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Abbie and the Alien Official (Intergalactic Brides 14)

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  His eyebrows lifted and there was curiosity in his gaze. “What charity would you wish to donate the money to?”

  “Maybe an abused women’s shelter. My mom was never brave enough to go to one, but I know there was one not too far away. I think funding a place like that would be a worthy cause.”

  “I’ll make a note of it in your file,” Larimar said.

  “What are you looking for in a mate?” she asked.

  “Someone honest with a sweet disposition.” He caressed her cheek again. “Someone beautiful on the inside as well as outside. That’s an Earth saying, isn’t it?”

  “It is.” She smiled.

  “And what do you seek in a mate?”

  “Someone who makes me feel protected and safe. Someone who makes me feel like I’m important to them, and maybe someday that I’m loved.” Her lips twisted a little. “I’ve never been loved before, but I’ve read countless romance novels and it sounds really nice.”

  “I think you would be easy to love, so once you find your mate, I’m sure that love will follow.”

  “Do you think you’ll ever fall in love with someone?” she asked.

  His gaze burned as he stared down at her. “Yes, I do.”

  She warmed from the inside out, hoping that he meant her. Even though they’d only spent a day together, she felt closer to him than she’d ever felt with anyone before. She knew he couldn’t spend all day every day with her, but she hoped they’d have more outings together. Abbie already craved his company, which scared her a little, and thrilled her at the same time. She felt like she might have finally found her match, and hoped he felt the same way.

  They spent the next hour lounging in and around the pool, growing closer. When her skin started turning a little too pink, Larimar suggested they head back to his house to shower and change -- separately. Abbie was a little disappointed to end their time at the pool because she was certain it meant an end to their day of fun. She didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, or when she’d get to see Larimar again. Was she supposed to date other men when he was the one she really wanted?

  The walk back to his house was quiet and when they entered the large home, he drew her to a halt. She figured he was about to ask her to leave and her throat grew tight. They’d missed lunch and she knew dinner wasn’t far off. She didn’t want to share the meal with another male after having such a great time with Larimar, nor did she want to eat alone.

  “After you’ve showered and changed, come back down here. I’ll ask my cook to make an early dinner for us. If you’d like to stay a while longer, we could watch a movie on the Vid-comm.” He reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear. “I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.”

  Her heart soared and she smiled broadly. “I’d like that.”

  Larimar took her hand and they walked up the staircase side by side. When they reached the guest room door, he released her and went further down the hall to his room. She tried to steal a peek inside, but he was too quick to shut the door. Abbie sighed and went into the guest room, gathering the clothes she’d taken off earlier and carried them into the adjoining bathroom. With a perplexed look, she opened the door to what she assumed was a shower, except she wasn’t certain how to work it. It took a bit of experimenting before the water came on.

  Abbie stripped out of her swimsuit and got under the spray. The water was scented, making her wonder if it was a special thing for their showers or if the water out of the sink tap would smell the same. She didn’t see any shampoo or shower gel, so she just let the water cleanse her. When she felt clean enough, she got out and located a towel to dry herself, then she got dressed.

  Larimar’s door was closed when she exited the guest room, her bag with her swimsuit clutched in her hand. Abbie went downstairs in search of her handsome host. She set the bag down at the base of the stairs and wandered the first floor. She found Larimar in the living room, or what she assumed was the living room. There was a large screen on the wall and he was scrolling through a list of titles. He’d changed into another pair of leather pants, but had left his black vest off and was bare from the waist up. It was a sight she could get used to seeing on a regular basis. When Larimar tapped on one of the titles, a movie pulled up that she hadn’t seen before.

  Instead of a couch, he had what looked like a padded bench pressed against a wall with pillows tossed along the back. It didn’t look very comfortable, but she settled on the seat. Larimar joined her a minute later. He sat close enough she could feel the heat of his body, and as the movie played, she found herself getting closer to him. By the time the hero and heroine had shared their first kiss, she was pressed against his side with her head on his shoulder.

  Larimar placed his arm around her, holding her close, and she sighed in pleasure. She felt his gaze on her and looked up, finding his pansy-colored eyes focused on her. Her heart skipped a beat. Larimar reached his hand toward her face, cupping her cheek against his palm. She’d never wanted someone to kiss her so badly before, but she craved it more than anything.

  His head lowered slowly and then his lips touched hers softly, gently. Her hand pressed to his chest and she leaned into him even more. She didn’t want a single inch between them. His mouth moved against hers, coaxing her to kiss him back. When his tongue touched her bottom lip, she opened to him. Kissing Larimar made her head spin, her heart race, and made her want so much more from him. She’d had lackluster experiences with men in her past, but the touch of his lips against hers was enough to assure her there would be plenty of sparks between them.

  He kissed her slowly, as if savoring every minute. The movie played in the background as she straddled his lap, placing her hands on his shoulders. He met her gaze steadily, his hands gripping her hips. She could feel the bulge in his pants and knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him. The question was how far could she push him on their first date, or rather, how far did she want to push him? She’d never slept with anyone just after meeting them before, and part of her shied away from doing so now. But there had never been anyone like Larimar before.

  His lips met hers again, the kiss hungrier than before. Her toes curled and she ground against him. Larimar’s hands slid around to her ass, squeezing her cheeks as he pulled her tighter against him. She couldn’t get enough, didn’t know if there was such a thing as enough. She wanted his lips and hands everywhere, wanted to explore his hard body and drive him mad with desire.

  “Wait,” he said, pulling back. “We should stop.”


  “I’m the only male you’ve met since coming here. You deserve a chance to see if there’s anyone out there you might be better off with than me. I won’t lie. I want you, never mistake that, but I don’t want you to feel trapped either.”

  She smiled softly. “I wouldn’t feel trapped. But if it makes you feel better, even if we sleep together, it doesn’t mean you have to marry me.”

  “It wouldn’t be right,” he said.

  “Larimar, shut up and kiss me.”

  His gaze dropped to her lips and he groaned before claiming them again. Abbie felt like she was heating from the inside out, her body melting against his. Kissing Larimar felt perfect, like everything was suddenly right in her world. Things had gone so horribly wrong for her the last several weeks, but she’d gladly live through it all over again if brought Larimar into her life.

  He groaned and pulled away, panting hard. “Abbie --”

  “If the words about to come out of your mouth are that we should stop, then quit talking.”

  “You tempt me so damn much.”

  “Then take me,” she said softly. “I promise I won’t regret it or change my mind later. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you right now.”

  He flipped her onto her back across the padded bench, his body coming down over hers. He kissed her again, harder, deeper, as his hands explored every curve. Between kisses, their clothes quickly disappeared. She couldn’t stop touching him, wanting to run her fing
ers over every muscular inch of him.

  As Larimar sank into her, she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in closer. His lips trailed kisses down her throat before he lightly nipped her. He set up a steady rhythm -- thrust and retreat -- until she was clinging to him and begging for more. His name was a prayer on her lips as he took her to dizzying heights, every stroke of his cock driving her need higher. Abbie could feel her body tightening, straining for release.

  “So tight,” he said before kissing her. “So sweet.”

  “Feel so good,” she murmured. “Don’t stop.”

  “I don’t think I could if I wanted to.”

  Her legs tightened around him and he took her harder, faster. Their bodies slapped together, her nails biting into his shoulders. Abbie threw back her head as her world shattered, her climax leaving her breathless as she cried out his name. Larimar groaned against her neck as he came inside of her, his hips thrusting until his body shook.

  He kissed her softly as he withdrew from her body, rolling to his feet and lifting her into his arms. Abbie looped her arms around his neck and held on as he carried her upstairs and down the hall to his room. He nudged the door open with his foot and then gently laid her on the bed.

  “Don’t move,” he said, as he pulled out a pair of loose pants and stepped into them.

  She looked around the room as he disappeared back down the hall. There wasn’t much in the room that told her anything about the man who had just rocked her world. The furnishings were plain, but seemed well made. The bedding under her was just as soft as that in the guest room, feeling like silk under her. Her hand smoothed across the dark blue sheets and blankets. A chill made her shiver and she slipped under the covers, pulling them up to her shoulders.

  When Larimar returned, he had her clothes tucked under his arm and carried a tray that was full of delicious-smelling food and two glasses filled with a pink fizzy liquid. He set the tray on the dresser and tossed her clothes onto a nearby chair. Picking up one of the plates, he brought it over to her.

  “Dinner was ready and I thought you might be hungry,” he said.

  “Thank you.” She accepted the plate and her mouth watered, even though she didn’t recognize anything on the dish. She hesitantly took a bite and was surprised that the fish tasted a lot like salmon. The vegetables were tender and practically melted in her mouth.

  Larimar seemed to be deep in thought as he ate, and she hoped he wasn’t having second thoughts. She’d meant what she said. Just because they’d slept together she didn’t expect him to claim her as his mate. Maybe if they’d known each other longer, but after one day? Things like that just didn’t happen. At least, on her world they didn’t. She was still trying to figure out this strange, new place and she knew the Zelthranites played by a different set of rules. Obviously the man had had sex before, because he was damn good at it, but she didn’t understand where he had gotten his skills. There were so few females on his world, and they all seemed to be mated or part of the bride program. It didn’t mean she wanted to spend more time with other males, just more time with him.

  “You should stay here tonight,” he said.

  “You want me to spend the night?”

  He nodded. “I’ll probably be gone in the morning when you wake. Council business. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you’d like. I’ll tell the cook to remain here until you leave, in case you’d like to take your meals here.”

  Well, it wasn’t an invitation to move in and be his forever, and she hadn’t asked for one, but she did like the idea of spending the night in his arms.

  “I’ll stay,” she said.

  Larimar smiled, his eyes twinkling. He put their empty plates back on the tray, slipped out of his pants, and slid under the covers next to her. Pulling her close, he kissed her, taking his time and making her body heat all over again. She sighed against his lips and cuddled closer. Everything she’d always wanted was within reach, and she was ready to hold on tight and never let go.

  Chapter Four

  Larimar had extracted himself from bed this morning while attempting not to wake up Abbie. He’d succeeded and then stood beside the bed staring down at her like a lovesick fool. Assuming that funny feeling he got when he looked at her was love. He’d never experienced it before. Maybe Borgoz had been right and sometimes you just knew when you found the right one.

  The council had convened as the suns had peeked over the horizon and now it was nearing lunch. His stomach growled as they closed out another matter, and he hoped like hell Borgoz would call a break. When the Chief Councilor opened another file, Larimar stifled a groan. He couldn’t complain really. The work they did was important, essential to their world, but sometimes it was rather tedious.

  “Larimar has brought it to my attention we may have an unfit bride on our world,” Borgoz said. “I inquired with some of our single males and they concur that she shouldn’t be here. She’s pitting our males against one another and teasing them. I think she’s after a… what’s that Earth saying? A sugar daddy? She wants someone well-connected and doesn’t care about the males one way or another. I think we need to have her escorted back to the shuttle and sent home.”

  Faltz frowned. “We’ve never sent a bride home before for being unfit. I thought we had an application process in place that kept this sort of thing from happening.”

  “Either she’s a very good test manipulator, or we were too lax when we reviewed the files,” Borgoz said. “Regardless, she doesn’t belong here and the sooner we get her off our planet, the better for our males. I’m worried that someone will be so desperate for a mate he won’t care that she’s a manipulative little schemer.”

  Faltz nodded. “Then I concur. It will just make more room for those who are serious about the program. If she’s not a good fit, then we’re wasting time.”

  Larimar cleared his throat. “Abbie mentioned something to me yesterday that I thought I would bring before the council. I took her to the pool, but she doesn’t know how to swim. It seems humans aren’t born with the ability. There could be mates here who also can’t swim, or future brides, and I thought perhaps we could station a lifeguard at the pool. That’s someone who oversees the safety of those in and around the water. Maybe one of our older males who might prefer a different job?”

  “I might know of someone,” Helio said. “What about Zoralk? He was injured in battle and retired from service, but he’s still one of the best swimmers we have. He’s only forty and still in his prime. He might welcome a way to feel useful to our society again.”

  “I think he would make a fine lifeguard,” Alrian said. “I’ll speak to him personally about the matter and report back tomorrow.”

  “Anything else?” Borgoz asked.

  Everyone at the table remained silent.

  “Good. Then there’s another matter I wish to discuss. As you know, we’ve started taking other races into consideration for our bride program. We haven’t made anything official yet, but some of the more peaceful races should be contemplated. Our people aren’t the only ones who could die out without females. As you know, we’ve been allowing different races to land at our Terran Stations and mingle with the humans. They’ve been well received and so far, no one has caused any trouble.”

  “The Tourmalanes are desperate for mates. Perhaps we should send a handful of them to Earth to find their brides?” Helio asked.

  Borgoz nodded. “They’re on my list. They attempted to abduct one of our brides in the past, but I don’t think they really meant her any harm. They were simply looking for a way to keep their people from dying out.”

  “Perhaps you should make a list of the races you think we should consider for this first trial run,” Larimar said. “Then we can look over it at another council meeting.”

  Borgoz fought a smile. “In a hurry to take a break? Perhaps head off to find a certain new bride?”

  Larimar felt his cheeks warm and he refrained from answering, though that was precisely what he wa
nted. He was curious as to whether or not Abbie had remained at his house, or if had she left and was now out with another male. What they’d shared had been special to him, but he knew humans treated sex differently. He wasn’t a virgin by any means, but he’d only been with the women at the floating brothel nearby, and even then he’d used the bots. They were rather informative of what human females would like and he was anxious to use his knowledge on Abbie, if she gave him another chance. He’d thought things had gone well though. She’d seemed happy.

  “Larimar is going to finally take a mate?” Alrian asked with a smile. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

  “Not all of us were fortunate enough to snag the first woman who stepped foot on our world,” Larimar said. “You snapped up our very first potential mate through the bride program. Besides, I’ve had other things on my mind, like council business.”

  “Larimar is overdue for a mate,” Borgoz said. “All of our unmated males are. It’s my hope that in time, everyone will happily be paired off, if not with humans through the bride program, then maybe through other means. Some of our warriors have mated females from other worlds, but they have better access to those places as they travel the galaxies on missions.”

  “Good thing the humans outnumber us,” Helio said. “At least we don’t have to worry about running out of bride candidates anytime soon. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m rather partial to the humans. They come in such a variety.”

  “Maybe in time we can open the program to other worlds,” Borgoz said. “Places where females outnumber the males, as long as we’re compatible and can have children. But I don’t think we’re ready for that just yet. Let’s worry about getting our current program running as smoothly as possible. It’s been going for years now and so far we’ve been luck. It’s worked well. But I think our unfit bride has shown us that there’s room for improvement. Maybe we need to get stricter with the application process.”

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