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Moonlight Savior

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  “You have room, why didn’t she stay with you?” the alpha asked.

  “She isn’t living with him as a roommate. She’s living with him as his girlfriend. I introduced them when he first came back and they hit it off. They’ve been inseparable since.”

  “I see. And you didn’t tell me about her because?”

  “Pack life in California was hard on her. I had a feeling that she and Ramsey would get along well together. I wanted to give her the time to find out before she was introduced to the pack. She was nervous about starting over. I’d talked about Ramsey a lot and she was intrigued. Even knowing the situation with Chloe, she still wanted to meet him first. I didn’t see the harm in letting her.”

  “It wasn’t your call to make,” Gabriel said calmly.

  “I know and I’m sorry, but it’s worked out well.”

  “I want to see Ramsey.”

  Hunter rubbed the back of his neck. “About that…”

  Gabriel sighed. “What now?”

  “He kind of left town with Harper last night. They should be back tomorrow. I think. At least, that was the plan when they left, but they wanted some time away from the pack.”

  Luna had paled even further and shrunk into her seat.

  “Is that who he was kissing last night? The blonde woman?” she asked.

  Gabriel’s gaze sharpened on her. “You knew he was with someone when you asked to be mated to him?”

  “I saw him, but…”

  “But nothing, Luna. You know what he’s been through. How could you have done that?” the alpha demanded. “You’re to move your things from the apartment immediately. I won’t have you underfoot over there. Ramsey deserves a chance to be happy, and hopefully Harper will take his mind off Chloe.”

  If possible, she paled even more. “I took his mind off her!”

  “No, you didn’t. If you had, he wouldn’t have had to get drunk before he went home his first night home. It’s obvious he thought about Chloe the whole time he was gone.”

  Luna winced and nodded. “Where am I moving my things?”

  “You’ll stay here until I mate you to someone. Which will be soon.”

  “I’ll have everything here by this afternoon.”

  “Good. I’d suggest you start packing.”

  She rose from the table and walked out with as much dignity as she could muster. With one last glace over her shoulder, she left the werewolves to talk.

  After Luna was gone, Gabriel focused on Hunter again.

  “I should punish you for lying by omission. You kept something important from me.”

  “I know. And I’ll accept whatever punishment you give.”

  “But you’ve also done something I haven’t been able to do in six months. You’ve gotten Ramsey to think of something other than Chloe. For that, I owe you, so let’s call it even.”

  Hunter nodded. “I’m sorry that Ramsey won’t be at work today and tomorrow. But all things considered, I thought it was important for the two of them to have some time alone. I thought it might solidify their bond.”

  “I was thinking the same thing. Let’s hope we’re right.”

  “If you don’t need anything else, I’ll head across the street and get to work.”

  “Go ahead. I’ll be over shortly.”

  “Gabriel, thanks. Not only for not punishing me, but for giving Harper and Ramsey a chance.”

  The alpha nodded and watched the other wolf walk out. He had a lot to think about. Was it possible that Harper could be Ramsey’s mate? Being born into a werewolf family, it was guaranteed that she was a werewolf’s mate. But whose? For the sake of the pack, he hoped that Hunter knew what he was doing. If Harper and Ramsey really did work out, then it would be for the best.

  Chapter Six

  Harper opened her eyes and stretched lazily in bed. She’d spent the rest of the morning and afternoon making love with Ramsey and now her body was sore, but in a good way. She looked at the werewolf sleeping at her side and smiled. He really was quite remarkable. And not just in bed. He’d been so sweet, asking if he was hurting her, making sure she wasn’t too sore. And then, in-between their bouts of lovemaking, he’d asked about her childhood and teen years. Although, she had a feeling some of it had been a fishing expedition to see just how many boyfriends she’d had and how much experience she’d had before coming to his bed, despite the fact that she’d obviously never been intimate with a man before. Werewolves! Such territorial creatures. But she loved it.

  She curled up on her side and ran her fingers through his hair. During their talks, she’d extracted a promise from him. For as long as they were together, he wouldn’t pretend to be anyone’s mate, no matter who asked. Like Chloe, she didn’t think she could handle it. If he wanted a mate, he could ask her to be his mate for real, or he could break up with her before going off to play make-believe with someone else.

  Her heart ached at the thought of being without Ramsey. Even though they’d just met, she felt close to him. Closer than she’d ever felt to anyone before. If she’d know him longer, she’d swear she was in love. But that was ridiculous. She’d only known him for a day or two. Love at first sight didn’t exist. Did it?

  She might be living with him now, but she didn’t know how he felt. For all she knew, he was just playing a part. A part with benefits. Yes, he’d been tender and kind to her. But that didn’t mean he had feelings for her. The only way he’d feel something for her so soon is if she were truly his mate. She could dare to dream. Being part of Ramsey’s life would be wonderful.

  She watched as he stretched and slowly woke.

  “How long have you been awake?” he asked.

  “Not long.”

  He reached for her and pulled her into his arms. He nuzzled the side of her neck and kissed her.

  “What did you want for dinner tonight?” he asked.

  “Anything is fine with me.”

  “I saw an Italian place on the way back from the lake.”

  “Sounds perfect. I just need to take a shower first.”

  He kissed her again. “Makes two of us. If I promise to behave, want to shower together?”

  She nodded and snuggled into him. Honestly, she’d probably agree to just about anything he asked. Of course, she wasn’t about to tell him that.

  He rolled out of bed and tugged her along behind him, heading for the bathroom. While he adjusted the water to the right temperature, Harper studied him. A man his size shouldn’t be as graceful as he was. She couldn’t be near him without wanting to touch him. When he turned to her, she allowed him to help her into the shower.

  He stepped in behind her and closed the curtain.

  “I know you’re too sore to do anything, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to touch you.”

  She smiled up at him shyly. “I like it when you touch me,” she admitted.

  Ramsey kissed her softly, pulling her close. Her body instantly responded to him, even though she knew nothing was going to happen between them. She couldn’t help but want him. When she felt his arousal, she rubbed herself against him.

  He pulled back. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

  “It’s not you. I just can’t be around you without your clothes on. Hell, I don’t think I can be around you with your clothes on without wanting you. Just being in the same room with you is enough to make me hard.”

  She blushed and smiled up at him, pleased that she had such an effect on him. Knowing that he desired her that much made her want him even more, not just sexually, but in a forever kind of way. The longer she was around him, the more she wanted to be his mate. Not that she could tell him that. If he knew, he could very well run the other way. No, she had to hold herself in check and just hope that he came to care for her enough to want to keep her around.

  Ramsey kissed her again. “I’m going to let you wash yourself. If I get my hands on you, I can’t promise to behave. I thought I cou
ld, but…” He shook his head.

  She lightly caressed his chest. “It’s okay, Ramsey. It’s actually rather flattering that you don’t have much control around me. I think I like it.”

  He grinned.

  As she washed her body and lathered her hair, he watched her every move. She felt the heat of his gaze as if he were caressing her body. She couldn’t have been more turned on if his hands were actually touching her. Harper cursed her body at that moment, wanting more than anything to be with Ramsey again yet knowing she couldn’t. If she were lucky, they could be intimate again tomorrow night, but she doubted they could before then. It wasn’t fair, all she wanted was to be with Ramsey.

  When they were finished, they got out and dried off. It didn’t take them long to dress for dinner. The ride on the way to the restaurant was quiet, but it was a comfortable silence.

  The next day, Ramsey got a text message from Kiera. He was stunned about the change of events with Luna, but he would be lying if he said he was disappointed. He’d wondered how he could get her to leave the apartment now that he had Harper living with him. It seemed Gabriel had saved him the trouble.

  He sent her a message back letting her know where they were and that they would be home soon, and she responded quickly letting him know that Gabriel hadn’t been pleased with his abrupt departure. He knew he should have called and gotten permission to leave, especially since he’d been scheduled to work, but it had been last minute and had sounded like a good idea at the time. And honestly, it had been a good idea. He wouldn’t have changed anything. His time with Harper was precious to him. Never had he met anyone like her before, and he doubted there was anyone like her in all the world. It made him wonder if perhaps he should hang onto her. Of course, that’s assuming she wanted to stay with him.

  They’d packed first thing in the morning and he’d already checked out of the motel. Harper was waiting for him in the Hummer, probably wondering what he was up to. Since Kiera hadn’t mentioned anything about his trip, he had to assume that Gabriel already knew about it, which meant that Hunter had talked to him as planned. He only wished he knew how the conversation had gone. Was Gabriel okay with it? Or would the alpha try to take Harper away from him when they returned?

  Ramsey got in the SUV and smiled at Harper.

  “Everything okay?” she asked.

  “Fine. Just a text from Kiera.”

  “That’s the alpha’s mate, right?”

  He nodded. “Apparently some things have happened while we were gone. Luna has moved out of the apartment at the alpha’s orders. And Hunter spoke to him about us, so they know we’re out of town together and that you’ve moved in with me. I’m not sure what that means for us though.”

  “Surely they won’t try to separate us.”

  He shrugged. “I wouldn’t think so, but I never presume to know what Gabriel’s thinking.”

  As they pulled onto the highway, he reached over and took her hand. He really did hope that Gabriel left them alone. Things were going well between the two of them. He figured if they stayed on their current path that she would consent to be his mate before the month was out. Or at least, he was hoping that would be the case.

  He still thought of Chloe briefly, but mostly it was to compare her to Harper. And Harper was coming out on top each and every time. He’d never responded to Chloe the way he did to Harper. Things were more intense between them. He felt as if his world revolved around her. It was frightening and exciting all at once.

  He could never thank Hunter enough for introducing the two of them. His life felt fuller and more complete with Harper in it, even if it had been for such a short time. Knowing her for a day was better than not knowing her at all.

  “How should we act when we get back?” she asked.

  “I would imagine the same as we’ve been acting. I’m not sure what Hunter has told them, but if Luna has moved out then I’m sure he’s said we’re together.”

  She smiled at him. “I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice woman, but I’m glad she won’t be living in the garage apartment. Knowing that she had feelings for you, it would have felt like she was watching us all the time.”

  “I’d already decided to ask her to move out when we returned. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. Gabriel saved me the trouble though.”

  “Does that mean she’s definitely not in the running to be your mate?”

  He shrugged. “It’s hard to say. I would think that the alpha wouldn’t remove her from my property if he wanted us to be mated. Why do you ask?”

  She blushed. “Just curious.”

  Ramsey looked over at her. “Are you hoping the position remains vacant?”

  Her blush deepened. “Maybe.”

  “Then maybe it’s something we’ll have to talk about after we get to know each other a little better.”

  She grinned at him. “Really?”


  Harper leaned across the console and kissed his cheek. Ramsey wasn’t sure what the kiss was for, but he wasn’t going to argue over it. She could kiss him anytime she wanted, any way she wanted. And knowing that she was interested in being his mate just made it better.

  He hadn’t lied though. He did think they needed to get to know one another a little better. If nothing else, they needed to get used to living together before making that kind of commitment.

  He knew that others in the pack hadn’t spent much time with their mates before taking the plunge, but he wanted to make sure things were going to work out. He didn’t want to take Harper as his mate and find out later that she was miserable because of his decision, or worse, that she belonged with someone else.

  They stopped at a restaurant for lunch and the hostess seated them in a quiet corner. Ramsey studied Harper. She was the most stunning woman he’d ever seen. Every time he looked at her was like seeing her for the first time. He wondered if it would always feel that way.

  “What are things going to be like when we return to Ashton Grove?” she asked.

  “What do you mean?”

  “Well, being here is like being on holiday. What happens when we go back?”

  “I go back to work for one thing. For another, I’ll have to face the alpha. I left without permission and missed work. I’m not sure how forgiving he’s going to be.”

  “What’s going to happen between us?”

  “Nothing is going to change between us,” he assured her.

  “What if the alpha says you can’t see me anymore? What if he’s picked a mate for you?” Harper asked, still worried that things could come to an end between them.

  Ramsey clenched a fist under the table. The thought had crossed his mind more than once, but he didn’t want to worry Harper. “I don’t think it will come to that.”

  She nodded. “I guess I’m just nervous about returning. Since I haven’t met him, I don’t know what to expect. Will he want to meet me when you go to see him? Or should I wait until another time?”

  “He’ll probably want to see you so we can ride over there together.”

  Their food arrived and they talked while they ate. Ramsey told her a little more about himself and where he grew up. He hadn’t shared quite so much with someone before and he wasn’t sure why he was opening up now. But it felt good to share part of himself with her, it felt right.

  After lunch, they got back on the road. Ashton Grove wasn’t far away and Ramsey was anxious to get his confrontation with Gabriel out of the way. The sooner he knew where he stood the better.

  Chapter Seven

  Ramsey wanted to go straight home, but he knew better. He went to Gabriel’s to get his meeting with the alpha out of the way. It was better to get it out of the way.

  They pulled up in front of the Victorian and Ramsey helped Harper out of the Hummer. Walking up to the door hand in hand, he gave her a reassuring smile, hoping to set her at ease. He knew she was nervous and wished he could calm her down.

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