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 part  #1 of  Callaway Series


Make Me Whole

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  She watched him move across the room as he got their drinks and was mesmerized by how the man just seemed to relax into a steady rhythm. When he caught her staring at him, he gave her a famous Callaway smile before turning the tables on her. “You know, I don’t think I have ever met someone who turns me inside out just by looking at me. You, Jamie Caldwell, are sure making me think things I haven’t thought about in a long time.”

  He walked toward her with their drinks in his hands. With the moonlight shining through the back door, she saw a glimmer of intensity in his eyes. It should have scared her or made her feel unbalanced, but her breath quickened in response to the way he looked at her. She took a minute to admire his body. His shoulders and chest were broad. And there was just something about the way he held himself that she found incredibly sexy.

  “You keep staring at me like that and we are going to have a problem.” He’d moved closer to her. He stood inches away from her when she looked up at him and their eyes locked, sending electricity through her entire body.

  “Well then, maybe we should find a solution to that problem.” She watched Cole set the glasses of whiskey on the corner table. He wrapped one hand around her waist and the other around her neck, then pulled her in close to him, near enough that she could feel his heartbeat and the heat rolling off his body.

  “Are you sure about this?” She knew he needed to hear her say the words, not just for himself but for her, as well. This was a milestone moment for her, and she cherished the knowledge she’d found someone she trusted enough to let this part of her past go with him.

  Jamie wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head to her. Their lips were almost touching, and when she whispered the words, “I have never been more sure of anything in my life,” he took what he desperately needed.

  Cole’s kiss was gentle and urgent at the same time. She could feel his need in the way his lips pressed against hers. With her fingers in his hair, clinging to him, she let go of all her fears and doubts, letting him take her where she desperately needed to be, in his arms. His hands roamed her back until they settled on her ass, and when she was pulled flush against his body, she moaned at the feel of his erection against her.

  She’d never thought she would feel this alive again, but Cole’s skin burning up underneath her touch and sensing his body’s response to their kiss, was all she would ever need to be happy for the rest of her life. When she moaned softly, he took advantage of the space she’d created and nipped her bottom lip, urging her to open wider for him. She obliged, desperate to feel more of him. The minute his tongue touched hers, she felt him lose his control. He had one hand on her ass, one on her neck, yet they still weren’t close enough. They fell on the sofa and she straddled him, her hands roaming underneath his shirt.

  Jamie wouldn’t consider herself bold in bed, but right then with Cole, emotions swirled through her. Jamie’s need for him was so strong, she didn’t want to wait for him. Instead, she wanted to make him feel as out of control as he was making her. Taking the hem of his shirt in her trembling hands, she slowly bared his chest, tossing the shirt on the floor beside them.

  “You’re perfect,” she whispered before kissing his collarbone, slowly making her way down his chest with her lips.

  She enjoyed the way his body reacted to her touch. When he groaned as she licked his nipple, she bit him then licked him again, driving him right to the edge. His hands tangled in her hair, holding her down when she pressed her mouth to his chest.

  “Jamie.” His coarse voice brought a smile to her swollen lips. Kissing her way down his chest to his waist, she popped the button of his jeans open, but before she could do more, Cole’s hands were on her hips, lifting her. She looked up at him, confused, but the words he whispered next made the flames burn hotter.

  “Honey, I am not making love to you for the first time in anything but a bed,” he said before slamming his mouth down on hers. Jamie ground down on him with her legs wrapped around his waist as he carried her to the bedroom.

  “Cole, I want you.” Her voice shook, her breathing erratic. Need and desire pulsed through her body with every beat of her heart.

  “You have me, Jamie,” he whispered in her ear before laying her on his bed. He unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off her. She squirmed beneath his touch, and when he looked up at her, she tried to hide herself from him, which just wasn’t going to happen.

  He climbed over her, straddling her hips. His erection pressed against his jeans as he rubbed himself over her clit. Bending down, he took her face in his hands, and she moaned his name as feelings invaded her. Her emotions were all over the place, but she needed more of him. She ground her hips into him, hoping it would send him over, but he held her down, his erection pressing hard against her.

  “You feel that, don’t you? How hard you make me? How much I want you?” To prove his point, he rolled his hips, pressing his erection harder once more. “Don’t ever hide yourself from me. Don’t ever be embarrassed of me seeing you naked because, baby, these curves”—his hands roamed over her body—“drive me crazy.”

  Cole didn’t let her speak, just kissed her senseless. This kiss was different. It was full of need and passion. She bucked her hips, desperately seeking the friction, wanting to let herself go. She dug her fingers into his back, urging him to give her what she wanted. She had never been this responsive to a man’s touch before. He made her feel more alive than she ever thought possible.

  He rolled off the bed, stripped out of his jeans and underwear, and she couldn’t stop looking at him. His body was pure perfection; wide shoulders and arms that were her undoing. His chest was hard and defined from working out and hard labor. She gasped when her eyes landed on his cock. “Fuck, Jamie, don’t look at me like that,” he said, slipping off her underwear as she took off her shirt.

  “Look at you like what?” she asked in a seductive tone, licking her lips. She could barely gather any brain cells to make a full sentence. The man turned her into a pool of lust.

  “Like you want to eat me up,” he told her, pressing his lips to her hips, kissing his way down until his face was buried in her core.

  “Maybe I do want to eat you up,” she said, feeling his groan against her skin. He felt so good and the man knew how to use his tongue. She thought she might die right there. “Oh, my God. Cole… please….” She was close, could feel her body tightening up. He slipped two fingers inside her and her hips bucked off the bed.

  “Yes, Cole!” His tongue worked her clit and his fingers curled inside her, hitting that perfect spot. He made her come so hard she almost passed out.

  “Fuck,” was all she said as she came all over his face.

  When she came back down from her orgasm, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up over her body. “Kiss me, Cole.” She wasn’t asking, she was telling him. When his lips touched her mouth, one hand beside her head, the other on her breast, she wrapped her hand around his shaft as he rocked forward.

  “Cole, I need you inside me,” she said, her forehead on his, pulling him to her entrance with her hand. She knew he wouldn’t deny her, not this.

  “Fuck, baby, I don’t think I can go slow,” he panted, swearing under his breath when he felt how wet she was. She knew he was as gone as she was.

  “I don’t need slow, Cole. I just need you.” He pulled away a moment, reached for his discarded jeans and retrieved a condom from his wallet. She took it from him and ripped the packet open with her teeth. She heard him hiss a breath as she rolled the condom down his length. Moving her hips forward, she took him inside her. He stretched her and for a few seconds, there was the slightest sting of pain, but her body quickly adjusted to him and the pain was replaced by raw need.

  “Fuck, Jamie. You’re so tight,” Cole said with a groan, his face buried against her neck, licking and kissing her skin.

  “Cole, move… now.” He moved slowly, so slowly she thought she might die if he didn’t speed up. Every touch, every whisper, ever
y gasp seemed intensified by the power of her growing feelings for him.

  Jamie’s hands were on his back as he moved in and out of her. She was lost in the pleasure, in the sensations of this connection she shared with him. Jamie couldn’t take her eyes off Cole’s. The intimacy of what they were sharing hit her like a brick wall and she came hard around him, screaming his name at the top of her lungs. Cole followed her over the edge a few seconds after.

  They stayed like that for what seemed to be forever. “Wow,” she whispered as he slid out of her and lay beside her.

  “Wow, indeed. That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he confessed, pulling her close to him so her head was on his chest.

  “I never thought I would get to feel this kind of freedom again. Everyone kept telling me I would find the right man one day, but I never had faith in that. And then I drove up your dirt road and saw you, and something clicked back to life in me.” She spoke the words softly, her fingers tracing the phoenix on his arm, paying attention to it for the first time.

  The minute she heard the words leave her mouth, Jamie wanted to take them back, scared she might chase him away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that and scare you.”

  Cole tilted her head back so they were eye to eye before he spoke. “You didn’t scare me, Jamie. I’ve never felt like this about anyone else. When my dad used to talk about how fast he fell for my mom, I never believed it was possible. But then this gorgeous brunette with curves that make me rock-hard drove up my driveway,” he said with a grin. “And the minute I saw her, I knew what my dad had been talking about all those years.” He lowered his head and pressed a soft kiss on her lips, letting her head rest on his chest.

  Jamie woke up wrapped around Cole’s warm, hard body with her head on his chest, feeling his heart beat against her, and she found herself smiling. He had one hand on her ass, holding her tightly against his body, and she took the opportunity to look at him. He seemed so peaceful in sleep, face relaxed with a small smile.

  She traced the scars on his chest, starting at the collarbone, down to his pectoral, then on to his abs and belly button. He had more than a dozen different scars. From what she could tell, they all came from either a knife or bullet wounds. She had to bite back the tears forming in her eyes for what this man had been through, serving his country. She moved the covers off his body, looking at his fully erect cock, and let out a sigh of appreciation at the perfection that was Cole Callaway. She licked her lips, staring at him, and when his hand squeezed her ass, she tried to bite back a soft moan of pleasure. It felt so good she couldn’t contain it, though, which made him do it again.

  He’d never thought waking up with a soft, warm woman tangled up with him could feel this good, but doing so with Jamie pressed against his body, her hands roaming over his chest, he could honestly say it didn’t get much better than this. Her fingertips traced every scar on his torso and for the first time since coming back from Afghanistan, he felt like sharing everything with her, like the stories behind every scar, because he knew she would understand, wouldn’t run scared. But when her fingers kept tracing downward to his abs and he felt the covers being pulled away, all he could think about was having her mouth on him. She shifted her body and when her lips met his skin, his hips tilted forward, making her laugh. Her laughter was the best foreplay he had ever had.

  “You know, I could get used to waking up like this every morning.” Cole lifted her hair, pulling it away from her face as her lips traced the outline of his abs, slowly making their way closer to the part of his body that was screaming for them.

  “Is that so?” She pushed her head back so they were looking each other in the eyes and gave him a smile.

  “You’re killing me here, Jamie.” When she nipped his thigh and licked the same spot, he thought he would die, but what a way to go. He swore under his breath and she looked at him with satisfaction in her eyes. This little vixen was slowly becoming Cole’s perfect match. “Stop playing, Jamie.” His voice was hoarse and his jaw was so tight he thought it might break from the tension.

  She used her tongue to trace the head of his cock, drawing circles, tasting the pre-cum leaking there. Then she licked him from the tip down to his balls like a lollipop before taking him in her mouth until he was buried deep in her throat. He swore and thanked God at the same time the minute her mouth covered his length. Her eyes were locked on his, and shit if that didn’t turn him on even more. When she rocked her hips forward, he knew she was as turned on as he was.

  She moaned and swallowed as he was buried in her mouth, and he thought he might come right then and there. “Fuck, Jamie. Shit…. That feels so good.” Cole grasped her hair, wrapping it around his hand, needing to see her face, to look her in the eyes, as she took him deeper. Her mouth felt so good around him, hot and wet, sucking him with her lips tightly wrapped around his hard length.

  She took him all the way down and when he was buried deep in her throat, she took his balls in her hands and squeezed as she swallowed around him. “Jamie… hell, do that again.”

  His release was close, but he didn’t want to come in her mouth, so he pulled her up so she straddled his waist. Wet heat pressed against him. Jamie’s hips rocked with his in a natural rhythm. Lowering her face, she pressed her lips to his in a hard and demanding kiss. She moved over him and he grabbed her ass, helping her move along, finding the rhythm he knew would set her off like a rocket.

  He bit her lower lip and when she opened her mouth to moan, he slipped his tongue against hers, and turned the heat all the way up to ten, making love to her mouth and tasting every inch of her. “You are so wet, babe. Did driving me crazy with this luscious mouth of yours get you hot?”

  “Yes.” She slid her hand down between them and wrapped it around his erection, pushing her hips off his body.

  Groaning, he angled around her, reached for a condom and sheathed himself.

  “I need to feel you inside me,” she said before she lowered herself, taking him inside her.

  “Shit! Jamie, you’re squeezing me so fucking tight…. I’m not going to last, babe.” He grabbed her waist as she rode up and down his cock. Jamie was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, especially with her hands on his chest, rocking over him and moving up and down. Her hair was a tangled mess and flowing down onto her shoulders, her neck red from his stubble, her cheeks flushed and her eyes glossy. She was perfect.

  He felt her orgasm building as she rode him into oblivion, looking like a goddess with her hair falling over her face. Her nails dug into his chest and he was sure he would have bruises, but he didn’t care. He felt her whole body tighten when she started pumping faster over him. “Cole, I’m so close…. Please.” He brought his hand to her clit and rubbed circles around it with his thumb.

  “Fuck, Jamie…. Yes!” Cole came with her as her body crashed down over his. They didn’t move, just stayed like that, him buried deep inside her and bodies pressed together as he ran his hands over her back.

  “Now that’s a wake-up call I could get used to.” She lay down beside him, still panting.

  He laughed and pulled her close to him after removing and discarding the condom. In sated bliss, they fell asleep.

  When Cole woke up a few hours later, he was alone in the bed. He stood, grabbed his jeans from the floor and headed straight for the kitchen. As he walked down the hall, he could hear Jamie singing along to an old George Strait song, and the sight of her in his kitchen wearing nothing but his T-shirt, dancing around, was enough to last him a lifetime.

  “Morning. You know, seeing you in nothing but my T-shirt is a hell of a sight.” He held her close, her back pressed against his chest, and inhaled her scent—lavender and a hint of him. If he were the possessive type, he might have thumped his chest at that moment like a caveman.

  “I like wearing your clothes.” She pressed her ass into his crotch and wiggled as she laughed, her head thrown back against his shoulder. “I’m making pancakes. Are you hungry? Beca
use I am starving.”

  “I’m starved. Someone worked me over real good this morning.” Cole smiled and walked over to the counter to pour himself a cup of coffee.

  “She’s one lucky woman then.” He watched as Jamie flipped the pancakes onto a plate and set it down on the table with the fresh fruit she’d found in the basket.

  “This was a really good idea, Cole, coming up here. This place is fantastic. Feels like home.” The minute the words left her mouth, he saw her blush and damn if she wasn’t the cutest little thing.

  “You think so? When I got back, I wanted a place that was mine, so my brothers and I built this place. I feel like it’s mine, you know.” He remembered the first night he had come up to the cabin, once the construction had been completed, hoping it would someday be where he would settle down with his family, where he would watch his kids grow up, and grow old with his wife. The cabin had an open-space concept with a large living room, dining room and kitchen with high ceilings and wooden beams. The fireplace in the corner of the living room was where he’d pictured reading a story to his kids on a snowy day. He’d put in a lot of work in renovating the master bedroom and bathroom and making sure there were two spare rooms and two more bathrooms, but he never cared what anyone thought about the cabin until this moment. He wanted Jamie to like it. No, he wanted her to love it.

  “I really do. It’s beautiful. All the open space, the windows—and my God, the furniture—are just to die for. When you said cabin, at first I thought it would be a little country cabin, but this, Cole… this is a home. This is a place where you raise a family, a place where you grow old sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs.” For a few moments, he didn’t speak and she reached for his hand on the table. “I’m sorry if I said something out of place.”

  Cole squeezed her hand. “You didn’t say anything wrong. When I renovated this place, I wanted it to be a space where I could see myself settling down, raise a family, so I’m just enjoying the fact that you feel like this is somewhere all that could happen.” He slipped his hands around her waist then down over her ass as he kissed and nipped her neck. “Would you like to join me for a shower?”

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