One Week To Live

      Joan Beth Erickson

One Week To Live

An empty baby stroller, the shadow of a man, a child's cries--all images that haunt psychic Angela Martin's dreams. After blaming herself for a kidnapped child's death, she vows never to trust her visions again. But when a kidnapper strikes close to home, Angie can no longer turn her back on her gift.

Newspaper reporter Brian Murphy helps find kidnapped children. However, when he features Angie and her psychic skills in a story, things don't go well. She's hiding from a past that could put her in danger, and wants nothing to do with the nosy reporter and his charming ways.

When the kidnapper targets Angie with his twisted nursery rhyme game, she's forced to work with Brian. To save a child, Angie must rely not only on her visions, but also trust Brian with her secrets--maybe even her heart. Failure could mean death for them all.

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