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Guardian demons box set, p.5

Guardian Demons Box Set, page 5

 part  #1 of  Guardian Demons Series


Guardian Demons Box Set

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Panting, I asked, “So what do you think of being tied up now?”

  “You can tie me up anytime you want.”

  I grinned and untied her, remaining buried inside her. Even semi-erect I was large enough to fill her. Removing the blindfold, I looked into her eyes, not surprised to see the wonder in their depths.

  I should’ve been sated, having had her more than once already, but the scent of my semen on her made me want her again, and again, and again. My cock was already growing hard once more. Something told me she wasn’t ready to take me again, and after the last fiasco of trying to use the women Lucifer provided for us, I knew better than to go that route. It seemed I was destined to suffer, at least until she recuperated.

  Her gaze flicked down and her eyes widened when she saw my hard cock. “Did you not…”

  I grinned. “I did, but it seems I want you again. Don’t worry -- I know you aren’t ready to go again, not yet anyway.”

  Her gaze met mine and she licked her lips. “What if I wanted to taste you?”

  Time stood still for a moment. She wanted to suck my cock? Just the mere thought of it made me even harder.

  She moved closer to me and, with a gentle push against my shoulder, shoved me down onto my back. Her nails lightly raked over my ribs as she slid her hands down my torso to my hips. Gripping me, she leaned forward and hesitantly licked my cock.

  She lifted her gaze to mine. “I’m afraid I’ve never been very good at this.”

  “You can’t do anything wrong, Monica. Just do what comes natural to you, and you’ll please me.”

  Her tongue swiped over my cock again and I buried a hand in her hair, caressing the silky strands. With other women, I would’ve held them in place and ruthlessly fucked their mouths. But I didn’t want to do that with Monica. I wanted to let her have control, to see what she would do.

  Slowly, her lips eased around my cock as she took me in her mouth. It felt more incredible than anything I’d ever experienced! The hot, wet cavern of her mouth felt like silk against me; her tongue sliding along my length nearly drove me mad. Her slow, up-and-down motion had me clenching my teeth, the pleasure was so great. As her confidence grew, her movements became more assured. Her tongue swirled around my cock as she sucked me hard, her head bobbing faster now. Sweet Lucifer! She’d barely begun, and already I was going to come! When she cupped my balls, it was impossible for me to hold back any longer. My hips lifted off the bed and my cock slid down the back of her throat as I came with a shout. The naughty little vixen kneeling between my legs sucked down every drop and licked me clean before giving me a hesitant smile.

  “Did I do okay?” she asked softly.

  With a groan, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Okay? She was fucking fantastic! If I had my way, I’d fuck her several more times before the day was over.

  Chapter Five

  After three days of fucking her morning, noon, and night, I knew it was time for her to return home. I ignored the twinge I felt in my chest at the thought of her leaving.

  “Monica, I think it’s time you went home.”

  “What?” She bit her lip. “Don’t you want me anymore?”

  I groaned and pulled her into my arms. “Baby, I want you so much it hurts… which is why you need to leave. Your body can only take so much, and I’ll end up hurting you if we continue as we have the past few days.”

  She caressed my chest and smiled up at me. “But I’m not the slightest bit sore, and I want you just as much as you want me.”

  Her words gave me hope. “So you want to stay a little longer?”

  “I’m saying I can’t imagine anyone else’s cock being inside of me. After you, no one will be able to satisfy me.”

  I felt pride in her words and gave her a seductive grin. “Is that right?”

  “Do I have to leave?”

  “If you want to stay, I won’t make you leave.”

  “What if I want to stay forever?” she whispered, unable to meet my gaze.

  I tipped her head back with my fingers and studied her a moment. “You want to stay here? With me?”

  She nodded hesitantly.

  With a growl, I pinned her to the wall, lifted her skirt, and ripped her panties from her body. Unfastening my leather pants, I entered her fast and hard, needing to claim her.

  Kissing her neck, I whispered in her ear, “You’re mine. Do you understand?”

  She nodded. “I’ll be yours for as long as you want me.”

  Thrusting into her as far as I could go, I gazed into her eyes. “I’ll always want you. I’ve never wanted a woman as much as I want you.”

  She twined her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist, holding on for the ride. As I fucked her, I realized the feelings I had for her were as close to love as I would ever get. With unfamiliar emotions bombarding me, I buried myself in her, filling her with my seed, a primal need driving me.

  “Mine forever,” I whispered against her hair.

  She wiggled against me and whispered back, “I want you to take me again, this time from behind.”

  I carried her to the bed and tossed her onto the mattress. She immediately turned over onto her hands and knees, more than ready for me to take her again. As lust surged through me, I knew there would never be a dull moment with Monica in my life.


  Jessica Coulter Smith

  He’s always been her guardian. But now he’s claimed her heart.

  Rorlan is Larissa’s demon guardian, and he’s been tempted by her nearly every day. Now he has her exactly where he wants her, chained in his room in Hell, taking everything he has to give and asking for more. She’s his every dream come true, a fantasy come to life. He’s just not sure he’ll be able to give her up when it’s time for her to return to the surface.

  Chapter One

  I caressed the soft, supple skin of the woman I’d chained to the wall of my room. She wasn’t just any woman though. No, she was my charge, the one woman I was sworn to protect, and what better way than to make sure she had my undivided attention? Larissa had caught me in the act of protecting her when a man attempted to rob her at knife point, and she demanded that I take her with me when I returned to Hell. So here we were.

  I’d watched over her for years, and had been tempted nearly every day. Until now, I wouldn’t have dared to touch her, but recent events had shown that it wasn’t quite as frowned upon as I’d once thought. Watching her date one faithless man after another, knowing they were going to hurt her in the end, hadn’t been easy. It was, after all, my job to protect her. And I took my job very seriously.

  Larissa was different from the others I’d protected in the past. There was something about her that called to me, something that made her special. At first, I’d thought it was merely my drive to fuck her senseless, but now I wondered if it wasn’t, perhaps, something more. I’d never realized that a demon could have feelings other than lust and anger, but I felt something for the woman before me. I couldn’t put a name to it, but I definitely felt something.

  The light lovingly caressed her and my cock hardened even further. I wondered if once would be enough with Larissa, or would it take many times before my lust would be sated? Her scent alone was driving me mad. Having her helpless and at my mercy only increased my desire for her.

  I’d always been dominant in the bedroom, but the sight of her shackled, ready and waiting for me, was enough to make me want to rip the chains from the wall and throw her on the bed. But I wouldn’t do that. No, what I was doing would serve a purpose. It was something she needed, even if she didn’t realize it.

  She stood there, shackled, so trusting. I’d been surprised when she’d given in to me so easily, since she was a natural fighter. Being bound in any way went against her very nature, and yet here she was, putting her faith in me not to harm her. While I’d known her for years, she’d just met me today. She should’ve been more cautious, especially with me being a demon, but that only seemed to intrigue her further.
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  A fine sheen of sweat coated her skin, and I leaned forward to lick a path from her shoulder to her neck. She tasted so sweet. I trailed my hand from her neck down her spine to her ass, loving the contrast of her fair skin and my blue tinge. My whole body was blue with intricate black tattoos covering my neck, arms and torso. All Tinta demons looked like me, and we were each sworn to protect one special woman. And Larissa was certainly special.

  “What do you want?” I asked, nipping her ear.

  “I want you to make me yours.”

  “No matter what that entails?” It was important that she understand she would be giving complete control to me.

  “No matter what,” she said in a breathy voice. Sweet Lucifer, what that voice did to me!

  Opening the trunk at the foot of my bed, I withdrew a crop. Caressing her tender skin from neck to ass and back again, I leaned in close. “This is your last chance to change your mind.”

  “I can take whatever you give me.”

  I chuckled. Famous last words.

  Pulling back the crop, I slapped it across her ass, leaving a red streak on her delicate, snowy white skin. The sight made my cock even harder than before. Drawing the crop back again, I added another stripe to that luscious ass, then another, and another, each one drawing a gasp from her sweet lips.

  I dropped the crop to the floor and caressed her red ass before moving my hands up her ribcage then around to cup her breasts. Her nipples were hard and I grinned. It was obvious she’d enjoyed herself. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

  She whimpered. “Yes, Rorlan.”

  “Ah-ah. What did I tell you about calling me by name?”

  She pressed her breasts further into my hands. “Yes, Master.”

  Pinching her nipples, I gently bit her shoulder. I had just the thing for those perky breasts. Returning to my chest of treasures, I pulled out a pair of nipple clamps. After slipping them over her distended nipples, I tugged on the chain, drawing a groan from her.

  Next, I pulled out a butt plug and some lube. It wasn’t exactly a small one, but then I wasn’t small, either. I probably should’ve warned her about what was going to happen, but I wanted to see how she reacted. Applying a generous amount of the liquid to both the toy and her ass, I slid it between her cheeks.

  “I need you to relax,” I told her.

  I eased the toy into her rosette, watching as it disappeared inside her body and wishing it were my cock. In time.

  Once it was fully seated, I slapped her ass and tugged on the nipple clamps again. A slight shiver raked her body, but she hadn’t cried out in alarm and didn’t seem to be in any pain.

  “How do you feel?”

  “Full, I feel so very full, Master. No one’s ever…”

  I smiled. “No one’s ever fucked this gorgeous ass before?”

  She shook her head.

  I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. “I’m going to fuck your ass, and you’re going to love it. And no one else will ever touch you there, understood? Only my cock is allowed to slide between those soft globes.”

  “Yes, Master. Only you.”

  I kissed her hungrily. “Good girl.”

  I’d never wanted a woman as much as I wanted Larissa at that very moment, but I held myself in check. This wasn’t just about me; it was about her, too. Yes, I could unchain her, fuck her senseless and she’d find pleasure in the act. But what would make it different from any other experience she’d had? I knew that she’d never been into the whole BDSM scene and had certainly never submitted to anyone. No, Larissa was used to being in control. I was actually rather surprised that she’d given up control to me so easily. It just showed how badly she wanted me. If only she knew I wanted her just as much, if not more.

  I’d watched over her since she turned eighteen, five years ago. I’d stood by as she’d gone from one worthless boyfriend to another, all of them much the same. She had a thing for men she could push around, men who catered to her every whim, and then cheated on her, leaving her broken hearted. Well, she wasn’t going to get that from me. I’d have no problem spoiling her when she deserved it, but I wasn’t going to bow down to her and kiss those dainty feet of hers. There was only one master here, and that was me.

  I rummaged through my trunk once more. Unfurling my whip, I looked at her speculatively. I’d have to do something with that long red hair of hers, but I had a feeling she’d enjoy this as much as I would. Her skin pinked up so nicely.

  Twisting her hair, I draped it over her shoulder and ran my fingertips down her spine. I tapped the butt plug once before stepping away. Flicking the whip, I snapped it across her back, just enough to sting. She gasped and tensed for a moment. I let it loose again, this time leaving a pink stripe across the middle of her back. She moaned and pulled on the manacles, but I could tell it was from pleasure and not pain. One of the perks of being a guardian was the ability to hear her thoughts. She was definitely enjoying herself. Three more flicks in quick succession added three more stripes across her fair skin.

  I could see the proof of her arousal dripping down her thighs, but I wasn’t ready to give her relief, not just yet. I tossed the whip aside and crowded Larissa, pressing my chest to her back. She smelled divine, like soft woman and sexual desire. It was a fine musk that permeated the air and I breathed it in greedily.

  “Are you ready to be freed from your chains?” I asked.

  “Yes, Master.”

  With a kiss on her neck, I unshackled her and turned her to face me. I smoothed her bangs back from her face and admired her sapphire eyes. She really was a stunning woman, and for the moment she was mine. I had no doubt she’d want to return to her home once our games were finished for the evening, but I was going to enjoy every moment with her. I’d lusted after her ever since her twenty-first birthday, the day I’d seen her in a skintight dress and fuck me thigh high boots. I’d wanted to bend her over and see just what was under that dress.

  I remembered the night well. She’d been between boyfriends at the time and had picked up some loser at the club. They’d gone back to her place. I’d watched for a while, unable to stop myself. Her creamy skin had been revealed as she’d whipped off her dress, leaving her in nothing but a g-string. I’d practically salivated, wanting to bury my face between her legs. When I saw the miniscule equipment the poor guy was sporting, I had a good laugh and disappeared, knowing Larissa would be unsatisfied and frustrated for the rest of the night. She’d gotten what she deserved, picking up some strange man like that.

  I shoved her to her knees and unlaced my black leather pants. My cock sprang free, and she licked her lips. Gripping her hair, I urged her closer until her mouth opened and her soft lips slipped around my cock, taking me in inch by glorious inch. I’d never felt anything like it before. Her mouth was hot, and wet, and silky. Her tongue swirled around me as she took me all the way in, all the way to the back of her throat and then some. She had just the right amount of suction when she pulled back, and then she did it all over again. Her hands were braced on my thighs. While I hadn’t given her permission to touch me, I found I liked it. The sight would’ve been even prettier if she’d been wearing the special gold cuffs I’d had made and yet never used. Maybe I’d been saving them for someone special, someone like Larissa.

  One of her hands slid up my thigh to cup my balls, and I hissed as she rolled them and squeezed just right. Her head bobbed faster, and I felt my testicles draw up and knew I was going to blow at any moment. Placing my hand over the one on my thigh, I thrust down her throat, shooting a steady stream of cum, watching as she swallowed it all.

  When I withdrew, she stayed by my feet, waiting to see what I would say or do next. She’d make an excellent love slave if I were in the market for one. It had been a century or more since I’d owned one, and I found the idea intriguing. If I were going to have one, it would be Larissa. There was just something about her. I couldn’t explain it, but I was drawn to her unlike anyone ever before. A few of my
demon friends had recently fallen head over heels in love with their charges. Surely that wasn’t happening to me?

  I caressed her face, and she leaned in to my touch. Helping her to her feet, I kissed her and tugged on the nipple clamps. As I devoured her mouth, I felt her hands slip up my chest and around my neck.

  I pulled back and gave her a stern look. “I didn’t say you could touch me.”

  “Sorry, Master.”

  Although, the truth was I enjoyed that touch. I enjoyed having her hands on me, a little too much. “Get on the bed.”

  “Yes, Master.”

  Chapter Two

  She scurried around the side of the bed and clambered up on the large piece of furniture. It took up the majority of the wall and was definitely bigger than a king. I’d had it made during a time when I’d enjoyed having more than one woman in bed, and occasionally, another man and several women. Those days were behind me now, but I’d kept the bed. I actually hadn’t had anyone in my bed in a long time. I either took them against the wall while they were chained, or I went elsewhere. Larissa would be the first in nearly a hundred years.

  I watched her as she sat uncertainly in the middle of the bed. I could tell she wanted to please me but wasn’t sure how. Reaching into the trunk once more, I pulled out the gold cuffs, connected by a three-foot chain. She was going to look beautiful in them. Instead of chaining her to the bed, I was merely going to put the cuffs on her wrists. It would be up to her to follow my instructions as to when and where she could or could not move.

  I climbed onto the bed, facing her. “Hold out your hands.”

  Without reservation, she held her hands out, palms down. I watched her, looking for a reaction as I clicked the cuffs into place. Her gaze met mine, but all I saw was trust and acceptance. Smoothing her hair back from her face, I studied her a moment. She looked so angelic, so innocent, yet I knew she wasn’t. But she was definitely more innocent than the women I usually played with. Being with Larissa was as close to being with an angel as I would ever get.

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