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  An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication

  Made for Me

  ISBN 9781419922251


  Made for Me Copyright © 2009 L.A. Day

  Edited by Pamela Campbell

  Cover art by Syneca

  Electronic book Publication May 2009

  The terms Romantica® and Quickies® are registered trademarks of Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

  With the exception of quotes used in reviews, this book may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part by any means existing without written permission from the publisher, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.® 1056 Home Avenue, Akron OH 44310-3502.

  Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. No part of this book may be scanned, uploaded or distributed via the Internet or any other means, electronic or print, without the publisher’s permission. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. ( Please purchase only authorized electronic or print editions and do not participate in or encourage the electronic piracy of copyrighted material. Your support of the author’s rights is appreciated.

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

  Made for Me

  L.A. Day

  Chapter One

  Year 2210

  Federation Earth Council

  Daygon Office

  “Mav, I found your way in,” Rebecca said with just a little too much glee for his comfort.

  First Commander Maverick Spencer rolled his chair across the tiled floor. His gaze zeroed in on Rebecca’s vid screed as it flashed an advertisement for a robotic sex site. “No thanks, Rebecca. I don’t need to buy sex. But there might be something there for you.”

  “Nope. But that Marston babe you downloaded into your cyber sex unit just placed an order.”

  “For what?” His gaze snapped back to the vid screen. “And I downloaded her file for research. She’s a target in our investigation.”

  “Yep, but you added her picture to your cyber sex unit. You can’t hide anything from a techno wiz.” Merriment gleamed in Rebecca’s eyes. “Anyway, she ordered a pleasure droid—a hi-tech robotic sex machine—and wait until you hear the description. She might have been describing you. Well, that is, if you have at least ten inches in those pants.” Rebecca raised her brows in a suggestive manner.

  “I think I can cover that,” Mav grumbled, his eyes scanning the banner ad.

  “Excuse me.” Rebecca waved her hand in his direction. “I need to open this drawer.” Mav rolled backward to allow her to rummage through his stash of odds and ends.

  “What are you looking for?”

  “A tape measure. I had better verify the length. We wouldn’t want to disappoint her.”

  “If you think I’m whipping it out for you, think again. I never disappoint.” He scooted closer, reading the digital data. “I’m still not sure how this pleasure droid info is going to help us.”

  “I intercepted the order. The droid she wants is top of the line. An ALB—Artificial Life Bot—verbally programmable, complete with simulated skin and…ugh…life-like body fluids.”

  Mav leaned closer. “You’re not suggesting that I—” He blinked to clear the mental picture that filled his mind.

  “That you take the place of the droid. Of course, just think of the ‘undercover’ work.” Rebecca waggled her eyebrows.

  “Fuck.” He had visions of being “undercover” with the elusive Kari Marston in a way that had nothing to do with research.

  Rebecca smiled. “Yeah, I imagine you’ll get to do a lot of that.”

  “It won’t work.” He couldn’t get involved with a suspect. It was unethical.

  “Why? You can’t take orders in bed? Fuck me harder, big stud…lick my clit…tongue fuck meeee!” Rebecca squealed.

  He poked her in the ribs. “Cut the shit.”

  “We need a way into the inner circle of Orbmed. This is just the ticket and if you get to fuck the info out of the target, so be it.” Rebecca shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not as if she’ll be unwilling. She’s willing to pay to have a robotic stud fuck her. Or are you afraid you won’t be up for the job?”

  Maverick grunted in response. He’d wanted to pierce Kari Marston’s lips with his cock since he’d first opened the file. Her wavy blonde hair, full rosy lips and shining blue eyes entranced him.

  “I guess, if you’re getting paid to fuck, you’ll be a member of the galaxy’s oldest profession,” Rebecca cooed smugly.

  “Fuck off, Rebecca, or I’ll tell Holt your secret.”

  “Bastard.” Her fingers flew over the keys as she pulled up more information. “Hmm.”

  He didn’t like the sound of that. “What?”

  “Do you mind shaving your cock and balls? That’s what Marston prefers.”

  Mav closed his eyes. He hoped she liked clean-shaven cocks because she had a sucking fetish and not for some other reason. Her perfect bow of a mouth would look just right wrapped around his shaft. He hardened at the thought.

  “This isn’t going to work.”

  * * * * *

  Does a pleasure droid sweat? Mav was sweating. He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the digiscan. A minute passed—two. Kari Marston’s face appeared on the screen.

  “May I help you?”

  “I am Mav II, from Skytech,” he croaked in irritation. Reduced to the role of pleasure droid, he waited for his dream woman to open the door.

  “Oh, just a moment.”

  The entry to high-rise box 312 opened with a whoosh and Kari stood before him. A scarlet blush colored her delicate features and her eyes darted away, as if she were too embarrassed to look at him. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to come out. I…I placed an order digitally.”

  “Yes. That is why I am here.” Mav breathed deeply. His heart pounded.

  “I didn’t expect— It’s supposed to be a discreet site.” Kari licked her lips nervously and all his blood flowed downward.

  “I am Mav II. I am discreet.” He had to remind himself to speak in what Rebecca called “proper, stilted grammar”. It wasn’t his usual style.

  Kari’s finely arched brows drew together and her full, lush lips pursed. “Oh.” She blinked long, golden lashes as she finally allowed her gaze to travel over him. “You’re the…droid?” She whispered the last word.

  “I am Mav II.”

  “Come in.” She moved to one side and he entered her dwelling. The sweet scent of woman and honeysuckle teased his senses. His balls tightened and his fingers flexed. She was close enough to touch.

  “You fit my description to perfection. If I didn’t know better, I would think you were…”

  Setting his space pack down, he turned to face her and her voice trailed off. Her gaze lowered to the bulge he couldn’t stop from straining at his pants.

  “Mmm, it appears they managed to more than fill my requirements.”

  “I hope you find me satisfactory.” It took all his control to keep his voice at an even pitch while her curious gaze inventoried her “droid”.

  Gleaming eyes rose to his. “You seem real, except for your eyes.”

  “My eyes?”

  “Yeah, those aqua irises are too beautiful to be real. I didn’t make a request on eye color. I didn’t see his— Never mind. You are perfect.”

  Mav cocked his head to one side and eyed her curiously. She was an extremely attractive woman. He had no idea why she’d chosen to buy a pleasu
re droid. He was certain that attracting lovers would be no problem for her.

  “I feel as if I should offer you dinner or something. Maybe a drink. I’m not sure how…what to do,” she stuttered.

  He struggled to hide a grin. “ALBs require sustenance to survive, much the same as humans. Our bodies are capable of breaking down food to fit our requirements but I am not in need of nourishment at this time.”

  “Okay. So…this seems odd. I feel as if I’m having a conversation with someone.”

  “I have a logic chip. I am capable of conversation. I can satisfy your need for communication. He stepped closer to her and she gasped a shaky breath. Her eyes dilated and she warily watched him. “I am here to satisfy your needs. I am programmed to meet all your wants and desires.”

  “Oh my god.” She took a step backward.

  “You may call me Mav. Are you in need of satisfaction?” He had to bite the inside of his jaw to keep from smiling. Maybe the role of pleasure droid wasn’t so bad after all.

  A whimper erupted from her mouth. “I…” She coughed and nodded her head. Her blue eyes melted as she stared at him.

  Mav’s arms snaked around her, gathering her to his frame. Damn, she felt good. As if she were made just for him.

  “You’re warm,” she whispered.

  “Yes.” A man burning alive usually was. “I was manufactured to appear human in every way.”

  “Do you…can you feel pleasure?”

  “Yes. I have a sensory chip. I can feel pleasure.” Soon she would know just how much pleasure he could feel and how much pleasure he could give.

  “Can you have feelings for someone? Can you love?”

  Mav hesitated. He was unsure how to answer that question. Taking the easy route, he evaded. “What is love?”

  “Never mind. Most men aren’t capable of love either. It isn’t a requirement.” A shy smile curled her lips but her words held a tinge of disappointment.

  He didn’t reply. He couldn’t tell her that intense feelings overwhelmed him just by holding her in his arms.

  “Have you ever— Were you made just for me?”

  “Yes.” He had to believe he lived in this world just for her.

  “So you’ve never experienced pleasure?” Her wide eyes watched him with curiosity.

  He was getting in deeper and deeper. More than anything, he wanted to tell her the truth but he couldn’t jeopardize the mission. “I have been programmed and tested. I will not fail you.”

  “I didn’t think you would. It’s just… I didn’t expect you to be so…so real. I don’t usually…oh hell.” Kari gasped for breath as he trailed his lips up the soft, sweet-scented skin of her neck. “You’re just an advanced sex toy…right?”

  “I am not a toy.” Mav pulled back and looked into her troubled eyes. “I am a fully functioning sexual bot.” This was not a game, as she would soon find out.

  “You won’t think bad of me…no matter what we do, will you?”

  Her question tore at his heart. He dreaded the day she discovered the truth. Damn Rebecca for coming up with this scheme and damn him for going along with it. “I am programmed to please you in every way possible. I will do anything you ask, anything you need. I am incapable of thinking anything between us would be wrong.” If he put too much feeling into the words, she didn’t seem to notice.

  She whimpered. “If only all men were hardwired like you. Mav, uh maybe we should take this to the bedroom.”

  Slowly, his arms slid from around her and her heavy-lidded eyes flicked up to meet his. She turned, heading down the hall and his heart leapt. Grabbing his bag, he followed her with light, eager steps. Her tight ass distracted him and he almost didn’t notice the office as he passed. Slowing his gait, he took a gander inside. It was a small room, filled with cabinets and a long table. A vid screen sat on a corner desk. Littered across the desk were files and digifiles. After he wore her out, he’d have to pay this room a visit.

  Increasing his pace, he caught up to her as she entered her room. He was surprised to find it absent of feminine touches. A plain, blue silk temperature-controlled blanket covered an adequate-sized bed and a basic dresser with the minimum of toiletries lined one wall. Next to a simulator screen sat a doublewide massage chair. He arched a brow. That could be useful.

  He looked back at the bed, where Kari stood looking nervous and unsure.

  “I guess you should take off your clothes.” She rubbed her sweaty palms on her jeans. Her heart thumped as her eager gaze watched him. A hot flash of lust seared her pussy and she cursed beneath her breath. How could she feel more emotion for a droid than she’d ever felt for a man?

  He inched his shirt out of the waistband of his pants. Crossing his arms, he hooked the bottom of the skintight material with his fingers and pulled. Golden skin gleamed over muscles simulated to perfection.

  She drew in a sharp breath. “Oh my god. Your maker was a genius.”

  He pulled the shirt over his head, mussing his short, dark hair. It made him appear even more human. One thumb flicked the top buckle of his pants and then moved to the next. Her throat parched as she waited for him to part the material.

  Finally he eased his pants and underwear over his hips and the ruddy head of his cock peeked out. Slowly, inch by thick, delicious inch, his cock was freed. She’d asked for ten inches. They’d given her an upgrade. She’d never seen such an organ. Her panties dampened in anticipation. It had been a long time since she’d been with a man—a long time since she had even wanted a man.

  “I…I…” Her breath hitched as she struggled to correlate thought and speech.

  “Do you wish to inspect your merchandise?” Mav II posed half naked, without a trace of amusement on his face. His huge cock stood at attention. He had to be a droid. A man would be smug as he stroked that rod and she would have stroked his ego by drooling like an idiot.

  “Have mercy.” Her hands trembled. She raised one to her mouth. Biting a knuckle, she waited for him to continue. “I don’t see any flaws.” It was obvious that bots had a superior physical design.

  He kicked off his low-ride boots and stepped out of his pants, and lifting one foot at a time removed his socks. Naked, he was unbelievable. The bed brushed the back of her legs as he approached her.

  “We will need to remove your clothes for me to perform to proper satisfaction.”

  “Yes we will but…” The tip of his cock trailed along her denim covered stomach and her pussy clenched in need.

  His warm breath fanned her exposed skin as he opened the buttons on her blouse. Her utility bra was far from sexy but he didn’t comment and she noticed he had no trouble finding the side closure. She wondered how much detail his program contained. She didn’t have long to wonder as he was quick to strip her and lay her on the bed. She shivered, lying bare on the cool satin, naked to his pale, glowing eyes.

  He certainly felt real as his body brushed hers, skin to skin. One of his hands tangled in her hair, holding her head in place as his face lowered. Velvet smooth, yet firm lips met hers. He tasted real. He tasted of coffee and—man. His tongue traced her lower lip, just before his teeth nipped her there. She gasped and allowed his tongue entry. He licked, suckled and nipped at her mouth.

  Lord, if he made love anywhere near as good as he kissed, she was in trouble. She was out of practice, maybe she should have asked for a beginner’s model.

  His hair-sprinkled chest rasped her nipples as he gathered her close. She groaned and her pussy dampened. Shifting against her, his huge erection buffeted her stomach and she moaned. Oh…no, she liked this model just fine.

  She shivered as his kisses grew rougher and hungrier. This wasn’t what she had expected. This was like making love, not using a sex toy.

  She pushed at his chest. “Mav…stop, Mav.”

  “Why? Is there something wrong?” His ragged, breathy voice rasped her ear.

  “No, I…I just…” His hand closed around her breast, his thumb flicking her nipple. Pure, red-hot n
eed shot straight to her pussy. Kari shivered again. “I feel funny. This seems so real.” She’d never felt this with any other sex toy.

  “It is real. The pleasure you feel—we feel—is real.”

  His mouth lowered to her other nipple and his tongue gathered the tip against his teeth. He nipped her and she screamed, “Oh, sweet heaven.”

  Her legs parted and his thigh buffeted her wet, aching pussy. Arching silently, she begged for his cock and his deep possession.

  Mav shook with need. He should have never agreed to this plan. There was no way he would be able to remain objective while making love to her. From the beginning, he hadn’t believed she was involved in the drug operation. And now, after reading her file, he was nearly certain. Few had fooled him but it had happened. He hoped there was no link between her and the drug altering because if there was…

  He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and her sweet scent engulfed him. Her flesh was tender and warm under his mouth. The sweet noises she made as he held her were driving him crazy. He was supposed to remain detached and he failed miserably. It would tear out his heart to discover that she was somehow involved in the scheme his office was investigating.

  “Mav, please,” she panted, breathless.

  His mouth lowered to her gently rounded stomach. There was no way he was fucking her until he tasted her creamy pussy. He raised his head. He didn’t care if he blew his cover as he panted for breath. “I am programmed to please.”

  His shoulders parted her thighs and her intoxicating scent lifted to his nose. A waxed pussy always made him hungry but one this plump and juicy made him ravenous. His tongue trailed across one of her reddened folds, gathering sweet cream.

  She gasped and tangled her hands in his hair but there was no stopping him. Now that he had tasted her, she was his. Her hips bucked and he nipped her tender flesh. Then he tongued her clit, rolling it between his tongue and teeth.

  “Mav,” Kari whimpered. Then she screamed his name and he smiled against her moist cunt. His thumb continued to torment her clit as his tongue dipped into her tight pussy. The slow, circular motion of his thumb combined with another wicked whip of his tongue sent her over the edge. Her hips gyrated and her thighs squeezed. Her needy little pussy pulsed and creamed into his mouth. Languidly, his tongue lapped the moisture from her folds as she descended from her orgasm.

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