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Forgive Me (Callaway Book 2), page 14


Forgive Me (Callaway Book 2)

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  He pulled her on his lap, and she took a deep breath for the first time that day. "I know, but I wanted to." He rubbed small circles on her lower back, and her whole body responded by going limp.

  "That feels so good," she told him, wishing he would never stop.

  "How about you go take a warm bath and I'll give you a massage after?" He kissed her temple as he spoke, making it hard for her to focus.

  "That sounds perfect, actually. Thank you." She whimpered when his hands found a sore spot near her shoulders and kneaded it gently. Suddenly, they were standing and Drew was carrying her up the stairs to the bathroom. She gasped when she saw all the candles there and smiled when she realized he had already run her a bath. He lowered her to the ground and helped her out of her dress and underwear before lifting her off the floor again and lowering her into the hot water. "You're too good to me. You're spoiling me," she said before kissing him.

  "Baby, I'll never be good enough to deserve you. Now, relax and enjoy." He kissed her softly and she felt cared for, protected, something she hadn't felt in a long time. She closed her eyes and let her body relax, wondering what she did to deserve Drew in her life.

  Drew fought the urge to join Amanda in the bathtub. Seeing her naked body sink in the water had tested his resolve, but it was about taking care of her, so his needs weren't important. He left the bathroom as fast as he could before he could change his mind, and he went about the second part of his plan for the night. If his brothers could see him, he would never hear the end of it. He lit candles all over Amanda's bedroom and took the covers off the bed doing everything he could to make sure she would be comfortable. Grabbing the bag he'd placed on the corner chair earlier, he took out the various bottles of oils he'd bought. He had looked like a lost puppy when he walked into the essential oil store, but the owner had been so patient with him, explaining the purposes of each one and making suggestions based on what Drew had told her about Amanda.

  He relaxed on the bed. From everything he'd read on massages and oil, the more body heat, the better it would feel. He was so far out of his element; he just hoped he wouldn't screw this up. Leaning back against the headboard, he waited patiently until Amanda stepped out of the bathtub. She hadn't stayed in the hot water very long; after ten minutes, she walked out wrapped in a big, white fluffy towel with a relaxed smile on her face. He'd never seen anything more beautiful.

  He watched her face as she looked around the room, smiling as she took in the state of her bedroom. "What's all this?" she asked, walking closer to the bed.

  He motioned for her to stand in front of him, "I know how hard you've been working lately, and I wanted to do something nice for you."

  She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. He fought the urge to pull her on top of him and make love to her until they both passed out from exhaustion. "Drew, this is more than nice."

  "I'm going to spoil you for the rest of our lives. Now, take off the towel and lay on your stomach." He pushed himself off the bed, never taking his eyes off her as she dropped the towel and threw it on the floor.

  His heart beat faster at the sight of her naked body; she was so damn beautiful, and he still couldn't believe she was his. His cock pulsed against the zipper of his jeans when she lay down on her stomach, giving him the perfect view of her luscious ass. Maybe this whole massage thing was a bad idea, because he was pretty sure this was considered self-inflicted torture.

  She tilted her head and smiled at him like she knew exactly what she was doing. Yeah, she's trying to kill me. "You are so beautiful." He joined her on the bed, straddling her thighs. She was giving off so much heat it was driving him crazy, making his cock ache to be buried deep inside her.

  "I like this whole shirtless massage scenario." She moaned when he dropped some of the lavender oil on her back and started rubbing the back of her neck and the top of her shoulders.

  "I better be the only man giving you massages shirtless," he whispered next to her ear as his hands travelled down her spine. With every touch of his fingers, he felt some of the tension leave her body, and with each little moan she made, his cock grew harder.

  "Only you," she said, her face buried in the pillow as he continued massaging her lower back, sliding his body down her legs to gain access to her ass. He used his thumbs to relax the muscles near her spine and around her hips, making her moan his name like a prayer. Yeah, this is definitely torture. He massaged her ass cheeks and upper thighs, rubbing small circles against her skin, covering her with oil.

  By the time he was done with her back and ready to have her turn over, she was sound asleep. He pushed back some of the hair that covered her face and leaned his body over hers to kiss her forehead. "I love you." he told her before stepping off the bed to remove his jeans.

  He grabbed the discarded blanket and covered her naked body before joining her on the bed. He was careful not to move her too much, knowing she needed to rest. However, he wanted her as close as he could get her, so he turned himself onto his stomach and rested his arm over her upper back with his face in the crook of her neck. He closed his eyes and breathed her in, and with his body covering hers, he fell asleep.

  Chapter Ten

  While the water trickled over his body, Drew tried to come to terms with his fears about Amanda leaving him again. Deep down in his soul, he knew she wouldn't do that to him, but there was still something on the surface that was keeping him from moving forward, something he couldn't quite let go of. He laughed under his breath because Cole had been right. And as much as he wanted to talk about the future with her, he was quickly realizing they might need to address their past first.

  He grabbed his bottle of shampoo on the shelf, but just as he was about to lather his hair, the shower door opened and his breath caught. Amanda stood in the doorway as naked and looking like every single one of his fantasies wrapped together. Her body was relaxed and still bore some of the marks he'd left on her in the middle of the night. He wanted her to get some sleep but when she woke him up with her hand wrapped around his cock, he didn't have it in him to stop her. Her face was still flushed, her lips swollen from his kiss. She was so damn beautiful, and he never got tired of looking at her.

  She smiled at him as she crossed the short distance between them. When she climbed in the shower with him, he was at a loss for words, something that happened a lot when she looked at him like nothing else in the world mattered.

  "I don't like waking up alone," she said as she hugged him, her breasts pressed against his chest and her arms wrapped around his waist. It was one of the things he had quickly discovered about her—she loved to cuddle, to have his body next to hers. Who was he to object?

  "I didn't want to wake you," he told her as he pressed her closer to him. The truth of the matter was he hated not being in bed with her, but he knew if he had stayed in bed, they probably would have been late to his brother's wedding.

  She gazed at him, and he saw the passion and need come alive. They couldn't get enough of each other, not that he was complaining. There was something magical about watching Amanda discover new parts of her sexuality, new parts of her personality she didn't know existed. There was something primal in him that roared every time he brought her pleasure, every time she screamed his name, every time she demanded her release.

  "I've never had shower sex before," she reminded him in an almost whisper-like tone, as if she didn't want anyone to hear her confession. He had to laugh at the irony, because he wanted to scream it from the rooftops or write it on a billboard for everyone to see. He was so damn happy he was the one giving her all of these first experiences.

  "Another first to check off your list then," was all he said before he spun her around and pushed her against the shower wall. His cock was already hard, and he couldn't wait to sink into her as deep as he could.

  He lowered his face to hers, and she surprised him when she licked his lower lip before biting down and pulling slightly. They'd discovered she was a biter, and his wil
d cat had a little naughty streak. He adored her even more knowing she responded to him so perfectly. He groaned when her hands circled his cock and she pumped up and down with a strong grasp, making him want to fuck her hard and fast. Every time he wanted to take his time with her, something always snapped inside of him and they became lost in the feelings, in the need for each other.

  He kissed her neck, licking and sucking the way he knew she liked, making her throw her head back in pleasure as she moaned his name. Her hands went to his hair, pulling firm enough to make him understand her plea for more, which he was more than happy to oblige. He circled one hand at the base of her neck and held her to the wall as he lowered his mouth to one nipple, biting down just hard enough to drive her crazy as he used his other hand to tweak the other nipple.

  She lowered one of her hands, and once again, worked his cock. He knew he had to make her stop or he would come in her hand, and there was no way that was happening. He grabbed both of her hands and pinned them over her head. She looked at him, her eyes wide open, filled with interest not fear, which only made him more eager. "Leave them there or I stop," he told her, kissing her fast and hard before dropping to his knees.

  She looked down at him, her bottom lip between her teeth, and he couldn't hold off anymore. He spread her legs, putting one over his shoulder before licking a trail from her thigh to her glistening wet pussy. "I love how wet you are for me." He licked her pussy, circling her clit with the tip of his tongue.

  "Drew." He smiled as he licked her with rapid strokes until she bucked her hips and fucked his face. When her motions got out of control, he grabbed her other leg and dropped it on his shoulder. Using his hands to hold her ass, he kept licking and sucking until she was dripping wet on his face. Some guys might not like going down on their woman, but Drew was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to go one day without tasting her since he knew how sweet she was.

  "Drew, I'm going to come if you don't stop." He could barely hear her over the ringing in his ears. He wanted to feel her come apart from him, wanted to feel her on his tongue. He used the hold on her ass to push her into his mouth as he kept the motion going. She dropped one of her hands and started pulling his hair, pushing his face deeper, and he didn't have it in him to tell her to raise her hand.

  The sound of her screams filled the bathroom. He was pretty sure they were loud enough to scare the hell out of the dog, but he didn't care. He loved how wild she got. He didn't stop licking her but kept at it, riding the wave with her. He slowly brought her down from the high with slower licks before lowering one leg then the other. The instant he was on his feet, her mouth was on his, kissing him with a frenzy he'd never seen in her before.

  "I need you inside me, now." When the words passed her lips, he was gone. He flipped her so her hands were on the shower wall, kicked her legs apart and pressed down her back.

  "This is going to be fast," he said as he entered her with one thrust. Her pussy was still tight from her orgasm, and he knew he wouldn't be able to last. He grabbed her hips and thrust in and out of her with a force he didn't even know he had in him.

  She met him thrust for thrust, backing her ass into him. He marveled at how greedy she was with both of their pleasure.

  He bent his upper body over her back as he kept up the movement and used a hand to stroke her clit. He was too close to losing it, and he wanted her right there with him. "I can't hold it, baby. Come with me."

  "I can't…oh, God…right there." She looked at him from over her shoulder and when he felt her pussy start squeezing his cock, he came so hard he saw stars.

  "Fuckkkk! Shit, yessssss." He kept his eyes on her. When her mouth parted, her orgasm took over, and she went over with him. He kissed the back of her neck and wrapped an arm around her stomach to help her stay up.

  "That was…." She didn't have a chance to say more before he turned her around and kissed her.

  "Perfect," he finished for her as he pulled away from her limp body. They were both smiling and out of breath. This moment would definitely go down as one of those memories he would never forget. She splashed him with water, and he loved her playful side. They spent half an hour washing each other's hair and bodies before the phone rang, reminding both of them it wasn't the day to get carried away with sexual escapades.

  It was close to 8 a.m. by the time they were both dressed, but Even though they had a crazy day ahead, Amanda insisted on making them breakfast. According to her, no matter how crazy their life became or how little time they had together, they should always make the time to eat together at least once a day. He couldn't argue with that because every minute he spent with her was the best part of his day.

  "What's on your mind?" she asked over her shoulder as she made waffles. He should have known she would see right through him. It was not the day he wanted to have this conversation, though, because he had no idea how she was going to react.

  "I've been thinking a lot about us lately." He tried to keep his voice as steady as he could as she turned around to face him.

  "Should I be worried, Drew?" He hated how nervous he was making her.

  He motioned her to come over to him and when she was beside him, he wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her briefly before putting his cards on the table. "No, it's nothing like that. It's just we haven't talked about the past, and there's still a part of me that's so fucking scared you're going to walk away again. I honestly don't think I could handle that again."

  To his surprise, she didn't look away from him, didn't try to back away from his touch. Instead, she pressed her palm to his cheek in a comforting way. "I didn't know you felt that way. I'm sorry." The emotion in her voice made him realize that having this conversation was necessary. They needed to do this to be able to move forward.

  He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "Baby, you don't have to apologize. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad. I just need to get it off my chest."

  She took a deep breath, and he wiped the tears that had fallen down her cheek with his thumb. "But I do need to apologize, Drew. When I left, I should have been considerate of how hard it was for you. I was so lost in my own grief and my own pain of leaving you that I was blinded by sadness. I should have talked to you, should have done things differently."

  They were at a crossroads, the point where any relationship became stronger after sharing a strong dose of honesty, so he told her exactly what he was thinking, exactly what would break him if he had to see it again. "I don't think I could survive watching you drive away like that again."

  She was sobbing, but not in a way that told him she was sad. She was finally letting go of the past, and in that moment, he did, too. "Drew, I'm not going anywhere. This is where I belong. I'm happy here, happy here with you."

  "What if you wake up one morning and you miss everything the city can offer you as a chef?" As much as he hated asking her that question, he had to. If he didn't, it would weigh on his mind, and he wouldn't be able to find peace.

  With her next words, she gave him the hope he never realized he needed until that very moment. "Nothing that could be offered to me professionally could ever compete with being here with you and starting a family."

  "Starting a family?" he repeated teasingly, yet serious enough for her to understand he wanted that with her more than anything else.

  "I want that with you, Drew. I want to get up in the morning and cook breakfast for you and our kids and watch you go and work on the ranch. I want to head to the diner and come home to our family and make dinner we all eat together. And I want to watch cartoons on the weekends, watch you read fairy tales to our kids, and go to bed with you. I want all of that with you, and I need to know you want it with me."

  He kissed her with all the love he had for her. In that one kiss, he hoped she could feel how much he wanted those things with her, how many times he'd dreamt of having exactly that. When he pulled away, he saw it in her eyes, the understanding that they were on the same page. "Baby, yes, I want all o
f that with you. Fuck, don't you ever doubt that. It's all I ever wanted."

  "I love you, Drew. I know we've been blessed with a second chance, and I won't let anything ruin it. You told me once that if I left, you would chase me. Well, I would, too." And he knew she would. They might have had a strong bond before this conversation, but he finally knew nothing life could throw their way could keep them apart.

  "I'm never letting you go again, Amanda," he told her, kissing her passionately.

  She pulled away laughing, running her fingers over her lips, making his cock hard as a rock even if he knew they didn't have the time to do anything about it. She looked at him with mischief in her eyes, like she knew exactly what he was thinking. "Okay now, let's eat. We have a wedding to get to." He stared at her as she swayed her hips, walking back to the kitchen counter. He was definitely a lucky man.

  Amanda glanced around the backyard of the ranch where she'd spent so many nights as a teenager, and she couldn't stop smiling. Everyone looked so happy to be there, to celebrate Cole and Jamie's wedding. It was a reminder that the people in this town weren't just your neighbors—they were also your family. The wedding had been beautiful, in perfect harmony with who Cole and Jamie were individually, but also with what they represented as a unit. They were strong and fierce, yet the feelings they had for each other were rooted in a healing process that not too many people would understand.

  The party was in full swing and everywhere Amanda looked, she noticed people eating and smiling. That reaction, that happiness, was why she enjoyed cooking. To be able to create a memory in someone's mind that reminds them every time they eat that food again of the joy they felt in that moment, there was nothing like it in the world. After making sure the staff was all set and arguing with Abby to enjoy the wedding and let the staff work, Amanda was ready to kick off her shoes and relish the night with her man. She didn't even have to look to know where he was—she could barely keep her eyes off him. Dressed in his tux, Drew was so hot, that all she wanted to do was take him off and get lost in him until morning.

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