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If Love Were By Design

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  “Oh, Lester. Well, he used to work for Marcus at Saxton Hip. He’s always been nice to me, and when I was fired he helped me carry my boxes out to my car. I appreciated it, and thought it was kind. When Andrea told me he wanted to be my assistant, so I told her it was fine to hire him.” Veronica said.

  “That is nice of him. He also thinks you’re ‘amazing.’ So he’s nice and smart.” William said. “Because he knows a good thing when he sees it.”

  “You heard that?” She asked him.

  The waiter who quickly brought their food interrupted them. When he left William went on to say, “I did.”

  “I know that was inappropriate of him. I was going to say something about it, but obviously that was when you came.” She said.

  “What were you going to say to him?” He asked.

  “I don’t know.” She said.

  “Do you want to know what I think?” He asked.

  “Of course, I do.” She said. “I always want to know what you think!”

  “I think you need to let him go. It’s inappropriate for him to assume he can flirt with you at work. I think you should be working with a woman. You wouldn’t have to blow her off or fire her for coming on to you.” He said.

  “Wow, I didn’t expect you to say that.” She said. “Okay,” she nodded. “I guess you’re right. It’s not professional. I’ll ask Andrea to let him go when we get back.”

  “You’re not mad at me for saying that?” He asked.

  “Why would I be mad? You’re protective of my career. You’re trying to help me build it! You want me to succeed. Besides, you’re right.” She shrugged. “If I want to be taken seriously, I should at least start with my assistant. I respect your advice; you’re great at what you do. I’ll take your advice anytime. I’m your protégé.” She laughed.

  “I am protective, but not only for your career, Veronica. I’m protective of you. I can’t help it.” He confessed.

  “I know you; it’s your nature. You’re protective of all your friends. And you’re right. I’ll let him go.” She decided.

  He smiled. “Okay, let’s talk about something else. Anything else.”

  It didn’t take Veronica long to remember what she had wanted to ask him for a few days now. “I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve seen my earrings; the small hoops that have little diamonds in it.”

  “They’re on my bathroom counter. You left them two weeks ago.” He said.

  “I thought so.” She said. “I have been looking everywhere, and I’ve been wanting to wear them.”

  “You could come over tonight and get them.” He suggested.

  “I have to work tomorrow. I can’t.” She said.

  “You came over last week on a weeknight.” He reminded her.

  She lied saying, “That was different. I was in the area.”

  “You could be in the area tonight.” He smiled.

  “Alright, I’ll pop by for my earrings for like an hour.” She consented.

  “I’ll take what I can get.” He said.

  “We have the weirdest relationship. I don’t even know what to think of it half the time.” She laughed. He looked at her with a small grin.

  “I wouldn’t say it’s weird.” He said.

  That night Veronica stepped into the hallway of William’s condo a little after seven thirty. She was later then she had planned to be. She ran home wanting to change and look nice for him. She hoped he would see her romantically instead of as a friend. She showered, reapplied her make–up, fixed her hair, and changed into a sexy black dress. William took her coat, hung it up, and as he did he told her she looked beautiful. She stepped out of her shoes and put the rest of her things on his counter. “Wine?” He asked her.

  “Oh, um, no it’s okay.” She declined.

  “No, let’s have a glass of wine. I want to talk to you about something. So let’s have some.” He said, and quickly went into his kitchen. He drank from a glass he had already begun nursing, as he poured hers. She took it, thanked him, but then put it down. He watched her set it on the counter, and then he looked at her. He smiled before stubbornly taking her glass and handing it to her again. He waited for her to take a sip.

  “Let’s go out on the balcony.” He suggested, leading her outside. He took her to the wide cement railing, and he leaned against it. She followed suit, and put her glass down before facing him. He smiled at her, tucked her hair behind her ear, and then leaned closer to her. He waited until she looked into his eyes to say, “I love you!”

  She blinked, and then stared at him. Her heart raced. She didn’t want to be wrong. “Did you just say you love me?”

  “I did.” He said quickly.

  She bit a smile. “I’d hoped I didn’t hear you wrong.” She laughed feeling a little nervous because of his confident and sudden confession, and then she said softly, “I love you, too.”

  “It feels a lot better to hear you say it than I thought it would.” Veronica smiled. Hearing him say that only made her love him more. He gazed at her with eyes that didn’t hide his feelings. It was seductive the way he looked intently at her. “So now what?” William asked. “I’ve been waiting for you to set the pace, and make all the moves—within reason.”

  “I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking me.” Veronica confessed.

  “Can I kiss you?” He asked quickly. She smiled, and nodded permission.

  He set his glass down on the balcony wall, as he looked at her with the same intensity as a moment before. It held her spellbound. He smiled, and then leaned closer to her. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her lips. The anticipation was thrilling; she was enjoying his touch before he even took her. He held his distance, but only for a heartbeat, and long enough that they locked eyes. Then he kissed her.

  His lips gently met hers. Finally she was kissing him—really kissing him! She opened her mouth and he deepened his kiss. He breathed heavily into her open mouth, and he licked her tongue. He tasted of sweet wine. He drew her toward him. She put her arms around him. She moaned when he sucked on her tongue, and then again when he gently tugged at her lip to bite it. She swayed into him as he continued to draw his tongue over hers in slow, tender licks. He took his time until he finally broke the kiss with several gentle touches of his lips. She slowly opened her eyes. He smiled then rubbed his thumb along her cheek before he gently kissed her lips once more.

  “I love you.” He said again. He took a deep breath as if relieved he was finally free to say it.

  “I love you, too.” She said.

  She was ready. The idea of waiting any longer was torment. They had spent enough time getting to know each other. She wanted more than a kiss. She wanted to be as close to him as she could possibly get, and she wanted to kiss him for the remainder of the night. She had to ask, “Are you going to make love to me now?”

  “I didn’t think you wanted to.” He smiled adding, “But you don’t have to ask me twice.” He picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around him. He walked her back into his room as they kissed. The touch and feel of his lips were intoxicating. With each kiss she grew more passionate and the need for him became stronger. He lay her down. For a moment he stopped and looked at her. The sight of her on his bed made him smile. He stared at her as if he wanted to enjoy the moment of seeing her there for as long as he could.

  But like Veronica, he was growing impatient. He slowly crawled over her. Then he returned to her lips and kissed her. When he sat up enough to start unzipping her dress, he smiled at her and looked into her eyes. She giggled in excited anticipation. He patiently and slowly removed her dress.

  “Undress me.” He said in a low whisper. He smiled and gave her enough room to slowly unfasten his shirt. The sight of his body aroused her, because she knew it was hers. He was hers. He stood when he saw the flash in her eyes. He took off his shirt, and then smiled. He added, “You’re so beautiful.”

  He lay back down as if he couldn’t wait another moment to touch her. As he kissed her
, he rolled onto his back taking her with him. Suddenly she was straddling him. He pulled her dress off without breaking their ever–growing passionate embrace. She could feel his erection pressing against her. His hands went to her back and he unclasped her bra, and he immediately he removed it. He groaned when he saw her. He closed his eyes as if the sight of her turned him on so much that he had to calm down. When he opened his eyes he looked at her with need. She leaned down to kiss him. Veronica pressed herself against his bare chest. They both exhaled. If he wasn’t kissing her with his eyes closed, he would have seen how suddenly nervous she was.

  Now that she was topless and feeling his bare skin to hers, she felt like it was really going to happen. And although she wanted to make love to him—desperately, she couldn’t help but say, “Are you sure? I mean . . . I’m nervous. I don’t know. Are you sure?”

  “You’re not sure?” He asked her. He let go of her enough he could see her face. His smile straightened. The passion she saw in his eyes flashed more of fear. He let go of her, and rested his head on the bed so there was another inch between them. If she wasn’t sitting on him she wondered if he would be clear across the room.

  “I don’t know. I’m not on birth control.” She laughed timidly. “I’m kind of nervous. It’s going to hurt.”

  “Veronica.” He rolled her off him, and he put an arm around her to cuddle her. “Are you saying you’ve never done this before?”

  “Please, don’t make a big deal of it—I’m nervous as it is.” She pleaded. “Give me a second.”

  He raised an eyebrow. “But it is a big deal. I didn’t know that, or I wouldn’t have thrown caution to the wind. This kind of changes things.”

  “No it doesn’t.” She protested. “I was nervous. I want to. I only needed a second.”

  “Babe,” he was about to say something, but then paused to think, “I want to make love to you also, but now . . . I think we should wait until we’re engaged because I don’t want to take this from you unless you’re sure about me.” He said. He got up off the bed and retrieved her clothes, then handed them to her. He quickly crawled back over her to kiss her but he didn’t lay over her, and he didn’t kiss her longer than a few slow seconds. “I should have taken it slower. We’ll go slower.” He placed the dress over her so she was comfortably lying on the bed no longer feeling exposed.

  “Engaged? But that could be forever. You may never ask me! It’s not fair. You can’t make this decision without me! Honestly, I don’t want to wait. I want you now. I needed to think. That’s all. A breather. I’m totally over it.” She promised.

  “I can make this decision because it’s my body, too. Let’s go slow.” He tucked her hair behind her ear. “That’s all I’m saying.” Her temper flared a little, but she smiled; men were easily seduced. She sat up and looked around for her bra. “What are you doing?”

  “Hopefully torturing you.” She said and smiled happily with her plan. A trick she learned from Kimmy. “Good luck waiting, William. I’m never going to wear clothes around you if I can help it.” She picked up her bra, put it on, and then left him in his room with the rest of her clothes while he remained on the bed.

  “Where are you going? Come back here.” He commanded. She heard footsteps run across his room, and then he flung her over his shoulder in the hallway and carried her back to bed. He smiled and crawled over her again. “I’ve been tortured for months now. I’ve seen you in a bikini too many times and I’ve slept next to you every night we’ve seen each other with few exceptions. Believe me, I’ve been tortured. But I’m still going to hold you until we go to bed and I’m kissing you all night.” He added with a smile, “And I might take off all your clothes if you let me, because let’s face it, I didn’t claim we’ll be celibate. Besides, if I touch you enough before we make love, it won’t hurt.”

  “Really?” She asked.

  “Really!” He affirmed. He nuzzled her neck.

  “Oh, well then in that case, I can wait a little while. Not months for you to propose (if you ever do), but I can wait like two maybe.” She recanted.

  He stopped kissing her neck to look at her and say, “I love you, Veronica. Of course, I’m planning on asking you to marry me, so you might as well start warming up to the idea; I don’t want to scare you away when I finally do.”

  “I don’t think you can. I’m more obsessive about you than I’ve ever been. Last time was sad, but this time, it’s borderline pathetic.” She smiled. “Maybe even desperate or stalking. You should be freaked out.” He laughed.

  “We’ll be desperate for each other then, because I feel the same way.” He confessed and then returned to kissing her neck.


  Kimmy rushed over to Veronica’s apartment. Some things can’t be explained over the phone. When Veronica opened the door, Kimmy jumped on her. Immediately she flung her arms around Veronica, and screamed as she jumped in countless little hops, almost vibrating with excitement. “You’re dating him!” Kimmy exclaimed, and then giggled. She let go, and tore off her coat. “Tell me everything! Start with the sex. How was the sex?”

  “Oh, my gosh,” Veronica laughed, “of course that’s your first question! But sorry to disappoint you but we didn’t, and I’m not sure I want to talk about it. Ever! It’s weird.”

  “What do you mean, you didn’t bone?” Kimmy asked. “You two have had sexual tension for like six months!”

  “More like five and a couple weeks. But yeah.” Veronica said. “So do you want to hear about it or not?”

  “I do!” Kimmy exclaimed and giggled again.

  “Okay well, I found out he started to suspect I was falling in love with him when I went to bed practically naked, and then he knew I loved him when I was crying and he later found out I stopped by his house and saw a woman there.” She informed Kimmy.

  “Oh, no! That happened? Why didn’t you tell me?” Kimmy asked.

  “It was terrible, and I was a wreck. I didn’t want to talk about it, and have to admit it out loud. Anyway, he came over and asked me to go out on the boat with his sister and the twins. I realized the girl I saw at his condo was his sister. I was so relieved!” Veronica said. She took a deep breath while feeling all over again what a happy mistake it had been.

  “I bet!” Kimmy said.

  “So, he realized he had to stop dropping all these hints and he had to tell me so there was no doubt of how he felt. He bought me flowers and I was oblivious, I didn’t want to read anything into it. I was still worried he was ‘friendly.’ And the last two times I tried to hint, it didn’t go well. Anyway, we went out to lunch, and he asked me to come over to his place. When I came over, he gave me wine, lead me to his balcony, and as if he was waiting impatiently to say it, he said he loved me.” Veronica divulged.

  “Oh, my gosh!” Kimmy giggled. “So then you two at least kissed, right? Tell me you at least kissed!”

  “Of course we did!” Veronica said, and laughed. “Okay, I’ll tell you, but not in detail. We did end up naked on his bed, and . . . I’ll say that, and call it good.” She flushed pink.

  “You’re so funny. You’re so shy. So did exploring lead to orgasm?” Kimmy asked.

  “No, he ended up,” she blushed, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” Veronica paused, wondering if she even wanted to say it. “Okay, um, his hand was . . . down there, and it hurt! I started bleeding and we hit the shower and that was the end of it. It was so embarrassing!”

  “Oh!” Kimmy said slowly as she pieced together the story and realized something. She added, “So that explains why he didn’t sleep with you. He found out your little secret!”

  “He swears not to sleep with me until we’re engaged now! It will be forever! I don’t want to wait more than two months.” Veronica stressed.

  “I hope you told him that.” Kimmy said.

  “I did!” Veronica said.

  “Good. Well, trust me that man didn’t painstakingly wait to get to know you, to drag his feet to p
ropose. He’s in love with you. I’ve been telling you that all along. I’ll tell you what else. I’m guessing by Christmas he’ll give you a ring. A big one!” Kimmy predicted.

  “Do you think so? That’s only a little more than a month away!” Veronica said and grinned. “I would too; I would totally marry him next year. Listen to me—I’m obsessed. This isn’t good!”

  “Wow! Where is Veronica Mitchell and what have you done with her?” Kimmy asked.

  “No, don’t tease me. I’m in too good of a mood to be teased.” Veronica said.

  “So when do you see him again?” Kimmy asked.

  “Tonight. He asked me Monday to stay the night Thursday with him, but I told him he would have to come here. On Tuesday’s I’ll stay over there and Thursday’s he’ll stay here. Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we’ll do whatever.” Veronica said.

  “He made that schedule with you?” Kimmy asked, and Veronica nodded. “That’s so cute. You two are so in love it’s funny you waited this long.” Kimmy said. “I wish Travis and I waited.” Her smile faded a little. “I think he’s getting bored of me. We hardly have sex anymore. We haven’t for a week. The more I try to spice it up the more he seems less interested. I’m starting to think he’s seeing someone else, because he’s always saying he has to work a few hours extra all the time and when he comes home all he says is how tired he is.”

  “What if that’s exactly what’s happening. Maybe he is tired from being overworked.” Veronica said.

  “Either way, I want to be sure. I want you to ask William. You interceded for Travis. It’s only fair you do this for me.” Kimmy said. “I’m worried I fell too hard, and now he’s not interested in me. I want to be prepared for a breakup if that’s where this is headed. But I hope it’s not. I don’t know what he’s thinking or doing. It’s scary.”

  “I’ll ask William, but maybe you should go to the hospital and find out for yourself.” Veronica suggested. “You know—see if he’s there.”

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