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Macabre Delights

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Macabre Delights
Macabre Delights 2012 by KT Grant

  Cover art Copyright 2012 by Fantasia Frog Designs

  The reproduction or utilization of this book in any form by mechanical or other means is forbidden by law. Copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and may result in fines of up to $250,000 or imprisonment.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  Macabre Delights


  KT Grant

  Copyright 2012 KT Grant

  If someone had told Annabelle one day she’d be standing in the foyer of a two-hundred-year-old mansion wearing a nineteenth century ball gown, she’d have told them to put down whatever alcohol they’d been drinking and switch to water.

  For one night she’d be the princess she’d longed to be when she was a little girl. Her two older sisters pretended to dance with their invisible Prince Charming’s, whereas she’d wished for the princess of some faraway, make believe land to whisk her away instead.

  Now as an adult, finding the right woman to spend her life with proved to be too much of a challenge. Perhaps tonight all that would change, and she’d finally get the happily ever after she wanted, but had always eluded her.

  A loud boom of thunder jolted Annabelle into walking further down the hall toward the main ballroom. It seemed appropriate a storm raged outside, while this gathering took place. The humor of having a costume party on Halloween and in a haunted mansion wasn’t lost on her.

  The ivory, square sheet she held was written in the color of blood. She still had no idea who was holding the party or why she’d been invited in the first place. As she read over the information for what seemed like the hundredth time, she thought back to the envelope the invitation came in. There had been no return address. Only the place, date and time had been stated. There was no number to call to R.S.V.P.. Included inside was a postcard of a vintage costume shop, where one could rent a costume for the night. Masks were also suggested, but not required, and would be supplied upon entry.

  She’d argued with herself on the drive over, as to whether or not she had made the right decision. She was just too curious to turn around and spend another night alone in her apartment. With that decided, she quickly parked her car among the ones lining the street. Rushing up the long driveway before the rain started, she took stock of the masked man dressed in Victorian garb at the door, allowing guests to enter after they showed him their invitations. Annabelle followed their lead and then checked her coat and bag. The coat check girl was also dressed in a vintage ball gown and didn’t say a word to her when she handed over her things. Everyone around her wore masks. She almost went to get her own to wear, but she didn’t want to be like everyone else. She hid behind a mask as it was. She already kept too many secrets from her family and friends. The reason she’d come to this strange affair was to pretend to be someone else for a few hours. A Cinderella of sorts. She’d allow herself the fantasy of fitting in during a time she’d always felt more comfortable reading about than the reality she was stuck with.

  Shaking her head to clear her mind from her depressing musings, she continued walking toward the ballroom where she heard the music of violins and the hum of voices. The sounds of the storm no longer frightened her as she was swept away into the crowd. People drank what looked to be wine or champagne offered by masked waiters walking around with trays, holding glasses. Everyone was in their beautiful party clothes and she was again surprised by the number of guests wearing masks.

  Maybe I should go back and…

  Annabelle stumbled when someone pushed into her. Swallowing a curse, she looked over her shoulder to see who had been so rude. It was impossible to tellbecause she was hemmed in by too many bodies. Feeling flushed, she fanned herself with her invitation. A bead of sweat dripped into her cleavage. The ball gown she wore showed off a great deal of skin, but she loved it the moment she saw it. It was an off the shoulder, dark purple satin dress that flared out perfectly when she spun in circles. It had called to her. She just had to have it along with the matching color tiara and white arm length gloves that came with it.

  She grabbed a glass of bubbling pink champagne from a passing waiter and took a sip. The bubbles tickled her nose and she laughed. She finished the drink and took another. It was sweet and delicious. Lifting up on her tippy toes in her black ballerina flats, she watched the dancers twirling on the dance floor, but then was bumped into again. She turned around to give the person a piece of her mind. A woman in a black mask with very full red lips stared back at her.

  I wonder what those lips would feel like against mine?

  The woman continued smiling. Her dark brown eyes seemed to twinkle under the lights.

  “Did you bump into me?” Annabelle asked. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the woman’s mouth. Other people might stare at a person’s face or another body part, but since the woman’s face was practically covered by her mask, the only uncovered part was her mouth. It was hard not to stare at those plump, engaging lips. The woman stood very close. So close, her chest rubbed against Annabelle’s, causing her nipples to harden.

  “I apologize. The room is filled to capacity and everyone is walking into one another.”

  She felt faint and wasn’t sure if it was from the heat of the bodies, the sweet drink she had, or the voice of the black masked woman. The way this mysterious woman spoke gave her an electric shock that went up and down her arms and over hidden parts that hadn’t tingled in such a long time.

  “Um, that’s okay.” She took a deep sip, surprised she’d almost finished the glass. A trickle of liquid escaped her mouth and slid down her chin. As she wiped it away, the woman licked her lips.

  She couldn’t help but blush. “I’m Annabelle.” She held out her hand.

  One side of the woman’s mouth tilted up. “I’m Trinity. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Trinity took hold of her hand and slowly rubbed her thumb across her knuckles.

  I feel so strange. She pressed a few fingers over her forehead. “I better not drink anymore. It makes my head spin. I guess that’s what happens when you usually don’t drink the hard stuff.”

  Trinity let out a small laugh, which sounded even better than her voice. Annabelle closed her eyes for a moment to savor the sound. She suddenly felt the need to sit down and almost fell back. She was stopped from making a fool of herself because of Trinity’s hold on her hand.

  “Excuse me.” She opened her eyes and let out a small burp, which she covered with her free hand. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

  “Your face is red. I think you may be overheated. Why don’t we move away

  from here and up to the second landing? It’s less crowded there and you can breathe easier.”

  She could tell Trinity was concerned by the tenderness in her voice and in her eyes.

  “That would be great,” she said, moved by Trinity’s kindness.

  Trinity never let go of her hand as she led her over to the winding staircase. They climbed the stairs and soon stood above the ballroom. The air was much cooler up there and she didn’t feel as lightheaded as before.

  “This feels so much better.” She wiped away the sweat coating her upper lip and placed her empty glass on a small table next to a chair. Trinity remained silent beside her as she watched the action below. This gave Annabelle the perfect opportunity to appreciate the woman standing before her. Trinity was a bit too skinny for her taste, but the long black and red gown she wore was tight in the chest and showed off her cleavage well. There was a small bustle in back that held her skirt up so it didn’t drag on the floor. Her hair was pin straight and hung down to the middle of her back. Trinity’s dagger like heels poked out fr
om underneath her hem. She flexed her hands and grimaced. They felt moist and sweaty inside her gloves.

  “Why not take off your gloves? You’ll be more comfortable,” Trinity suggested and waved her bare hand around.

  As soon as she pulled off her gloves and the cool air met her flesh, she sighed. A flash of light went off around them. She placed her gloves on the ledge and looked at one of the stained glass windows.

  “The weather is pretty wicked tonight. Who’d have thought there would be a storm, tonight of all nights?”

  Trinity looked away from the dancing and rested back against the marble ledge. She tapped her long black fingernails against the side and lifted an eyebrow.

  “I love storms. They’re very sexy.” She continued to tap with one hand while she placed her other around her throat.

  Trinity moved her hand from her collarbone and down toward her chest. When she slid a finger into her bodice, Annabelle quickly looked away, finally noticing they were the only ones there.

  “Do you find it odd that no one else is up here? Why would everyone want to be down below where it’s so hot…”

  Trinity pressed her finger over Annabelle’s lips. She moved her face in close and whispered against her ear. “Why are you so nervous? You act as if I’m going to eat you like the big bad wolf wanted to do with Little Red Riding Hood.”

  Annabelle frowned. What a very strange thing to say. “I, ah…I’m not used to big crowds and dressing up like this. I don’t even know why I’m here. I should go.” She backed away. Trinity took a step toward her.

  “Why do you think you should leave? There must be a reason you wanted to come.”

  She continued moving back while Trinity followed her. When she met the wall, she stopped. A blonde curl fell over her eye. She went to push her hair away, but Trinity placed the curl between her fingers, rubbing it.

  Annabelle exhaled. “I was sent this invitation,” She held it up. “I don’t know why. I really don’t understand any of this.”

  Trinity looked at her in amusement and took the paper out of her hand and flung it to the floor. “Stop thinking so hard on why you were chosen to attend. Enjoy yourself. Here you can be anyone you want to be and with anyone you long for. No one will judge.”

  “How do you know that?” Annabelle asked.

  Trinity took hold of Annabelle’s hands and placed them on either side of her hips. “I’ve come to parties here before. There’s a reason why each person has been invited. Did you know at the turn of the century this mansion held special parties where only the most elite of society attended?”

  “What type of special parties?” she whispered, her eyes widening as Trinity’s mouth met her shoulder and sucked on her skin.

  “Hmm.” Trinity moaned, moving her hands over Annabelle’s arms, traveling slowly until she found her bodice and caressed her breasts.

  She let out a squeak. No woman had ever touched her there; only the harsh groping of her high school boyfriend whom she lost her virginity to.

  “Bu-but we can’t,” she whimpered, dropping her hands away from Trinity’s waist even though she wanted to pull her in closer. I’m a good girl and shouldn’t do this! Especially with this dark, seductive woman who had singled her out for no reason.

  “Yes, we can.” Trinity let out a deep growl and pressed her mouth against Annabelle’s. It was a rough kiss that didn’t allow any refusal. She opened her mouth to tell Trinity to stop, but the moment Trinity’s tongue met hers, she was lost.

  Trinity kissed Annabelle as if she was trying to suck her soul from her mouth. She couldn’t catch her breath. Trinity suddenly broke the kiss. She was panting and drool dripped down her mouth. Annabelle should have been disgusted by it, but wanted to lap it up instead. Trinity wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her lipstick came away and left a smudge on her cheek. She reached up to touch Trinity’s cheek but then stopped herself.

  “Let’s give into our mutual desire for one another and find an empty room.” Trinity grabbed Annabelle’s hand without waiting for an answer.

  Annabelle refused to move, and when Trinity looked back at her, she felt woozy from fear. It looked like Trinity’s eyes were glowing bright yellow. She blinked and Trinity’s eyes were normal again. What the hell is going on? It must be my lust that’s making me see things that aren’t there.

  “I don’t know you. And I heard this place is haunted. What if…”

  Trinity tugged on Annabelle’s hand. “You really think those ghost stories are true? I can promise you there are no ghosts here.”

  “How can you be certain?” The band had started playing another set. Only the buzz of the conversation from down below reached her ears, as well as the pounding of her heart.

  Trinity rolled her eyes.

  I feel so silly. She must think I’m an idiot. “Like I told you before, I don’t do things like this. I’ve never gone off with someone I just met. And never with a woman…” She looked away in embarrassment.

  Trinity curved her arm around Annabelle’s waist. “Dear, there’s no need to be upset. What if we find a place where you won’t feel so uncomfortable? No pressure.”

  She smiled in relief and allowed Trinity to guide her away. She enjoyed the way Trinity made her feel with her kisses and touches, but because she’d never engaged in such intimate acts with a woman before, she was still cautious. She hoped she and Trinity could talk more. Then, when it felt right they could share more kisses.

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