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Ice Queen (Futanari Erotica Fairy Tales)

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Ice Queen (Futanari Erotica Fairy Tales)

  Ice Queen

  (Futanari Erotica Fairy Tales #5)


  Julie Law

  Copyright ©2014

  All Rights Reserved

  Table of Contents


  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3



  Tatiana was born at the height of winter to Queen Catherine and King Peter, rulers of Adalia. She was their second child, coming unexpected when the king and queen had already given up hope for another heir.

  After the birth, the physicians cleaned the newborn and gave her to the queen, letting the woman see her daughter for the first time.

  Tatiana had a few curly strands of very fine hair, blonde like her father’s and she kept her eyes closed most of the time. She smiled freely, a small toothless smile that warmed those around her.

  It didn’t take long for her to become the joy of the royal family.

  Her mother would never leave her for long, clutching her as gently as she could, keeping her warm and safe.

  The king, a stout and broad-shouldered man, was seemingly reluctant to touch Tatiana, looking from his hands to the newborn amazed at how small she was.

  Katya, Tatiana’s older sister, simply looked at the baby and wondered why her parents where so focused on that tiny rugged thing, but then the baby raised her hand and grabbed Katya’s fingers.

  The six year old looked at the tiny fingers for a while, but then she smiled, happy and bright, turning towards her parents and showing them her sister’s grip.

  The two rulers smiled warmly, but Katya didn’t pay attention, her eyes focused once again on little Tatiana, gently running her hands through the baby’s curly hair, making her smile and giggle.

  The two girls were never apart while they grew up. Despite their age differences, Katya made sure to take her little sister with her whenever she went and Tatiana followed her willingly.

  More than once the girls amused the servants and those on the palace, as Tatiana tried to walk at her sister’s side, moving as fast as she could, her little legs wobbling.

  When she couldn’t keep up, or felt tired, she told Katya to pick her up and Katya always did, happily holding the smaller girl against her side.

  The years went by with the girls living happily and unworried, growing strong.

  Katya and Tatiana were the kingdom’s beautiful princesses, their parents’ pride and joy, and yet, despite loving each other very much, they could be as different as night and day.

  Katya was brash, arrogant and adventurous. She liked to fight with a sword or a spear, she rode far away in her horse, running from her guards and she loved to play pranks to feel free and unburdened by her duties.

  The king would always scold her for her behavior in public, but in private he would wink and smile at her, knowing she was a restless spirit.

  The queen was harsher and lectured Katya about her wrongdoings, telling her she was the crown princess and should behave as such. She would punish the redhead, ordering her to do some menial task, but would never stay mad for long, and soon enough Katya saw herself free once again.

  Tatiana was sweet, humble and demure. She always obeyed her parents, paid attention on her lessons, and never made trouble.

  The only moments when she let her temper get the best of her and did something she shouldn’t where when Katya provoked her, trying to get a rise out of her little sister, to get her out of her shell.

  Katya wanted Tatiana to be more adventurous and daring, wanted the young blonde to be like her.

  It rarely worked, and most of the time the two sisters ended up arguing with each other, but the few times in which Katya made Tatiana help her prank someone or accompany her into the wilds where some of Katya’s most cherished memories.

  Physically, the girls were very similar once someone accounted for their age difference.

  Their jaws were cut the same way; their noses were similar as were their mouths. Once you discounted the baby fat Tatiana sported on her cheeks you could almost say their faces were copies of each other.

  Only age, hair and eye color distinguished them apart.

  Katya’s hair was a fiery red, some said it was as fiery as her temper, and she had her father’s blue eyes. Tatiana was the opposite, with her father’s hair and her mother’s eyes, contrasting with her sister.

  People said the princesses had the ability to enchant those around them, being dearly loved by everyone, from the lowest servant to the highest noble. One noble even said that they could make the sourest man laugh and the angriest relax.

  Tatiana and Katya didn’t care much for that, they simply enjoyed their life of dreams and joy; an almost perfect life – until the day Tatiana celebrated her twelfth birthday.

  It was when Tatiana collapsed for the first time at the end of a night of celebration and the royal family realized there was something very wrong with their youngest princess.

  Chapter 1

  “I can’t believe my father is making me go through with this.” Katya said angrily, the nineteen years old princess looking at her image on the mirror and scowling.

  Louise, Katya’s childhood playmate and friend, put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. “You knew sooner or later this had to happen. It’s your duty, Katya.”

  “I know that, but a ball?” The crown princess replied turning towards the brunette. “At a time like this when my sister lies in bed dying and no one knows why?”

  Louise spoke softly, knowing her words wouldn’t comfort her friend. “That’s what makes this so urgent. If something happens to your sister, you become your father’s sole heir. You need to marry to strengthen your position on the realm, and this dance is the perfect occasion for you to meet some of those who want to be your husband.”

  “I don’t care about any of that.” Katya replied, shaking her head. She couldn’t think about finding a suitable suitor, not when her little sister remained abed, unconscious most of the time.

  Katya couldn’t help but shudder as she remembered the look on her father’s face when he finished speaking with the physicians the night Tatiana collapsed for the first time.

  He had looked haggard, weary and so old.

  In his gaze Katya had seen her sister’s death and she couldn’t help but tremble when she thought about it.

  “You need to worry about it and you shouldn’t give up hope. Tatiana could recover.” Louise lied, knowing the younger princess probably wouldn’t live long, but she couldn’t let Katya despair. Nothing good would come out of it.

  Louise herself felt for Tatiana.

  The younger princess was like family to her, someone who had always been there since Louise became Katya’s companion. The brunette could easily remember how after she got sick, the blonde had confronted Katya, asking her older sister about what was really going on.

  Tatiana knew she wasn’t well, but her parents didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, trying to protect her.

  So she came to Katya, the person who would always tell her the truth.

  Louise remembered Katya’s tears as the crown princess kneeled and took the blonde into her arms, hugging her with all her strength and telling Tatiana everything would be alright.

  Tatiana believed her, and Katya felt guilty because of it.

  “Tatiana won’t recover.” Katya said at last, voice flat. “Not if we don’t do something about it.”

  “What do you …” Louise started only to freeze and turn to face Katya. “You can’t be seriously thinking about it, she’s a myth.”

  “No she’s not.” Katya replied.

  The princess’s v
oice had gained some of its usual fire, but Louise could hear the doubt beneath it.

  “The Ice Queen doesn’t exist, Katya.”

  “Yes she does.” Katya shot back, her voice loud, tears threatening to escape from her eyes.

  Louise looked down, both shamed and deeply worried about her friend.

  She knew Katya had latched to the tale of the Ice Queen as a way to ignore the reality of what was going to happen and she had let her friend delude herself at first, but it was time for Katya to face the truth.

  Silence stretched between them.

  Louise wanted to shake some sense into Katya, to make her aware of the truth, but she didn’t know how to do it.

  Katya grabbed her face and raised it, smiling sadly.

  “She’s real, Louise, she has to be – it’s the only way I can save Tatiana.”

  Louise tried to smile back, but failed. “I hope so!”

  “She’s real.” Katya repeated her voice stronger, confident. “Someone has been meticulously erasing any mention of the Ice Queen from the archives; even destroying books were she’s mentioned. The only reason why someone would want to do that is if she is real, it’s the only explanation.”

  Louise licked her lips, trying to organize her thoughts. “Even if she is real,” She started after a while. “It doesn’t mean she will be able to save your sister, Katya. The physicians don’t even know what’s affecting her.”

  “Exactly, these idiots can’t even tell what’s wrong with my sister, yet I’m supposed to trust her care to them?” Katya replied heatedly, purposely ignoring Louise’s point.

  The brunette shook her head and gave up on convincing Katya for now. “You should get ready, the dance will start shortly.”

  Katya scowled and looked away.

  She didn’t want to go to the stupid ball, but she couldn’t antagonize her parents, not today.

  Not when she had found a way to summon the Ice Queen.

  The princess had thought about including her childhood friend in her escapade, but Louise clearly didn’t believe as she did and the brunette would tell her plans to her parents, believing she was protecting her.

  Katya didn’t need protecting. She needed to save her sister.

  With a gesture she signaled Louise to finish preparing her dress, and then they moved towards the ball.

  When he saw them arrive, the steward announce the princess out loud and Katya entered the room to find most people eyeing her, some nodding in respect, others letting their gazes linger on her and her body, mostly men who believed they had a chance to marry her.

  She ignored them all, moving towards her parents and greeting them as warmly as she could.

  Katya loved her father and mother, despite the weight they put on her shoulders, and knew that if something happened to her later that night they would be devastated.

  She doubted her self-imposed quest for a moment when she thought about that, but in her heart Tatiana ruled supreme and she squashed her indecision.

  That night Katya behaved as a princess should; dancing with some of prettier suitors, complimenting them, talking with most of the nobles, until she decided it was late enough and said her goodbyes.

  It was fairly early, but no one would complain about her leaving, not when her sister was as sick. Most assumed she was going to visit Tatiana.

  Sis did stop in her sister’s room, finding the blonde asleep and dreaming peacefully. Katya ran her hand through Tatiana’s curly hair, softly and soothingly, and then left.

  In her room, Katya picked a small hidden saddle bag from beneath her bed and then hesitated as she left, moving inside once again and taking a seat at her desk.

  She grabbed parchment, a quill and started writing.

  Those few first weeks after her sister’s collapse had been the worst. Tatiana worsened from day to day, losing weight, unable to hold her food and fainting almost daily.

  It worsened to the point where the blonde spent most of the time unconscious and yet the physicians couldn’t tell what afflicted her sister.

  Katya had been forced to see her loved sister wasting away without being able to do anything about it; she lost her hope, her faith, and her joy.

  That’s when she heard the tale of the Ice Queen.

  The story went by that a man once became possessed by a spirit of evil, changing him from the loving father and husband he was into a monster in human skin.

  He beat his wife and children, and when his neighbors confronted him about his behavior he beat them as well.

  His wife despaired to have her kind husband back and summoned the Ice Queen, begging the woman for a cure to his sickness.

  The Queen heard the request and then cautioned the woman, saying that there was a price to pay, but that she could do it. The wife fell on her knees and said she would give up anything to heal her husband.

  The man returned to normal overnight, not remembering what happened during his possession … and he found a home empty of his wife.

  The woman had got what she wished for, but there was always a price to pay when the Ice Queen was involved, and in that case payment had been the wife herself.

  Katya wouldn’t pay much attention to the tale if she hadn’t found many more mentions of the Ice Queen in other tales and stories. Soon enough Katya realized there was something more going on that just fairytales.

  Eventually Katya found a book that detailed how she could summon the Ice Queen, and, in what others might say was a fit of madness, she focused all of her hopes on it.

  The princess breathed deeply, held the quill a little tighter than she needed to, and put her emotions into words, describing her hope and her fear, and the depths she would reach to save her sister.

  When she finished she sealed her letter, and put it atop her bed.

  She paused for a moment to look around her room, realizing it might be the last time she saw the place, then turned and left.

  It wasn’t hard for Katya to sneak out of the palace; she had done it many timed before. Soon enough she reached her horse and mounted it, riding away from the capital, moving north.

  It didn’t take her long to arrive where she wanted.

  Katya looked around, seeing the small frozen lake, the snow atop the trees and on the ground and nodded to herself. It would do.

  She slid from the horse, tied it to a tree and walked until she stood at the edge of the frozen water and paused for a moment as she watched her breath condensate in front of her.

  She was scared, and didn’t know if it was because she feared what the Ice Queen might do to her, or because she might fail in saving Tatiana.

  “Ice Queen, I summon you.” She said at last, speaking loud and clear, her voice echoing unnaturally over the ice.

  She repeated it three times, and then waited for something to happen.

  She looked around, trying to see a sign of the woman, searching for anything out of the ordinary.

  Eventually she realized nothing was happening and that the woman wouldn’t come. Katya found herself tearing up; she wanted to fall to her knees and cry in despair, but that wouldn’t help Tatiana, so she held back her sobs, dried her tears and turned back.

  Katya promptly crashed into the being behind her.

  Only the woman’s quick reaction, grabbing Katya’s coat in her hands, stopped the princess from falling on her rear.

  “I could almost assume you weren’t waiting for me.”

  The woman’s voice was cold and amused, making Katya shiver both in pure fright.

  Katya breathed deeply and looked up at the woman’s face.

  The Ice Queen was pale; her skin had an almost bluish tint and her hair was blue, held in an elaborate setup around her head, with pearls and winter flowers streaked though it, one braid put in a way that it almost looked like a crown.

  Once Katya gazed at it she realized the woman’s hair color wasn’t uniform, being darker in some places and lighter in others.

  Looking down she found the woman’s face, wit
h cold blue eyes and pink lips extended in an amused smirk.

  “Like what you see?” The Queen questioned, releasing her and gazing in turn.

  Katya shook herself out of her daze and cleared her throat. “Your majesty, I summoned you …”

  “I know,” The woman interrupted without care, starting to walk around Katya. “And that is something that hasn’t happened in a long, long time. So how were you able to find out how to summon me?”

  “I found a book.”

  The Ice Queen raised an eyebrow and looked better at the young woman in front of her. “A book? I thought your kingdom had destroyed most of the books in which I appeared. Rather disrespectful.”

  Katya didn’t reply immediately, considering the Queen’s words, realizing she had been right and someone had been trying to eliminate any mentions of the woman. “I found it in the palace’s library.”

  “Hum,” The Queen made a sound deep in her throat. “I suppose it’s not inconceivable that they would keep some records of me as a precaution. So who are you? If you have access to the palace’s library you must be a noble.”

  Katya remained silent.

  “Or maybe, you’re even more important.” The Queen reached out and grabbed a lock of Katya’s hair, fingering it and smiling. “You’re the crown princess, aren’t you?”

  Katya opened her mouth to deny it almost immediately, but the Queen shushed her with a finger held against her lips.

  “Don’t lie, I can always tell when someone lies. You’re the princess.” The blue-haired woman stopped behind the princess and leaned forward, inhaling the young woman’s scent.

  Katya shuddered.

  “They say you have hair that looks like fire, and a temper to match.”

  Katya remained silent as the Queen started circling her again.

  She could hear the amusement and disregard in the Queen’s voice and wanted to react, but held back her tongue for fear of upsetting the woman and seeing a possible cure for Tatiana’s disease denied.

  “Your hair is quite ordinary and nowhere near like fire. I just hope they weren’t wrong about your temper. I like hot headed women.”

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