore the throbbing between my legs, but as I slipped lower in Charles’s arms, I could feel the bulge in his pants rub against me. I didn’t even notice I had begun to grind on him until his hands gripped my thighs, trying to hold me still.

  My core clenched as a cramp ripped through my belly, slick audibly splattering to the ground. My cheeks heated with embarrassment, but I couldn’t help it. Both Charles and Wesley groaned even as I whined in pain.

  “Something has to be done. She’s not going to make it,” Charles ground out.

  “Well fuck her while you walk then, because we can’t stop yet,” Grady snapped from ahead of us.

  With the wind blowing towards us and the distance Grady was staying ahead, he wasn’t being affected by the pheromones my body was releasing. At least not as much as Charles and Wesley.

  Growling, Charles’s hands clenched on my flesh.

  “We can take a five-minute break. I won’t knot her.”

  Snarling in irritation, Grady barked, “Fine,” even as Charles turned towards the nearest tree.

  Slamming my back into it, his large body pressed against mine, trapping me in place as he unfastened his pants. He had them open and his cock at my entrance in seconds, thrusting into me with no warning.

  Back bowing, I let out a scream, channel forced open by his sudden invasion. Clamping a hand over my mouth to muffle my cries, Charles didn’t pause to let me adjust. Even with the pain of his entry, another orgasm built, growing higher with each thrust of his shaft within me. I barely felt the tree bark biting into my back through the shirt as he fucked me.

  Turning my head, I noticed Wesley standing a few feet away, the moonlight through the trees barely enough to see the motion of his arm. Stroking his cock as he watched Charles continue to rut into me, his low growl combined with the one coming from Charles.

  Muscles drawing tight, I kept my eyes on him as Charles slipped a hand between us. Pressing his thumb to my clit, I threw my head back and screamed into his hand as the orgasm finally released, tingles rushing through my body as his hand switched to the base of his cock. Knuckles digging into my cunt, he squeezed his knot as he pumped his seed into my clenching core.

  As soon as I felt him stop pulsing, I pushed against his chest, wiggling to be let down. Stepping back, he released me, and I fell to my knees. Crawling towards Wesley, he took the few steps he needed to thrust his swollen head between my lips just as his own release began.

  Swallowing mouthful after mouthful of cum, I reached down and stroked my hand over my mound. Rubbing my hand through the mess of fluids, my fingers found my clit, circling quickly.

  My orgasm built and released in a rush when I sunk three fingers into my core, thumb keeping friction on my clit. It was weaker than what Charles had given me, but with my cunt and belly full of Alpha cum now, I finally felt satisfied and sat back on my heels.

  Wesley tucked himself into his pants, his cock still hard even after the large release he had fed me. Reaching down, he lifted me into his arms, tucking me against his chest as I rested my head on his shoulder and the men began to walk again.

  Letting out a soft purr of contentment, I drifted off to sleep.

  Lost in the Heat

  I’m not sure how long I slept before I woke to more cramps ripping through my belly. Wesley still carried me cradled in his arms and he looked down at me when I pulled my knees towards my chest.

  I could hear the others close by though I couldn’t see them through the darkness under the trees. If it wasn’t for the motion and the heat wrapped around me, I would think I was back in my cell.

  “Hey, she’s waking up,” Wesley called quietly.

  Slowing, I could see the large shape of Charles come up beside us as we stopped in front of Grady. Letting out a whimper as my core spasmed again, I could feel slick already beginning to coat my folds, and all three Alphas drew in deep breaths of the sweet scent.

  “I think we’re almost to the river, I can hear water up ahead. Once we make it there, we can take care of her before moving on. The water will help hide the scent,” Grandy said.

  The others seemed to agree because they all began to move again. Going at a faster pace than before, it wasn’t long before I could hear the water too, though the heartbeat drumming in my ears tried to drown it out.

  Writhing in Wesley’s arms, I rubbed my chest against him, the friction of the shirt on my nipples helping to distract me from the emptiness within my core. I managed to move my arm under his so I could reach down his body to rub at his erection, the denim separating us irritating me.

  Ripping at his belt, I managed to loosen it enough to slip my hand into the top of his pants as he continued to walk. Running my palm down the smooth heat of his shaft, I curled my fingers around it and tugged.

  The position was a bit awkward
, but I continued to stroke my hand up and down his length before rubbing my palm over the head. Pulling my hand back up to my face, I licked the precum smeared across my palm as Wesley groaned.

  “Find somewhere to stop. Now!” he called.

  I heard a muffled response that sounded like Grady, but I didn’t understand what he said. Reaching back down to collect more of the musky fluid, I pulled and stroked at Wesley’s cock, not noticing when he finally stopped walking.

  Lowering me to the ground, I felt grass tickling the back of my legs as Wesley pressed himself on top of me. Pulling my thighs open, he settled his hips between them. Grabbing my wrists, he pinned them over my head, thrusting into me in one smooth stroke.

  Pressing my head into the ground, my back arched as I let out a silent cry. Digging my heels into the grass, I lifted my hips, begging for more as Wesley rutted into me.

  Muscles tense and twitching, I was on the verge of orgasming as I felt his knot start to swell and tug at my lips. When he reached down and pinched my clit between his fingers, I screamed.

  Hips jerking as tingles flooded through my body, I felt him pull back and grip his knot, continuing to fuck me as he flooded my cunt with his cum. Grunting, Wesley pulled out, the last of his release spraying my mound and belly where the shirt had come up.

  I was still panting with aftershocks when I was grabbed by the hips and flipped over, thrust face first into the grass. My eyes popped open and I let out a low moan as another shaft was thrust into my pussy.

  Hips held in a brutal grip, the cock slammed into me over and over, the noise of flesh slapping filling the area around us as tension grew within my core once again.

  Hand sliding over my mound, my head jerked up and I let out a surprised yell when he gave a sharp slap to my pussy. Circling his fingers around my clit, he continued to fuck me before delivering another sharp smack.

  The tip of his finger caught my clit, causing my pussy to spasm as another orgasm crashed over me. One hand between my shoulders, pressing me to the ground, he continued to rub ruthlessly over my clit as my body trembled until I felt his shaft begin to jerk inside of me.

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