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Unbreakable: An Unacceptables MC Standalone Romance

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  “He’s doing well, working on some townhouses in Queens right now.”

  “No ring yet?” Kari nudged me with her elbow.

  I shook my head. “Guys, you know how I feel about marriage.”

  They both dramatically sighed.

  “One of these days”—Kari pointed her finger at me—“you’re going to find a guy that makes you want to throw all your feminist bullshit out the window.”

  Martha nodded. “You’re our only hope. Kari works too damn much with men who all look like trolls and all the men I meet or work with are gayer than Liberace.”

  “Well, I am sorry to break it to you loves, but I don’t think James and I will be tying that knot ever, so we might need to find a new chick friend to place these pressures on.”

  Martha dramatically rolled her eyes and slapped her hand on the table. “I just will never understand your viewpoint here. I really cannot wrap my head around it.”

  I took a deep breath in. How many times am I going to have to explain this? “I have never seen a marriage succeed. They either tear apart at the seams and or crash and burn. Everyone is miserable. I am happy with James and the way things are, and besides, the whole wedding ring tradition—don’t even get me started on that bullshit.”

  Kari started to laugh a little. “Everything comes from somewhere. Just because slaves used to wear gold bands on their left ring finger to show they were owned by someone doesn’t mean a present-day wedding band has the same ownership connotation. I mean really, Karla, get your head out of that ba-humbug state of mind.”

  I threw my hands in the air. “Can’t we all just agree to disagree here?”

  We took another shot to clear the air and then moved on to how one of the interns at Kari’s firm had been trying to play a game of grab-ass at the copy machine the other day.

  “I mean, it’s the most action I’ve gotten in a while, but twenty-three is just a little too young for me.” Kari blushed.

  The rest of girls’ night was spent talking about what celebrity couples were breaking up, who Martha was trying to get interviews with, and Kari’s nonstop babble about being in a penis-envy environment with no light at the end of the tunnel. We all hugged goodbye, making plans to see each other for another sushi date in two weeks.

  I got home to a dark apartment. Nike and Thor started to yap at me was I walked in, trying to be as quiet as possible. James called out from the bedroom, “Babe? How was your night?”

  I set my purse on the counter and stripped down as I made my way into our room. “It was nice, same ol’ thing. Kari and Martha are still ragging on me for us not being engaged yet.”

  I curled up in James’ arms as he pulled me in close, laughing softly. “Well, they’re going to be holding their breath for a long time. You’ve made it pretty clear what would happen if I ever asked.”

  “Thank you for respecting my wishes.” I kissed him on the cheek.

  His soft lips brushed against mine. “Of course, my love.”

  Cross Checked

  A Shots On Goal Standalone

  By Kristen Hope Mazzola

  Available now to order!


  This might sound odd, but the first people that I feel like should be acknowledged are my characters, not just the ones from this book, but all of them. It all started with Margaret McManus from Crashing Back Down in 2013, being heart broken when she thought her life was over when it was just starting. She kicked off an adventure for me that I never had dreamed possible.

  Along my writing journey I have had the privilege of bringing to life so many wonderful characters – the gritty but kind men from the Unacceptables, my hockey alphas of the New York Otters and the bad ass boxer from the Shots on Goal Series, the rocking band members of The Hysterics, the scandalous hitwoman that Dawn Robertson and I cleaned blood up with in The Huntress Series, and so many more in between. Each of my characters is a piece of me. I have cried, laughed, loved, hated, and lived alongside each and every one of them. Yes, they are all figments of my imagination, but they are all so much more than that. They have healed me, broken me, taught me, and challenged me. I will be forever changed by each one of them. I am blessed to be an author and to have lives so many magical lives through my characters’ eyes.

  To Lance: Thank you for being such a kind person. You are wonderful to work with as a model and a photographer. Thanks for making Unbreakable’s mouthwateringly sexy cover possible!!

  To Dayna: No matter how many times I say it, it will never be enough: You are amazing and I love you! Thank you so much for never giving up on me or my dreams. For every step of the way, you have been there. Thank you for being so much more than just a friend to me. You have gone over and above.

  To My Rockstars: Y’all kick ass! I mean seriously, I love you all so much! Thank you for watching my live videos, putting up with my scatterbrained posts and my constant ramblings! The support and love each of you offers me is instrumental to my success.

  To Amy Briggs: I just love you and you need to always remember that you’re a bad ass chick that can do anything you put your mind to.

  To Jordan: I am so sorry for breaking your heart while you were editing this book. But it had to be done. I flove you!

  And lastly, to the readers: Each and every one of you ravenous readers! Stay hungry for words. Devour those pages. Without you, I wouldn’t have a job that I love unconditionally.

  About the Author

  Bestselling author, Kristen Hope Mazzola, lives in the suburbs of Tampa soaking up the sunshine while watching hockey or football at beach bars. She writes contemporary romance ranging from steamy romantic comedy, angsty new adult, all the way to sports romance – with dirty bikers, hot military men, and swoon-worthy rockstars in between. A portion of her royalties goes to the Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

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  Kristen Hope Mazzola, Unbreakable: An Unacceptables MC Standalone Romance



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