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Unlocking the Surgeon's Heart

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  She led him into her bedroom and turned her back toward him. “Unzip me, please. I can’t reach.”

  “This is completely unnecessary.”

  “I don’t agree. Just do it.”

  As soon as he tugged down the zipper, she turned around to face him. Slowly, carefully, she let the gown drop to the floor.

  “I want you to see exactly what you’re getting,” she said softly. “If you’re repulsed—”

  She held her breath and watched his expression as he gazed at her manmade curves. She saw interest and awe, but not disgust, and she finally allowed herself to breathe.

  He traced her collarbone with a feather-light touch before trailing his fingers down her breastbone. Meeting her gaze without flinching or hesitation, he suddenly pulled her against his chest and covered her back with his hands.

  “I see the most beautiful woman in the world.”

  Although logic said otherwise, she was thrilled he thought so. “Will you stay with me tonight?”

  He nodded. “On two conditions.”

  She raised an eyebrow. “And they are?”

  “One, I won’t leave until morning. In fact, I won’t leave until it’s time for our flight.”

  Surprised by his comment, she asked, “Do you want to come along?”

  “Nothing could keep me away. In fact, I bought my ticket two weeks ago. I had planned to go with you, one way or another.”

  If she’d needed final proof that he would stick by her, no matter what, he’d just provided it.

  “What’s the second condition?”

  “That you agree to marry me. I want you to know beyond all doubt that I won’t be influenced by the outcome of your appointment.”

  Although she’d suspected as much, until now she’d been afraid to believe. “I know you will,” she said simply. “And, yes, I’ll be your wife.”

  His grin instantly stretched across his face before he stepped back and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Good. Now that we’ve addressed those minor details, I want to make love with you.”

  She wanted to cry with happiness and all she could do was nod her agreement.

  “I hope you got a nap this afternoon,” he added, “because we won’t be sleeping most of the night.”

  Christy helped with his buttons, enjoying the feel of his hard chest beneath her fingers. “Is that so?”

  “Oh, yes,” he assured her, before he stepped out of his trousers and drew her against him once again. “It’s a promise.”

  * * *

  Christy sat in her oncologist’s private office with Linc beside her as they waited for Dr Kingston to walk in. He’d conducted his exam in his usual noncommittal manner and after he’d finished, he’d suggested she join him in his office as soon as she’d dressed.

  She pulled on her clothes in record time.

  As she sat in front of the doctor’s desk, outwardly she was calm, but inwardly she was a bundle of nerves.

  “Whatever he tells us, we’ll deal with it,” Linc assured her as he held her hand in his strong one.

  She managed a smile. “I know, but—”

  “Think optimistically,” Linc told her.

  The door swung wide and Dr Kingston entered. He was tall, thin, and reminded her of an oversized scarecrow, but his eyes were full of compassion. He also seemed older than she remembered, but she supposed his job was more difficult and more stressful than most.

  “Sorry for the delay,” he said in a kindly voice that matched his expression. “I had to take a phone call.”

  Christy introduced Linc, then waited for the oncologist to open her chart on his desk.

  “You’re doing well?” he asked. “Still enjoying your job?”

  “Oh, yes.”

  “My wife insists I need to take a vacation. Maybe we should travel to the Midwest. I haven’t been in the area in years.”

  “It’s a wonderful part of the country,” she agreed, fighting her impatience.

  “I imagine it is. But, then, you aren’t here to listen to my vacation plans, are you?” Without waiting for her response—which was a good thing because she suddenly couldn’t breathe—he opened her folder. “Ah, yes. I remember now. Your results came in a week ago.”

  “And?” she asked, her palms suddenly moist.

  He leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers. “Your scans are clear. No sign of any abnormalities.”

  Christy’s shoulders slumped and tears came to her eyes as Linc hugged her.

  “Your tumor marker levels haven’t changed

  either, so I’d say you passed your five-year check-up with flying colors.”

  “Thank you,” she choked out.

  He smiled. “I’ll be happy to take the credit because I don’t often have the opportunity to deliver good news. Out of curiosity, though, I know you celebrate your anniversary with an adventure. What did you plan for this year?”

  Christy looked at Linc and smiled at him with all the love in her heart. “A wedding.”

  * * * * *

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  Jessica Matthews, Unlocking the Surgeon's Heart



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