The Hidden Icon

      Jillian Kuhlmann

The Hidden Icon

Eiren knows your heart. But she doesn't know her own.

A gentle storyteller who has always been able to sense the thoughts and feelings of others, Eiren discovers that the source of her power stems from an incredible darkness. To save her family, she surrenders to the enemy that has warred with her kingdom her whole life, unwittingly embracing that darkness and her own surprising capacity for fury and vengeance.

But the war's end is only the beginning of Eiren's troubles. Compelled to return with her captors to their kingdom in the north, she faces foes both mortal and immortal on the road and explores the depths of her powers at the risk of losing herself in them, or in the masked and enigmatic man whose secrets elude even Eiren's talents.

To know the truth of why she was taken from her home, Eiren realizes she must become one of the monsters from her stories, whether she wants to or not.

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