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  He drops his hands and they fist into the shower floor as I take complete control over him. It’s such a turn on over this powerful man. My eyes are glued to him as I watch his facial expressions change with my movements. I know that he’s on the brink when the little vein in his forehead sticks out. I slow my movements and he inhales, regaining his composure. I lean back on my hands, letting the shower momentarily soak into me. I start to raise back up, but realize I like this position. I get up on my knees and lean far enough back that I can see his cock sliding inside me. I reach between us and he catches himself before he bolts up.

  “You like that?” I tease.

  “Now is not a good time to drive me crazy,” he says between gritted teeth.

  “I like ‘driving you crazy’ as you put it.” I stroke him upward with my hand as I move up. When I move downward I squeeze him until I have to move my hand because there is no more space between us. He’s trying to restrain himself so badly that I feel his legs tremble, and it fuels me on. I adjust my hand so that I’m touching myself with each movement and it only takes me seconds to roll into one of the fiercest orgasms I’ve ever felt. He shatters right along with me.

  His chest is heaving as I wrap my arms around his neck. My head is resting on top of his. “That was amazing,” I say between gasps of air.

  He lifts his head and puts his hands on my cheeks. “I love you, Aedon.”

  “I love you, too.”

  I’m wrapped in a robe sitting cross-legged in the bed eating Chinese food. Wren and Ashe are sitting at the small table eating. No words are passing between them. I’m not sure what happened, but I need to get to the bottom of it.

  “Are you two boys okay over there?”



  That’s all I get from either of them. “Something is going on and I want to know what it is,” I say between bites of food.

  “Nothing we can’t handle, right Wren?” Ashe stares at him.

  “Right,” he says and continues to eat.

  “For some reason, I don’t believe either of you.” I point my fork between the two of them. “Sooner or later you’re going to tell me.” A big yawn sneaks out. I’m suddenly so tired. Between the hot shower, the hot sex, and the hot food, I’m exhausted. I pick up my plate and put it on the bedside table and get under the covers, snuggling in and immersing myself in the lure of the bed.

  I hear the boys whispering about something and then a knock on the door. The weight of my own eyelids feels so massive that all I can do is give into sleep that is seducing me.

  Chapter 27


  “Ander, you brought enough coffee and donuts for the entire apartment complex,” I laugh, taking one of the coffees from him.

  “Wait until the flowers get delivered,” he says, walking past me to sit with Aedon on her overstuffed couch. “I’m so glad you’re back. Dealing with these two is no picnic.” He smiles up at me and rolls his eyes.

  “You’re such a suck up. You seem to be forgetting that I’m Lucifer and I can make your life a living hell.” I point at him, then wink at Aedon.

  “Well then, Lucifer, I’m here to take over hell and you need to go find someone else to rule over.”

  His hand gestures alone are enough to make me choke on my coffee, splattering my dress shirt with brown spots. “After I go change my shirt your rule over hell will be over. I need to go to the office anyway.”

  “It’s Saturday. Can’t you stay here with me today?” Aedon asks.

  “I’d love to, but I need to make some phone calls and see how things are going in Washington.” I lean down and kiss her lips.

  “All kidding aside boss man, you look like hell. When’s the last time you got any sleep?”

  “Keep your focus on this one,” I point to Aedon, “not on me. Make sure she eats and that she doesn’t go anywhere.”

  “This is ridiculous. I’m not a child and there isn’t any reason I can’t get out of here,” she pouts.

  “And there isn’t any reason why you can’t take it easy for a few days.” I grab my wallet and keys off the counter. “I’ll only be a couple of hours. Behave, the both of you,” I add. I’m sure Ander will be more than entertaining.

  I meet my driver downstairs and make phone calls on the way to my apartment to change shirts. “Give me ten minutes,” I tell him, shutting the car door. I race up to my apartment. Once I’m in my closet, I decide to change from my stuffy dress clothes back to something a little more comfortable. As I’m pulling off my slacks, the plastic bottle of meds makes a shaking noise against my leg. I stuffed them in my pocket this morning before leaving Washington. I take the bottle from my pocket and stare at it. The lid is still sealed with plastic.

  I tear off the plastic and twist the top off, glaring in at the pills stacked inside. “I can live without you. You little bastards fuck with my head.” I put the lid back on and throw the bottle on the floor. I pull on a faded pair of jeans, a short-sleeved Disturbed t-shirt, a sock hat, and a pair of well-worn black leather Reefs. I take a quick look into the floor-length mirror. My beard is starting to thicken up. I think I’ll keep it. Aedon said she likes the feel of the stubble against her delicate skin.

  As I wait for the elevator to take me back down, an idea hits me. I’ll change my direction. I can make phone calls on the way. I want to check in with General Briggs. I’m sure Aedon will want an update on Bia.

  I slide in the backseat and my driver does a double take in the rearview mirror. “Are you still headed to the office, sir?”

  “No, change of plans. I want to go outside the city. There is a Harley dealership just over the bridge.”

  He punches the address into the GPS on his dashboard and pulls out into traffic. During the thirty-minute drive, I catch up with General Briggs about Bia and the progress they have made at the Pentagon. Two more employees were found alive, but many bodies were removed. As far as Bia goes, she will be going home tomorrow. Rehab won’t start for a few more weeks. He says she will drive her mother crazy by then.

  We pull into the busy parking lot of the Harley dealership. “You can have the rest of the weekend off,” I tell the driver.

  “You don’t want me to wait for you, sir?” His brows raise.

  “Nope, I plan on riding one of these bad boys home.” I stuff my phone in my pocket and slide out of the back seat.

  I walk around the showroom looking at all the magnificent bikes. I’ve wanted one of these since I was in med school. I never bought one because it didn’t fit the persona of the person I was trying to be. I think it’s time I changed that.

  It’s almost dark when I ride out, suited up on my Harley Sportster. My matte black modular helmet came equipped with a Bluetooth attached to it. When I park outside Aedon’s apartment, I unzip my black leather Road Warrior jacket and pull off my helmet. The new leather of my lace-up riding boots creaks as my feet hit the ground.

  I take a deep breath in. Even the air smells different now. God, I love the feeling of being alive and not having my senses dulled. I lock up my bike and head up to Aedon’s. I ordered an extra helmet for her and I can’t wait to see her on the back of my bike. Just the thought of her in leather makes me hard.

  Aedon and Ander are sitting on the floor playing a board game when I come in. I tuck the helmet in the crook of my arm and shut the door. When I turn around, both of them are staring at me with their mouths gaping open.

  “Damn Lucifer, you look hot.” Ander whistles.

  “What’s going on?” Aedon stands, looking a little uneasy.

  “I bought a motorcycle. I’ve wanted one forever. I can’t wait to take you for a ride.” I put the helmet on the end table and slide my hands around her waist. “You’re going to look sexy as hell with your long legs next to mine.” I kiss her behind the ear.

  “I think that is my cue to leave. Lucifer here is up to no good and my virgin eyes can’t handle it.” Ander grabs his jacket.

  “I don’t think
there is anything on you that’s virginal,” I chuckle. “Are you into voyeurism? We could put on quite a show for you.” Aedon’s hand slams into the middle of my chest.

  “What is wrong with you?” she laughs, as her cheeks pinken.

  “Nothing that getting you alone can’t fix,” I whisper in her ear.

  “Don’t worry, I’m out of here. But now I need to go find my hot boyfriend,” Ander growls, slamming the door behind him.

  “Seriously, what’s gotten into you?” She takes my hand and pulls me down on the couch beside her. She draws one leg up underneath her and faces me.

  I twirl a piece of her blonde hair between my fingers. “With all that we’ve been through and the things we’ve seen, I decided life is too short not to have the things I want and can afford. I’ve worked hard for years and have saved a ton of money. Now it’s time to spend some and have a little fun. I was even thinking about buying us a house?”

  “Are you taking your meds?”

  I stand, shrugging out of my jacket and laying it on the back of a chair. “Why does it always come back to that with you? Anytime I try to do anything different, you automatically think there is something wrong with me! Maybe I’m just tired of being a stuffed shirt! A plain man in the sea of men! Maybe, I want to live an extraordinary life! Drive fast cars and bikes, feel life at its fullest! Take adventures and do daring things! Make love to the woman I crave in every place imaginable! If those things make me crazy, then I say bring on insanity!” I’ve paced around the couch twice, yelling at her.

  “Please come sit down.” She reaches out and squeezes my hand.

  I squat down, resting my arms on the couch and place my chin on top of my hands. “Please don’t make this a thing. I promise I’m okay.”

  “I want you to have all those things, I just need to make sure you’re all right and things aren’t going to get out of control again.”

  I stand and climb over the back of the couch, pulling her into my arms. “I haven’t wanted anything in so long or felt so strongly about life, and about you.” I slam my lips against hers, delving deep inside her. Her tongue weaves a glorious song with mine. I take her hips and drag her beneath, causing her to wince.

  “I’m sorry, baby. I got carried away.” I try to move off her and she pulls me back down.

  “Don’t stop,” she begs.

  I crash down on her mouth again, while my hands pull her sweat pants off. Her pink thong is easy to maneuver, sliding effortlessly out of my way. She unzips me and I yank my jeans below my hips, allowing my cock to spring out. Her lips wrap around it before I can move to get inside her. I brace myself with one hand on the back of the couch as I watch her swallow me. One hand is at the base of my cock and her other is cupping me as she takes me inside her mouth. My hips start to move with her rhythm and she grabs my ass, halting my movements.

  I roar and grab her hair, pulling me out of her mouth. “I want to fuck you from behind.”

  Without hesitation, she rolls over and plants her ass in the air. I rip off her thong and touch her between her legs. She’s already so wet. I spread her wetness up her ass. Her head turns around to look at me. Her face is flushed and her eyes are fully dilated.

  “I want you here,” I push my finger inside just a little.

  She moans and arches up.

  I move my fingers back down and rub inside her. I place the tip of my cock at her ass and push in ever so slightly. It’s so damn tight I can hardly move. I move her legs wider with my knees. She drops one foot onto the floor. I place my foot beside her and shift my hips toward my leg on the couch, and place one hand on her hip. She leans back, causing my cock to dip further inside her. She lets out a scream.

  “Too much?” I grit out, trying to maintain my control.

  “No.” She licks her lips and pushes back again. This time I push forward as she pushes back and I fully seat inside her. Her audible panting grows louder. She reaches between her legs and starts rubbing herself. I pull almost all the way out and thrust back inside her. She lets out another yell.

  “Are you okay, baby?”

  “Again,” she says, without hesitation.

  Her hand rubs faster as I start thrusting in a pattern, trying to make this last as long as possible. Three thrusts is about all I can take before I have to pause. The same thing for her. I feel her on the brink with every third thrust. Her pull is so tight around my cock I can barely pull out anymore. I wait until she loosens back up and then I thrust again, this time not stopping. When she comes, it is so strong that I can’t move or breathe. All I can do is feel the electrical sensations climb my body. I can feel the blood flowing through my veins with such intensity, it makes me shudder. That sensation you get right before you come lingers, filling me with raw emotion. I’m standing on the edge of a mountain, waiting to fall. I feel the adrenaline rush coursing through me as I spread my arms and let go. The sudden thrill of the wind tempts me downward into a spiral.

  When I’m finally able to let go and follow its path, I slam into her one last time, like I’m hitting the earth, except there is no pain, only gutting pleasure. I let myself drape over her and feel the same vibe flowing through her. Her heart is beating the same tantrum as mine. My senses are so keen, I can feel her blood throwing through her veins in rhythm with mine. I’ve never felt so connected to someone in my entire life. I even feel the moment that exhaustion takes her over. Her body becomes limp beneath mine. I brush her blonde, just-fucked hair out of her face. Her lashes lay softly on her cheeks. Her tongue sweeps out to moisten her dry, swollen lips and she says something barely audible.

  “I love you, Ashe.”

  Chapter 28


  Her body curls into mine as I carry her through the apartment and lay her in bed. She moans and burrows into her pillow. I grab the plush grey blanket from the edge of the bed and cover her with it.

  I’m so energized I can’t even bring myself to get in bed. Besides, it’s not that late. I think I’ll take my new bike out for a ride. I lean down and kiss the top of her head. “Sleep, doll. I’ll be back before you wake up.”

  Grabbing my jacket and helmet, I head down the three flights of stairs. Just as I make it to the bottom landing, Wren walks through the door.

  “Hey, man. Are you headed in for the night?”

  He looks me up and down and he touches my helmet. “I am. What’s all this?”

  “I bought a motorcycle.”

  “That was your sweet ride parked out front?” He points behind him with his thumb.

  “Yeah. Aedon is sleeping so I thought I’d go out for a ride. Do you want to go get a drink?”

  “No. I’m beat. You have fun, but be careful.” He starts taking the stairs two at a time.

  I should follow him. We need to clear the air between us, but I don’t feel like sitting and talking. I want to feel the bike’s vibrations between my legs and the wind covering my body as I ride.

  Standing my bike up straight, I hike my leg over and throw my helmet on while zipping my jacket up. I sync my Bluetooth with my phone and turn on some Kid Rock tunes. I take it slow and easy through town until I can get out on the highway, then I open it up to 100mph. It’s exhilarating. I lean my body into the curves, making the bike lean low to the ground. God, I’ve missed feeling this good.

  I ride for several hours until I arrive at a bar out in the middle of nowhere with rows of bikes lined up in the small parking lot. I slide into an empty spot and park my bike, placing my helmet on the back of my bike before heading inside.

  Several pool tables are lit up by neon lights in the back of the bar, shrouded in old cigarette smoke. Old rock and roll music is blaring through the speakers. A cute little redhead winks at me as I find an empty barstool.

  “What will you have?” the bartender asks.

  “A Bulleit.” He reaches up and takes down a small glass, then takes the whiskey off the shelf behind him. The dark amber fills the glass and he slides it to me. I can already feel the b
urn before I’ve even tasted it.

  “Whatcha drinkin’?” The redhead I saw earlier leans on the bar next to me, her tits pressing up and out of her low-cut top.

  “Whiskey,” I say and tip my glass up, only taking a sip.

  “Do you want to dance?” She cocks her head in the direction of the dance floor in the back corner of the bar.

  “No, I don’t think so.” I take another sip.

  “How about a game of pool? I’ll play you for a drink.” She stands up straight with one hand on her hip. She is rocking a tight black leather dress with a pair of killer knee-high boots that lace all the way up.

  “You don’t look like your dressed for pool, sweetheart.” I gulp down the rest of my drink.

  “Well, I really didn’t come here for pool, but you’re not making what I really want that easy,” she says in my ear as her hand finds my cock through my jeans. “Mmm…this is nice,” she says, gripping me firmer.

  “What are you doing with my girl?” A man twice as wide as me, but shorter, yanks her hand away from me. His voice is scratchy like he’s been smoking since birth. His beard twists downward and has silver beads braided into it.

  “Maybe you should be keeping your woman happy or she wouldn’t be all over me.” I don’t know what the hell has gotten into me. I don’t want anything to do with this woman, but the thought of a bar fight right now might help alleviate some of the need for excitement I’m feeling.

  I move just as he kicks the stool out from under me. “What the fuck did you say to me?!” His chest is puffed out in his frayed denim shirt.

  “He said you need to keep me happy,” the redhead blurts out.

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