The Phantom

      Jocelyn Leveret

The Phantom

One woman sets out to discover the truth about The Phantom, and maybe finally discover the true sexual pleasure that the hands of mere men have denied her.

There is a legend known only to women. The Phantom, a ghostly lover, could one night creep into her bedroom and give her the pleasure her body craves. Sasha has been obsessed with him ever since she first heard his story in college. Ten years later, she still dreams of him coming to satisfy her needs. But is he even real?

As a journalist at a women's magazine, she manages to convince her boss to let her do an article about him. Despite a very unsupportive boyfriend and a disbelieving best friend, Sasha begins to interview women who have experienced The Phantom only to find more questions than answers.

Is he really the kind of lover that ties up his women? Could he have actually been around for thousands of years? Will she ever be lucky enough to experience him for herself? The questions only drive her need to know more.

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