One Hand On The Podium

      John E. Harper

One Hand On The Podium

FBI AGENTS TOM MERRITT AND STEVE FRANKANO aren't accomplices to murder, but they're beginning to feel that way. As they watch a young woman's mangled body being removed from a landfill, they know who committed the crime. They also know he's an evil man of power—a politician who stays beneath the law enforcement radar. And yet they can't arrest and convict him.

Because the murderer is also guilty of treason,

the US government waits in hopes that the

treason is what will ultimately bring down the

man in question, retired US Air Force Colonel

Simon Moss. Moss is a charismatic official who

is climbing the political ladder. On the side, he's

also selling secrets to the Syrian government. If

Merritt and Frankano bring him in for murder,

how will they catch Moss's Syrian connection?

It's not an easy war being waged as espionage takes precedence over cold-blooded killing.

The FBI watches and waits as more innocent lives are lost, but the law can't wait forever.

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