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Abbie and the Alien Official (Intergalactic Brides 14)

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  She moved closer, placing her hand on his chest. “Does this mean you’re going to claim me as your mate?”

  “Before we take that step, we should probably talk to the council about your ideas. It would be good to know ahead of time if we’re both going to be kicked off the planet. A Zelthranite mating won’t be recognized on some of the possible worlds we could call home. Best to do it right the first time.”

  “Are you really concerned they will be angry with the suggestion of a survey?” she asked.

  He hesitated a moment. “Those who are mated will feel ashamed that they just assumed their mates were happy. Knowing they may have failed them will hurt. Those who have never had a mate may put up a fight at changing the way things work on this world. They will be resistant to change, but I think in time, once they find their mates, they will better understand what we’re trying to do.”

  Abbie sighed. “I didn’t intend to turn your planet upside down when I came here. I just wanted a chance at a better life.”

  “And I intend to make sure you get it.”

  Abbie pressed her lips to his and Larimar felt the stirrings of desire. Would he always want her with the same hunger he felt now? It went beyond her physical looks, even though she was beautiful. He loved her fire, her heart. But mostly he loved the way she made him feel. Like he could do anything. And he would do anything to ensure her happiness and prove himself a worthy mate.

  He just hoped the council would be receptive to making some changes.

  Chapter Five

  “You agreed to live your life according to our laws when you accepted the money to come here,” Faltz said.

  Abbie’s chin jutted out. “I didn’t accept any money. And I have no problem with your laws. I merely suggested that there might be a better way of handling the female population. We aren’t meek little women to be patted on the head and told what to do. We have thoughts and feelings, needs and desires, and your archaic male-oriented society is stifling your mates.”

  Faltz’s face turned red, but he sat back down.

  Borgoz observed her and seemed to be listening intently. “What precisely is it that you want us to do?”

  “Like I said, I want to send out a survey for all of the females on this world to take. But it needs to be done in way that allows them to be anonymous. We want their honest feedback on their feelings and suggestions for how to improve things on Zelthrane-3. Human woman are used to having jobs, having countless forms of entertainment available for them, and we’re used to using our brains for more than running a house and raising kids. Even the stay-at-home moms on my world help out with paying bills, help their kids with homework, and they usually spend time with other females without children or mates present.”

  “And you honestly believe our mates are unhappy?” Borgoz asked, looking unsettled by the thought.

  “I think they love you and want to be here with you. But yes, I think deep down, there are things they miss from our world. Larimar said there’s a crafting store and some of the women offer classes. I think that’s a great idea, but not all females want to take up knitting. You’re doing them a disservice by squeezing them all into the same box instead of giving them options to express themselves.” Abbie blew out a breath. “I’m not saying change everything about your world. From what I can see, it’s a pretty great place to live. I’m only asking that you adapt a little to your growing female population by seeing that all of their needs are met.”

  “I have a mate,” Borgoz said. “She’s never once said anything about being unhappy. Wouldn’t she have told me if she were?”

  “Not all women will speak up for what they want. Some just go with the status quo and they’re content. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t things they long for. She may just not know how to ask for it. Or maybe she doesn’t think what she wants is even possible,” Abbie said.

  “A survey.” Alrian crossed his arms over his chest. “It would take some work to send out something everyone would be able to take, which means it would take some time to implement your idea. But I think it’s a sound suggestion. If my mate needs something I’m not providing, I want to know.”

  Borgoz nodded. “I feel the same.”

  “You want to change our society just to cater to some females?” Faltz asked.

  “No,” Borgoz said. “We want to better our society by making sure everyone has what they need to be happy here. The bride program is still growing, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s still fairly new. What if ten years from now my mate decides she can’t handle life here anymore? What if she gets tired of not having enough to do, or not getting enough quality time with other females? I don’t want that. If making a few changes means she’ll never want to leave, then I’m all for it.”

  “What’s that human phrase?” Faltz asked. “Pussy-whipped?”

  Borgoz growled at him and the councilman quickly shut up.

  “I’ll take your suggestion to our communications team,” Borgoz said. “If you will kindly come up with some questions for the survey, I’ll get them to start working on it immediately.”

  Abbie smiled, liking the Chief Councilor. “I’ll have them to you by tomorrow.”

  “I think we can dismiss for the rest of the day,” Borgoz said. “Some of us have a lot of thinking to do.”

  He gave Faltz a pointed look.

  As Larimar began escorting her out of the room, Borgoz drew them to a halt.

  “I’d like to invite the two of you over for dinner tonight. I think Charlotte would like you, Abbie, and she can always use a new friend. My mate is deaf. She reads lips and she can speak, but her voice is unusual. I didn’t want it to come as a surprise when you meet her,” Borgoz said.

  “I’d love to meet her,” Abbie said.

  “Then I’ll see you both tonight.” Borgoz smiled.

  When they exited the council headquarters and stepped into the sunshine, Abbie smiled up at Larimar. He seemed more relaxed now that the meeting was over and he hadn’t been asked to leave his world. She’d never doubted the outcome. If Larimar was receptive to new ideas, it stood to reason that others on this world would be too.

  “I know you had more suggestions,” Larimar said. “Maybe we can discuss the matter more with Borgoz at a later date.”

  “Just knowing the council was receptive to the idea of a survey is a great start,” Abbie said with a smile.

  “If there was anything you could bring here from your world, what would it be?” he asked.

  “That’s a hard one. I love books, movies, and music. But I think, as far as things you do with more than one person, I would miss dancing. I never got a chance to go very often, but I had fun when I did.”

  “Dancing.” His brow furrowed. “I’ve seen people dance on the movies we’ve procured, but I’ve never done it before. Is it hard?”

  “I guess it depends on whether or not you have any rhythm.” Abbie shrugged. “Some people can dance because it’s natural to them, and others never quite get the hang of it. It’s hard to say where you’d fall until you gave it a try.”

  “You have the solar charger for your phone at my place, don’t you?” he asked.

  “Yes. Why?”

  Larimar tugged on her hand, guiding her back toward his place. “Because I think I want to try dancing and you said you have music on your phone.”

  Abbie laughed and went with him willingly. She was glad they’d settled the issue of her returning to her apartment. The last thing she wanted to do was be apart from him. So far, she’d pretty much been living with Larimar, but he hadn’t said a word about claiming her. She wondered if he was hung up on their age difference, or if it was something else. On Earth, there were rumors that plenty of brides found mates their first day on this world, and Abbie was certain she’d found hers. But how could she convince him she didn’t want anyone else?

  At his house, she retrieved her phone from the bedroom, along with the solar charger. She plugged in the phone, since it had a low batt
ery, and scrolled through her music, trying to decide what the best dancing song would be for the alien’s first time. She wanted something with a good beat and finally settled on Flo Rida’s latest hit. Abbie cranked the volume on her phone and when the song started, Larimar looked at it, perplexed.

  “How do you dance to that?” he asked.

  Abbie began moving and drew him closer. He seemed to study her for the first few songs, but by the fourth one, he was attempting to move to the beat. She couldn’t help but laugh at how rigid he appeared.

  “You have to loosen up,” she said. “You’re too stiff.”

  He muttered something as he eyed her that sounded suspiciously like that’s not all that’s stiff. She fought not to smile as she glanced down and saw the sexy alien was definitely aroused. Abbie decided that Zelthrane-3 definitely needed a place where people could dance. If the other males were half as stubborn as Larimar, they needed all the help they could get.

  Abbie switched to a slower song and curled her body against Larimar’s, pulling his arms around her waist. She swayed against him and after a moment he mimicked her movements. He held her close, his body relaxed.

  “I like this song,” he said. “We should do more of this type of dancing.”

  She felt his hard cock pressing against her and smiled. If Larimar wanted more slow dances, she’d give him as many as he’d like. Especially if it meant he’d hold her like this every time. And maybe, there would be a little fun at the end of the dance, of a different variety.

  “I’m all sweaty from dancing,” she said. Peering up at him through her lashes, she pulled away a little. “Maybe I should take a shower, and you could wash my back?”

  He stiffened and gave her a heated look. “Our cleansing units having a cleaning agent built in. There’s no need for someone to clean your back.”

  She leaned in close again. “Then maybe we should switch to plain water and use my shower gel. Then you could help me wash… everywhere.”

  He visibly swallowed then gave her a nod. Abbie took him by the hand and led him upstairs. She paused outside of the guest room, but he tugged her toward his room. When they stepped inside, she saw that her things had been brought to his room at some point while they were gone. She didn’t question why he’d asked for her things to be moved, but secretly, she hoped it meant he was closer to claiming her as his mate.

  Abbie retrieved the shower gel and shampoo from her bags and followed Larimar into the bathroom. He did something to the panel on the wall beside the shower and when the water started, it didn’t smell like the cleansing agent was in it. She placed the gel and shampoo in the shower and then began removing her clothes. Larimar leaned against the bathroom counter, arms folded, and watched her as each piece was removed. When her clothes lay at a pile at her feet, he began removing his leather vest and pants.

  Abbie stepped under the spray and wet her hair and body. When Larimar joined her, he pulled the glass door shut behind him. She couldn’t help but admire him. No matter how many times she got to see him without his clothes, the sight of him would always leave her in awe. She poured a generous amount of shower gel in her palm and rubbed her hands together before reaching for him.

  A soft growl escaped Larimar as her hands caressed his chest and worked her way to his shoulders and down his arms. His cock seemed to pulse in time with his heartbeat and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it. He held still, watching her with enough heat to scorch her from the inside out. When she reached for the hard length of him, wrapping her hand around his shaft, he hissed in a breath and his eyes darkened to an intense purple. She stroked him, feeling him harden even further. He was an impressive size, and she felt a flutter in her belly as she thought about how he’d felt inside of her.

  “What’s that Earth saying?” Larimar asked. “You’re playing with fire.”

  She smiled a little. “And just what are you going to do to me?”

  He moved closer, crowding her against the wall. “Anything I want.”

  Her legs nearly buckled and a whimper slipped past her lips. Yes, she wanted that, so very much. She wanted him to take what he wanted from her, and give her an orgasm so intense she wouldn’t be able to stand. And she knew he could because he’d done it before. The water rinsed away the soap she’d lathered on his skin as he stood under the spray.

  “Make me yours,” she said softly.

  Larimar growled, and then his lips came down on hers. The kiss was deep and full of promises that she wished he’d make and keep. His arms came around her, lifting her off her feet. Abbie wrapped her legs around his waist. With one thrust, he filled her completely. Abbie groaned and dug her nails into his shoulders.

  Larimar moved with easy, shallow thrusts. He felt incredible and she wanted the sensations to last forever, but she also wanted more.

  “Harder. Faster,” she urged.

  Larimar’s self-control seemed to snap as his grip tightened on her hips. Every stroke was deeper, harder, until she was crying out in pleasure. Her pussy gripped him tight as she came, calling his name. Larimar pounded into her until she felt him coming, every spurt of his cum splashing the inside of her. She squeezed him tight and he thrust deep and hard one last time, burying himself inside of her. Abbie clung to him, shaken and spent.

  “I’m sorry I didn’t make that last longer,” he said. “I should have had better control.”

  “Do you hear me complaining?”


  “Then shut up and kiss me. I thought it was perfect.”

  He kissed her softly, his hand coming up to cup her cheek. She leaned into his touch and wished they could stay like this forever. But even on an alien world she figured the water would eventually turn cold or run out completely. They might have advanced science, but they weren’t magicians.

  “We should get cleaned up and dressed,” Abbie said. Her stomach rumbled.

  “And it seems I should feed you,” Larimar said with some humor.

  “Food would be good. But maybe we can do this again? In the bedroom instead?”

  “I’d like that.”

  He withdrew from her and eased her down his body. As they washed one another, Abbie thought about how great life would be with Larimar, if he ever decided to commit to her. The sex between them was incredible, and she thought they had a good time together outside of the bedroom too. For whatever reason, Larimar was dragging his feet. Most brides seemed to find their mates within a few days. Unless you went unmatched, and then you were returned to Earth. He wasn’t going to send her back, was he?

  When they were finished and dressed, Larimar took her by the hand and led her down to the kitchen. Another alien was leaning against the counter, staring at what looked like a tablet. He glanced up when he saw them enter and smiled broadly.

  “You finally bring your chosen mate to the kitchen,” he said.

  “Oh, I’m not his mate,” Abbie said. Yet.

  The alien cocked his head and some unspoken communication seemed to pass between Larimar and him.

  “I’m Shariz,” he said with a slight bow. “And you must be Abbie.”

  “Abbie is hungry,” Larimar said. “We missed the noon meal. Do you have anything prepared we could have until the evening meal?”

  “Of course,” Shariz said. He rubbed his hands together and began pulling things out of what looked like a pantry and refrigerator. Taking down two plates from a cabinet overhead, he began arranging the food, heated it, and then presented it to them. “Nothing fancy. I believe this is similar to the fish tacos on your Earth. I had the avocado brought in on the shuttle that landed this morning so it’s fresh from your home, along with some other fruits and vegetables I’ve put aside for later meals.”

  Larimar accepted the plates. “Thank you, Shariz. Your attention to detail is appreciated as always.”

  The alien smiled and gave Abbie a little wave before going back to his tablet.

  Larimar led her out of the kitchen and to the dining room. He set their
plates down beside one another, then held her chair for her. She had to admit that whatever the concoction was it smelled delicious. Just as they sat, Shariz appeared with two glasses of something fizzy and orange.

  “You forgot drinks,” Shariz said. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything else.”

  Larimar thanked him again before digging into his meal. Abbie took a bite, curious what a combination of Terran and human food would taste like. It was rather good, and she quickly finished both tacos and ate the raw avocado slices. She probably should have put them on the tacos, but it was just as good this way. She finished her meal and drank the fizzy stuff, surprised to find it tasted almost like orange soda, but a little sweeter.

  “Now that I’ve fed you,” Larimar said, “let’s watch a movie and relax for a little while.”

  “Maybe a romantic comedy?” Abbie asked. “They’re my favorites.”

  “Then I’ll endeavor to find one.” Larimar smiled at her. “And if there aren’t any in the library already, I’ll put in a request for a few in the next batch of movies that are transferred to our Vid-comm units.”

  Abbie held his hand as they walked to the living room, then cuddled against him as they watched one of her favorite movies. All in all, it had turned out to be a great day. Now she just had to figure out how to get him to claim her. There had to be something she could do that would speed up the process. He obviously wanted her in his home, but as what? She didn’t think Zelthranites did the casual dating thing, or lived together without being mates, but that seemed to be the path they were on. It left Abbie confused and out of sorts.

  Larimar was going to be hers. She just had to figure out how to make it happen.

  Chapter Six

  Larimar woke the next morning with Abbie curled against his side. He watched the light from the suns play across her face as it streamed through the window, and marveled at how beautiful she was. Every time he really took the time to look at her, it left him speechless that someone like her could want an older man like him. She could have anyone she wanted, and yet she seemed to have chosen him. With everything that had been going on, he hadn’t had time to ask if she would be his mate, but he wanted to do it soon. Now that her ideas for improving their society would be put into place, he didn’t have to worry about her tiring of this place. He did still worry a little that she would regret being mated to someone older, but as Borgoz had pointed out, age didn’t seem to matter.

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