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Unexpected Liaisons [Spirit of Sage 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

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  Searing kisses anointed every inch of Ernest’s bare ass, sharp nips adding a touch of spice to the gentle foreplay. Zane parted Ernest’s crease with his fingers, lashing a fiery trail along the shadowy crevice with his tongue. “Aaagh!” Ernest cried, as he felt a hot tongue pushing insistently at his hole.

  “Fuck, that looks so gorgeous,” Luther said, his voice sounding far away, even though Ernest knew he was right there.

  “Here, have a taste, beautiful,” Zane said, moving aside to allow Luther to join them. Instantly, Luther was placed on the bed, now devoid of all clothing, his slim body flushed with passion. He had olive tones to his skin, his body compact and well defined. A truly stunning man. Ernest let out a strangled scream when Luther sent him a shy grin, then ducked his head, and began to feast at Ernest’s quivering chute.

  Ernest felt as though he might pass out, his chest heaving as he tried to get air into his lungs. Two tongues swirled around his nether regions, alternating between fucking his hole, sucking his balls, or taking long leisurely trips over the upraised globes of his ass. He clutched at the quilt, trying to ground himself, the feelings ripping through him so intense he thought he was flying.

  Over the roaring in his ears, Ernest heard the slap of a hand against flesh and then heard a deep-throated groan coming from Zane. Opening one eye, he spied a naked Cooper on his knees behind Zane, a bottle of lube in one hand, a naughty grin on his face. Cooper winked at Ernest, and then began stroking Zane’s ass, lifting the Arapaho onto his hands and knees, and then slapping him again.

  “I want this ass first, baby,” Cooper growled. Zane panted, eyes closed and his forehead resting against Ernest’s abs. Ernest imagined that Cooper was preparing Zane with his fingers, playing at his hole, sinking thick fingers past the guardian ring of muscles, loosening him carefully.

  “Fuuuck,” Zane muttered. Ernest lifted his upper torso, resting on his elbows, and looked down his body. Luther’s face was still buried between his thighs, his tongue lashing at Ernest’s hole, fucking in and out. Luther gripped Zane’s thick dick with one slender hand, pumping his small fist along the engorged shaft, beads of precum moistening his fingers. As Ernest stared, Cooper began multitasking, his other hand caressing Luther’s ass as well, his fingers slick with lube, fingering the shadowy crease with skillful fingers.

  Luther stuck his ass in the air, wiggling it invitingly, causing Cooper to laugh and Ernest to giggle. Then Ernest’s breath left him again, as Luther moved his mouth upward and latched onto Ernest’s slim cock, sucking on it greedily.

  “Fuck!” Ernest squealed, his head lolling backward as he gave himself up to Luther’s juicy mouth.

  * * * *

  Luther mouthed Ernest’s beautiful cock, savoring every inch of it. He swirled his tongue around the crown, delved into the oozing slit, and then traced along each thick, throbbing vein that pulsed in time to Ernest’s beating heart.

  He’d walked into a scene from a wet dream earlier, seeing a man he’d desired for years, being sucked off by one sexy guy, another kissing and caressing him…Ernest splayed out like a banquet between the duo. Seeing Ernest come like that had been so fucking sexy. Luther had been eager to join the fray. He’d never met Cooper before, but something in the man’s eyes told Luther to trust him, something Luther was usually reluctant to do. He’d felt that instant connection like a laser blast. One glimpse of Ernest’s pleading face, the yearning in those pale gold eyes, and Luther had been done. He was a virgin, but he knew that Ernest had been seeing Zane. He’d felt a flash of jealousy and then loneliness, as though he’d been left behind because he was too slow to act. The welcome he’d seen in these men’s eyes had been a balm to his soul. He wasn’t being excluded—far from it. They wanted him with them. That first dirty kiss with Cooper, sharing Ernest’s spunk, had sealed the deal, and now Luther couldn’t wait for the finale.

  Luther felt cool, moist fingers probing at his shy little hole. He clenched his cheeks, and then relaxed, feeling the slight burn as Cooper probed with one thick finger. He’d chanced a glance over his shoulder, seen Cooper finger-fucking Zane, and then felt the man caressing his own butt. He whimpered around Ernest’s cock, feeling that big digit probing deeper, the burn increasing as his chute accepted the invader.

  Luther heard Cooper smack Zane for a third time, but the man’s hand on his own butt was gentle, caressing him tenderly, soothing his fears. A second finger joined the first, and he groaned loudly, moving restlessly under the new assault.

  “Easy there, tiger,” Cooper murmured, pausing, allowing Luther to relax a little before pushing further.

  “Serval, not tiger,” Luther said lamely, his voice muffled by the throbbing cock between his lips, and then heard a low, husky chuckle from the blond-haired tempter.

  “Are you both shifters?” Cooper asked, his fingers beginning a slow, sensuous fucking motion, in and out, scissoring a little as he stretched sensitive flesh.

  Luther groaned deeply, heard Ernest cry out, and then a hot load of cum spurted onto his tongue. Swallowing as much as he could, Luther panted, his body covered in sweat, his heart thudding fast and hard in his chest.

  Lube-coated fingers began to fist his cock, adding to the tension. Whose hand was that? Luther cried out again, feeling a fourth, more slender finger impale his ass, and writhed against them, wanting more. “Fuck our lover, baby,” Cooper whispered, helping Luther move into position between Ernest’s widespread thighs. Zane moved to the side, watching intently, and one of the fingers left Luther’s hole.

  Luther stared into Ernest’s dilated pupils, saw the grimace on his lips, the tortured look of ecstasy as he felt the slick heat of Ernest’s loosened hole touch the tip of his uncut cock. Pushing forward, up on his knees now, Luther thrust inside, punching past the sphincter and into the welcoming depths of Ernest’s ass. His own ass was still being finger-fucked by three of Cooper’s fingers. Turning his head to the side, Luther saw the expression of pure pleasure on Zane’s face, heard the sharp gasp, then the low guttural groan, and saw Cooper move in to take Zane from behind, spooning against the younger man.

  “There you go, babe,” Cooper snarled. “Feel how your gorgeous ass takes my cock so beautifully,” he added. Zane yelped out, jerking forward as a sharp slap of flesh against flesh sounded. “So fucking sexy.” Then the slaps became a continuous rhythm as Cooper fucked Zane hard and fast, hips snapping, moving like pistons as he took Zane with ferocious zeal. Zane’s face was a study in ecstasy, showing just how much he was enjoying the powerful strokes.

  The fingers inside Luther’s ass moved a little more slowly, gently making love to him as he fucked Ernest carefully. Ernest moaned, writhing on the bed, his mouth contorted with the force of his passion. “Harder,” he begged. “Please, fuck me harder.”

  Luther gave a low snarl, his sharp feline fangs descending, his cat close to the surface. Quickening his tempo, he snapped his hips faster, his cock slamming into Ernest’s glistening chute, marking him over and over and over. Cooper’s fingers fucked him with each, driving stroke, shoving inside again and again. Luther’s head fell back, his long hair whipping out in a cloud of sunshine strands, like a halo.

  “Luther,” Ernest screamed, and then convulsed, his cock shooting once again as he came for the third time. Luther wasn’t far behind, his scream of pleasure piercing the air, and he lunged downward, sinking his sharp fangs into Ernest’s neck, claiming the man as his own at last. Ernest let out a long, low wail, clutching at Luther’s shoulders. Luther felt Ernest lift upward and then the sharp pinch as the man’s fangs claimed him, too. Deep into his throat, Ernest’s fangs went straight for the jugular.

  With a roar, Zane came next, his beautiful dark hair flying out as his orgasm hit him, his cock spewing hot cum everywhere, covering both Ernest and Luther as they lay gasping exhaustedly on the bed.

  Cooper followed closely, screaming Zane’s name as he found his release inside Zane’s ass, his body flushed and every muscle clenched in a eupho
ric display of utter bliss. As one, they all collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, sated pile. Zane’s leg draped over Ernest and Luther, who were still joined together, fangs and ass. Cooper spooned in behind Zane, his big, muscular arm looping over all three men.

  For the first time in a very long time, Luther felt at peace. He’d lost two brothers and had lost some good friends as well when Ernest’s siblings had succumbed to starvation and the beatings they’d received. Lomax, his surviving brother, and their two sisters, Ruth and Sian, were making their own friendships. Lomax, he knew, was interested in the two caracal brothers, Max and Harvey, and Luther really hoped they’d make it. He’d felt like he was being left out, though, as though something was missing. He’d been afraid to approach Ernest, not sure of his welcome, since Ernest had lost so much, spending all those weeks with his dead siblings in that horrific tunnel.

  Luther sighed, resting his head into the crook of Ernest’s neck, inhaling the scent of his lovers. He could see himself becoming addicted to them all. He really hoped this wasn’t a onetime event. Closing his eyes, he let sleep take him and felt Ernest drift off as well.

  * * * *

  “That was unexpected,” Zane said with a drowsy chuckle, enjoying the feel of the three warm bodies surrounding him. He turned his head, easing gently into a slow, delicious kiss as Cooper sighed softly.

  The kiss continued on and on, the pair of them utterly content. Cooper’s cock was still embedded deep inside Zane’s ass, and Zane knew he would be feeling that hard fucker for days afterward. Cooper fucked like a bloody jackhammer. Zane laughed at himself for using such a British term, blaming John for corrupting him.

  “It was always just Wolf for me, you know that,” Cooper said quietly, sounding a little bemused. Zane thought it was because of what had just happened, he and Cooper sharing two men between them, when before Cooper had only ever had eyes for just one man. “That one look, when I was only fourteen, and I knew he was the one, even if I didn’t how to do anything about it, and was struggling to come to terms with losing Chester just weeks before.” He nuzzled into Zane’s neck. Zane knew he probably should feel a little offended that Cooper was discussing another man, but he wasn’t. Wolf had been a close part of both of them, something they had shared, a man they had both loved deeply. It pleased Zane, in a strange way, that Cooper felt comfortable enough to speak about Wolf so candidly.

  “I know how much you loved him,” Zane replied after a short pause, his fingers caressing the soft blond hairs on Cooper’s forearm.

  “It’s like something inside me just clicked when I saw you. Not two years ago, I was stupidly selfish back then, but more importantly, I certainly wasn’t ready for anything. But the other day, when you came to the lake, it felt right. The two of us just felt right.” Cooper let loose a low chuckle, lifting Zane’s fingers to his lips, kissing them softly. “Then I saw Ernest and felt another snap, like we all needed to be together… I can’t tell you how surprised I was when Luther came inside the workshop, and I got yet another click.”

  “In shifter terms, it’s called a mating bond I think,” Zane said, sounding sleepy. “You saw how the two claimed one another. Ernest is an ocelot shifter. He showed me his ocelot last week…truly a beautiful cat. I felt the same ‘click’ as well, as though we were all meant to be like this, as a family, as mates.”

  “Does this mean we get to do this all again?” Luther spoke up, his voice muffled, sounding barely awake.

  Zane and Cooper both laughed at that. “You betcha,” Cooper said with a grin, playing with Luther’s hole again, getting a low groan of pleasure in response. “I want to fuck your sexy ass next.”

  “How about right now?” Luther asked, lifting his head from Ernest’s chest and sending a sultry look over his shoulder.

  Zane watched as Cooper’s eyes darkened at the invitation. He felt Cooper’s cock thicken against his thigh, and then Cooper moved swiftly. Rolling Luther off Ernest’s body, Cooper lifted the younger man’s legs, nearly bending the man in two. Grabbing the lube again, he smeared his cock and Luther’s hole liberally and then parked his dick at the entrance to Luther’s hole.

  “Hole in one, baby?” Cooper growled. Luther gave a sharp nod, and then cried out as Cooper delivered, thrusting deep, spearing Luther’s nearly virgin ass in one smooth stroke, Luther’s hole already loosened from before. “So fucking tight, baby,” Cooper said approvingly, stroking his hands soothingly along Luther’s trembling thighs and then massaging his sleek ass cheeks gently.

  “Oh, God, that burns,” Luther moaned, his hole clenching around the thick intruder, going into spasm as it gradually accepted Cooper’s hard cock. Slowly he relaxed, and the burn turned to pure, scorching pleasure when Cooper began to move. Lazy, slow thrusts, impaling Luther fully with each languid stroke. Cooper made love to Luther’s ass with his cock, a contrast to how he’d taken Zane earlier. Luther felt tears creep into his eyes, felt them overflow onto his face at how loving Cooper was.

  Slender fingers cupped his cheek, and he turned his head to meet Ernest’s golden gaze, the love in them breaking Luther’s heart in two. Soft lips caressed his, Ernest’s mouth skimming over Luther’s tenderly. Opening wide, Luther kissed his lover hungrily, enjoying the man’s flavors, savoring the blend.

  * * * *

  “Let me get some of that,” Zane murmured, moving to share in the kisses, the three-way sloppy and sexy. He moved gingerly, his ass aching from the pounding Cooper had given it. He watched the man’s care and attention to Luther, saw how careful Cooper was with the young virgin shifter, the younger men only appearing to be in their early twenties. He felt his heart fill with love for this man, all over again. The guy had already lost so much, but he was not beaten. The look on Cooper’s face told Zane that the man had a yearning to love again. Leaning down, Cooper added another set of lips to the three-way, his hips still moving slowly and surely, with a quick snap every so often. The snaps became more frequent as Luther adjusted to being fucked for the first time. Before too long, Cooper’s hips were bouncing against Luther’s ass, the slap of flesh against flesh quick and sharp.

  Luther was moaning continuously now, Ernest and Zane nipping at the man’s small brown nipples, sucking them into hard little nubs. The two men grabbed his bouncing cock between them, fisting him in unison until he came with a shrill, piercing scream and let loose a thick load of cum all over their fingers. Cooper gave a few more jerky thrusts and then came as well, his deep-throated grunt and wailing cry signaling his release.

  Falling to the side, Cooper kept Luther firmly against him, still attached, stroking him tenderly as he peppered kisses over Luther’s shoulder, cheek, and long slender neck, over and over. Cooper kept telling Luther how good he felt, how exquisite he was, coming apart for them, and Luther was soaking it all in like a sponge, his expression dreamy and sated. He was practically glowing with pleasure. Zane curled in on the other side, his front to Ernest’s back, the four of them sharing languid kisses, fingers stroking, soothing, exploring each other affectionately. Zane felt his eyes close, a final sated sigh leaving his lips, and then he drifted off into contented slumber, feeling more relaxed than he’d felt in his entire life.

  Chapter Four:

  Mick Dishes up a Storm

  Dinner that night at MJ’s was a noisy affair. The small group gathering turned into a full-on party, taking over the entire upper floor of the restaurant and bar co-owned by Mick, Jamie, and Jamie’s dad, Jack. The place had risen from the rubble of the old diner, where Jack had very nearly lost his life, trapped in the aftermath of the explosions that had ripped the town apart. To this day, the man was wheelchair-bound, unable to walk. He’d formed an unlikely friendship with Mick’s father, Colin, the pair of them sharing an apartment in a new block that had been built on the outskirts of town.

  Zane and Cooper, after a long nap, woke to find their two beautiful lovers fast asleep, their warm bodies curled into each other, smiles on their faces. With smiles of agreement, the hu
mans kissed their lovers awake, using lips and hands to bring the shifters to moaning life and then groaning orgasm, their cocks shooting down Zane and Cooper’s throats.

  An hour later, cleansed and clothed, the foursome had ventured into town, heading for the dinner venue, bliss adorning each of their faces.

  Joe, Aaron, John, and Cameron teased their big friend Mick mercilessly. The red-haired, powerful tiger shifter flipped them off in between serving up delicious plates of food. Cooper felt the camaraderie, loving the happy atmosphere. Aiden and Murphy, Cody and Thomas, Ethan and his four wolverine mates, plus Cody’s entire household were all there, too. Pace and Zack had just turned up, along with their group of lodgers, people who had been victims of the cult and needed a home, Chester and his two friends among the group. Rafe and his mates were holding down the fort back at Two Spirit Ranch, babysitting the kids for their friends. Apparently, it was going to be movie night, with a selection of animated movies on offer, plus popcorn, s’mores, and other finger foods to keep their little mouths busy.

  Luther’s siblings had turned up, as well as Max and Harley, and their brothers Miller and Victor, who were all living together in the apartment above Café Anglais. Lomax was in the middle of teasing his brother, who sat with a smug smile on his face, with Cooper on one side and Ernest the other, Zane sandwiching the pair between him and Cooper.

  “So how’s that job hunting going?” Lomax asked his brother. “Ernest left to find a job two weeks ago, and now he has three mates.”

  Luther shot his brother an arch look, biting into a piece of prime rib with a snap of teeth, refusing to rise to the bait.

  Zane grinned over at Lomax tauntingly. “Honey, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.” He flicked a lock of hair over his shoulder, drama queen style.

  “Looking at you four, I’d say you’d all had it,” John interjected, laughing. Then he narrowed his eyes on Zane. “Just as long as playtime doesn’t interrupt anything else,” he warned.

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