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Undeniable (Undeniable series)

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Undeniable (Undeniable series)



  Kimberly Claire

  Kindle Edition


  Names, characters, places, media, incidents, and situations are the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and are not intended by the author.

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  Krystal thank you so much for encouraging me to finish this book. Also for pushing me to step outside myself. I wouldn’t have done it without your support. It means more to me than words could ever say…


  It was both mine and my brother’s first real mission and the excitement of this moment rolled off me in waves. Not only was it an honor, but being twelve made us the youngest to ever be placed on a mission. It was a simple enough mission an in and out kind were Marcus and I were to be the look outs. With five in total we watched as the other three more experienced members quietly infiltrated a safe house belonging to hunters. Everything was going as planned they had entered the building and even got the documents that our pack master had wanted.

  Marcus heard it first but it was too late. All I could get out was ‘red’ in our communication devices which was enough. Red is our ‘we’re fucked’ word. Eight vampires outnumbered us.

  “I had no idea that your wolf packs were in that bad of shape. Sending children out to do a man’s job.” A vampire with unnatural blonde hair said as they circled us. I could feel the wolf inside of me clawing at my insides wanting to be free to protect us, but I fought her. Then I hear the cracking of bones as Marcus shifted next to me.

  “No!” I shouted at him reaching to grab him from attacking. He pulled and scratched at me breaking my skin and tearing at my clothes. Two pairs of hands grab me pulling me up against a tree and three others went after my brother. “Please don’t hurt him!” I cried knowing that in doing so it would show my weakness even more. We had been trained never to show weakness, but if anything happened to Marcus I would be alone in this world. The blonde vamp walked over to me running his finger in one of the slashes in my pants where Marcus had cut me. I could see the blood on his finger before he stuck it in his mouth. His eyes flashed back to mine.

  “Very interesting,” he smiles but just as quickly it fades as Marcus tackles him to the ground. All but the two holding me go to them kicking Marcus in the side where he goes very still. ‘Marcus,’ I call to him in my mind but he’s quiet. The blonde vampire jumps up to go after Marcus again. Turning on the two men, who are momentarily distracted by watching the others, I use my self-defense training against them bringing their attention back to me. It works. The blonde vampire grabs me by the neck lifting me off the ground with one hand. I kick, scratch, anything to get out. I gasp for air and soon I begin to see little black dots in my vision.

  “Drop her Chrome!” A demanding voice commands and I’m held for only a moment longer before I hit the ground gasping for air that burns like fire as I breathe it in.

  “Sir… they attacked us.” Chrome says defending his actions.

  “I don’t care if she killed one of you, she’s not what we are here for.” He says and I can hear his footsteps coming towards me. Squatting down he looks me in the eyes then inhales my scent. His eyes are swimming with color of warm grey. Looking me over, he runs a finger over one of my cuts tasting my blood. His chocolate brown hair blows gently in the light breeze. “What is your name?”


  “That’s a very lovely name. I don’t think I ever heard it before, so I’ll never forget it.” His voice is so husky yet strong.

  “What is your name?” I ask memorized by his eyes.

  “Beau,” he smiles at me and the name is fitting since he is very handsome, even for a vampire. Without breaking eye contact with me he orders, “Leave us, find the documents like you were supposed to,” and they all scatter, but Chrome who waits a moment then follows the others. I chance a glance at Marcus who is still out like a rock, but is breathing. “What are you?” He asks more to himself then to me. I don’t know what to say because no one has ever said that to me before. I can’t stop looking at him memorizing his face which I’m sure I’ll never forget. He places his thumb in his mouth breaking the skin then slowly marks my forehead, wrist, ankles, and then mixes our blood in one of my cuts.

  “What are you doing?” Not like I’m disgusted by it just wanting to know why. I’ve have always heard vampires are very intelligent especially the older ones, which I assume he is.

  “It’s to keep you safe little wolf,” he says as he stands again, “I will see you again Gemma.”


  “What are you doing, run!” My twin brother Marcus yells at me as I just stare at the five figures in the shadows. It only takes my mind a moment to play catch up as I turn shifting into my wolf form and running opposite of the shadows. I can hear Marcus not far behind me, as his clothes shred to pieces around him. My mind plays through all the training I have received during the 22 years of my life.

  Brush and sharp branches tear and scratch at my fur covered body as I try to maneuver my way through. Every step is calculated in my mind a second before I act helping me stay at least one step ahead. Marcus makes it to my side giving me a slight nod to fire off the second step of our plan. I see where a fallen tree will give me the advantage and I take it jumping up onto it and out of sight. Crouching I watch as Marcus runs out of sight and then the shadows of the hunters that are chasing us pass. Holding my breath I give them just a second head start then jump out of the tree taking the tail end man down. It only takes me a second more to jump the other two before the two up front understand what’s happening, but by then Marcus has already taken them down.

  “Simulation Ended.” A computer woman sound tells us that our training simulation is over. Slapping Marcus on the back I smile at him. We have always been a team and probably one of the best. Maybe it’s because we are twins, but we just understand each other without even speaking a word to one another. We are living the dream.

  “Job well done.” Our pack master and mentor says as we enter the control room where he has been watching the whole time. “Your team work gets better and better all the time and that new way you took those hunters down, excellent work.” He smiles and I’m filled with pride. All these years of working hard has been for his approval. He is the best at what he does and to have been chosen as his personal students just proves how skilled my brother and I are.

  “Thank you pack master,” I bow my head turning my neck to him as a sign of his dominance towards us. He took us in as his students when Marcus and I were four at the academy. Our mother was killed by hunters trying to save us. We do not know who our father is or who he was, but I think of our pack master as the father I never had.

  Marcus and I have been killing hunters since we were twelve, killing those who took from us. Hunters are like humans, but like us they have evolved into something else. They are strong, th
eir senses are equal to our own, and they out number us five to one. Their life goal is to wipe my kind from the face of the earth and ours is the same, but for them. We have never liked each other. Our forefathers were cousins like most of the other undammed creatures of the world.

  “Let’s get something to eat,” Marcus says always hungry.

  We head to the cafeteria grabbing our trays gathering the meal of the day, which is some kind of red looking surprise, and head to our assigned sections. I really hate the assigned sections. I understand its meaning in getting all of the groups to get along better and understand each other but for me its hell. There are only two other females close to my age, Sam is older by five years and Lily who is four years younger than me. Sam and I get along just fine and I would even say that we are friends, but Lily is annoying and has the biggest crush on my brother. If she’s not pawning all over him she’s asking me a million questions about him, which never ends well for her.

  Before the females here outnumber the males, but now that the hunters have changed their tactics going after females making our numbers quite few. This is making for a new problem, breeding. Everyone under new laws must bare a child before the age of 30 which is quite young for us since we can live up to five hundred years of age. Who wants to have kids already when we have so much time? Sam already has three kids and I don’t know how she does it, but her husband is a really good man and also my only cousin, John. Sam and John grew up loving each other so going on to have children was not a problem for them like it is for me. I’m not really interested into anyone here.

  “Hello Hansel and Gretel,” Riley says coming to place his tray right next to mine. Everyone has been calling us that since the movie came out. I act like I don’t like it, but secretly I really do. They kicked some serious ass in that movie.

  Riley places his hand onto my leg and I slap it away. He is one of the best fighters and any woman would love for him to be theirs, but not me. I respect that he is a deadly fighter, but I just don’t want anything holding me down. He moves closer to me pushing the hair away from my ear. “My Gretel,” he says and I shiver at his warm breath against my neck. I look over to him. His brown eyes almost seem to glow a light amber. He is a very handsome man if you really look at him. The muscles of his arms ripple making any sane girl blush, his jet black hair is perfect against his very tan skin, and those lips of his were made for unspeakable things.

  “I belong to no one.” I say breaking eye contact with him and focus back on the inedible blob on my tray. Slowly I feel his hand slide up my back to my neck where he grabs me roughly turning my neck towards him.

  “We will see.” He growls letting me go, taking his tray, and leaving. I look up to see that everyone is watching. Crap.

  “I don’t know why you fight it with him, you two belong together. He’s going to be nominated in the games for pack master and we all know you’re one of the strongest females.” Lily says and looks to Marcus for some sign of reward, but there is none. Knowing everyone is going to keep looking at me I take my tray and dump it into the trash as I leave.

  ‘Gemma are you alright?’ Marcus voice shakes me of my thoughts as I head for my room.

  ‘Yes, brother.’ I answer then I take a moment to block him out and sit at my desk. Picking up a book on war strategies I look over to the only photograph that I have of my mother. Really I found the picture in the pack masters office and really it doesn’t belong to me. So I keep it hidden under some of my other books, but it glows like a beacon wanting to be found. Holding it in my hands a million questions go through my mind for her. A knock on my door has me jumping and I toss the picture under my pillow and answer it.

  “What do you want Riley?” I say seeing his face look down upon me. He just smiles and pushes through into my room.

  “Oh I’m sure you know for a fact what I want,” he says turning to me with a growl. Waves of power roll off him making me want to submit my neck to him or go to my knees.

  “Stop,” I whisper with all my strength and he smiles.

  His hands go to my face stroking me like a pet. “Pack master talked to me today about my future and the future of the pack. He asked me if I wanted to be nominated for the games.” He says like I’m supposed to be proud. We all knew he would be asked to and probably win.

  “That’s not news Riley,” I say and he nips my neck in a move to silence me.

  “He also wants you to be my chosen mate and I agree,” He says licking the spot he just bit. “It would be perfect. You are getting closer and closer to 30 every day. And just because you’re favored doesn’t mean you won’t get into trouble for breaking the rules,” he pauses for a moment. “Think about it, our children will be the next greats with parents like us. We will change everything and end the hunters once and for all,” he says and I tense. I want nothing more than to end every single hunter out there and I want to believe Riley could. He’s just smart enough and cruel enough to do what needs to be done. Most of my life I’ve wanted to be in a place where I could change things and with Riley I know it’s my only chance to do so.

  “All of them?” I ask turning to look at his face.

  “All of them,” he says. “All you have to do is say yes.” He smiles and the thought of being with him for the rest of my life almost sickens me, but I want revenge for my pack and my mother.

  “We will talk about it if you win,” I say freeing myself from his grasp.

  “Oh baby I will win there’s no doubt in my mind, so there will be no doubt in your mind. When I win you will be mine,” he says proudly.

  “And when you lose.” I say and he tenses.

  “I will not lose!” He growls and I can see him restrain himself from harming me.

  “You will with that kind of attitude. You think you’re this god and if you haven’t notice gods do fall and when they do they take everything down with them. I will not fall with you.” I say letting my hand drop gently on his chest to lessen the blow. I watch his eyes come back under his control as he watches me.

  “You think I’m a god?” He smiles and I roll my eyes and shake my head.

  “I’m serious.” I say pulling my hand away which he just as quickly grabs and brings it up to his lips.

  “You do care,” he smiles.

  “About me,” I answer back and his smile falls. Turning back to my desk I wordlessly dismiss him from this conversation and my room.


  “I told you I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” I say annoyed with Marcus who has been bugging me all day. “You’re going to be 30 sooner than you think and you are no closer to finding a mate then I am,” I add.

  “You don’t know everything Gemma, maybe I have taken an interest in someone.” He says acting as if he was hurt by my statement and it makes me want to call him out.

  “Then what is her name and you better not say Lily.” I say hoping that it’s not her, but what else is there really.

  He stares at me for a moment before we both bust out laughing. “Dang it Gemma you always do that, can’t you just trust me.” He says wiping the moisture under his eye.

  “Trust you, you just lied,” I say smiling.

  “Trust in my lies,” he says in such a way that I can’t stay mad at him and the argument is over. That’s how it always is for us, always fighting but never actually ever mad with each other. When things get tough we know that we only truly have each other and it keeps me sane.

  In our training we plan out new strategies or improve old ones. Most people train with their teams but since Marcus and I are always together and not so much with a team we are allowed to train together, just the two of us. We make the perfect team since I take everything too seriously and Marcus not so much. If it were up to him we wouldn’t even have plans, just show up and do whatever needed to be done.

  “This is a closed training session,” I say when Riley walks in like he owns the place. He always walks in at least twice a week and I knew it would either be today or tomo
rrow that he would show his face again.

  “Is that how you greet your mate to be?” He mocks moving his hands out wide as he walks over to us with pride. Marcus gives me a look of surprise.

  “It’s not true,” I say to Marcus shaking my head. Riley’s arms come around me at that moment picking me off the ground in a bear hug.

  “I thought we had discussed this a few days ago, in your room, when we were all alone.” He says kissing my neck and keeping my feet from touching the ground. His lips on my skin feel wrong, his strong arms around me feel wrong, just all of it seems wrong.

  As shifters we usually have a good sense of who our mates are and I just have never felt it with Riley. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Sam and John are really the only couple in the last hundred years who were true mates. Never have I asked Riley if he thought we were true mates because he would either lie to me saying he felt it and that in my questioning it must make it true. Or he would say that it wasn’t a real thing and if I wanted to hear a lie all I would have to do is go to my brother.

  “Gemma was just saying how you-” I slap Marcus before he can say a word more.

  “Aww, so talking about me when I’m not even around.” Riley says smiling like he’s just heard the best news in the world.

  “Don’t you have to get ready for the games or something that isn’t in this gym?” I ask moving farther away from him and closer to Marcus, who is getting a kick out of this.

  “Oh that’s right, you want me to be serious about this because like we discussed when I win we will become mates.” He says and I want to kill him. “Well I better be off! Don’t want this god to fall,” he says amused and I’m so upset I laugh.

  “You better go bro she’s doing the ‘I’m about to blow’ laugh.” Marcus says trying to hold himself together.

  “Good to know,” Riley says acting as if he’s making a mental note. “Maybe you could tell me other helpful things since we are going to be family.” He says backing away when he sees my eyes.

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