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Infiltrate retribution, p.9

Infiltrate_Retribution, page 9

 part  #2 of  Exposed Series



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  long and hard about how to deal with the

  Emmett situation. Though my stomach

  lurched at the knowledge that I’d likely

  never see him again, I knew a clean break

  was the best way to go.

  “Do it.”

  And with those two little words I

  was officially no longer a student at

  Laurier Secondary. My data was wiped.

  It was like I’d never walked those halls.

  Hadn’t kissed Emmett in the library.


  j u d i t h g r a v e s

  Or sat shoulder to shoulder with him

  on the roof, watching the world slip by

  under our feet.

  “Sorry it didn’t work out, Raven.” Jo

  gave me a cautious couple of pats on the

  back. She knew better than to try for a

  hug, but after the stress I’d been under

  lately, I might have accepted one.

  We’d given each other some space

  after taking down Dr. Millie and her

  illegal drug trial. But Bentley had called

  us back in for a meeting. The team might

  have been having some downtime, but

  the emails from kids needing our help

  hadn’t slowed down one bit.

  I’d used the slow period to enlist

  Bentley’s tech know-how to give me a

  change of pace.

  New school.

  New name.

  “Thanks, Bent.” I nudged him with my

  hip. “Much appreciated.”

  “You betcha.”


  i n f i l t r a t e

  I hoped it was enough to keep Emmett

  from finding me. I didn’t know what I’d

  do if we came face-to-face. I wasn’t sure

  I could look into his eyes and tell him I

  didn’t need him anymore. I couldn’t lie to

  him, which was why I’d had to sneak off

  like the criminal I was.

  Jace took a swig of milk straight from

  the carton. “Does this mean Daniels is

  out of the picture too? We didn’t break

  up with the cop just because we’re

  ditching his kid, right?”

  Jo, Bentley and I all shot glares his way.

  “What?” Jace shrugged. “No disrespect

  to the death of true love. I’m just saying

  Daniels has been useful.”

  I swiped a hand across my forehead.

  A nasty throbbing had settled behind

  my eyes. “We can use Officer Daniels

  if necessary. I pretty much made a deal

  with him—he’ll continue to help us as

  long as Emmett doesn’t get dragged into



  j u d i t h g r a v e s

  Jace looked over at Jo. “See. Raven

  knows I’m not being insensitive. That’s

  all I wanted to know.”

  She rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah, you’re

  all heart.”

  “You’re good to go, Raven,” Bentley

  interrupted. “I’ve registered you with a

  school across town, under the name you

  requested, Jane Smith.”

  Jace laughed. “That’s original.”

  “It’s boring and uninspired,” I corrected,

  “and so obvious I’m sure Emmett will

  overlook it. If he tries to find me.”

  “Oh, he’s going to come looking.” Jace

  crushed the empty milk carton, then fired

  it into the sink. “That guy has it bad.”

  “And how would you know?” Jo

  smirked. “When have you had it bad?”

  “I just know, okay?” Jace sputtered.

  “Why is this about me all of a sudden?

  Bentley, didn’t you have a point for this


  “Right.” Bentley shifted his laptop to

  face us. “First, the good news. Thanks


  i n f i l t r a t e

  to our latest efforts, Dr. Millie and her

  associates have been charged with

  conducting illegal drug trials.”

  “Yay!” Jo let out a little cheer.

  “But the bad news…the pharma-

  ceutical company she works for is still

  going strong. Their running statement is

  that Millie went rogue and they had no

  knowledge of her testing facility. They’ve

  wiped their hands of her and remain

  untouchable. The drug ALLY will probably

  be released within the next year or so, but

  under a new name.”

  “But Dr. Millie will never work in her

  field again,” Jo offered. “That’s a win.”

  “One step forward, two steps back,” I

  said. My fists clenched, fingernails digging

  into my palms. “At least we managed to

  get that group of kids out of danger, and

  justice for the ones who died.”

  “Agreed,” Bentley said, scrolling

  through emails. “Which brings me to the

  other kids needing some retribution. I

  think it’s best if we screen the potentials


  j u d i t h g r a v e s

  together. Let’s see…how do you guys

  feel about kids forced to work in a

  telemarketing scam, or one living with

  an abusive grandparent…wait, there’s

  also a case of stolen identity.” He paused.

  “No, routine.” His eyes widened. “Maybe


  I tuned him out. Ugh. So many

  messed-up lives. Sometimes it was

  overwhelming. How could our small team

  put a dent in the madness? It would be so

  easy to walk away, not just from Emmett,

  but from the team, from the kids who

  needed help to survive.

  While Jo and Jace searched through

  the messages for their next case, I

  wandered over to the long line of windows

  at the far side of the kitchen. The sun had

  set, and the wide expanse of lawn outside

  was illuminated by a row of solar lights.

  They weaved toward a large outdoor pool.

  The water glittered, the surface shifting

  slightly with the breeze.


  i n f i l t r a t e

  “Hey,” Bentley said, standing at my side.

  “I know you said to stay out of it, but…” He

  handed me a flash drive.

  “What’s this?” The drive barely weighed

  an ounce but felt like lead in my hand.

  “Everything you wanted to know about

  your parents and then some. Diesel lied

  to you, Raven, about so much.” Bentley

  rested a hand on my arm. “The second

  you want to move on this, we’ll be ready.”

  Before I could blast him for interfering

  when I had expressly told him to stand

  down, he slipped back to the others.

  I wanted to throw the drive across the

  room, trash it in the garbage or crunch

  it under my Docs. But I didn’t do any of

  those things. I just stood there, barely

  breathing. My fingers folded over the

  drive, sealing it in my fist. This was why I

  couldn’t walk away. Together we did make

  a difference. I was living proof.

  Without the team, I’d be in a very dark

  place. Maybe even dead. The more kids


  j u d i t h g r a v e s
br />   we saved, the more wrongs we righted.

  The more those kids might stand up for

  someone else. Infinite possibilities.

  Maybe big changes started with a few

  small actions.

  “Raven, did we lose you?” Jo called.

  “Ravennn…where’s our little bird? ”

  The monsters called too, but I’d deal with

  them later.

  For the time being, I stuffed the drive

  in my back pocket and joined my team.

  We had work to do.


  A Note to Readers

  Many young people experience anxiety,

  but for some, the worry and stress can

  be overwhelming and impact home

  and school life, relationships and


  Please remember that anxiety can be

  safely managed and treated. Don’t let it

  get out of control.

  And you don’t have to deal with it on

  your own. Ask for help. Talk to an adult

  you trust. Or call the Kids Help Phone:

  1-800-668-6868 (Canada). If you live in

  the United States call 1-800-273-TALK



  Many thanks to fellow Retribution

  authors Sigmund and Natasha for the

  great fun planning and plotting ways

  to torment our collective characters.

  Thanks also for the editing prowess of

  Tanya Trafford and the fantastic support

  of the staff at Orca. You are all so very


  Judith Graves is the author

  of several award-winning novels,

  including Exposed, her first installment

  in the Retribution series. She loves

  tragic romance, werewolves, vampires,

  magic and all things a bit creepy.

  A firm believer that teen fiction can be

  action-packed and snarky yet hit all the

  right emotional notes, Judith writes

  stories with attitude. She lives in

  northern Alberta. For more information,





  A homeless kid on the run, a car thief who will

  scale any height and a boxer with a secret life…

  All seeking revenge on the adults who wronged them.

  Reluctantly agreeing to become a team is the first step in their hunt for RETRIBUTION.

  A new high-interest

  YA series that can be

  read in any order.






  Judith Graves, Infiltrate_Retribution



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