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Unexpected Liaisons [Spirit of Sage 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

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  “I’ll ask the sheriff if he has the list of people at the ranch,” Cooper said. “They hacked the cult’s records, and anyone from the zoo will be recorded… They liked to keep track of their victims, apparently. According to Cody, they unearthed thousands of names for people who have been abused, or killed, by the cult.”

  Ernest tightened his arm around Chester and then began stroking his back soothingly. “It might be worth having a talk to Murphy,” he said timidly. “I still have bad dreams occasionally, but not nearly so horrible, or so often. He’s really great, and he has an office in town these days. We could go make an appointment tomorrow if you like. I’ll go with you if you feel nervous about it.”

  Chester said nothing for a little while, sipping his drink, and thinking hard, his mind whirling as he digested what his brother had said.

  “Elijah was gay,” Chester eventually divulged. “He wasn’t into girls, but they mated him to a whole bunch of females, shifters, after he was turned. When they injected us with the shifter virus, whenever we shifted, they would do experiments on us, hurting us. I can feel my cat wanting to get out, he’s desperate to play, but I’m so scared of hurting him again.”

  “Did you see me shift earlier?” Ernest asked sympathetically.

  “I saw an ocelot and a serval,” Chester replied.

  “I’m an ocelot shifter, and Luther’s a serval,” Ernest said. “I never saw you at the facility in Idaho, or the zoo, but we went through the same thing.” He stared down at his feet, his mouth turned down sadly. “They hurt my brothers, all the time. My eldest brother used to protect me, diverting their attention from me… He told me that he wanted at least one of us to survive…he knew he wouldn’t make it.” Ernest had tears in his eyes, and his lower lip trembled as he fought back the flood. “Before we were thrown in that hole in the ground, they upped the stakes. The crap they injected him with was pure poison… They wanted use to die slowly. He protected me again, taking the injection meant for me… My brothers all took a hit.” He lifted his eyes and stared at Chester, the tears slowly falling. “I won’t let what my brothers did for me be in vain… They’ve won if they still control us. Don’t live in fear for the rest of your life, Chester. You have a chance at happiness…take it, honey.”

  “He’s right,” said a soft voice from the door. Luther stood there looking sadly at Ernest and Chester. “They did the same to my family, too, only they wanted us to suffer by watching our brothers die a slow death. They seemed to relish what we would be put through once we were sealed inside the tunnel. They split us up, took our sisters away, and then threw us in the tomb. My brothers were injected with the same stuff as Ernest’s family. They used the threat of that poison to get us to shift, to stop us shifting…basically to control everything we did.” His frown was fierce, his pale green eyes glittering with suppressed rage. “The very first thing that happened when we were rescued, and saw Thomas and Douglas there, and realized we were safe, was to shift. It nearly killed me, but I did it, because it was a way to break the cult’s hold on us.” He stared directly into Chester’s eyes, not letting Chester look away. “They won’t hurt us anymore, Chester. They’re finished. Why don’t we all shift and go play? We’ll be with you, if you get scared. Don’t let them win.”

  Chester glanced between Luther and Ernest, and then looked at his brother, who nodded encouragingly. “Get your cat out, bro,” Cooper said teasingly, coaxing a slight grin from Chester.

  Chester stood, trembling as he put his empty cup on the side table. Closing his eyes, he stripped quickly, focused on his feline, and then shifted.

  “Whoa!” Cooper yelped, and Chester, in cat form, smiled toothily, displaying a very large set of fangs.

  “An African lion, eh?” Ernest drawled, patting Chester’s beautiful mane gently. Chester purred, the sound more like a cement mixer than one associated with a cat. “Well, then, let’s go have fun.” He leaned a little closer. “Just don’t eat us, okay?” He smirked at Luther, stripped, and shifted as well, with Luther following suit.

  Leading the way, Cooper headed for the indoor paradise, opening the door for them, and then went to sit and watch their antics, with the two smaller cats leaping all over, bouncing onto Chester’s far larger form, with the big lion rolling about like an overgrown kitten.

  Turning at a sound from the door, Cooper’s eyes went wide as two Siberian tigers sauntered into the place, one with a white coat, the other the more usual orangey hue. The two gave low, chuffing grunts as they passed and then jumped on Chester. Cooper figured this must be Simeon and Curt. Cooper shook his head, and then left them to it, going off to find Zane. He wasn’t entirely sure he felt comfortable being around so many fierce cats…even if they were shifters, and he’d seen them shift.

  * * * *

  Zane watched intently as Cooper’s beautiful bod was exposed to his gaze. He had not wanted to crowd Chester and left Cooper to help his brother after they had been awoken from a sound sleep to spine-chilling screams, loud enough to wake the whole street.

  Cooper had left the bed like a bullet, rushing to help. That had been over an hour ago, and when Ernest had gone, too, and finally Luther, Zane had snuggled back under the covers, hearing the door to his secret paradise open, and the sounds of cats purring. He smiled… He was about to purr himself, seeing his lover’s sexy body crawling up the bed toward him.

  “Hey, sexy,” Zane greeted, meeting Cooper’s lips with his own as the bigger man settled between Zane’s spread thighs and began kissing him hungrily. Their cocks brushed together, already oozing precum, rampant and ready for sex.

  Zane gripped Cooper’s short blond locks in both fists, angling his head for another deep kiss, wrapping his legs around Cooper’s waist, and feeling the slow, hot slide of Cooper’s cock as it entered Zane’s ass, driving home in one smooth thrust.

  The two men shuddered against each other, panting now, Zane’s back arching in ecstasy as Cooper began to stroke in and out, making love to Zane’s ass with fluid grace.

  “That’s it, baby,” Zane breathed into his lover’s avid mouth. “Make love to me, Cooper. Make me feel it for a week.” He gave a short gasp, feeling the snap of Cooper’s hips every third stroke, the slam of power hitting Zane’s sweet spot each time. “I love you,” Zane gasped, hanging on for dear life when Cooper upped the tempo, pistoning into Zane’s greedy hole, their lips still fused together, sweat sealing the deal as they rocked the bed.

  “I love you,” Cooper replied, groaning as he suddenly came, hot cum shooting into Zane’s ass. Zane ground himself against his lover, grasping him tightly. He’d loved this man for so long, and now he was here, sharing his love with the guy who lit his world. “Thank you,” Cooper said, sitting on his haunches between Zane’s thighs, still embedded, his body slick with sweat.

  “You’re thanking me?” Zane squeaked, his cock still thick and throbbing. He was on the edge of climax, so close he was light-headed with anticipation.

  “You’ve taken us all in, this bunch of misfits who’ve invaded your home, without a qualm.” Cooper gave a sharp snap of his hips, driving deep, his cock not quite sated as it thickened inside the snug warmth of Zane’s body. Zane gasped loudly, eyes slitted, panting heavily as he tried to draw air into his lungs. “You forgave me for being a complete idiot.” Another snap, another gasp. “You didn’t flinch when you realized I was attracted to Ernest, a lover you’d already made yours.” A slight swivel of his hips had Zane crying out. Cooper grinned, gripping Zane’s cock at the root, preventing him from coming. Zane groaned in frustration. “You’ve shared your home, and your body and so much love for us all…and then I find out you’re a fucking genius, creating such a fantastic sanctuary, right in the middle of town, where we can all find peace.” He began to move with fluid, sensuous grace, fucking Zane’s ass, claiming him with each stroke in and out.

  “I’m glad you approve,” Zane whimpered, arching his back and using his legs to try to pull Cooper in even deeper. “Now that we
have that out of the way, please can I come?” he begged, which had a wide grin creasing Cooper’s face.

  “Soon, baby,” he promised, still not giving in to Zane’s pleading. “Let me just build up some more steam, and then we’ll blow together.” He angled forward, lifted Zane’s legs over his shoulders, kneeling upright, and then drove down into Zane’s clenching, succulent ass over and over. The thrusts were so deep that Zane was sure he’d soon be sucking cock in a whole different way. Grunting as each hard slam of hips shoved him up the mattress, he gripped the headboard firmly, thrusting back with each powerful stroke.

  “Ohmyfuckinggod,” Zane cried, his entire body bouncing, his mouth wide open, sucking oxygen into deprived lungs.

  “Come,” Cooper ordered, and Zane did, screaming out Cooper’s name to the heavens, his climax ripping through him with the enthusiasm of a runaway train, once Cooper released his grip on his overwrought cock. Cum spurted all over, and Zane tasted some in his mouth he shot so hard.

  The orgasm went on and on, until with a final whimpering cry, the pair of them collapsed in a heap, laughing and groaning at the same time. “You’re gonna kill me,” Zane said, his ass aching, his body feeling as though he’d just run a full marathon.

  “Nah,” Cooper sighed, kissing Zane’s damp neck gently. “It just feels like I will.” Cuddling Zane tightly, he sighed again, and then his breathing evened out, and he fell into slumber.

  “Night, honey,” Zane sighed, dozing off as well, replete and utterly content having Cooper’s heavy body connected to his, wanting him there all night.

  * * * *

  “They look so peaceful,” Luther whispered as he and Ernest returned to the bedroom a couple of hours later, feeling relaxed and horny as hell.

  Ernest shot him a sultry look, eyeing the thick dick that sprouted from Luther’s groin. “I have a new position I want to try,” he whispered back, moving to a large armchair that sat in one corner of the room. Urging Luther to sit down, he straddled his lover nimbly, then with a groan of satisfaction, sank down onto Luther’s beautiful cock, impaling himself in one go.

  “Oh, that’s good,” Luther sighed, his hands moving to stroke Ernest’s slim back, cupping his tight butt and squeezing playfully. “Such a sexy ass, all warm and tight around me.” The position enabled plenty of long drugging kisses, and the two locked lips, barely moving, Ernest’s tight sheath clenching and unclenching around Luther’s dick, milking him sensuously.

  “I love you,” Ernest said, sucking on Luther’s tongue, bringing his mate’s hand down so they both gripped Ernest’s engorged cock together. “I’m so glad you decided to join us, I was afraid you wouldn’t want me once you knew I’d been with Zane.” His kiss deepened again, their hands pumping luxuriously along Ernest’s rod, his precum acting as a natural lube, adding to the eroticism of the action.

  “I was scared before,” Luther admitted, nibbling at Ernest’s lips, his fangs descending, piercing the soft mounds. Licking at the slight wounds, he sucked gently, causing Ernest to jerk a little, sinking down farther. Luther’s hands kept wandering, exploring every ridge and dip and curve that he could reach, keeping his mouth on his mate’s, gently rocking Ernest back and forth in his lap. His cock felt exquisitely warm, and he felt every ripple of the enveloping flesh, fisting him with fluid muscles. “What happened to us, how they treated us, stayed with me for longer than I thought.” He eased back from Ernest’s mouth and rested his head against his lover’s chest. “I had nightmares, like you did, and kept thinking we’d all be separated again.”

  “Not going to happen,” Ernest whispered, holding his lover close. “Those bastards won’t do that to us again—we beat them. They tried to break us, but we were stronger…we didn’t die when they told us to. That makes them the losers. I dreamed of being with you, of sharing you with others…and now I get to do that every night and day. I love being with Cooper and Zane, they both bring different strengths to our relationship, and I love being with you, because you understand…because you were there at the worst moment of my life.”

  Luther cupped Ernest’s beloved face in his hands, kissing him sweetly with all that he felt for the man, who had survived such horrors that Luther was in awe of his strength. As they kissed, Luther moved a little more firmly, making love to Ernest, wanting to show him without words how much he meant. On a soft, liquid cry of completion, they found release together, and then curled up on the chair, joined as one, until dawn crept over the mountains, and light flooded the room, the pair of them lost in slumber.

  * * * *

  Chester made his way quietly back to the green room, as it was being called, opening the door just as dawn began to break. He’d had a fun time playing earlier and went to sleep quickly once he returned to bed. The place called to him again, though, his cat wanting to go back. Chester couldn’t begrudge the lion its freedom… He had spent years hidden away or tortured when he was released. Shifting quickly, Chester let his cat explore, nosing at the lush vegetation, sniffing the heady perfume of the tropical blooms, and then finding a nice shady spot under a massive rubber tree to go lie down. Curling up, hidden from view but for his long tail with its tufted end, which twitched lazily on the wooden decking, he gave a heavy sigh of satisfaction, feeling at peace once more, then closed his eyes, and found sleep again.

  He wondered drowsily, just before he nodded off, if Zane would let him bring his bed out here, and live here permanently.

  Chapter Nine:


  Chester walked with Ernest and Luther to Murphy’s office in town. Murphy still maintained a clinic at the ranch and had taken on extra people to help with the hundreds needing counseling. He took turns with his psych colleagues, spending a couple of days each week in Sage, and today was one of those days.

  The office was situated in a larger complex, containing other professionals, and Murphy had the top two floors for his clinic. Chester saw the profusion of plants and light, and had the idea that maybe Zane had something to do with the design.

  A young man was at the reception desk. Chester thought he recognized the kid from Idaho, but wasn’t sure.

  “Hey, guys,” the guy said with a smile. “Dad will be finished soon. He’s got someone in with him just now.”

  “Hey, Freddy,” Ernest said cheerfully. “How’s things?”

  Freddy grinned and came around the desk, hugging Ernest. “Thanks for the recommendation,” he replied. “My dads sometimes forget what a truly amazing piece of humanity I am.”

  Ernest laughed, hugging Freddy hard. “Honey, I’m fairly sure you never let them forget it. Never let it be said you’re shy about blowing your own trumpet.”

  Freddy snorted, rolling his eyes. “Dude, if I don’t, who’s gonna know?”

  “Anyone who isn’t tone deaf I should imagine,” Murphy drawled, exiting one of the rooms farther down the short hall, smirking at his adopted son. “But yes, I will agree, just this one time, you’ve been truly amazing as a receptionist.” He grinned at everyone. “I know that because Freddy keeps telling anyone who’ll listen,” he added, sotto voce.

  Everyone chuckled, Freddy protesting vigorously about how misunderstood he was.

  Chester joined in, and then his face went blank, shock rippling through him as he spied the man who had just left the room behind Murphy. It was Elijah, the guy Chester had known from the roadside zoo.

  Tall and lithe, the man exuded power and moved with an effortless grace that left Chester in awe. Their history together had been far too brief, thrown together by a bunch of evil monsters, and they had tried to find solace with each other. When they had been ripped apart, Chester had been devastated, certain the man would not have survived.

  He watched as Elijah’s head lifted, his pale green eyes glinting with a hint of shock followed by relief, as a slow, beautiful smile spread across his face.

  “Chester,” Elijah said and opened his arms wide. Chester gave a half sob and ran straight into them, closing his eyes as he inh
aled the clean, masculine scent of the man he had thought long dead.

  Chester heard low voices behind him, but kept his face buried in the crook of Elijah’s strong neck, feeling the thick ropes of muscle beneath his fingers bunch and relax as he was held tightly.

  “Baby, I’m so glad you’re okay,” Elijah whispered, and a low purr left his lips. “I dreamed of this day. I never gave up hoping we’d find each other again. And now, like a gift, you’re here, in my arms again.”

  Chester lifted his head, and suddenly Elijah’s soft lips were on his, kissing him in a way so familiar, yet so much more than he remembered. Years had passed since they had last seen one another, and they had been children, seeking comfort in a warm body the last time they’d kissed. They had both been exploring who they were, what they felt, experimenting with each other. Now they were no longer kids, and Chester knew exactly what he wanted.

  Chester tasted coffee, a hint of mint, and a flavor that was uniquely Elijah, spicy and fresh at the same time. Chester ran his hands down Elijah’s body, feeling hard muscle rippling as they embraced. The man had a compact body, powerful and sexy as all hell…and he was all man now. The hard ridge poking against Chester’s thigh felt big and ready for action.

  “I take it you know each other?” Freddy drawled as the kiss continued, threatening to escalate further.

  The words reached Chester’s fuzzy brain, and he groaned, releasing Elijah’s addictive lips reluctantly. He stared into the man’s mesmerizing green eyes, and hugged him close again. “I thought I’d never see you again,” he said huskily, feeling strong arms tighten around him again.

  “Baby, it would take a lot more than those pussies to take me down,” Elijah replied gruffly, nuzzling into Chester’s blond mane of hair.

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