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If Love Were By Design

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  “What did she say about that?” Veronica asked quickly.

  “That it wasn’t true, and she was sure they were from you, and to call you.” He said.

  “That’s it?” Veronica asked, disappointed.

  “Yeah, and then she got in the bath to relax. She said she wouldn’t talk about it anymore.” Travis replied.

  “And nothing else was said?” William asked. It took a second for Travis to realize he was on speakerphone and talking to both of them before admitting that nothing else was mentioned. “She didn’t ask you the same thing?”

  “Why would she do that?” Travis asked and laughed. “I didn’t get flowers.”

  “It might be because she went to the hospital when you were working late, and she couldn’t find you.” Veronica admitted.

  “She told you this?” Travis asked.

  “Yeah.” Veronica confessed.

  “When?” Travis asked.

  “Um, about two months ago.” Veronica said.

  “Two months!” Travis sounded grave. He went quiet.

  “We tried to tell her you weren’t.” William stressed and added, “We thought she believed us, but that was over three weeks ago.”

  “Then she mentioned it again when we fought.” Veronica said.

  Travis was still quiet. They both waited for Travis to speak, but he didn’t William broke the silence by asking him if he was still there. “I . . .” Travis was speechless. “I’m here.” He was quiet again. “Two months. That’s almost a third of the time we’ve been together. That entire time she thought I was with . . . I can’t even say it. And she didn’t say anything me! She always says everything on her mind. That’s what I love about her.”

  “She was scared of losing you. She didn’t want it to be over, or ruin it by saying something if it turned out to be nothing.” Veronica said.

  “What’s there to be scared about? I’m in love with her! This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning!” He was quiet for a moment longer and then added; “I need to go talk to her. I can’t let her keep thinking that way, anymore. It’s been too long as it is!” He exhaled, “Two months! I should go. I’ll talk to you, later.”

  They hung up. Veronica and William looked at each other. “What do you think of that?” Veronica asked him.

  “I think we should have told him in the beginning.” He said. “He’ll fix it.”

  “Good! Come on. We should get Hope to the vet.” Veronica said.

  “Yeah, we’re late—really late. Grab your cheese, and meet me in the car.” He said, and then picked up Hope’s cage, and left.

  They arrived twenty minutes late for Hope’s appointment, but it didn’t matter because the doctor was a half hour behind schedule. Hope stayed in her cage until they went back to see the doctor. Hope was glad to get out of her crate and wander around the room as they waited.

  “I could never be a veterinarian. I would hate to see animals in pain. And I could never put an animal down, either. I think it’s inhumane. We wouldn’t put down a human because of pain.” William said as he watched Hope carefully walk along the outer wall heading toward a cupboard.

  “I could never be one, either. I don’t like the sight of blood.” She responded.

  “You’re a great shoe designer, anyway.” He complimented her.

  “And you obviously are where you’re supposed to be.” She returned his flattery. “I don’t know what made me think of this right now, but I wanted to ask you . . .”

  “What?” He asked.

  “If I showed you some of Kimmy’s designs do you think you could help her get started, like you did me?” She asked.

  “I would have to see her work.” He said. “Is she any good?”

  Veronica thought of the best way to answer him. “She’s good yes. Honestly she is! But I don’t think she’s found her niche. She’s,” she thought of her next few words carefully, “very over the top and a little too glamorous. I’m leather and lace. She’s glitter and flowers.”

  “Is it okay if I don’t promise you?” He asked.

  “What do you think of us having a store together?” She asked.

  “I don’t know, Babe. I don’t think so. She would have to either go it alone or pair up with another clothing designer who’s been doing it for quite a while.” He added, “But if she’s ‘good,’ and not amazing, she might have to come into her own before anything big happens to her. Not everyone can be a Veronica Mitchell.”

  “You make it sound like I’m uncommonly talented.” She teased him.

  “You are uncommonly talented, Veronica.” He exclaimed. Veronica blinked. Then she smiled. “Your modesty is sexy as hell, too.”

  “Thanks, Honey.” She said.

  “I might have to take you . . .” he began to say, but quickly stopped short, because then the door opened and the doctor came in. Hope ran toward William when she saw the newcomer. William picked her up as the doctor closed the door behind him. It was Dr. Teals.

  “Well, she’s got a lot of energy.” Dr. Teals observed.

  “You have no idea. She knocked over our Christmas tree because she kept climbing it. We had to take her back to Veronica’s because she wouldn’t stop doing it.” William said and laughed. He then added, “She has enough energy to power my condo, and put some back on the grid.” Veronica laughed. Dr. Teals smiled.

  “Well, let’s see this fire hazard, shall we?” Dr. Teals asked. William gave Hope to him. He checked her stomach and nose. He carefully looked over her stitches, which have since dissolved, and only scars remained. Her fur was growing back nicely, too. He checked Hope’s eyes, ears, and mouth, and then took her temperature. “She seems to be doing well. Is she eating enough?”

  “She’s part pig.” Veronica said.

  “Well, humans are genetically close to them, too.” Dr. Teals said, smiling. He put her on a scale. “Well, she’s gained a pound. That’s great! You’re not kidding. She must eat!” He picked her up and petted her. “I think we should get her caught up on her shots and when she’s fully recovered we can start talking about getting her fixed if you want.”

  “I want to.” Veronica said, but looked at William. He gave a silent nod.

  “Okay, I’ll give her the shots she needs. Bring her back next month and we’ll see how she’s doing. As long as she isn’t in heat we can have her spayed, and she’s a bit young for that still. You have time to let her heal. So, let’s do that.” Dr. Teals advised. “Do you want to put her back in the kennel?”

  “Sure.” Veronica said, quickly opened the travel crate, and watched as the doctor put Hope in.

  “So, she’s beyond any complications?” William asked.

  “Yeah, we would know by now.” Dr. Teals said.

  “Good.” William chimed, “Good.”

  Dr. Teals got three medications ready, and then opened Hope’s crate again before giving her the shots. Hope bit him for sticking her with the second needle. He then squirted the last tube of medication into her mouth. She licked her jaw and nose to get it all. “Well, I sure am happy she made it.” He said. He closed the door locking Hope in, washed his hands, and then asked, “Did you have any other questions?”

  “No.” William said. Veronica shook her head. “As long as she isn’t in pain, and she’ll be fine. What else do I need to know?”

  “Okay, why don’t you call me next month if you’re serious about getting her spayed? I’ll look at her to make sure she’s ready, and if she is we’ll hold her over night and do it the next day.” Dr. Teals said with a smile.

  “Will do.” William said. When they got into the car he uttered, “That went well. I was hoping she was fine.”

  “I knew she was fine.” Veronica said.

  “I hoped more than knew.” William said. “So let’s drop her off at home, and then we can go do something, if you want.” He paused to take his phone from his pocket. “Can you answer that?”

  She took the phone. “It’s a text from Chip. He made your reservations for six of
us to go to Las Vegas. He left all the information on your desk. He wants to know if he should contact everyone.”

  “No. I’ll do it. I don’t want him telling my sister that Colin is coming. I don’t know if Nora would come if she knew. She hates it when I interfere, and she’s probably still mad at me for saying something to him on your birthday. Tell Chip to contact everyone except Nora. I’ll ask her myself.” William said.

  “Okay.” Veronica said, and then texted Chip a replied.

  “So you can get off Thursday and Friday, right? Did you check your schedule?” William asked.

  “I’m fine. I can get everything done I need to do by Tuesday.” She said. “I’m not making any more shoes until after the New Year.”

  “Can I stay over all week?” He asked.

  “Of course.” She said.

  “What about the following week?” He asked.

  “Of course.” She said with a smile.

  “What about the week after that?” He asked grinning.

  “Why don’t you move in?” She asked.

  “Yeah, alright.” He said, and then winked at her. “If you’re going to twist my arm.” She laughed. He took her hand and squeezed it.


  “Let me guess, William did this on purpose.” Kimmy said when she sat next to Veronica on the plane.

  “No. It was my idea. I wanted to sit by you.” Veronica said. “Are you still mad at me?”

  “No.” Kimmy said with a shrug. “I miss you too much to be mad at you. I’m mad at myself now more than anything. I was a jerk, and I’m sorry. I was so upset thinking Travis was cheating that I was putting all that on you. It was stupid. I know you’re busy! I’m busy! I have a full time job and full time schoolwork. I’m exhausted most the time, which is why I need this holiday. I’m going to get so drunk tonight. It’s not even funny.” She added, “And thanks for the flowers. But most of all thanks for telling Travis what I didn’t have enough guts to.”

  “It’s fine. But don’t ask me to do anything like that again. I’d rather you fight, kiss and make up with Travis than us fight, and spend a week not talking.” Veronica stressed.

  “It was four days. That’s hardly a week. And if you don’t count the time spent while sleeping or at work it was half of a day, really.” Kimmy jested. She clutched her hand to say something, but when she did her eyes widened. She quickly picked up Veronica’s hand and looked at it. She screamed. “Oh, my gosh! You’re engaged! You’re engaged! I knew it!” William and Travis looked at her. She shushed Kimmy. “You are, aren’t you?”

  “You don’t have to broadcast it to the entire plane.” Veronica said and turned to look out the window to hide her embarrassment.

  “Congratulations, William!” Kimmy beamed at him.

  “Thanks.” William said, smiling.

  “It’s true?” Travis asked.

  “Yes.” William said.

  “That’s fast.” Travis said.

  “No, it’s not Travis. They love each other.” Kimmy interceded on William’s behalf. “But Veronica! For you that’s fast. Who would’ve guessed?”

  Veronica tried again to get her to speak quietly. “I know. Please!”

  “Okay, tonight I’m so getting drunk! We are celebrating.” Kimmy giggled, and flagged down a flight attendant. “Four mimosas, please.” She said, as she pointed to first Travis, William, herself, and then Veronica she counted, saying, “One, two, three, and four.” Kimmy smiled at Veronica and finally lowered her voice, “Who knew you were such a hopeless romantic, Veronica?”

  “Me.” William said.

  “You think that’s romantic?” Travis asked Kimmy.

  “Of course, I do. He was practically dating her that entire time, anyway.” She then turned to William, “It feels like you’ve been together for ages. When I think of Veronica, I now think of you, too, William. If you ask me, it’s about time.”

  “Really?” Travis asked, sounding almost shocked.

  Kimmy ignored that last question and turned back to Veronica. “So have you two . . .” Kimmy bit a grin.

  “I’m not talking about that.” Veronica lowered her voice. “And he can hear you! Seriously! I don’t ask you about Travis.”

  “Yeah, because you’re guarded. I’ll tell you all about us.” Kimmy stated. “Ask me anything!”

  “I know you would, which is why I don’t ask.” Veronica said.

  “Well, you’ve already given it away. I know you have.” Kimmy theorized, “You two have boned and I know it. Finally! My best friend isn’t a virgin, anymore. You were making me look like a hussy!” Kimmy smiled.

  “Your mimosa.” The flight attendant said, handing one to Kimmy. Kimmy thanked her and leaned back so Veronica could take hers.

  “Thank you.” Veronica said, but not for the mimosa. She had interrupted a conversation she didn’t want to have with Kimmy. “I take it you and Travis worked everything out. I’m glad to see that.” She changed the subject.

  “Yeah.” Kimmy said. She looked at him. They watched William and Travis carry on a conversation about getting pilot licenses and learning to fly. Kimmy smiled at him even though he wasn’t looking and then turned back to Veronica. “Kind of weird that we went from crashing their fishing boat party to today, right? Who knew you would be engaged to William, and I would end up dating Travis. It seems like forever.”

  “I know.” Veronica said.

  “What are you two whispering about?” Travis asked them.

  “I was saying how we’ve been together for a long time but feels like only five minutes.” Kimmy told him. Travis smiled and was about to thank her but then she added, “Under water.” Kimmy laughed. “I’m teasing. I love you.”

  “Seriously, what are you talking about?” Travis asked while laughing.

  “That we can’t believe we ended up dating two of the people we were trapped with on a yacht.” Veronica said with a smile.

  “This conversation seems familiar to me—Mr. ‘What Are You Whispering About.’” Kimmy said. She laughed.

  “So what do you think of Travis and I learning to fly, so we can go up to Maine or down the coast. Would you trust us to fly you around?” William asked.

  “Yeah, of course.” Veronica said.

  “That would be fun.” Kimmy said. “We could go to Florida and hit the beach.”

  “Exactly!” Travis said.

  “Yeah, or the amusement parks!” Veronica said.

  “Now you’re talking.” Kimmy said.

  “Alright, we’ll do it.” William said.

  “So, where’s your cat?” Kimmy asked when their conversation died down, and after their second mimosa.

  “Chip is watching her.” Veronica said with a laugh. “He’s house sitting William’s apartment with Hope. William had to bribe Chip to get him to do it, and give him an extra week off. Kind of funny, really.”

  “If funny means ridiculous, well then yeah, that’s hilarious.” Kimmy said. They laughed.

  “I missed you! I’m glad we’re fine now.” Veronica confessed.

  “Me, too. I missed you, too. We should have one night each month that’s for us, and only us. We could go dancing or have drinks. It’ll be fun.” Kimmy proposed. “Even when we have kids we should still do it—to keep us sane.”

  “That sounds perfect.” Veronica agreed. “But I don’t think I’ll have kids for a while.”

  “I don’t believe you about waiting on anything, anymore. You’re engaged! You’re engaged before me! I can’t believe it. You’ll be married before me, and have kids . . . meanwhile I’m going to ask Travis if he wants to join the mile–high club. Will you get me another mimosa if you see the flight attendant?” Kimmy asked with a wink, and then turned to Travis. “I’m going to walk around. I’m tired of sitting.” She said to Travis. “You could come with me if you want.”

  “Yeah. I’ll go with you.” Travis said unsuspectingly. Kimmy winked at Veronica once again, and they held hands and started walking down t
he aisle.

  William immediately came over and sat next Veronica. He leaned his head against the seat and smiled at her. “Hi.” She said.

  “Hi.” He smiled. “I’m glad you and Kimmy are okay now.”

  “Me, too.” She said.

  “I’m going to steal Kimmy’s seat.” He said.

  “I don’t think she’ll mind. They’ll probably be gone a while.” Veronica flushed pink and then turned to sip her mimosa. She was grateful he didn’t ask why, and she could only guess it was because he understood. The moment she said it, however she wished she hadn’t. It felt like a lingering question was in the air asking if he wanted to sneak away, as well. Veronica didn’t want to. “I . . .”

  “I’d rather wait until I have a private jet, and not in a bathroom.” He admitted.

  “Thank you!” Veronica said with a laugh, resting her head against the seat. They smiled at each other.

  “Am I boring?” He asked.

  “No. You’re just right.” She said. “I’m not that brash.”

  “And a public restroom . . . you know me. I’m a bit of a clean freak, and I wouldn’t be able to get past where I was.” He said and laughed.

  “And what if someone heard us? We’re not quiet.” She said.

  “I’m not having sex in a plane for the first time, and not make it fun.” He added, “I’ll get a jet. I thought about it last year, but then I got my yacht, instead. I’ve been thinking about getting a jet again for a while now. I travel too much to not have one. But now I want to have sex with you in a plane, so I need one!”


  “Colin!” William yelled. He saw him about twenty yards up, and he was about to exit the airport. “Colin Hartford!” He yelled louder. Colin heard him, turned around and waved, but quickly disappeared, going outside. He came back in a moment later with Nora at his side. Together they approached their small group.

  “Hi.” Nora said to her brother and quickly hugged him. “How was your Christmas?”

  “The best. Thanks. Yours?” William asked.

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