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Loved by the elite comma.., p.9

Loved by the Elite Commander, page 9

 part  #1 of  Intergalactic Guardians Series


Loved by the Elite Commander

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  “My first in command won’t leave X-2 until he’s rescued as many Human females as he can. And those who wish to stay won’t be forced to come here. Perhaps they will find mates in the other races on X-2. However, he’s going to take out the Human males who have already become evil. Obviously the smallest of male children might be redeemable. It’s something the Elorians on X-2 will have to assess. J-Ril will ensure those who wish to remain behind will be safe.”

  “Thank you,” she said, reaching up to press her hand to my cheek.

  “Come. You need to meet with the grand physician.”

  She gave a nod and I helped her stand. With my arm around her waist, I led her outside once more. A few people stopped to stare, but only because word was rapidly spreading that I’d found a mate and she already carried my young.

  The grand physician had a clinic not far from my home. I thought the walk would be good for Marcy since she’d been on the skiff for so long.

  The suns shone brightly overhead, reflecting off the buildings and homes around us. I loved Elora and hoped that Marcy would find it just as beautiful. I could tell she wanted to look at everything, but she mostly kept her head bowed. If she hoped to draw less attention to herself, she was failing.

  At the clinic, I ushered her inside and smiled at the grand physician. “Greetings, R-Vyl. I’ve brought my mate to meet you, and I thought if you had time you might do an exam? K-Vik told us that we’re expecting three babies.”

  “I’d heard a rumor your mate was carrying three children, but I thought it was simply that.” R-Vyl focused on Marcy. “You are a marvel, and may very well save our people. Would you permit me to conduct an exam?”

  Marcy glanced at me and then back to R-Vyl. “Do I have to get into that pod thing again? I feel trapped when I’m in there and it gets hard to breathe.”

  R-Vyl nodded. “I’ve heard of people afflicted with such an illness. I believe we can proceed without using the pod for now. We’ll save it for an emergency situation when it comes to your care.”

  Marcy and I followed him into a private room. After he explained the various tools to my mate, she seemed a little less nervous. During the exam, R-Vyl kept shaking his head and muttering, but there was a slight smile on his face. I wondered if he found my mate to be as fascinating and perfect as I did.

  “I can detect three babies,” R-Vyl said. “And there’s something more.”

  “More?” Marcy asked.

  He nodded. “You’re not just carrying three babies, you’re having three daughters. The readout clearly shows only female DNA. Congratulations to you both! Your children are a promise to the Elorian people that we will have a bright future.”

  “Daughters,” Marcy said softly, and I saw a tear slip down her cheek. “K-Vik had said he couldn’t tell what we were having.”

  “I’m able to do more thorough testing here on Elora than he would have available on board a vessel.”

  Marcy nodded and wiped at her tears.

  “What’s wrong, my mate?” I asked.

  “If I were still at the settlement, if the babies had been born there, they would have had a horrible life. They would have been abused, humiliated, and…” She covered her mouth and stifled a sob. I gathered Marcy close to me and shared a look with R-Vyl.

  “There are more females where she came from?” the grand physician asked.

  “Yes. J-Ril stayed behind with the others to see if he could rescue them. Any who wish to leave that place will be brought here as potential mates for our single males. As you can tell, we’re compatible and can create children together. But the settlement where I found Marcy is small. There’s an entire planet of Humans called Earth.”

  “Maybe the elders will find a way to bring more Humans here.” He shifted his focus to my mate. “As the Elite Commander’s mate, you have nothing to fear. He will protect you and your children, and no one on Elora would dare harm you. You’re safe, Marcy.”

  I tensed a moment, uncertain how she would feel about the importance of my title. When she didn’t seem surprised or upset, I wondered if she didn’t understand the significance, or if my title wasn’t important to her. Maybe I’d worried for no reason.

  “What do we do now?” she asked. “I’m not a slave anymore, and I know I’m your mate, but what place do I have here?”

  I kissed the top of her head. “You can do whatever you want, my sweet female. But for now, I think we should go home and rest. We have some time yet before we need to prepare for the babies. Until then, you can get to know the Elorian people. I know they will adore you as much as I do.”

  She nodded and stared up at me, trust in her gaze. That alone made me feel like a king, knowing how hard it was for her to put her faith in a male after all she’d suffered.

  “You’re brave and strong, my Marcy. I’m honored to have you as my mate, and you and our babies are all that matters to me. If you’re happy, then so am I.”

  “I am,” she said. “You make me happy, K-Tan. Being here, knowing my children can have a good life, it means everything to me. But even more, having you as my mate and the father of my babies is better than anything I’ve ever dreamed. I never thought I’d know what love was, and then I met you.”

  R-Vyl sighed. “If the other females are anything like her, then I can’t wait to see Elora flourish once more. You chose well, Elite Commander.”

  I gathered Marcy against my chest and kissed her long and deep. I didn’t choose her. The gods chose her for me, and she was my perfect match. No other female anywhere in the galaxies could ever be as wonderful as my Marcy, and I couldn’t wait to show her Elora and spend the rest of our lives loving her.

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Award-winning author Jessica Coulter Smith has been in love with the written word since she was a child writing her first stories in crayon. Her first romance was published in 2008, and since that time she’s had over one hundred short stories, novellas, and novels published. She’s particularly fond of writing paranormal and science fiction romances, but she also writes overly hot contemporary romance as Harley Wylde. Romance is an integral part of her world and Jessica firmly believes that love will find you at the right time, even if Mr. Right is literally out of this world.

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  Jessica Coulter Smith, Loved by the Elite Commander



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