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  His hands pull my hips up and he enters me hard. “Thank God you’re wet, baby.” He growls and thrusts. The couch scoots forward across the room until it bumps into the coffee table, causing the glass top to rattle with each thrust. He pulls back slightly and I widen my stance, bracing my arms on the couch. He drives in again and I can feel my orgasm building. His hands hold my hips and he doesn’t move. I hear his breathing evening out as he tries desperately to control himself.

  I purposefully wiggle my ass and clamp down around him. He lets out a roar and loses control, making my orgasm spiral. I’m soaking wet, panting and trying to catch my breath, when he picks me up again and takes me into the bedroom. He is still rock hard as he lays me on the bed and crawls on top of me. I remember his stamina well and I know he’s going to bring us both nothing but pure pleasure for hours.

  He suddenly stands and takes both of my ankles in his hands, spreading my legs, pulling me toward him. I grab onto the sheets knowing his entrance into me will be forceful. He thrusts into me again, but stills. He places my ankles on his shoulders and slowly and tenderly kisses the inside of my right ankle, causing me to arch my back. The feeling is so erotic. One of his hands slides down between us, touching where we are joined. He pulls out and strokes himself, while his eyes are plastered to mine. I see the desire pouring out of them. He slowly and achingly inches back into me.

  I close my eyes at the sensation. “Open them,” he orders. I lock them on him. He takes my ankles from his shoulders and spreads my legs, making my knees bow out. He places his hands on my shoulders and thrusts in harder. The movement and position makes my orgasm surge. It’s so forceful that I arch off the bed again, and he yells out my name.

  He falls over me, panting and covered in a sheen of sweat. “Damn it, Aedon, you came so hard.” His breath is in my ear.

  I bite his shoulder. “You have five minutes to recover before we go again.” I rasp out.

  He raises up on his elbows, glancing at the teeth marks on him. “I’ll take three,” he says and devours my mouth.

  We finally fall asleep from exhaustion around four in the morning.

  I can’t move. Ashe has his legs wrapped around mine. His arms have me tucked into his side. I can tell he’s still sleeping by the soft puffs of air at my ear. I try to move and feel the ache in my body from our lovemaking. I can’t help but smile. God, I’ve missed this feeling. My body is fit, but I always felt like I’d done several hours at the gym after making love to him. I lift his hand and he grumbles, pulling me in tighter.

  “Not yet.”

  “I’ve got to pee.”

  “Good,” he says and rolls me to my back. His lips make their way down my body, stopping at my nipple. He sucks hard and my body answers to him. “It will make your orgasm harder,” he says, as his body covers mine. “Put me inside you,” he says.

  I reach between us, stroking him several times. His head lifts up and he lets out a moan. I place him at my entrance and he pushes inside. His mouth finds my nipple again and he toys with it between his teeth. I can feel myself building already. He thrusts several times and stops. He repeats this twice and I explode around him so violently that it pulls him deeper inside me and I come again, taking him with me.

  He rolls over on his back. “I hate when you’re right.” I laugh and roll on top of him. “Actually, I love when you’re right.” I smack his lips with mine and achingly crawl out of bed.

  “Where are you going?” He throws a pillow at me.

  “We can’t stay in bed all day.” I turn on the shower.

  “Why not?” he yells.

  I peek my head from the bathroom. “I’m starving, for one, and in dire need of caffeine.”

  “I can agree about the food.” He hops out of bed and heads my direction. “What are you cooking, wench?” He swats my ass and jumps in the shower.

  “I’m a terrible cook and you know it.” I say, putting my tooth brush down. His hand flies out and pulls me into the shower with him. I wince.

  “You’re sore aren’t you?” he asks sweetly, but with pure satisfaction covering his beautiful face.

  I nod. “I haven’t done an all-nighter in forever.” I rub his shoulder where the red marks from my teeth stand out.

  His brows crease together as he grabs the body wash. “I don’t want to hear about your sex life with another man.”

  I laugh out loud.

  “What’s so funny?” his scowl grows deeper as he lathers my body.

  “I don’t know any man but you that can pull an all-night sexcapade, so don’t go getting all alpha on me.”

  His hands go to my ass, pulling me to him. “Is that so?” he asks, with a smug grin on his face.

  I reach around me and take the scrubby from him. “Yes. Now behave so we can go get some food.”

  * * *

  We finish bathing and get dressed. Ashe pulls out a pair of worn out jeans and a tank top that shows off his biceps. I throw on a simple sundress and brush out my wet hair, which falls in curls around my face. I apply some lip gloss and we head to the diner on the corner. Wren is sitting in a booth in the back reading the newspaper. He waves us over when he sees us.

  “Can you bring a pot of coffee?” Ashe says as he passes a waitress. She blushes when she looks up and sees his gorgeous face. I roll my eyes and head for the booth.

  “How long have you been up?” I ask as I slide in and Ashe sits next to me.

  “Long enough to place an order.”

  The cute little waitress places a carafe of coffee in the middle of the table, placing two mugs down with it. She picks one up at a time and fills it. Her gaze cuts over to Ashe and her cheeks redden again. “What can I get you?”

  “I’ll have a pile of pancakes,” I tell her, reaching over Ashe and taking the mug from her.

  “We are serving lunch now,” she says, pouring the second mug.

  I take Ashe’s arm and roll it over, looking at his watch. “Damn it’s two o’clock. I love staying in bed all day with you,” I kiss his cheek and smile at the waitress. “I’ll have a cheeseburger.”

  “Make that two,” Ashe says, as she turns away from the table. His hand squeezes my leg under the table. “Was that necessary?”

  “Probably not,” I laugh, “but now she can quit blushing every time she looks at you.”

  Wren folds up the newspaper and lays it on the seat beside him. “Are you guys going to take some time off?” The waitress slides his food in front of him and I steal a French fry.

  “I’m headed out tomorrow to my parents’ house for a few days and then to DC.”

  “What about you, Ashe?” he asks.

  “Only today, I have a lot of paperwork to get done. I need to cover the phones so Ander can take some time off. Hopefully, nothing new will arise for a few days. Our teams worked so hard, they could all use some rest.”

  “What about you?” I direct my question at Wren.

  “I’m eating and going back to bed. I’ll worry about work tomorrow. Do you need any help getting ready for your meeting with General Briggs at the Pentagon?” he asks me, taking a big bite of hamburger

  “No, I got it covered. I’m going to work on our reports for him at my parents’ house. No distractions there.” I wink at Ashe.

  Our food comes to the table and I dig in. “I’ll get you all the numbers you need tomorrow to give to him. We want to make sure we keep the funding coming in, and he’s the man that will make that happen.” He bites into his cheeseburger and it drips down his chin.

  “How is it exactly that you know him?” Wren asks.

  “His wife had a brain tumor and she was my patient. I removed it when no one else would. She’s perfectly fine now. That was about ten years ago. She did so well, in fact, that they had a daughter a year later.”

  “No wonder he has your back.” Wren chuckles.

  “I love a good success story.” I delve into my burger. “I will look forward to meeting him.”

  Chapter 17

sp; Aedon

  I enjoyed the few quiet days at my parents’ house, but I don’t know why I thought it would be distraction-free from Ashe. The man in insatiable. He said if he couldn’t have his hands on me, he wanted phone sex. Not just once, but twice. I have to admit I felt twenty again, and like I was doing something naughty in my parent’s house. Just to tease him, throughout the day, I would sneak into a room to take pictures of my bare breasts and send it to him. I thought it was cute and sexy until I got a picture back from him with his saluting cock in his hand while I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents. I had to come up with an excuse to abruptly leave so that I could take care of the throbbing between my legs. I have to admit, even phone sex was amazing.

  * * *

  “We leave in twenty minutes,” my dad yells from downstairs. He’s so excited about going to DC. Mom says he’s been packed for a week. I make a quick call to Ashe to let him know we are headed out, but his phone goes to voicemail.

  I grab my bags and stuff my phone in my purse. When I walk downstairs, my dad has the front door open and I can see him standing on the porch with several suitcases on the steps. “Where’s Mom?”

  “She’s in the kitchen making us thermos of coffee,” he answers.

  “Why are you standing outside?” I ask as I place my bags beside his on the step.

  “I want to make sure the cab doesn’t miss us.” he says with all seriousness.

  “Dad, we are the only house out here. I don’t think he’s going to go to the wrong place.” I can’t help but laugh at his excitement.

  “Look, there he is!” He starts waving his arms like a lost man in the mountains, trying to be rescued.

  “Oh my God, Dad. I think he can see us,. I laugh out loud. “Mom, get out here and control your husband.” Mom comes out and joins me in laughter.

  “I swear he’s like a toddler,” I tell Mom as I pick up our bags.

  “I’ve always told you that all men are toddlers. As long as they don’t act like it in the sack, I’m okay with that.” She winks at me.

  “Mother! I don’t want to hear about you and dad in the sack.” I laugh harder.

  “Well, dear, you have to know how to keep a man happy.” She throws her arm around my shoulder.

  “What keeps a man happy?” my dad asks, skipping up the steps.

  I take his shoulders and turn him toward the cab. Mom and I share a giggle together and climb in the backseat.

  We spend the next two days going in and out of the museums. Dad has spent hours taking it all in. He’s read so much about our history that he can finish the curator’s sentences. He is the happiest I have ever seen him and he can’t quit thanking me for bringing them along.

  I pull my mom to the side while Dad gets a snack from the vending machine. “My meeting is in a little over an hour. I need to check in with Ashe for a last-minute report. Do you think you and Dad could meet me at the Pentagon after lunch?”

  “I don’t know if I’ll be able to tear him away from here, but I know he wants to tour the Pentagon too, so maybe that will be his incentive.”

  “Okay, well text me if plans change. Otherwise, I’ll meet the two of you outside the gate at, say, one o’clock? She nods and I kiss her on the cheek. “Later.”

  When I go to let my dad know I’ll meet with them later, he has five candy bars in his hand. “Dad, you’re diabetic, you know you can’t have all of these.” I take one from him. “Give the rest to Mom, please.”

  I walk out into the heat of the morning ready to eat the candy bar, but spot a vendor outside the gates selling a variety of things, one of them being cotton candy. Stuffing the candy bar in my bag for later, I can’t resist getting the blue-colored one, which is Ashe’s favorite. I pull off a strand and lick my fingers clean of its sugary goodness. I find a bench in a grassy area and pull out my phone from my purse. I press the speed dial number for Ashe and he picks up on the first ring.

  “Hey, baby. Sorry I missed your call earlier. My phone died. Someone entertained me with phone sex last night and I fell asleep without charging it.”

  “You’re welcome,” I giggle and smack my lips to get the strands of cotton candy off my lips.

  “What are you eating? I can hear your sweet lips smacking together.”

  “One of your faves. I’ll give you three guesses.”

  I hear his chair creak. “Hmm…tell me it’s not Oreo ice cream?” His voice lowers, “I would love to be kissing you and tasting it right now.”

  “You truly are ravenous, aren’t you?” I laugh.

  “Only for you,” he answers in a sexy voice.

  “Not ice cream.” I can envision him licking it off me and my voice gives away my desire.

  His response is a deep, sexy sigh. “Well then I’m guessing blue cotton candy, and that would be even better trying to lick it off your fingers.”

  I let out a groan, cupping my phone to my face so others around me can’t overhear my conversation. “I have a meeting in an hour and you’re making me wet. Stop it.”

  “You’re the one who started this game, but you’re right. We can’t have you all hot and bothered meeting with General Briggs,” he laughs into the phone.

  “Do you have any updates for me?”

  “I’ll email you my final report so you have it in front of you for the meeting.”


  He’s quiet for a moment. “Aedon?”

  “I’m here.”

  “I love you.”

  A huge smile covers my face. “I’m so in love with you, too.” I hang up and sit back on the bench to relax, taking in the people around me. There are couples walking hand in hand, some sitting on picnic blankets, snuggling into one another. For the first time in a long time, I can see Ashe and I doing this sort of thing together. I never thought we could have a normal life until now. I’m looking forward to my life with him.

  My phone vibrates. It’s his email. I dig my credentials out of my bag and hail a cab to take me to the meeting. Security takes longer than expected outside the Pentagon, but I make it to the conference room as General Briggs is entering. We’ve spoken briefly on the phone a few times, but never met in person.

  “It’s an honor to meet you, General Briggs. We’ve spoken a few times. I’m Aedon Thatcher with the MTA Division.” I firmly shake his hand. A girl with long, straight braids steps out from behind him.

  “It’s nice to finally meet you Dr. Thatcher.”

  “Aedon, please. Who do we have here?”

  “This is my daughter Bia. Her mother was feeling a little under the weather today, so I brought her to work with me.”

  She sticks out her hand and smiles brightly. “I’m Bia Briggs.”

  “It’s very nice to meet you Bia, I’m Aedon. How old are you?”

  “I turn nine years old tomorrow.” She smiles and looks up at her father.

  “Well, happy one-day-early birthday. You are absolutely stunning.” She has gorgeous big blue eyes with long lashes, and her long brown hair is shiny. She has a dimple on her bottom lip that makes them stand out. She could be a model when she grows up.

  “Did you bring a book to read like I asked you to?” He looks down at her.

  “Yes, I know, I need to sit in the corner and be quiet while all you important people chit chat.” She stands on her tip toes to kiss his cheek. I can tell by the expression on his face that he adores her.

  “Funny girl.” He pats the top of her head and she finds her a chair in the back of the room.

  “She’s beautiful,” I tell him.

  “She is going to be the death of me. I can handle a troop of men, but that one, she’s a handful all on her own.” He chuckles deeply.

  The meeting lasts for almost two hours. He updates me on funding and additional resources available. I give him the breakdown of our costs and the accomplishment of our team. He seems very impressed and speaks very highly of Ashe. For now, he wants us to remain only in the United States and build upon the team we al
ready have in place. He will get approval for the additional funding to help generate more teams.

  His phone rings and he holds up a finger while he answers it. “Yes, sir. I’ll be right there.” He hangs up and stands. “I’m sorry to cut it short, but there is a security issue that I need to address. Can you find your way out?”

  “Yes, I can. Thank you for meeting with me. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person.” I stand and shake his hand, then follow him to the door.

  “Bia, stay here and out of trouble, I’ll be back shortly and I’ll take you to lunch.” She looks up from her book and nods.

  “It was very nice to meet you, Bia.” She looks my direction and waves.

  Mom and dad are exiting a cab just as I make it outside the gates. I reach for my purse to pay for it and realize I left it in the conference room. “Dad, I left my purse inside. Do you have money to pay for the cab?” He nods, fishing out his wallet.

  “We can’t go in this entrance. I need to go back inside and get my purse. Follow the signs to the main entrance. I’ll meet you there.” I tell them.

  “We can’t come with you?” My dad asks.

  “No, only credentials will get you in this side. I promise, I’ll be quick.” They walk off in the direction of the signs and I tell the security guard that I left my purse inside. Thankfully, he remembers letting me in this morning, so he doesn’t hesitate to give me clearance without going through the entire security process again.

  I make my way back to the conference room and, as I enter, I see Bia still sitting in the corner reading her book. Suddenly, an alarm on the ceiling begins blaring and flashing red lights across the room. A split second later, the sound of an explosion deafens me. Several pictures fall from the shaking walls, shattering their frames on the floor, while chunks of drywall fall from the ceiling and walls.

  Chapter 18


  The office has been relatively quiet without Ander here. His flamboyant personality always brings the office to life. I’ve really come to like the kid and he has done a phenomenal job.

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