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  “Hey,” Micah said softly. “You are a good doctor. Sometimes, no matter what we do, patients die. There’s no way to stop that. Even if we want to.”

  “I know,” Linus said, his voice clogged. He cleared his throat. “It’s just that I’m doing the residency for cardiology and…what if I can’t do it?”

  “You can, Linus. You’re already a great cardiologist. Even Dr. Newton said so.”

  Dr. Newton was the head of cardiology at the hospital.

  Linus nodded. “I hope so. But after all that, the last thing I wanted to do was go out with Spencer.”

  Micah ran his tongue over his bottom lip. “I thought you liked him. No?”

  Linus shrugged. “I thought I would. When I first came here, I mean to the hospital, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I’d see you together with him and think, ‘What does Florentine have that I don’t?’ I didn’t get it.”


  “I know,” Linus said with a barely contained wince. “I was an idiot. I didn’t know then what I know now. I just knew you were adorable and flirty and sexy. Everything I wasn’t. And Spencer wanted you.”

  “And now?”

  “He’s okay.” Linus shook his head. “But honestly, I don’t see it going anywhere. Maybe we’d have sex, maybe it would be okay.” He stared at Micah. “He’s not who I want.”

  Micah stared back at him, saying nothing for so long, that Linus almost couldn’t breathe. His brown eyes were so intense, they looked almost like molten chocolate. Linus wasn’t even sure what he wanted. Not really.

  “Who do you want?” Micah asked. His voice was soft, almost carried away by the noises outside Linus’s apartment. The pitch was low, throaty, unbearably sexy. Linus found himself aroused by the cadence, the look…Hell, the very scent of Micah.

  Linus swallowed. Afraid to say the words out loud. Afraid Micah would laugh at him. After all, there wasn’t supposed to be anything between them. It was impossible.

  “You,” he whispered. “God, Micah, I want you.”

  Chapter 8

  For a moment Micah thought he imagined Linus saying he wanted Micah. Just a few seconds. He’d been thinking more and more of what he wanted to hear, that perhaps he really had conjured up the words.

  But then he saw the deflated look in Linus’s eyes as the silence and lack of response from him continued. He knew he couldn’t allow Linus to give in to the doubt already plaguing him.

  “I want you, too,” Micah said quickly, happy when Linus started in surprise.

  “Y-you do?”

  “Yes. For a long time. I was just…I’m the one who said we should be friends, that there was nothing physical between us. But, yeah, Linus, please.”

  Linus rose from the edge of the coffee table and held out his hand for Micah to take. He led Micah down the short hallway to Linus’s bedroom.

  Micah tugged his hand out of Linus’s and reached for the hem of his shirt.

  “Ouch,” Linus said, looking at Micah’s stomach. “We shouldn’t.”

  “What?” Micah pulled the shirt off all the way and dangled it from his fingertips.

  “You’re injuries. I don’t want to hurt you.”

  “Told you it looked worse than it is. Come on, Linus. You can’t tell me you want me and then just…just…” He bit his lip.

  Linus smiled. “How about you lie on your back on the bed? I’ll take care of you.”

  Micah frowned. “What do you have in mind?”

  “Stop asking questions and do as you’re told, Florentine.”

  Okay, that had his already half-hard cock perking up very nicely indeed. He liked to be ordered around a bit. He didn’t like total D/s relationships, but he didn’t mind a dominant lover.

  He sat on the edge of the bed, toed off his shoes, and then removed his socks, pants, and boxers.

  “Jesus, Micah,” Linus breathed, staring at him. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

  Micah traced his bottom lip with his tongue as he lay flat on his back on Linus’s bed. “You, too. I wanna see you naked.”

  Linus complied quickly and efficiently, folding his pajamas neatly and placing them on a chair. Micah couldn’t help but smile.

  “What?” Linus asked.

  “You’re really adorable.”

  Linus’s checks reddened. “Right.”

  “Seriously. You’re hot and sweet. Just the way I like my cinnamon rolls,” Micah said with a wink.

  Linus laughed. “And you’re a goof.”

  “Probably. You said you were going to take care of me.”

  “And so I am.” Linus approached the bed. “Scoot up just a bit. Yeah, like that.”

  Micah waited as Linus crawled up the bed toward him kind of like some predator stalking his prey. He almost trembled, but he got himself under control just as Linus stopped at Micah’s cock. Linus gave him a sexy smile and tore open a foil package. He held his breath as Linus slowly rolled the rubber over Micah’s dick.

  He dug his fingers into the blankets on Linus’s bed as Linus’s mouth hovered over his sheathed cock. He swallowed heavily, anticipation making him tremble just a little. Hot breath fanned over his stomach just before Linus, with a sexy wink, closed his mouth over the head of Micah’s penis.

  “Fuck. Oh, Christ.” Micah rose up off the bed, desperate to get deeper into Linus’s sucking mouth. Damn, Linus definitely knew how to suck and get right to it, no shyness.

  The truth was, most of the guys Micah fucked around with always wanted him to suck them. He was okay with that, he knew he was good, but it felt fucking fantastic to have someone blowing him.

  Linus kept sucking him down, deep throating him, swallowing lightly as he took more and more of Micah’s cock. Micah’s breaths shortened, his body feeling electrified. So sensitive everywhere.

  “Linus, Linus, Linus,” he panted. His balls were drawing tight, impossibly so. And then he was coming, shooting into the condom, groaning with his face turned to the side and buried into the blanket.

  For a moment all Micah could do was try to catch his breath. He scooted away from Linus, just a bit. “Sorry, sorry, too sensitive.”

  Linus chuckled. “I’m sure. You, ah, want help getting rid of the condom?”

  “Huh?” He stared at Linus.

  “Condom?” Linus asked with a smile.

  “Oh.” Micah stared down at his wilted penis. “No. I’ll take care of it. When I can move. I think you shorted out some brain cells.”

  “My work is done.”

  Micah shook his head. “I don’t think so. Just give me a moment.”

  “Micah, I’d rather you rested.”

  “I’m not going to leave you with a case of the blue balls.” Micah rose from the bed and headed toward Linus’s bathroom. “Be right back.”

  He removed and disposed of the condom and then washed himself off. He made it back to the bedroom in time to see Linus lying on the bed, stroking himself. His cock was long and thick and fucking beautiful. Micah imagined what it would be like pushing into him.

  Micah bit his bottom lip. “Hey, at least let me. You can’t deprive me of the pleasure.”

  He knelt on the bed and lay next to Linus, removing Linus’s sliding fingers and replacing them with his own.

  Linus trembled. “You don’t have to.”

  “I want to. I want you to fuck me, actually.”

  Linus’s blue eyes widened just a bit. “Next time. When you aren’t all bruised and battered.”

  Micah very much liked the idea of next time, and how weird was that? But Linus looked away, burying his face against his upper arm, before he could give him a smile.

  Linus’s cock felt like soft, slick, steel, which might be impossible but that was the best way to think of it. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip and Micah swiped his thumb across it.

  “Fuck,” Linus groaned. Micah could tell he was close, so he stroked faster, more aggressively. Linus’s hips rose off the bed and with a guttural cry he came all over Micah’s

  Micah pulled a tissue out of tissue box on the nightstand and wiped his hand. “There. Isn’t that better?”

  Linus laughed, still hiding his face. “Yeah. It’s better. You, ah, hungry or just ready to sleep?”

  “Let’s sleep.” Micah yawned and scooted up the bed to lie next to Linus. “Thanks for everything.”

  Linus pulled him close. “You’re welcome.”

  Chapter 9

  When Linus woke the sun streamed through his bedroom window and Micah was gone. He tried not to read too much into that, choosing instead to believe Micah had an early shift and didn’t want to disturb Linus when he left. Made perfect sense to him, too. He appreciated it.

  He took a long shower, then cooked himself eggs for breakfast, and drank a cup of coffee, before he left for the hospital. As he got busy with patients, he soon forgot any of his personal issues, but he did spot Micah working near the ICU area.

  It was several hours before he could get a break and Micah was nowhere to be found at the time, so Linus went to the cafeteria to get some coffee and ran into Geoff Spenser.

  “Oh, hey, Linus. Feeling better?”

  Linus frowned. “What?”

  “You canceled on me because of your crappy day,” Geoff reminded him. “When did you want to go out again?”

  “Oh.” Linus winced and put his coffee cup down. “Uh.” He looked around to see if they could be overheard. But there was no one else standing close to them. “I’m sorry about last night. But the truth is, there’s someone else I’m seeing now.”

  “What? Since last night? Or were you seeing them before?”

  “No, I wasn’t before. Last night everything changed. I’m sorry.”

  Geoff shook his head. “What kind of crap is this? Who is this guy?”

  Linus looked around and saw they were getting attention from others, including Ella. “It doesn’t really matter, does it?”

  “Is there a guy?” Geoff was smirking. “Look, you don’t have to make up some fake guy if you don’t want to see me anymore, Montgomery. I just thought you liked me so I was being nice to you. It’s no big deal.”

  “Seriously, how do you live with that mega ego?” Linus asked, amazed at the guy’s audacity. “It’s none of your business, but it’s Micah Florentine.”

  Geoff laughed. He actually laughed in Linus’s face. “Seriously? So you fucked Micah? You aren’t seeing someone, Linus. Jesus. Micah will let anyone fuck him.”

  Linus grabbed Geoff by his the collar of his scrubs. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, asshole.”

  “Linus,” Ella said, grabbing his arm. “Let him go. He’s not worth it.”

  Linus released him. “You’re right, Ella. Get out of my face, Spenser.”

  “Dickhead,” Geoff muttered and turned away.

  Ella shook her head, but she was smiling. “Maybe you should lay off the coffee, doc. Go back to your tea.”

  “God, what a prick. I can’t believe I let him get to me.”

  “He has that effect on a lot of people. Most of the doctors around here who used to be his friend aren’t anymore.”

  “Why didn’t I know that?” Linus rubbed the back of his neck.

  “Guess they didn’t send you the memo,” Ella joked. “Are you really going out with Micah?”

  “Yeah.” Or at least he thought so. Hoped so. “We’re friends. Good friends. It’s sort of sprung up from that.”

  Ella smiled. “Well, look at you. I remember when you didn’t even seem to like him.”

  “I was very wrong. I can admit that.”

  “I’m happy for you. And do yourself a favor, doc. Stay clear of Dr. Spenser.”

  Linus nodded. “Definitely.”

  * * * *

  A few hours later, Linus finally had a chance to see Micah. He smiled.

  “Hey, how are you?”

  Micah looked tired, but he smiled back. “Better for seeing you. Sorry I had to rush out. Had to get to my shift. And had to go home and feed the cat first.”

  “I figured it was something like that.”

  “I’m off in an hour. How about you?”

  “Got another three.”

  Micah grimaced. “Wanna come over when you’re done?”

  Linus’s heart felt instantly lighter. Stupid, probably. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

  “See you later then.” Micah moved away, chasing after the head nurse.

  The three hours passed pretty quickly and Linus was out the door. He stopped at home for a change of clothes, probably really optimistic of him, but he was feeling optimistic. Maybe impossibly so.

  Micah opened the door almost instantly after his knock and Linus felt even more lighthearted when Micah embraced him and pulled him inside, then kissed him.

  “You hungry?” Micah asked. “I’ve fed Sylvester and myself, but I could fix you something.”

  “Not now.” Linus kept his arms around Micah. “What are we doing here?”


  “You and me. What is this? And please, no jokes. I need to know.”

  Micah’s dark eyes were intense, assessing. Linus swallowed. His heart was pounding hard.

  “What do you think we’re doing, Linus?”

  Linus exhaled very slowly. “I want it all, Micah. I want exclusive. You and me. I want you as my friend. As my lover. I know what you said. You don’t do relationships. But I’m asking you to try. For me. Because I desperately want that. Desperately want you. I’m so fucking in love with you. Please.”

  Micah’s eyes were shining and he licked that plump bottom lip, giving it a wet look that Linus found extremely sexy. Yeah, he was in deep.

  “You sure know how to go all in,” Micah said softly. He reached up to cup Linus’s face. “You’re right, I’ve never done a relationship. Didn’t even want one. Thought it wouldn’t be possible for me to even want one.”

  Linus clenched his eyes shut.

  “Hey.” Micah kissed the edge of Linus’s mouth. “Look at me, Linus.”

  Linus did and he saw only warmth. “What are you saying?”

  “For you, I want to try. For me, too.”

  “Yeah? So I’m kind of an experiment, huh?”

  Micah laughed and shook his head. “No. I’m in love with you, too.”

  Linus thought he might have stopped breathing. He curved his hand around Micah’s head and brought their lips together. When they came up for air, Linus was breathing heavily.

  “Take me to bed,” Micah said.

  “Your injuries—”

  “Are nothing. I told you. Take me to bed. I want you to fuck me.”

  Linus decided he didn’t need to be asked a third time, and he practically dragged Micah to his bedroom. And just like last time, Micah was already stripping. Linus opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a strip of condoms and a bottle of lube and tossed them on the bed.

  “And this time you are so gonna be inside me,” Micah said.

  “Hell, yeah. I wanna be.”

  “Good.” A naked Micah now positioned himself on the bed toward the headboard with a pillow under his ass to raise his legs high in the air. His fist was working on his cock.

  “God, you can’t wait for me?”

  “You’re slow.”

  Linus scrambled out of his clothes and grabbed the condoms. When he was sheathed he leaned over Micah and kissed him until the other man’s lips were wet and swollen. He already looked debauched.

  “Fuck me,” Micah said against his lips. “I want you.”

  Quaking with need, Linus reached for the lube and squirted out about a puddle of it. He shook his head at himself, and knelt between Micah’s outstretched legs. He scissored two fingers into Micah, stretching and probing deep, past the ring of muscle.

  Micah’s eyes were closed as he moved his ass and continued to pump his cock. The sight was almost too much. Linus had to be inside him soon. He withdrew his fingers and slicked up his cock.

  “Ready?” he had to ask.

sp; Micah’s lips curved into a smile, but he didn’t open his eyes. “Yes.”

  Linus grasped the back of Micah’s thighs and lifted his legs, lining up his cock to Micah’s hole. He pressed in slowly, gritting his teeth against the desperate need to come.

  Micah shifted up so that Linus found himself impaled inside Micah even deeper.

  “Ah, fuck. That’s an interesting move.”

  Micah laughed. “Like it huh?”

  “Hell, yeah.”

  Linus groaned and began to thrust in earnest, alternating between deep and slow, and fast and shallow. No matter what he did it felt fucking fantastic, and watching Micah stroke himself was a huge turn on.

  “You’re even bigger than you looked,” Micah said, opening his eyes to meet Linus’s gaze.

  He stilled. “Does it hurt?”

  “Uh-uh. Move.”

  Linus grinned and started pumping again. His gaze was riveted to Micah’s fingers jerking his own dick. Slick, hot, hard, oozing pre-cum. Fucking beautiful as Micah’s elegant fingers worked it. He swallowed and thrust harder.

  “God, you’re so…so…”

  “Yeah.” Micah’s tongue traced his lips. “What am I?”

  “Hot. Tight. Jesus.”

  Micah clenched his muscles.

  “Oh fuck.” Linus couldn’t hold back any longer, and with several long, hard pumps, he came, roaring Micah’s name.

  He was pretty sure maybe he lost consciousness because when he became aware again he was lying beside Micah, wrapped in his arms.

  “Oh, shit. Did I pass out?” Linus asked, kissing Micah’s cheek.

  “Kind of.”

  “I’m sorry.” He felt himself blush.

  “You’re adorable.”

  “Oh sure.”

  “Linus, you are. And don’t worry. I came.”

  “Well, thank God for that,” he mumbled. “You were really good.”

  Micah kissed him. “I know.”


  “I am.” Micah sighed. “Hungry?”

  Linus grimaced. “Yeah.”

  “Okay. In a few minutes we’ll get up and eat something. Maybe order a pizza.”

  “Pizza’s bad for your heart.”

  “Yes, doctor.”

  Linus smiled. “Well, it is.”

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