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Unexpected Liaisons [Spirit of Sage 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

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  Finishing off, Zane turned to see Cooper looking at him. Zane could practically feel the heat of those beautiful orbs, scorching his skin. Cooper placed both hands against the slick wall of the shower and wiggled his butt invitingly. Grinning, Zane stalked forward, stepping into the stall and letting the steam hit him. Grabbing body wash, he soaped himself up, washing himself thoroughly, and then hosed down. Placing a hand on Cooper’s back, and one on his slim hips, Zane aimed his dick at Cooper’s crease, teasing the man with gentle strokes of his cock, along the shadowy crevice.

  Wiggling his butt again, impatiently this time, Cooper demanded without words. “Feeling frisky?” Zane asked with a chuckle, and then felt a large hand come around, gripping his butt and pulling him flush against Cooper’s butt. Groaning, Zane felt the wrinkled rosebud brushing against the head of his cock and began rocking back and forth, easing his way inside. With a curse, he grabbed the body wash again, liberally coated his dick, then hooked both his arms under Cooper’s armpits, his hands grasping Cooper’s shoulders, and then shunted with short, shallow thrusts. Deeper and deeper, both men groaning in pleasure, Zane penetrated the slick, sexy depths of Cooper’s ass.

  “Oh, God, that feels so fucking good,” Cooper growled, turning his head, lips searching for a kiss.

  Zane pulled the man’s head around farther, and he began to fuck his lover harder, latching on with his mouth to the succulent lips that had given so much pleasure. The guy was a master at kissing and fucking, and had played in everyone’s holes the night before. Now it was time for Zane to reciprocate.

  “Your ass is so tight,” Zane muttered, growling lustily as his pace increased. Soon he was banging away like a dervish, slamming his cock into Cooper’s welcoming chute with bruising force. Zane’s long black hair fell down his back, a sleek waterfall, his head flung back as he drove into his lover repeatedly. “So sexy,” Zane kept repeating, the slap of their flesh connecting adding to the eroticism of their actions. “Oh God, here I go,” he said, then blew his load, thrusting twice more, jetting warm semen into Cooper’s clenching ass. With a roar of pleasure, Cooper convulsed as well, and he spewed streams of creamy cum all over the shower wall, the pair of them grunting at the force of their mutual release.

  “Hmmm, that’s a great way to start the day,” Cooper teased, kissing Zane hungrily. Zane gave a husky laugh, cuddling against Cooper’s back. He rested his cheek against the wet perfection of his lover’s shoulder and noticed for the first time the cellophane coating the man’s right bicep. He’d been so busy with their gang bang yesterday he hadn’t noticed Cooper had gotten a new tattoo.

  “You went to Spirit Ink?” Zane asked, nuzzling into the damp crease of Cooper’s neck.

  “Yeah,” Cooper said ruefully. “I’ve had a design in mind for a while and saw their sign. Before I knew it, I was sitting in a chair, drinking coffee and eating a pastry, with Rage inking my skin.” He peeled back the cellophane, revealing the design, which depicted a face, half-feline and half-human in the center of a heart, attached to a dreamcatcher charm and the words “Spirit of Sage” around the outside.

  Zane laughed softly, kissing Cooper’s shoulder tenderly. “Those boys are pretty talented. Would you believe none have ever had formal training?”

  Cooper gave a sound of surprise. “Really? I’d have thought they’d been to art school. They’re really good.”

  “I don’t think their families approved of them wanting to be so rebellious. Tattoo artist doesn’t look good on a resume, apparently. Their families wanted them to be lawyers or something.”

  “Well, I’d say it was lucky their families didn’t get their way,” Cooper replied, allowing Zane to disengage, then turning in Zane’s arms. With a low growl of pleasure, Cooper ducked his head, kissing Zane deeply. His big arms stroked over Zane’s back, his hands caressing Zane’s wet skin lovingly. Zane returned the kiss with everything he had, sinking into Cooper’s mouth, letting the man take control. Cooper was big and strong, and totally gentle with their smaller lovers, when he needed to be. Zane had felt that tender side last night, the man making love to him in such a way that Zane had felt it to his soul.

  “You two are insatiable,” grumbled a familiar voice, and the bigger men gave a low chuckle, turning to find Luther standing there, his dark blond hair tousled and his face rumpled from sleep. His slim body was covered in whisker burns and love bites, his nipples swollen and red from repeated sucking. All three men had loved the little guy until he could barely move, and he’d protested they were all sexually insane, whatever that meant.

  “Who wouldn’t want a piece of this gorgeous ass?” Zane said, waggling his eyebrows as he smacked Cooper’s ass gently. Luther’s eyes gleamed with interest, but he ignored the subtle invitation and went to pee, walking a little stiffly.

  “Someone looks like he’s had a log up his ass,” Cooper teased, getting a one-fingered salute from Luther and a snigger from Zane.

  “I did,” Luther retorted with a grin, turning as he finished at the toilet. His cock was plump and filling rapidly. “Yours,” he added, and then his look turned deliciously evil. “So I guess payback might be in order.” He stalked forward, entering the cubicle, the water growing cooler. Stepping under the spray, he sighed gratefully, and Zane helpfully handed over the body wash, proceeding to grope various parts of Luther’s sexy bod under the pretext of cleansing. Luther playfully slapped the hands away, but his cock didn’t seem to mind, rising in a lazy arc, fully engorged now.

  Cooper bent at the waist, bending his knees a little, presenting his recently fucked, still dripping hole for Luther. The small shifter gave a low groan of approval, stepping behind Cooper and sinking his dick into the slick chute.

  “Can you take me, too?” Zane asked hopefully, and Luther nodded rapidly, one hand going behind him to part his cheeks, revealing his swollen hole.

  Zane lifted the smaller man, who hooked his legs around Zane’s thighs for purchase. Sliding carefully into Luther’s tunnel, Zane heard the man gasp with pleasure. “Go for it, baby, fuck us both,” Zane said with a groan. Luther grunted, then snapped his hips and began to fuck Cooper’s ass slowly, impaling himself with each backstroke, aided by Zane, who drove forward each time Luther shunted back. His hands rested on Cooper’s slick back, balancing gracefully. Zane shifted slightly, angling Luther higher, and the man was soon shoving Cooper over farther, until the big man was nearly bent in two, fucking down into Cooper’s succulent sheath, with Zane picking up the tempo, shooting Luther forward with hard, driving thrusts.

  All three moaned, crying out at the pleasure. Just as they were about to blow, they heard a sharp cry, then Ernest entered the stall as well, squeezing into the tight space, and presenting his hard cock to Cooper. The big man opened wide, sucking Ernest’s dick into his mouth, Ernest setting up a hard rhythm. Soon, all four were coming, releasing thick streams of seed into various orifices, then shuddering back to earth, trembling in the aftermath.

  “Insatiable,” Luther said with a wry grin as they separated, kissing and cuddling languidly. That was the signal to clean off again, playfully, washing away the evidence of morning sex.

  * * * *

  Cooper headed off to find Cody, wanting to get started on the plans for the new sports complex. He was eager to begin, knowing he needed to atone for the years he’d spent ignoring the town’s very real issues. He’d been aware, on a subliminal level, that the mayor and his cronies were doing something evil, had known that they were somehow controlling the people in town, but he had turned his head away, needing to concentrate on his husband’s suffering. He had wanted Wolf to be comfortable and stress-free, the last year of his illness being the worst. Chemotherapy had failed to rid his husband of the cancer, and Wolf’s body had grown weaker and weaker as it succumbed. Wolf had been a healthy two-hundred-pound specimen of manhood, losing half his body weight in the twelve months prior to his death.

  Cooper’s stoic resolve to stay with his partner had taken its toll, his e
motions held in check until, on the day he’d buried his husband, his mind had fractured with grief, unable to process that Wolf was actually gone.

  He smiled a little, shaking his head, thinking about how many arguments he’d had with his stubborn lover, about choosing a new partner after Wolf had passed. He wondered what the man would say if he knew how greedy Cooper was…three mates, not one. And he could honestly say he was in love with all of them. He didn’t doubt his feelings, knowing it wasn’t just sex, having enough emotionless encounters during his time away to know the difference. This was real, and lasting. His connection was sudden, but he was grateful, as though he’d been given a second chance at love. He wasn’t going to turn away from it. He would embrace the love of his sexy men, not run again.

  Cody had told him to head for Café Anglais, so Cooper made his way to the popular coffee shop and bakery. It was still early, barely seven thirty, but the place was already buzzing. The aromas of fresh pastries, coffee, and other delectable odors hit his nose, and he began to drool. He’d foregone breakfast with his lovers, and his stomach rumbled. He was already reaching for his wallet as he stepped up to the counter, shouting a hello to John. The Brit shot him a grin, and continued fishing fresh doughnuts out of the fryer, placing them on a cooling rack.

  “I’ll bring you some stuff over,” John said in lieu of a greeting. “Coffee or tea?” he asked.

  “I’ll take a regular coffee, thanks,” Cooper answered, heading to the cashier’s station to pay. “No foam, no fancy doodads.” He wrinkled his nose, thinking of all the syrups you could get which just ruined a good cup of coffee.

  John waved him away. “No, no, don’t worry about that, you’re a VIP today.” He laughed. Cooper snorted, then turned and spied Cody and a large black guy with a prosthetic leg. He wandered over to their table, and sat down, shaking the big guy’s hand, as they made introductions.

  “I hear you’re not only an engineer but an architect, too?” Thomas said, smiling. “I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that.”

  Cooper sent him a curious look.

  “We’re okay with the logistics,” Cody said ruefully. “It’s the planning that’s becoming tricky. We have strict zoning laws, because of the area, and it’s been a minefield to get this many businesses up and running. There’s a casino and mini mall for an entertainment complex wanting to break ground, but we’re waiting on the licensing to be approved. Plus about twenty-five other places—restaurants, housing, and stores.”

  John came over with a plate piled with hot rolls filled with fried eggs, sausage, and bacon, another with pastries, with a young guy carrying a tray of coffee. There were four cups, so it looked as though John was planning to listen in.

  “Thanks, Max,” John said to his helper, smiling gently. “Could you finish off the doughnuts for me, then get started icing the eclairs I pulled out earlier?”

  Max sent the guys at the table a shy grin, then headed back to work.

  “Luther mentioned someone called Max last night,” Cooper said casually.

  “Luther, Max, and a few others were imprisoned in a tunnel when the cult was being shut down,” Cody said grimly, pouring steaming cups of coffee for them all. “Luther and his brother lost two of their siblings, Max and Harley nearly died, too. Ernest was the worst affected. All four of his brothers died there. He was in a coma for a few weeks after he was rescued, but finally pulled through.”

  Cooper digested the news, his heart clenching at his lovers’ loss, his brain struggling to comprehend what he’d just been told. “I didn’t know,” he said quietly, feeling a little sick.

  Thomas sent him a sympathetic look. “None of us did. It was only by chance that we found the one tunnel, when we started rebuilding. Cody’s son was in that one. Then we were told the tunnel had been split. We nearly lost everyone before we found the second part.”

  Cooper closed his eyes, feeling a rage grip him at what the cult had done to people. “Those bastards,” he said simply. He felt a new respect for Ernest and Luther. They’d been through so much and still had the courage to embrace the new relationship. Luther was a pistol, full of snark, just starting to show his true nature. Ernest was shy but so passionate, and willing to take everything his lovers could give him, in spades.

  Cooper opened his eyes, seeing a similar anger reflected in his new friends’ eyes. “I couldn’t agree more, old chap,” John said with a feral look, his green eyes gleaming like hard gems. “I would say the best revenge on our cult’s nasty dealings is to make this town into a place that welcomes everyone, with no segregation, offering only integration and love.”

  Cody and Thomas both nodded. “We’re planning a university here, a high school, kindergarten…open to anyone who wants to attend there.”

  “Where’s the funding coming from?” Cooper asked.

  “We got funding at first from the government, compensation for the years of abuse this town suffered, as well as an emergency grant because of the devastation here.” Thomas answered that question. “We’ve also had donations from all over the world flooding in, and our piggy bank is over a billion dollars right now—it’s surprising how many wealthy people are shifters.”

  Cooper sent him a look, saw the flash of feline fangs from all three men, and grinned at their expressions of mischief.

  “You’ll have to try harder if you want to scare me, guys,” Cooper said, sipping his coffee gratefully. “I’ve known about shifters for a long time.” He showed off the new tattoo on his bicep, flexing his muscles a little, to snorts of laughter the trio.

  “Damn, we’re losing our touch,” John sighed ruefully, grabbing a cup and filling it with coffee. Cody sent him a surprised look, which had John rolling his eyes. “Just because I prefer tea, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the occasional cup of this excellent coffee.” He wrinkled his nose at the big guy, who laughed at his friend.

  Finishing up, they chatted for a while longer, and then Cooper headed off with Cody to his office at the town hall, leaving Thomas and John to enjoy a second cup. It was time to start work.

  * * * *

  After Cooper left, Zane headed into the kitchen to cook breakfast. He left his chest bare, wearing a pair of loose sweat pants, sans underwear, wanting to feel comfortable. His ass was still sore, and he winced as he moved about. His mates were insatiable. He grinned, shaking his head. As if he was going to complain about that. His dry spell had lasted longer than most marriages. If he ended up getting laid every hour of the day, he’d suffer the consequences.

  “Something smells good,” Ernest said as he wandered in, yawning, Luther in tow looking just as sleepy.

  “I’ll get the coffee,” Luther suggested, already moving, and followed Zane’s directions to find the fixings. Soon the percolator was bubbling away, and a delicious aroma filled the kitchen, blending with the scents of eggs and bacon sizzling on the stove top.

  They all sat down, exchanging grins and winces, chuckling at the shared pain. Breakfast was fairly quiet, all three taking their time to awaken fully, chatting lazily about inconsequential things.

  “I like Cooper,” Ernest said suddenly, shyly, his cheeks a little flushed, as though he was embarrassed.

  “I do, too,” Zane replied gently, cupping the little guy’s cheek.

  “I heard what he said about his husband, Wolf, and how the cancer killed him,” Luther cut in, looking somber. “That’s sad.”

  Zane sent him a look of understanding, seeing the memories surfacing in Luther’s pale green eyes. “Baby, we’ve all lost people.” He pressed a soft kiss to Luther’s cheek. “I know you two have suffered, too.”

  Ernest stared down at his plate solemnly. “I’m glad they’re not in pain anymore,” he said, tears in his eyes.

  Luther let out a low sob, staring across the table at his lover, his hand gently grasping Ernest’s. “Me, too,” he said. “I didn’t think you’d make it for a while,” he continued. “You were lost to us. I thought you’d given up.” His voice cr
acked at the end, and Zane’s heart broke for them both. He remained quiet, letting them talk, knowing they needed to release the pain that still festered. Murphy, the town’s psychiatrist, had spent many hours with all the shifters from the tunnels, counseling them. Ernest had said so and told Zane it had helped to put things into perspective, helped him to cope.

  “I nearly did,” Ernest admitted. “I heard you calling, and then you stopped. When my brothers died, one by one, in the darkness, I was so weak I couldn’t even crawl to them. I held Eddy’s hand for the longest time. I didn’t think we’d ever be rescued.” The tears in his eyes slowly slid down his cheeks, his pale gold eyes overflowing with grief.

  “Aah, baby,” Zane said, lifting Ernest into his lap, and stroking his back soothingly, long, slow strokes of his hand. “I’m so sorry.”

  Luther moved closer, and Zane gathered him close, too, lifting him up as well, the pair of them barely weighing a thing. They fit perfectly in his arms, their shuddering sobs racking their bodies as they cried it out. Zane did nothing but soothe them, peppering them with soft kisses, his hands moving in hypnotic sweeps over them both as they cuddled together.

  Soon, the grief changed to something else. Lifting his head, Ernest pleaded with Zane, his damp eyes beseeching. Zane lifted them both, eyes soft with promise, and headed for the bedroom, their breakfast forgotten. He’d show them they were still alive. He’d show them that they still had loads to live for.

  The bed had clean sheets on it, and Zane smiled a little, thinking of how thoughtful his little mates were. They must have changed them as he made breakfast. Placing his precious burdens onto the bed, he stripped off his pants, his cock already huge with arousal.

  On hands and knees, he crawled up the bed, then lay on his back, arms and legs splayed, and sent his lovers a playful grin. “What are you waiting for?” he asked.

  They both giggled, the sound piercing Zane’s heart after all their grief, and he watched as they began to undress rapidly. Luther just pipped Ernest to the post and crawled between Zane’s thick thighs, kissing his way up Zane’s long body. Ernest slapped Luther’s ass, then grinned, and knelt beside Zane’s head, his cock red and dripping precum, the smile on his face filled with excitement.

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