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Forgive me callaway book.., p.12

Forgive Me (Callaway Book 2), page 12


Forgive Me (Callaway Book 2)

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  He pulled her closer to him as he talked to the clerk and handed him his credit card, and if she were asked to repeat what was said, she wouldn't be able to. The feel of his body against hers when her senses were already heightened, her body tuned into his, was making it hard for her to even stand without leaning on him. When he pressed his thigh between her legs over her dress, she muffled a soft cry in his shoulder. They were in the middle of a hotel lobby with a clerk in front of them, and he was making her want to hump his leg. When their eyes met, the need and lust in his matched hers.

  After the clerk handed them their room key, Drew walked them to the elevator. When the doors opened, whatever restraint he was holding onto was gone. He pushed her back against the elevator wall and as the doors closed, the rest of the world was shut out. He pushed down the fabric covering her breasts, and his mouth was on her like he would die if he didn't get a taste of her skin.

  "You are so fucking beautiful," he murmured before wrapping his mouth around her nipple, forcing a scream as she begged for more of the pleasure he was giving her.

  Her back arched instinctively into his mouth, silently demanding more. He massaged and squeezed her other breast, the sensations taking over her body making her dizzy. "Drew, please." She didn't know what she was begging for, she just needed more.

  This was so much more intense than anything they'd shared before, stronger than any other time they'd explored their bodies and brought each other pleasure. Every touch, every press of his lips on her was awakening something inside.

  He kissed the top of her breast, lifting the bottom of her dress around her waist, exposing her to him. He was eating her up with hungry eyes, and in that second, she felt like the prey. He groaned when he saw her black lace panties and started kissing his way up to her collarbone, neck and jaw as he pressed his jean-covered erection against the fabric. "Fuck, babe, I can feel how wet you are."

  She couldn't form the words to say anything. What was she supposed to say? All she could manage was a whimper as she begged him for more. He took possession of her mouth with his, kissing her like he had never done before. She could feel every emotion going through his body in that kiss, and she kissed him back feverishly, hoping he could feel hers, as well. His tongue pushed its way past her lips, making love to her mouth, claiming her. He grabbed her ass and lifted her, giving her the chance to wrap her legs around his waist.

  "So good. More," she managed to say before kissing him like the mad woman he was turning her into. She felt him grin against her lips before he rocked his erection into her, showing her just how hard he was for her. Their position made her feel everything, every push into her, every rock of his hips designed to drive her to the edge.

  Her release was building fast, and she knew it would blow her mind. He nipped her jaw before licking and sucking the sensitive spot behind her ear, no doubt leaving his mark on her body. She couldn't hold back much longer, the need for release claiming her.

  "I know you're close, babe. Your whole body is tight, desperate for relief. Let me feel you come, let me feel what I do to you. Let go, Amanda." With one more rock of his hips, he sent her over, blinding her with pleasure.

  "Oh, God, Drew. Yesssss." He was relentless, pumping his hips into her, prolonging her orgasm that seemed to go on forever, making her see stars.

  After what seemed like an eternity, the elevator dinged and the doors opened on their floor. She buried her face in the crook of his neck as he carried her to their room, her body limp after the orgasm he had given her. "I got you," was what she thought he said as he leaned her back against the wall to grab their key from his back pocket.

  He walked them to the edge of the bed before lowering them onto it. She kept her legs wrapped around his waist, not wanting to lose the closeness they shared.

  She didn't know how long they stayed like that, wrapped around each other, looking into each other's eyes, building a connection like nothing else she'd ever experienced in her life. When he didn't move and she saw his eyes close, she wrapped her hands around the back of his neck. Once he opened them again, she whispered, "Are you okay?"

  He smiled down at her, the same smile he wore every time she told him she loved him. "I'm more than okay." He lowered his face down to hers and ran his thumb across her lower lip before closing the distance. As passion-fueled as their elevator kiss had been, this one was softer, more emotional. He took his time exploring every inch of her mouth, kissing and teasing her slowly, driving her crazy with need. He moved his lips across her face, pressing soft kisses to her cheeks, her nose, and her forehead. She felt adored in that moment, and she knew she would remember this for the rest of her life.

  She felt so treasured that a single tear fell down her cheek. Seeing the concern on Drew's face as he kissed her tear, she knew she had to reassure him. She pressed her palms on his cheeks, "I love you, Drew."

  "I love you, too." He kissed her and when she slipped her hands under his shirt, it was like his restraint snapped again. He attacked her mouth, and she kissed him back with a passion that matched his.

  He untangled her legs from his waist. Kissing the inside of both of her thighs, he lifted her dress off her body, exposing her body to his inch by inch. He kissed every part of her he revealed until she was squirming underneath him, desperate for more. "Lift your arms for me." She shivered with joy at how shaky his voice was, and she knew he was as affected as she was. She did as he asked and when her dress was finally off and on the floor, he leaned back and took in her body like he couldn't get enough of her. Any reservations she might have had about being naked in front of him vanished.

  "You are so perfect. I want to kiss every inch of you," he told her as he kissed the top of one foot, then the next. God, she never wanted it to stop.

  He slowly kissed his way up her ankles and calves, but she needed to see more of him. "Take off your shirt," she ordered, feeling bold, which he seemed to appreciate. He smiled at her as he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor beside her dress.

  The man was magnificent and even though she'd seen him shirtless a million times, there was something different about that moment, a longing for that physical connection. "I want to touch you." She lifted her upper body off the bed, resting on her elbows.

  "If you touch me right now, I'll lose it, Amanda." The mix of honesty and need in his voice took her by surprise. There was something so erotic about having that kind of power over him, the power to make him lose control.

  He kissed his way up her legs, exploring every inch of her as promised. When he reached her panties, he pressed his mouth against her wet core over the lace, sending mini shocks down to her toes. He laid a series of pecks along the waistband before pulling them down her legs, so slowly she thought she might die of anticipation.

  She was completely naked in front of him, yet she felt no need to cover herself up. The way he looked at her made her skin flush, and close to drowning her in desire. "You're so wet." He spoke so low that she wasn't sure she had ever heard his voice like that before. She wasn't sure how much more she could handle before going up in flames.

  "Drew, please, I need you inside of me," she begged, but he wasn't having any of it.

  "Let me get my fill first, baby. I want to feel you come against my mouth." He didn't give her time to process his words before he buried his face in her pussy, making her scream his name. She was so sensitive and he was relentless, licking and sucking like a man who couldn't get enough. She needed to see his face, so she used her elbows for leverage. When their eyes locked, she felt the vibrations from his growl down to her toes.

  "Oh, God, Drew. Don't stop."

  He swirled his tongue around her clit, using her wetness to coat his finger before sliding it inside of her, pumping slowly at first, giving her time to adjust.

  "So fucking sweet." He ate her pussy like a starved man. Before she knew it, he slipped another finger inside of her, sending her into a mind-blowing orgasm that took away her ability to think or speak. He
r mouth opened as he kept fucking her with his fingers, but nothing came out. Her vision went dark and she threw her head back, her body bowing as the release took hold.

  "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen." She turned her head as he spoke; she had no idea when he'd stripped off his pants and underwear, or even when he'd lay down beside her.

  "I think I stopped breathing there for a moment. That was intense." She turned sideways, her hands wandering up and down his arms, his erection pressing into her.

  "I need to be inside of you." She could hear the pain in his voice, and she couldn't help but laugh a little.

  "I'm ready." Apparently, that was all the encouragement he needed. He grabbed her by the waist and hauled her over him so she straddled him, the head of his erection teasing her entry.

  "Do we need a condom?" Shit, she had been so far gone she had forgotten all about protection. But she didn't want anything between them.

  "I'm on the pill," she said, her body humming with need.

  He rested his forehead on hers. "I've never not used a condom before baby. Fuck, I love you so much."

  "I love you, too." She looked at him as she slowly sank down his cock inch by inch, fighting the pain of the intrusion.

  This has to be what Heaven is like. It was Drew's only thought as he watched Amanda straddle him and slowly, ever so goddamn slowly, sink down on him. He wanted her to feel comfortable, to feel like she was in control, but watching her beautiful body, flushed from her previous orgasms, taking his cock, he wasn't sure he could control himself much longer.

  When she took the last of him, his eyes went to her face, and he hated seeing pain in her expression. He grabbed her hips, holding her in place, giving her time to adjust to his size. When she opened her eyes after what seemed like an eternity and he saw the desire there, all of his worries disappeared.

  "You have to move," he told her, holding his breath, desperate for relief. He knew he wouldn't last long when he felt her pussy grip his cock like a vise. After the elevator and still having her taste on his lips, it was all too much.

  "I don't know what to do, Drew." She sounded so innocent, but her desperation matched his.

  "Just move up and down, baby. Put your hands on my chest to help you." When she dropped her hands to his pecs, he tightened the hold he had on her hips and swore when she started moving. She felt so good, he thought he might die.

  He checked her face for any sign of discomfort, but with her head thrown back and her eyes closed, he knew she was right there with him. She moved slowly at first, unsure of herself, but the more comfortable she became, the harder she rode him. Before he knew it, she was moving up and down and rocking back and forth, finding the perfect rhythm. When she squeezed his cock with her pussy, he knew she was close. He fought back his release, waiting for her. "Look at me." He wanted to see her, wanted them to share that moment together.

  When she looked down on him, her bottom lip between her teeth and her hair all around her shoulders, sweat dripping off her body, he lost it. He held her down and started pumping his hips upwards, fucking her hard. "Oh, God. Drew…I'm going to come."

  "Me, too. Let it go." He released her hips and used his thumb to rub down on her clit. She exploded around him. Her whole body shook as she screamed his name loud enough for the people next door to hear, but he didn't give a shit. Her orgasm squeezed him so hard he went over with her, shouting her name like an answered prayer.

  She fell forward, her breasts pressed against his chest, his arms wrapped around her, holding her as close and tight as he could. He pushed back the hair that was covering half her face and found himself smiling at the well-fucked expression he saw there.

  "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" he asked, needing to know if he had been too rough.

  "It was perfect." Her voice was sleepy, and she pressed a lazy kiss on his lips before dropping her head back to his chest. They stayed like that, with him still buried inside of her, as they fell asleep, exhausted. He couldn't remember a time in his life where he had been happier.

  Chapter Nine

  Although surrounded by his family and the familiarities of the ranch, the only thing Drew could think about was how amazing his night with Amanda had been. The way she'd responded to his touch, to his demands had brought him to a level of bliss he'd never experienced before. The memory of her body moving along with his, the way her back arched silently asking for more. Nothing could erase the image of her coming undone in front of his eyes, her body in a perpetual state of bliss he was responsible for. Sure, that probably made him seem like a caveman, but he didn't care, because the kind of connection they'd shared was worth more than anything else he had in his life.

  Everywhere he looked, the ranch was buzzing with a kind of energy that brought people together. As everyone hustled to get things ready for Cole and Jamie's rehearsal dinner, Drew leaned back on the front porch rails, his mind drifting off to that morning. He smiled to himself, remembering how amazing it had been to wake up with Amanda's naked body pressed against his after a night of making love more times than he could count. Her body had been so relaxed next to his, her head on his chest with her arm draped over him.

  He had wanted so badly to let her sleep, to give her a chance to rest, but feeling her soft body against him, her skin burning up as his hands roamed over her soft skin, he knew he hadn't stood a chance. He'd pushed her hair back away from her face and her eyes had opened to him, giving him the perfect view that told him more than words could ever do.

  Filled with lust and desire, you'd swear they were two horny teenagers, especially after how hard and heavy they'd gone at it the night before. "Good morning, beautiful."

  "Good morning." He loved hearing her voice hoarse from pleasure. There was something primal about knowing the woman you loved had spent the night screaming your name, begging you for more.

  Kissing the top of her hair, his hand on her ass, he'd asked her the question that had been weighing on his mind. "How are you feeling?" At one point during the night before, he'd been so scared he had pushed her too far. He had been lost in the emotion, how good it felt to finally take their relationship to that level, that he'd all but forgotten she had been a virgin.

  She'd looked up at him and gave him the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen. In that moment, he'd promised himself to do whatever it took to make her smile like that every day for the rest of their lives. "I'm perfect. You?"

  He laughed at her question because he couldn't remember a time when he'd ever been happier than right there and then. "I spent the whole night making love to the woman I love. I woke up with her pressed against me, and now, I'm about to start my morning showing her much I love her sassy ass, so I'd say I'm better than perfect." He'd flipped her on her back, positioning himself between her spread thighs, his body weighing down on top of her. His woman loved him on top, one of the many things he'd learned the night before which he planned on using to his advantage, every chance he got.

  "She's a lucky lady then." She'd ran her hands down his back, down to his ass, squeezing him lightly.

  "Nah, I'm the lucky one." And he had meant that with every fiber in his body. He'd kissed her passionately and urgently until he had her squirming under him, begging for more, and God, had he given her more. One of the best things about Amanda was that no matter how much he gave, she was right there with him, letting her body take over, meeting him thrust for thrust. They'd spent the rest of the morning in bed, making love and ordering room service until it was time for them to leave.

  "What's up with you?" He turned around abruptly at the sound of Cole's voice. Shit, he had been so damn lost in the memory of Amanda he hadn't heard him come out. Talk about being caught red-handed.

  "What do you mean?" he asked, hoping his brother couldn't read his mind. One look at the man, who had been there for him through thick and thin, seeing how happy his brother was, made him emotional. It was still hard for Drew to wrap his head around the fact that his brother was getting married, y
et he could not have imagined a better woman for him than Jamie. They had the kind of love people dreamed of, the kind he dreamed he and Amanda would build over a lifetime together.

  Cole sat down on the bench in front of him, the same one where they'd shared more than one heavy conversation over the years. "You're smiling and acting like you're on top of the world."

  Drew ran his fingers through his hair, trying to figure out where his brother was going with this. "That's a bad thing because?" he asked him honestly. Cole had been one of the first to criticize his way of life, and he had also been the first one to make him see he could be the man Amanda needed, the man who could make her happy.

  "I didn't say it was a bad thing. What were you thinking about?" The grin on Cole's face told him his brother knew exactly what he had been thinking.

  He smiled and put his hands in the pockets of his black jeans. "Do you believe in second chances?" he asked.

  "Yeah, I do. Is this about Amanda?" Damn, the man didn't mess around; he always went straight for the heart.

  "Yeah, I guess it is." There was a time in Drew's life when he honestly thought he would never see Amanda again, that he would never get over her and have the chance to move on with his life.

  But looking back, he was quickly coming to the conclusion that the past had been meant to be. The pain, the heartache, the emptiness inside of him had made him into a better man, the type of man who could give Amanda the love and devotion she truly deserved.

  "You guys getting pretty serious?" If Cole would have asked him that question a few months back, he wouldn't have known how to answer it. However, all that had changed, and he was holding on to it.

  "I feel like we've been given a second chance to get it right, you know. I've never felt like this with anybody else, like if I don't hold her or kiss her, I can't breathe." The thought of being that dependent on a woman should've scared him, but it didn't. This wasn't just a woman, she was Amanda—the love of his life. If he was being honest with himself, he would say it felt like destiny.

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