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 part  #1 of  Callaway Series


Make Me Whole

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  While Cole was at the bar getting the drinks, Josh sat down beside her. “So, how did you two meet?”

  “I was Becca’s patient and she suggested a change of therapy with Cole.” Jamie noticed something change in Josh’s face when she mentioned Becca’s name. And then it hit her: the man Becca always talked about, the reason she couldn’t come home, was sitting right there beside her.

  “How is Becca?” She watched as Josh shifted in his seat, obviously uncomfortable with the mention of Becca’s name.

  Well, now, isn’t this an interesting development. Do all of my friends have a love story that ties back to Montana? “She’s doing amazing. Honestly, she’s so good at what she does. She’s just incredible.”

  “Does she ever talk about coming home?” There was a whisper of desperation and lost hope in his voice, and she knew that whatever demons he was battling regarding Becca were taking a toll on him emotionally.

  “She doesn’t talk about it a lot, but I feel like she’s hiding from something or someone. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you? I know she’s coming home for Christmas, though. She’ll be here for the town Christmas party.”

  “I wouldn’t know much about that. But I’m sure that whoever she’s hiding from would love for her to come back when she’s ready.” The longing in Josh’s voice said more than his words ever could about his feelings for Becca. Whatever had happened between the two of them, Josh was carrying around a lot of guilt and, from what Jamie could see, it was a huge burden on him.

  “I’ll make sure to let her know that.” She squeezed Josh’s arm, the only reassurance she could give him.

  Before they could continue their conversation, one of the younger Thompson brothers came up to them. “Shit. Trouble at the bar.”

  Jamie turned around to see a tall blonde hanging all over Cole, clearly oblivious to the look of dismay and annoyance in his eyes. “Who is that?” she asked Josh.

  “That is Sandy. She’s been hanging around Cole for years, trying to get him into her bed, but she just never gets the message. Honey, trust me, you have nothing to worry about.”

  “Her hands are all over my man. If I don’t have to worry, she might have to.” She walked in the direction of the blonde bimbo hanging over Cole with a fierce determination she didn’t know she possessed.

  No matter how hard he wished for Sandy to leave him alone, she just wasn’t going anywhere. From the corner of his eye, Cole caught sight of Jamie walking over to him with a fierce look in her eyes. For a minute, he thought that was it, that his chance with her was over, but what she did when she got to him shocked him even more.

  “Babe, you need any help with the drinks?” Jamie put her hand on his upper arm, and he sighed at the relief her touch brought him.

  “Who are you?” Sandy asked Jamie in a dismissive tone which did nothing to ease Cole’s anger.

  “I’m Jamie.” Jamie extended her hand to Sandy in a show of sympathy, and Cole had to fight the urge to laugh his ass off at the look on Sandy’s face.

  “I… I… was just leaving. Nice seeing you, Cole.” Sandy turned on her heel faster than lightning and headed straight for the door, leaving smoke in her trail.

  He knew Jamie wanted to make a statement, but what she did next surprised him. While Sandy was still in plain sight, she positioned herself between his legs, moved her head closer to his and kissed him with a passion and need that would have knocked him flat on the ground if he hadn’t been leaning against the bar.

  When Cole heard the guys whistling in the back, he remembered where they were and slowly eased away from her. She looked so sexy with her eyes dark with lust and her lips swollen from his kiss. If it were up to him, he would take her home right then and there and fuck her senseless, but he’d promised her a date and he was going to do this right, even if it killed him.

  When they got back to the pool table, Josh looked at both of them then focused his attention on Jamie. “I think every guy in here wishes he was—how did you put it—‘your man’ right now.”

  Cole looked at her with a grin on his face. “Your man, eh?”

  “She had her hands all over you. The only one who can do that is me and, all right, I got a little jealous and territorial.” She looked so cute that Cole just had to lean in for a quick kiss.

  “You know, I kind of like this side of you. You’re sexy as hell when you’re marking what’s yours,” he whispered in her ear, making sure no one else heard him.

  They spent the rest of the night talking, drinking and playing pool. As they walked to the truck when the time came to head home, Cole noticed something change in her demeanor. He wasn’t sure if Jamie was getting cold feet or if she was nervous about where the rest of the night was going. She stopped beside the truck and leaned her back against the door. “I had an amazing time tonight. Thank you for taking me out on a date.”

  “I think Josh might be a little in love with you after tonight.” He leaned forward and put both hands beside her head, trapping her between his body and the truck.

  “Yeah? Maybe I should give him a call. He’s pretty handsome.” He knew she was teasing him, but just the thought of her with Josh was enough to drive him crazy.

  “He couldn’t handle you, honey,” he said, moving closer to her, his mouth almost touching hers but not quite. She wanted to tease him? Well, he could tease right back.

  “And you can?” The way she looked at him made him forget everything else and just focus on the beautiful woman in front of him.

  “I don’t know, you tell me.” His lips crushed hers, his hands moving to each side of her jaw, pulling her in closer. He rocked his pelvis into her, and then she moaned into his kiss. She tilted her hips forward, urging him to increase the pressure. Her hands gripped his shirt, nails digging into his chest. This woman was perfect.

  The sound of people whistling brought Cole back to reality and he pulled away from her, his breathing heavy, matching hers. “We should go,” she managed to say.

  “You need to let go of my shirt if you want us to go, because if you don’t, we’re going to finish this right here, right now.”

  “Tempting, but I’d prefer not to have an audience,” she said, blushing.

  “Let’s take this thing home then.” Cole opened the passenger door and helped Jamie climb in, getting a great view of her ass in those skintight jeans. He walked to the other side of his truck slowly. He had to get himself under control if he was going to get them where they were going in one piece.

  The ride home was quiet but there was a raw sexual energy surrounding them. For the first time in a long time, Jamie felt bold and in total control. She slid over to the middle of the seat and rested her hand on Cole’s thigh, who immediately released a hissed breath at the contact. Moving closer until their bodies were touching, she could feel just how tense he was.

  “Jamie, what are you doing?” Cole asked, squeezing the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turned white.

  “I’m just having a little fun. I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said in a sultry voice while slipping her hand higher on his thigh, resting it just beside his erection, making sure to slide her knuckles over his hard length.

  “You’re driving me crazy, babe.” His head was back, resting against the driver’s seat, his eyes never leaving the road.

  Jamie roamed her hands over his chest while kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear. Taking a deep breath of courage before her next move, she grinned, excited to see Cole’s response. With one hand, she unzipped his jeans and freed his erection. “Fuck, baby,” he said as he swerved the truck sideways.

  “You stop driving, I stop what I’m doing,” she told him with a wicked smile. Jamie embraced the unfamiliar boldness pulsing through her body, urging her on. She wanted this, wanted him.

  “Payback is going to be sweet, Jamie,” he told her, locking eyes with her for a brief moment.

  “Don’t I know it.” She laughed, bent down and licked the tip of his sha
ft, tasting his musk on a drop of pre-cum. She gave him a few more strokes with her tongue before taking him deep. With her mouth surrounding his length, she felt it grow bigger. Jamie didn’t move, didn’t suck, just stayed like that with him filling her mouth. Then, keeping her lips pressed tightly around him, she hummed and felt Cole’s entire body stiffen.

  “Shit, do that again.” She loved that she was responsible for making him lose control, for making him beg. She felt empowered. Jamie started moving up and down, sucking him, taking him as deep as she could. In the past, she’d rarely enjoyed giving blow jobs, but everything about Cole was different. She wanted to pleasure him. Hearing the sounds he was making, along with the way his hips bucked up and down trying to gain control, turned her on. She felt herself grow wetter with every groan he released. Using her hands, she stroked the base of his cock, never moving her mouth away. She knew he was close.

  “I’m going to come, baby, so if you don’t want me to come in your mouth, you have to stop.” He was warning her, but she didn’t care. She wanted to feel his seed hit the back of her throat, to know she was the one who brought him to the edge. With a few more strokes, he came in her mouth. Jamie didn’t let go, didn’t stop sucking him until she felt his entire body go limp.

  When she was done, she zipped him back up and took her seat next to him.

  “That was… incredible.” It was hard to believe that Jamie was still shy after what she had just done, but at the sound of his words, she blushed. “Did that turn you on? Getting me off like that while I couldn’t do anything to you?”

  Jamie wasn’t extremely verbal about sex, but somehow being with Cole made her want to be assertive and give him what he wanted, so she took a deep breath before answering. “Yes.”

  “Are you wet right now?”

  “Yes.” As she answered, Cole pulled onto the dirt road leading up to his cabin. She looked at him, a little lost. “Where are we?”

  “The cabin. I thought we could use some alone time without risking anyone barging in.”

  She turned to look at him and softly whispered, “That’s the best idea you’ve had so far.” She leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on his lips, reaffirming that she was okay with the situation and that she trusted him.

  Cole wasn’t one for gestures, but with her body pressed against his, the only thing he could think about was showing her how much she affected him, how much she got under his skin.

  When he came back from the war, Cole had convinced himself he was too damaged to be what someone else needed. His demons were too much for someone else to bear. He closed himself off to any possibility of sharing his life, his dreams, with someone. Slowly, his brothers managed to heal a part of him, and he was thankful to have his family’s support, but this woman in front of him managed to break down all the walls he’d built around himself. She was bringing him to his knees and had him thinking about a future with her.

  “Cole, are you all right?” she asked, pressing her hand to his left cheek.

  He leaned in and kissed her with an ache he hadn’t felt in a long time. “I’ve never been better.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he opened the door and stepped outside. The air was cooler, but his skin was so hot with desire, the contrast gave him chills. He went around the truck to open Jamie’s door and help her down.

  When she slid from the truck, the length of her body collided with Cole’s and a volcano of passion erupted inside of him. He pushed her against the truck and leaned his forehead against hers.

  Cole had never felt anything this strong and animalistic in his life, but standing in front of her with her back pressed against the side of his ride, her breasts against his body, it felt more than right.

  “I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now,” Cole whispered against her mouth, his forehead still resting against hers.

  “Take me. I’m yours,” was all she had to say for him to be sure it was what she wanted. His emotions were all tangled up inside; a mix of lust, desire, trust and love formed a tornado in his gut.

  His hands wrapped around her hips, his fingers digging into her skin, pulling her closer to him. When he bit her lower lip, Jamie moaned and then pure passion took over. Her hands were on his shoulders, her fingernails digging in his shoulder blades. Knowing he would have her marks on his skin in the morning was turning out to be a huge bonus to foreplay.

  Jamie was driving him crazy with her mix of intense sexuality and shyness. Cole was enjoying watching her growing bolder with every day that passed. When he felt her nails digging into his shoulders, he groaned and rocked his pelvis into hers, his erection pressing against her stomach. He couldn’t remember being this hard or this aroused from simply touching a woman.

  But no one had ever been Jamie. His hands were still on her hips when she whispered, “Touch me.” She took his mouth for another passionate kiss. Her tongue met his with frantic movements. There was a desperate need in her kiss, mixed with something that was purely Jamie.

  Cole moved his mouth to her jaw, kissing and nibbling until he found the sweet spot at the base of her neck. The minute his tongue touched her skin, she rocked into him and a tremor shook her entire body. “Is that a sensitive spot?” He didn’t give her time to respond, didn’t give her a second to doubt. He pressed his lips against her skin and bit her tenderly. She moaned so loudly he almost came in his jeans.

  “Oh, yeah, that’s definitely a sweet spot. I’m going to enjoy discovering them all. Every… single… one,” he told her, pressing kisses to her collarbone, making his way to the V of her shirt. In one swift move, his hands were on her breasts, pressing against her hardened nipples.

  Slipping his hands under her shirt, he lifted her bra, taking her breasts in his hands. His fingers tweaked and pinched her nipples. Cole kissed her harder and the kiss she returned she sent him into oblivion. The minute his hands unbuttoned her jeans, she called out his name.

  “Cole.” His name came out like a plea, one to take her there, to give her the orgasm that lingered over her.

  “I’m right here, baby. Tell me what you need.” Every muscle in her body was taut, showing just how close she was. Her scent enveloped him and he wasn’t sure he could keep up with this little payback session. But when he looked at her, her eyes dark with passion, her lips swollen from his kisses, teeth marks on her shoulders, the only thing he wanted to do was taste her and be inside her. But this was for her…. Who was he kidding? He needed to see her come more than he needed to breathe.

  “I need you.” The desperation in her voice almost made him lose it. He was already hanging by a thread, but hearing her tell him how much she wanted him was almost too much.

  “You got me, babe. Tell me what you want.” His fingers drew circles around her bellybutton while Cole’s other hand touched the inside of her thighs. Her entire body shook, and taking it this slowly was killing him, but he needed to hear her say it. He needed her to trust him enough to let go with him.

  “I need… I need to come. Cole, please.” He slipped two fingers inside her. She was so tight and wet. “Oh, God,” was all she said. His fingers pumped in and out of her as she called out his name, begging for more.

  “Is that what you want?” If he survived this, it would be amazing. The way her walls squeezed his fingers made him think about how she would feel with his cock inside her. She was so wet and responsive, it was driving him close to losing any ounce of control he had left.

  “Oh, my God. Don’t stop…. I’m so close.” When he used his thumb to rub her clit, her body shook, and her breathing became erratic.

  “I know, baby. Let me take you there.” Relentless, Cole thrust his fingers in and out of her, stroking and pinching her clit, and when she squeezed his fingers and her head fell back, he knew he had her.

  “Cole, I’m gonna…. Oh, God, I’m coming.” Cole didn’t stop. He kept going, taking her over the edge.

  He didn’t know how much time passed before Jamie’s body stopped shaking. “Th
at was… incredible.”

  “You are the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Cole told her while putting her hand over his straining erection. When she started rubbing up and down, he decided they had to take this thing inside before he took her against the side of his truck.

  “Looks like we need to do something about this.” Eyes heavy with desire, she dipped her head to the side and shot him a killer smile. A surge of emotion pulsed through him. He wanted to give her everything he had—security, passion, trust, friendship, and love—but he knew she wasn’t ready to hear that just yet.

  “Let’s take this inside before I take you right here.” He took her hand in his and walked toward the cabin.

  He heard her mumble, “That sounds like an idea,” and he smiled at the fact that he was discovering her wild side.

  Chapter Seven

  Jamie knew Cole was known for his iron-clad control over every aspect of his life, but right then, leaning against the kitchen counter staring at her, he looked like a man fighting to stay in control. His jaw was tight and she could see the tension rolling off his body. As she watched him, she felt some of her insecurities and fears vanish, because she knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

  “Would you like something to drink?” he asked her.

  Jamie was lost in her thoughts, lost in the house. It was so beautiful she didn’t know where to look first. “I’ll take whatever you’re having.” She remained silent for a moment then took a deep breath. “Cole, this house is beautiful. When you mentioned a cabin, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but this… this is not a cabin. This is a home.” Jamie hadn’t expected to be hit with such a strong sense of homecoming when Cole mentioned going to his cabin. She’d expected logs and wood, something basic, but what she saw warmed her heart. The cabin was rustic yet modern, with a unique country style. She could tell Cole had made the furniture, which occupied every room. She could feel a part of him in every line, every corner of the house. This house hadn’t been built for a single man. It had been built for a family.

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