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 part  #1 of  Callaway Series


Make Me Whole

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  More than happy to give him what he needed, Jamie lowered her body to the bed, making herself comfortable before slowly taking him to the back of her throat. “God, Jamie, that feels so fucking good.”

  She sucked him, moving her lips up and down, her hands playing with his balls. She knew he was close to coming, but before she could feel his release, he pulled her away. The next thing she knew, she was straddling him, holding his cock in her hand, pressing the tip against her wet entrance. “Did having your mouth around me get you this wet, baby?”

  “Yes.” As the words left her lips, she sank down on him, slowly taking every inch inside her. She loved that they had talked about making love without a condom the night before. They were both safe and Jamie was on the pill. There was just something about having no barriers between them that made it more intense.

  Jamie didn’t move, and she smiled when she heard Cole swear and hiss a breath as she clenched her inner walls around him. “Fuck, Jamie. Let me feel you ride me.”

  She was so close to her own orgasm and she hadn’t even moved yet. She should feel embarrassed about her body’s response to Cole, but she wasn’t. This man affected her so much, and Jamie never wanted it to stop. When his hands grabbed her waist, urging her to move, she lifted her hips and slowly started riding him. She was so wet she could feel herself dripping over Cole’s balls, and knew she wouldn’t last.

  “Fuck, Jamie. You’re so wet. I can feel how close you are. Don’t hold back, baby. I’m right there with you.” He found her swollen clit, brushed it with his thumb, and when he pressed harder, she went over the edge.

  “Cole…. Oh, my God…. Cole, don’t stop….” Her orgasm hit every single nerve in her body from her fingertips down to her toes. She rode out the wave and he joined her.

  “Fuck, Jamie, YESSS!”

  She fell on his chest, her body covered in sweat, his hands running up and down her back. “I don’t think I’ve ever come that fast before.” Her cheek was pressed against his neck, feeling his heartbeat, which was as out of control as her own, and she smiled at the satisfaction she felt.

  “You’re so responsive to me, baby. It’s the best feeling ever.” He kissed the top of her head and whispered, “I love you, baby.”

  “I love you, too.” She pressed a kiss to his torso and, in that moment, she felt as light as a feather, like nothing could get to her. That was something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

  “Does that mean you’ll come with me today?”

  “I thought we already did that this morning.” She couldn’t hold back her laughter and Cole slapped her ass, making her laugh harder.

  “Smart-ass. Come on. I really want to do this for you, but I want it to be a surprise.”

  “Okay. I’ll go with you.” She had no idea what she had just agreed to, but she trusted Cole, and that was all she really needed to know.

  Cole was getting breakfast ready when Jamie slipped into the study to call Becca. She wasn’t sure if she would answer, but not knowing how her friend was doing was driving her insane. She didn’t know what Cole had planned for her today but, judging by how nervous he was, she knew it was a big deal for him and wanted to be able to give him her full attention.

  Becca answered on the first ring. Jamie was relieved when she didn’t get her voicemail. “I wondered when you would call.”

  “I didn’t want to bug you to soon. How are you? And don’t try to bullshit me.”

  “Honestly, I’m not sure. I feel awful for what happened and for my family to have found out like that. It just kills me to think how little they must think of me now for keeping this from them. We always shared everything and now that they know about Josh, I hate that I lied to them back then.”

  “Oh, Becca, your family doesn’t hate you, and they sure as hell don’t think any less of you for not telling them about you and Josh. They’re so worried about you.”

  “It’s not their fault. God, I left. There’s no way they could have known it was because of a broken heart.” If Becca only knew how much they all blamed themselves for not being there for her, she would understand there was no reason to stay away.

  “Maybe you should talk to them, Becca. Cole is worried sick about you.”

  “I will. Just not right now. Thanks for calling Emilia, by the way. I really didn’t want to be alone.” Jamie smiled, knowing that her friend wasn’t alone, but she still felt guilty for being in Montana, happy and in love, while Becca was back in Austin.

  “I wish I was there with you, Bec.”

  “No. You’re exactly where you need to be, Jamie. You and Cole, I knew it was meant to be. You’re exactly what he needed and, honey, you haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

  “I love him, Becca. I love him like crazy.”

  “I’m so happy for you guys. I have to go, but tell them I’ll be home for Christmas, all right?”

  “I will and, Becca, they love you. Don’t forget that.”

  “I know. I love you.”

  “Love you, too.”

  Chapter Nine

  Jamie’s anxiety grew sitting in Cole’s truck with no idea where they were going. They had been driving for about two hours, and the man was giving her no indication of where they were heading. “Cole, where are we going?”

  “It’s a surprise.” She could hear the combination of excitement and nervousness in his voice, both of which were making her even more curious.

  “Okay, but not even a hint?” Jamie shifted in her seat, playing with the buttons of her jacket. Cole was extra secretive about his plan for the day and, even if she trusted him more than anything, nerves still fluttered in her stomach about not knowing where they were headed or what he had planned for them.

  “Nope. You know, you’re a little impatient, Miss Caldwell.”

  “Please just tell me where we’re going and I’ll stop asking you every five minutes.” Jamie knew she was making more out of this little trip than she should but couldn’t help herself. It was driving her crazy.

  “No way! You won’t break me, Jamie.” He laughed when she pouted and a frustrated sigh slipped through her lips. “We’re almost there.”

  An hour later, Cole pulled into the driveway of a beautiful country home, and Jamie’s nerves pushed to the surface. She had no idea where they were or who lived in this house. She wasn’t dressed to impress anybody and it made her a little uneasy. As the truck came to a full stop, Jamie took in her surroundings. The house was beautiful, modern and very simple, with a playset in the front yard and a pool on the side.

  When she looked at Cole and took in how nervous and secretive he had been with her about this little trip, it hit her. “This is Craig Cassidy’s place, isn’t it?”

  “If I say yes, is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Her eyes filled up with tears before a smile appeared on her face.

  “It’s a very good thing, Cole. Wow. Out of all the things I pictured you had planned for today, this was not even on my radar. You have no idea what this means to me. I tried to reach out to him after but I was unlucky.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks and leaned over the console to kiss the man she loved more than anything in the world. “Thank you.”

  “He’s really excited to see you, so let’s do this.” Before they could knock, the front door opened and Craig stood in the doorway, looking as shaky as Jamie.

  “Jamie, you have no idea how happy I am to see you.” Craig didn’t move toward her, but when she took a few steps closer to him, he opened his arms to her. Jamie hugged him so tightly she was pretty sure the man couldn’t breathe, but she couldn’t let go.

  “Thank you for saving my life.” She had pictured this moment a million times in her head, the instant when she would be able to thank the man who’d saved her. She never expected that she would be doing it like this, though—in his home, standing beside the man who had given her everything she had left behind in Darfur.

  “You put up a hell of a fight, Jamie, never forget that. Now, come in, you two. Ma
ry is dying to meet you, Jamie, and the kids are dying to see their Uncle Cole.” And just like that, any fear of how she would be received or about how awkward seeing Craig would be vanished into thin air.

  Cole gave her and Craig some time alone and she loved him even more for understanding she needed this. “I still can’t believe you and Cole served together.”

  “When he called me to tell me about you, I didn’t believe it at first. I’ve done a lot of rescues in my life, Jamie, but yours was different. We didn’t know what state you would be in, we didn’t know if we would even be able to get you out, but the minute I saw you, I knew you were a fighter and that you were going to do whatever it took to get back home.”

  She promised herself that she wouldn’t cry, but listening to Craig, she couldn’t hold back the tears. “The day you saved me was the day I was starting to give up. You saved my life, Craig.”

  “How are you doing in your recovery?” he asked. The concern in his voice and face didn’t escape her.

  “I’m doing much better since I’ve been working with Cole. He’s really pushed me when I needed it. It’s been a long road, but I finally see the light.”

  “You love him, don’t you?”

  She smiled at Craig, knowing he was about to get more than he bargained for. “More than anything, but I don’t love him because he helped me get better. I love him because he’s the most caring, genuine and self-giving man I’ve ever met. I love him because he loves his family more than anything, and I love him because he makes me want things I never thought I would have. He makes me whole.”

  Craig smiled down at her. “You know, when Cole came back, he was in bad shape. I’d go as far as to say you guys were pretty much on the same shit level, but the way he looks at you…. You’ve made him whole, too, Jamie.”

  Jamie and Mary spent the day playing with the kids outside in the snow while Cole and Craig caught up over a few beers. It all felt so normal to her. Once the kids were exhausted from being outside, they decided to bake Christmas cookies. Jamie loved kids, so being around Craig’s two daughters was a joy. They laughed and had cookie dough fights and, throughout the afternoon, she caught Cole looking at her a few times. His eyes were warm and inviting, like seeing her with his friend’s kids was the most beautiful thing in the world.

  “So, Jamie, do you know what you’ll do next? Are you going back out in the field?” Craig asked her while they were drinking beers.

  “To be honest, I have no idea what comes next. When I came home, my recovery seemed so far out of reach that going back was never an option. Now that I’m almost back to 90 percent capacity, I could be cleared to go back out, but I don’t know if that’s what I want. After what happened, I just don’t think I could survive anything like it again.” She knew Cole was uncomfortable with the conversation, since they hadn’t talked about what they would do once her therapy was complete. She wanted him to ask her to stay, but she didn’t know if he would, which scared her.

  “I don’t blame you, Jamie. Craig couldn’t tell me much about what happened to you over there but, honey, I have to say I’m really impressed by your strength and courage.” Mary’s words filled her with warmth and pride, even if they made her a little uncomfortable. She didn’t see herself as brave. She’d only survived—and barely, for that matter.

  “It’s funny, to this day what I remember most about that time is Craig walking into that room and kneeling down beside me to tell me he was there to take me home. I’ll say it again: you saved my life, Craig.”

  “You looked so broken when we rescued you. I wanted to reach out to you after but your file was classified. You went through one hell of a trauma, Jamie. Have you ever thought of working with others who have, too?”

  “Like what Cole does?” She hadn’t really given much thought to what would happen once her therapy time was over. Would Cole want something long-term with her? Could she really consider giving up on going back in the field to make a life in Montana with the man who was currently looking at her with as many questions in his eyes as her? They hadn’t really talked about the future, so she wasn’t quite sure how to handle the rest of this conversation without making things awkward.

  “Yeah. Cole’s patients are mostly men but there are a lot of women out there who have been through similar things and could use a helping hand. I think you would be great at it.”

  “I never thought about it. Do you think I could help some of your patients?” Jamie’s eyes were glued to Cole’s, trying to gauge his response to the possibility of her staying with him and working alongside him.

  “I think they would be lucky to have you work through their trauma with them.” Cole kissed her and pulled Jamie close to him. It wasn’t the response she hoped for, but this conversation had caught the both of them off-guard. She just hoped they’d have the chance for a proper conversation sometime soon.

  By the time they were back on the road, Jamie was exhausted by the day’s emotions. Seeing Craig, going through that time in her life again, spending time with their kids, their conversation about the future… it was all a bit too much for her to process. She didn’t know what she was going to do next because she didn’t know how Cole felt about the possibility of her staying in Montana, or how he felt about her being a permanent part of his future.

  He hadn’t said much during dinner, which confused her, and as much as she wanted to ask him about it, she also didn’t want to push a button that would unravel their relationship. “Thank you for giving me today. You don’t know what it means to me.” She closed her eyes and leaned against his shoulder, falling asleep for most of the drive back to the ranch.

  The following weeks flew by without Cole noticing the passage of time. Between Jamie’s therapy sessions and spending the nights with her up at his cabin, Cole hadn’t had much time to think about anything else but the many ways he wanted to make Jamie scream his name.

  After their morning’s therapy session, Cole suggested they go into town and grab lunch at the diner. The town was busy, with everybody trying to finish up their holiday shopping, but they managed to eat and get out of dodge before getting dragged into too many conversations with neighbors and friends. He loved how welcoming the entire town had been to her. They hadn’t hesitated to make her feel like she was part of their life, and that meant more to him than they could ever know.

  After watching her do yoga that morning and then seeing her lick her spoon during lunch, he needed to get her home and make love to her until they both couldn’t walk. Cole pushed her against the cab of his truck and caged her in using his body. “You want to go up to the cabin? It’s probably going to be the only alone time we have for a while, with Becca and Emilia coming tomorrow.”

  Jamie giggled and kissed his cheek, and he didn’t miss the flash of lust in her eyes. How a woman could be the perfect combination of innocence and lust at the same time still surprised him. “Are you asking me if I want to have my wicked way with you, Cole Callaway?”

  “I guess I am.” Her fingers grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling him closer. She leaned in, her lips touching his ear, close enough to whisper, “How fast can you get us home?” The answer was pretty damn fast. He had them parked in his driveway and inside the cabin in record time, probably breaking every traffic law getting there, but he didn’t care about anything other than being inside her.

  The second Jamie closed the front door Cole backed her up against it and slammed his mouth down on hers in a hot and hungry kiss. He took her jacket off while she slid her hands down his chest, lowering his zipper, and pushed his to the floor. Their mouths never left one another and their kiss grew hotter, needier. She moaned when he nipped her neck. His hands slipped under her shirt to palm her breasts and she whispered his name like a prayer.

  “Watching you in those yoga pants this morning, bending over and backwards, was pure torture. And then the way you licked your spoon at the diner reminded me of how you lick me when you’re on your knees. I almost came in my jeans.
Cole wanted to take his time, wanted to make love to her, but he couldn’t go slow. He needed to fuck her and, judging by the heat of her skin under his touch, she needed the same thing.

  He lifted her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. Her bra came off next and when he sucked her nipple, Jamie pleaded for him to give her what she needed. She bit down on his shoulder but he didn’t care. Her hands were on his chest, lifting off his shirt, and when he broke contact to discard it and saw her red face and glossy eyes, he needed her right then. “Fuck, Jamie, I can’t hold back.”

  “Fuck me, Cole. Don’t hold back. Just fuck me.” She undid his belt and slid his pants and underwear down. He was rock-hard and when she took him in her hands and started stroking him, he threw his head back, savoring the feel of her hand around him. But he needed more. He reached for her jeans and wiggled them down before lifting her up so she could step out of them.

  When she was finally naked in front of him, he took a deep breath, admiring the beauty before him. “You are so beautiful.”

  He kissed her neck as he slid a finger inside her. “So wet for me already. Wrap your sexy legs around me.”

  She did as he requested and screamed his name the second he plunged into her with one hard thrust. “Cole, you feel so good.”

  He wasn’t making love to her. He was fucking her like she had never been fucked before. His thrusts were hard, deep, and fast, and he could feel his orgasm building quickly. “Jamie, you feel so good. I’m not going to last, baby. Come for me.”

  Her nails scratched his back. He gave her one final thrust and came so hard his entire body shook. “Fuck me! Jamie… that was… amazing.”

  Cole carried Jamie to the sofa, slowly lowering her down beside him. He grabbed a blanket and covered their bodies.

  “Can we do that again?” she asked him, laughing, her fingers tracing circles on his chest.

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