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Loved by the Elite Commander, page 4

 part  #1 of  Intergalactic Guardians Series


Loved by the Elite Commander

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“What happened? How long have I been asleep?” I asked, remembering a mist making me drowsy, then nothing until waking moments ago.

  “One week has passed on X-2,” the med tech said. “Your mate will have a few questions for you.”

  “A week?” I asked.

  My heart rate picked up and I tried to calm my fear. Why had I been asleep for so long? What had they done to me, and why hadn’t K-Tan asked? Did they perform some sort of medical procedure without my consent? Had I been wrong -- were these males no different than the Humans in the settlement?

  An ache started in my chest and my breathing became labored. The med tech leapt off his chair and rushed toward me, panic etched on his features.

  “Easy, female. Everything is fine.”

  I gripped the sides of the pod and tried not to flinch when he reached for me.

  “Your heart is beating too fast,” he said. “Please calm yourself.”

  I heard booted steps racing down the metal corridor and K-Tan came rushing into the med clinic. He was at my side in an instant, fear flashing in his golden gaze as he wrapped his arms around me. Breathing in his scent, my heartbeat slowed and I didn’t feel quite so frantic.

  “What happened?” he demanded of the med tech.

  “I’m not certain. She woke and seemed fine, then her heart started racing out of control, her face paled, and she seemed… scared.”

  “What did you do to me?” I asked. “Why was I asleep for so long?”

  K-Tan sighed and his arms tightened around me. “Is that what made you afraid? You think we might have injured you in your sleep?”

  I didn’t confirm nor deny what he said.

  “Marcy, you were sick with a parasite. There was also a device implanted in your body, and injuries you’d sustained from the abuse of the Human males. I didn’t want to waste precious time soothing your fears over the pod. I’m sorry I told K-Vik to heal you without discussing it with you first, but I was worried and wanted you to be healthy.”

  “That’s all?” I asked, leaning away to stare up at him. “You healed me and nothing more?”

  “The device was removed and studied. It’s from the Pryxorian settlement. The parasite in your body was removed and your systems were flushed with vitamins and nutrients. Any wounds were healed, both inside and outside.”

  I blinked. “Pryxorian? Why would I have something inside of me from one of them?”

  The Pryxorians were a peaceful alien race on the other side of X-2, easily a two-day walk from the Human settlement. The aliens were a pearlescent white with silvery blue hair. Yet they never seemed to burn under the bright suns of X-2.

  “We believe one of the Human females requested the implant. Perhaps your mother?” K-Tan said. “It released hormones into your body that prevented you from conceiving.”

  My eyes misted at the thought of my mother doing such a thing. She’d known my greatest fear was giving birth to a child on this horrible planet, especially with the attention Bruce showed me. I knew any male child he produced would be just as evil as he was, especially since I wouldn’t have been permitted to raise him past the age of two.

  I didn’t remember going through a procedure for the implant though, and that bothered me. How had it gotten inside of me without my knowledge? And did any of the other Human women in the settlement have one?

  “You are completely healed,” the med tech said. “Your body is strong enough to complete your mating bond with the Elite Commander, and your hormone levels have returned to what appears to be normal for a Human female. Of course, I’m having to use records from other races who have studied your kind. I don’t have firsthand knowledge.”

  “Why would other races have that sort of information on Humans?” I asked.

  K-Tan looked away, a grimace on his face.

  “What is it?” I asked.

  “The people of your world, Earth, have been enslaved by many races across the galaxies for hundreds of years. You’re considered something of a rarity, especially now. A race called the Zelthranites made a treaty with Earth’s government one thousand years ago. The abductions slowed after that, but didn’t stop completely. It’s hard to protect an entire planet, especially when so many worlds are dying from a lack of females. Your Earth is truly unique. Humans seem to produce male and female offspring nearly equally, or have in past years. In the last three hundred years, the completely Human females have outnumbered the Human males by nearly four million,” the med tech said. “I’m uncertain why the Humans are producing more females while other races are dying out from a complete lack of them.”

  “Wait. What do you mean completely Human? Are there non-Humans on Earth?” I asked. I tried to remember the stories my mother had passed down to me of the mysterious place called Earth, but I didn’t recall any mention of aliens.

  “Yes. Since the agreement with the Zelthranites, more and more alien races have started families on your home world. It started small, and has grown over the past thousand years. And yet worlds as far away as our planet, Elora, had never heard of Earth until recently,” K-Tan said. “If we had known of your race sooner, perhaps we could have made a similar agreement with Earth and saved the Elorian people.”

  “I don’t understand,” I said. “Why are there so many alien races out there who need females? Why are the females everywhere but Earth dying out?”

  “Not everywhere,” K-Tan said. “There are worlds where the females far outnumber the males, but those worlds are protected so the females can’t be poached. There are also few female species compatible with my people.”

  “Not to mention the people who enslave Human females to keep them as sex slaves,” the med tech said. “They have no use for offspring from the couplings, like the Vaadens and the Keshpans, just to name two. There are a lot of races out there who would love to have a Human female merely for pleasure. Theirs, not necessarily hers.”

  “But that’s not why you want me for your mate, right?” I asked, looking up at K-Tan. The Elorians had claimed they needed mates and children, but what if it was a lie? Was he just going to use me the way the Human men had at the settlement here? Would he be the same as the aliens the med tech had just mentioned? Just because my hormones surged and my body tingled in awareness when he was near me, that didn’t mean he would be a good mate.

  “My people need mated pairs who can produce children,” K-Tan said. “It’s the only way the Elorian people will survive. Even if the children aren’t full Elorian, at least my world won’t die out.”

  Right. I was to be a broodmare. I’d nearly forgotten why they were being so nice to me. I wasn’t sure being a baby maker was much better than being a sex slave.

  He reached out and cupped my cheek. “But, my sweet Human female, that isn’t why I want to be mated to you. You’re a survivor, so strong, and when our hearts beat as one, I knew that you were meant to be mine. Even if we never had children, I would still want you by my side. I will protect you with my life, Marcy, and I will cherish you always.”

  How could I not melt when he said something sweet like that? I sighed and burrowed into him, letting K-Tan hold me close. I heard the med tech walk away, and then K-Tan lifted me into his arms and carried me out of the clinic. We took the lift to the top floor of the ship and went straight to K-Tan’s quarters. He didn’t set me down until we reached his sleeping chamber.

  I placed my hand on his chest and felt his two hearts beating in time with mine. I’d never known such a thing was even possible, but it somehow made me feel closer to him. It was crazy! I’d never met anyone like him before, and we were complete strangers. After everything the men at my settlement had done to me, men I’d known my entire life, I should have run screaming from the overly large alien. And yet… there was kindness in K-Tan’s eyes, and a gentleness to his touch that I’d never experienced from a man.

  Not once had I ever felt the way I did when he was nearby. Maybe it was just biological, the mating heat he’d mentioned, or maybe it was something more. He
d called me his true mate. It made me feel special, like I mattered. Since my mother had died, I’d not been important to anyone. Bruce didn’t count. All he’d wanted was to hurt me.

  K-Tan leaned down and placed me on his bed. I’d never slept on anything so soft, or had bedding so luxurious before. I didn’t know what material the blankets were made from, or why the bed itself was so squishy, but it felt decadent. I’d always slept on a dirt floor with a blanket made from plant fibers found on X-2. Even the shirt K-Tan had given me was one of the softest things I’d ever felt.

  K-Tan trailed his fingers across my cheek, and I felt my body begin to warm as it had when he’d pulled me from the shower. He leaned closer, his nose tracing mine. Our breaths mingled a moment before he kissed me. I’d seen men kissing the women at the settlement before, but no one had ever done such a thing to me. It felt like sparks were shooting along my lips and when I felt his tongue lick along the seam of my mouth, I opened.

  He tasted like spices and something dark and delicious. I moaned as he deepened the kiss, and tingles began to work their way through me. The sheer size of him, looming over me, should have scared me. It had the opposite effect. The huge alien made me feel safe and desirable. I grew slick between my thighs as he lightly skimmed his hand down my arm.

  My body felt like it was engulfed in flames and I squirmed on the bed, an ache growing inside of me that only seemed to grow stronger. K-Tan moved further onto the bed, his thighs bracketing mine and as he leaned into me, I lay back on the bed. He braced his weight and didn’t crush me, but I could feel the hard ridge of his arousal through his leather pants.

  “I don’t want to frighten you,” he said before kissing me again. “I want you, want to claim you, but I will give you more time if you need it. I promised I could give you pleasure without completing our mating.”

  “How?” I asked.

  I’d never experienced pleasure before. The men always seemed to enjoy fucking the women in the settlement, but none of us ever liked the experience. What made the alien so certain he could bring me satisfaction in a sexual way? I wasn’t convinced it was even possible. Even though I wasn’t scared of him, and my body felt so strange, I didn’t think a woman could ever enjoy having that done to her.

  K-Tan pulled away and sat back. He placed his hands on his thighs and stared down at me.

  “Will you permit me to show you?” he asked. “You don’t have to remove the shirt if you’d prefer to keep it on. I can work around it, but I will need to touch your skin. Will you trust me, my sweet Human female?”

  I swallowed hard and nodded. I did trust him, even if I didn’t understand why. K-Tan reached a hand toward me, his touch so light I could barely feel it as he skimmed along my ribs and up to my breast. He cupped the mound, then stroked his thumb across my nipple.

  I felt my eyes go wide and I gasped at the sensation. He took his time rubbing the nub until it hardened under his touch. Lightly, he pinched down and my hips jerked in response. My pussy felt swollen and so wet. I hadn’t even known such a thing were possible.

  K-Tan teased my breasts, first with one hand then he started to use both. I couldn’t help but look at the crotch of his leather pants. His cock was a hard ridge down one thigh, and bigger than any I’d seen before. It didn’t scare me. For some reason, it made all those strange feelings even stronger. When he shifted his weight and scooted back, I held back my cry of protest.

  I’d thought maybe he was finished and that was as good as it would get. It hadn’t hurt, so it already made the experience far better than anything else I’d shared with a man. His gaze locked onto mine as he skimmed his hands under the hem of the shirt. My body tensed as he glided his fingers up my thighs. When he touched the bare skin between my legs, I gasped and jerked. Why was I smooth there? I hadn’t been before.

  K-Tan must have seen my confusion.

  “The pod removes any body hair it considers unnecessary when it cleans you before an operation. The hair removal is permanent.” He stroked my slit. “I rather like it.”

  He spread me open and those torturous fingers swiped against my clit. I closed my eyes and moaned, admitting that maybe not having hair down there wasn’t so bad. I opened them again and stared at K-Tan as he made the feelings swirling through my body get more and more intense.

  I didn’t know what was happening, but he pinched my clit just as he’d done to my nipple and I couldn’t hold back my scream. I felt a rush of moisture between my legs and it felt like my body exploded into a million pieces. My heart raced and I trembled as he stroked and teased me some more.

  “That was… I’ve never…” I clamped my lips shut.

  “We don’t have to go further,” he said. “Not today. I can wait until you’re ready.”

  “Will the rest… if you’re inside of me, will it feel good like that? It’s always hurt before,” I said.

  “I would never hurt you, Marcy. You’re my mate, the most important person to me in all the galaxies, and I would rather die than ever cause you pain.”

  “And if we’re together, if I let you fuck me, then we’ll complete the mating bond you said was forming between us?” I asked.

  He growled. “I don’t like that term. Fucking is what a male does with a whore. But yes, if our bodies are joined together, then it will complete the mating bond between us.”

  “Then take me, K-Tan. Please.”

  “Will it frighten you if I remove my clothes?”

  “No,” I said, and I meant it. I was curious about his body.

  He stood and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it across the room into the corner. He bent down and removed his boots before reaching for the fastening on his pants. K-Tan hesitated a moment before shoving his pants down his thighs. His cock was hard and even bigger than I’d imagined. The golden color of his skin was beautiful, and I loved the black marks that covered one arm. Other than his long, black hair, his beard, the tip of his tail, and his eyebrows, the rest of him was hairless.

  I didn’t know if he wanted my shirt on or off. If he was going to be naked, it seemed like I should be too. I sat up and pulled the shirt over my head before tossing it aside. K-Tan went still and stared. I could see his two hearts pounding inside of his chest and his cock seemed to grow even larger.

  I noticed there were two slits in the tip, and the fluid seeping from them was a pearlescent blue that shimmered under the lights, but otherwise he was built like a Human man.

  His liquid gold gaze locked on mine as he slowly reached for me. K-Tan spread my legs wide, pressing against my inner thighs, opening me as far as he could. He groaned as he stared at my exposed pussy. For some reason, it made me even wetter. K-Tan’s body covered mine, and I felt the head of his cock rub against me.

  “Are you sure, my sweet Marcy?” he asked.

  “I’m sure. I want this, K-Tan. Want you.”

  I reached for him, placing my hands on his shoulders and I nearly gasped at how hot he felt. His body felt like it was on fire, and the gold of his eyes deepened. A tremor raked his frame, then with a thrust of his hips, his cock pressed inside, stretching me wide. My breaths came out choppy and harsh, my heart rate increasing. The warmth I’d felt before grew until I couldn’t stand it anymore. When K-Tan had entered me fully, I saw a change come over him.

  “Sorry,” he said, his voice tight, as if his control was about to snap. “So sorry.”

  I didn’t get a chance to ask why he was apologizing before he pulled back and drove into me, hard and fast. I gasped as he gripped my hips and took me like a wild, untamed beast. His tail curled around my ankle, almost as if he were trying to keep me still. He growled as his cock seemed to grow thicker. K-Tan leaned over me, his body brushing against my clit with every stroke as my alien mate claimed me.

  Soon, he wasn’t the only one out of control. My body seemed to move almost of its own accord, rising up to meet him. I grew dizzy and everything was spinning as K-Tan’s cock started pulsing. I screamed as my body splintered,
the pleasure even more intense than before. The sexy alien pounded into me, not stopping even as I felt the warmth of his release. I’d thought that would be the end of it, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

  K-Tan withdrew from my body and flipped me over. His hands were rough as he jerked me to my knees, then slammed back inside of me. I cried out as his cock went even deeper than before, then whimpered and clutched at the bedding as he hit some secret place inside of me that made me twitch. A loud keening noise escaped me as that pleasure came back tenfold, and it seemed never-ending. Wave after wave broke over me, and soon I was sobbing from the intensity. The soft tip of his tail flicked against my nipples and the sensations were almost too much, too intense.

  K-Tan gripped me tight as he filled me with his cum a second time. He groaned as his hips stilled, his cock twitching and jerking inside of me. I wiggled a little, then got a big surprise when he started fucking me again. The Human men always came once and then they were done for a while. I lost track of time as K-Tan claimed me again and again, filling me with his cum until I didn’t see how he could have anything left to give me.

  When he finally slipped free of my body and lay next to me, I could barely keep my eyes open. K-Tan wrapped an arm around me, bringing me tight against his chest. I curled against him, sleepy and content. My body hummed and tingled from head to toe.

  “Sleep, my mate,” K-Tan said.

  I felt his cock getting hard again and I gasped, my eyes flying open. He gave me a tender smile and a soft kiss.

  “I will not take you again. Not yet. You need to rest and recover. When you’re ready, I will give you more pleasure.”

  More pleasure? I wasn’t certain I could handle more, but my body betrayed me. I started to heat from the inside out again, and knew it wouldn’t be long before I was begging him to take me. K-Tan shifted, drawing my leg over his hip. His cock slid along the lips of my pussy, but he merely held me and breathed out a contented sigh. Soon, his chest rose and fell evenly and I gaped at the sleeping alien.

  Leave it to a man to sleep so soundly even while turned on. Now that I knew what to expect in the alien’s bed, I wanted more. Sex had always scared me, been something to fear that caused great pain. With K-Tan, I wished that the sensations never stopped.

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