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Booker (San Francisco Steel, #5)

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Booker (San Francisco Steel, #5)



  ID 104316655 © Vladimirs Poplavskis | Booker


  San Francisco Steel


  Copyright © 2019 KJ Dahlen Books

  Editor: Leanore Elliott

  Book Design & Cover: Wicked Muse

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  Table of Contents

  Title Page

  Copyright Page

  Also By Kj Dahlen

  K.J. Dahlen

  Novella Series



  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

  The explosive, shocking finale of... | Will Continue with...

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  Novella Series

  Book One- - President- Slammer- AKA Ben Hagen- 37 years old, 6’4” 300 lbs. of pure muscle. Dark Hair, worn on the long side, lots of ink. Got his road name because he can put a man down and out with two punches ...... Ivy Choler deaf teacher.. 30 yrs. old 5'4"chocolate brown eyes, satiny brown hair down to the tip of her butt.. has one Brother. Raised by step-parents who have now Passed away, she returned from teaching to raise her brother to adulthood, Ivy has a love for animals and children.

  Book Two - -VP- Shotgun- aka Lucian Masters- 38 years old, 6’3” tall 257 lbs longish blonde hair, full beard, grey eyes, got his road name because he likes to carry a sawed off shotgun as a weapon. In fact, he modified his own weapon. Has a deaf daughter Bess, 8 years old but he’s only known her for a few months, mother Nancy is long gone.......River Halliday .. 27 yrs old in a women's shelter, 5'5" silky cherry red hair, but a natural brunette, raised on the streets.. a runaway so to speak .

  Book Three—Treasurer – Grinder Jonah Robbins- 34 years old, 6’2” tall, .. weighs in at 275 ..shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes, full beard.......Andrea Tennant- 27 short black hair, green eyes freelance photographer-

  Book Four—Sergeant at arms- Mammoth aka- Danny Coullier- 36 years old, Long blonde hair, full beard grey eyes. 6’6” tall 330 lbs...... Zoe Brackett 29 years old is 5'4" dark strawberry blonde ...Grew up sheltered by single mom who is now passed....Bartender with a secret....

  Book Five—Road Captain- Booker aka Malachi Crew 31 years old. 6’4” .. Weighs in at 290 ...shoulder length red hair and scruffy beard, green eyes.....Quincy Marlow dog trainer .. 28 yrs old 5'5" long red auburn hair... Friend to Ivy Choler for 7 yrs.. has an older brother former marine wounded, and has a hard time being accepted due to PTSD...helps with her dogs as well and becomes close friends to the MCs

  Book Six—Spider.. AKA Mike Davitt – Doctor -. 34 years old 6'5" ... weighs in at 300 solid muscle .. cropped hair midnight black scruff beard deep sea blue eyes .....Sophie Marlin , 27 years old 5'8" green emerald eyes ...Midnight black hair ... shoulder length, ER nurse.


  Mammoth Book #4

  Two days after the shootout, Mammoth is on his way home after checking the club’s business when a single gunshot rings out and the big man goes down on a deserted stretch of road. Only it isn’t as deserted at the shooter thinks it is. He rides away leaving the big man in the ditch.

  A few minutes later, a figure creeps out of the shadows and checks him out, he’s down but not out but he is hurt. She knows she can’t take him to the hospital. The whole town knew the Renegades were going to war with the street gang no one talked about. He tells her to take him back to the club, he can get help there.

  She manages to make him get up so she can to get him in her truck then taking the back roads, she made it as far as the compound where one of the men, Booker who is on patrol found them.

  Booker gets them inside. Spider looks at Mammoth’s wounds and it just a graze but he’s lost a lot of blood.

  Mammoth insists she stay with him, he tells Booker he offered her his protection. Zoe tells the big guy to get some rest, and she will be fine on her own.

  He instead gets up and takes her to his room, despite the condition he is in, he puts her into bed with him
and wraps his big arms around her. There’s no way she’s going anywhere.

  A few hours later, he begins to have a nightmare, one he’s had before and it’s never a good thing. In his nightmare, he tries to save them but the men couldn’t be saved and Mammoth couldn’t deal with that memory.

  The club had already learned the hard way that they shouldn’t wake him from his nightmare but instead to just leave him alone to deal with it and they will help him after it’s over. But Zoe knows firsthand how to deal with PTSD and she helps him.

  The next morning, Mammoth is fine.

  Booker asks her how she did that. He’s been living her for several years and he’s never seen him talked out of an episode before.

  Zoe tells them it’s easier if you know what he’s going through.

  When Mammoth is able to tell them what happened, how he ended up in the ditch and how she saved him, Slammer knows their time is running out and they still don’t have much to go on.

  Something wasn’t kosher here though. He knew his men were loyal and he thought the club women were catty but not a danger but obviously, someone is keeping track on the goings on behind his walls.

  Slammer was complaining that if he could find Anaconda they might have a chance to put this to rest finally but he was afraid it wasn’t going to end well for one of them. They didn’t want this fight and hadn’t started it but they wouldn’t let the other side just walk all over them. He also knows that there is someone dangerous to them all right here within the walls. This someone even used a child to get at them.

  Zoe knew more about the street gang known as Venom’s Tears than the Renegades ever knew and Slammer realizes that they are directly connected to this war that has driven the Steel Renegades into hiding inside their own club.

  When finding out this MC wasn’t going to roll over for this gang that she and the whole town feared, Zoe finally tells them what she knew. She’s been in hiding but for a whole other reason that has nothing to do with the street gang. There was someone out there looking for her and she didn’t want to be found, not by this other man.

  When Mammoth asks about this, she wouldn’t tell him. It was her mess and not his. He tells her, she made it his business when she saved his life and is now a part of it all.

  Zoe has lots of secrets though... like one is that she knows one or all three of the club women, but she is too terrified to tell anyone about it. The other is something that could possibly defeat their enemy Anaconda. She doesn’t know who to trust, but she finds that Mammoth is one man that never gives up and his club is the same way.

  The three club women are locked up, as Amber is found out to be the traitor. Then they find one of the other women is also a traitor, Trish and she gets hysterical upon telling them why she did it.

  The story ends on a sort of cliffhanger as Trish’s phone that was confiscated had an interesting story to tell...


  “What the fuck is happening in here?” Slammer yelled.

  The screaming and weeping got louder as Trish was the one flipping out.

  “I-I don’t know,” Amber finally replied as she looked scared and confused.

  “She had been rocking back and forth all night and muttering to herself,” Tracy told them.

  Trish dropped the chair she had been raising up. “You have to let me out of here!”

  Slammer crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t have to do a fucking thing, woman.”

  “You have to!” she screamed as her makeup was smeared with tears and her hair looked like she had pulled pieces out of her scalp. “They will kill her! Please, please give me my phone back?”

  Everyone stared at her.

  “Why do you need your phone?” Booker asked.

  “I can tell you why,” a voice came from the doorway.

  They all turned to see Texas standing there with a cell phone in his hand.

  “I went through their phones like you told me to Prez.” Texas looked at Slammer. “It ain’t good news.”

  Slammer snorted. “It never is around here anymore. Just tell us what you got.”

  Texas shook his head and stared at Trish. “Looks like, well... Trish is the one feeding them information.”

  Everyone in the room gasped.

  Slammer looked over at Trish. “Is this true?”

  “NO!’ she cried.” Not—it’s not like you think.”

  “Why are they always saying that?” Booker asked in a sarcastic tone. “ ‘It’s not what we think.’ It damn well is exactly what we think.”

  Slammer and Shotgun both shook their heads in disgust.

  “So what is it then?” Slammer stepped closer.

  Trish looked frightened as she finally replied, “They have my mom!” she sobbed into her hands. “They have cut her and beaten her. They forced me to tell them anything I heard. But...” She raised her tear streaked face. “They said if I do not report in every twelve hours with something good to say on your dealings, that they will slit her throat!” She dropped to her knees in front of Slammer. “Please? Please! Give me my phone!” She then laid out on the floor in front of him, sobbing like her mom was already dead.

  Tracy looked sympathetic and she knelt down next to her patting her back.

  Slammer looked furious as he clenched his large fists at his sides. Then he looked over at Texas. “Show me.”

  Texas swiped her phone and began to scroll through it. Then he handed it to his prez.

  Slammer, Booker and Shotgun all looked at it.

  There was an older woman tied to a chair, her face was bleeding and she looked like she was in shock.

  Texas leaned in and scrolled some more. “This is what she has been telling them.” He shook his head as he stepped back.

  Slammer stood still and read it.

  Booker couldn’t see it now, as there was no room to lean in.

  Abruptly, Slammer started to laugh.

  Everyone in the room froze and stared at him.

  Tracy stood up from her kneeling position next to the distraught Trish. “You’re laughing?”

  Amber joined her, as she looked shocked and disgusted. “This isn’t funny, big man. How fucking cruel are you?”

  Booker blinked his eyes at them and turned to see Shotgun lean in to stare at the screen.

  “Holy fuck!” Shotgun exclaimed.

  Slammer stopped laughing and asked Texas, “How long has it been since she last checked in?” He handed him the phone.

  Texas shrugged and scrolled up on her texts. “It’s almost time. She’s only got like, ten minutes.”

  Booker was entirely confused as he leaned in close to the cell to read what was there. His eyes widened. “Well, fuck me.” He shook his head.

  Slammer then grabbed her cell from Texas. He walked over to where Trish was sitting up and handed her the phone. “Go ahead.”

  Tracey and Amber stared at him with wide eyes.

  Trish sniffled and took the phone with a shaking hand. Then she gazed up at Slammer while batting her eyes in astonishment.

  “This is what you’re going to text them.” Slammer stared down at her with a hard glint in his eyes, his humor gone. “Word for word.”

  Chapter One

  Booker stood in the back of the room and watched.

  Slammer read the words Trish was sending to Anaconda. Word for word she’d fed Anaconda... lie after lie. “She says here that we got the rocket launchers aimed at the trees on the south side of the property and the moment we see any of his men, we’re gonna light up their world. She also wrote the other day that we have the fences electrified.” He chuckled.

  They all turned to stare at Trish.

  Tears in her eyes, she shrugged.

  Shotgun laughed. “Damn girl, you are a true story teller.”

  “Well, she got even better at it,” Slammer interjected. “She says I, the Prez of the Steels have gone insane.” He cracked a smile. “I have threatened all my men to get Anaconda or you will all die.”

nbsp; Booker blinked his eyes. “That’s Insane!”

  Slammer was now grinning as he shook his head. “Maybe not.”

  Everyone in the room stared at him. The women actually gaped at him with wide eyes.

  Trish now stared at him with a mute shock.

  Slammer growled. “This is what you are going to tell them word for word.” His smile turned cold. “Slammer had to be locked up as he attacked his top men in an argument. The brothers are now in disarray. Some have decided to give it up....”

  Trish shook and looked like she was in utter shock.

  “WRITE!” Slammer yelled.

  Trish nervously typed what he told her to.

  “Then say...Tomorrow night, they are all going to make a break for it and leave. They don’t want to be here anymore.” Slammer growled.

  Gasps could be heard echoing in the confined space.

  “Shotgun, the VP has taken over as far as you can tell.” Slammer turned his head to smile at his VP.

  Shotgun crossed his arms over his wide chest and smiled back.

  Slammer then looked over her shoulder the whole time she typed out his message.

  Then they got a message back. It was from Venom himself. He asked if they we’re planning on going out the back way or the front.

  Slammer waited and thought about something. Then he smiled. He told her to type to ask for proof if her mom was still alive. To tell them she would share how they planned to get out, so they could be ambushed but she needed to see her mom was still okay first.

  “He’s not going to l-like t-that,” she stammered.

  “Just do it,” Slammer told her. He watched as Trish typed the words.

  It didn’t take long for Venom to write back and demand what she knew.

  Slammer nodded. “Now again, demand proof of your mom’s life.”

  Trish looked terrified as her trembling fingers tapped the screen of her phone. She almost dropped it once, but Slammer caught it and raised it back up in her shaking hand.

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