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Guardian demons box set, p.3

Guardian Demons Box Set, page 3

 part  #1 of  Guardian Demons Series


Guardian Demons Box Set

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  I turned to Alia. “I can’t leave you alone for a minute, can I?”

  She shrugged. “Where were you? I heard noises in the living room and thought it was you, but I found Kane instead.”

  “You fell asleep so I took a trip down to hell while you were resting.”

  She tilted her head to the side and looked at me, as if trying to figure out the rest of the story. I didn’t think she’d take it well if she found out I’d been attempting to fuck someone else -- two someone elses. Human women were too sentimental to share their men. It wouldn’t matter that I hadn’t succeeded. She might be tough, but I knew she had a soft heart under that hard shell.

  “You went to hell while I slept?”

  I nodded and stared at her.

  She shrugged and went into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator door, she grabbed a soda. “Want one?”


  She passed me one and grabbed another for herself. “So, what now?”

  “What do you mean?”

  “I mean, what happens between us now? I had a blast earlier, but something tells me you aren’t up for a long-term relationship.”

  I chuckled and folded my arms over my chest. “I don’t recall saying anything about commitment. That’s a human concept.”

  “And what about demon concepts?”

  “Demon concepts include sex with more than one woman, sometimes several women, and even another man, and whips, chains, and anything else we desire.”

  A shiver raced down her spine and I watched as she absorbed everything I’d told her. After a minute, an odd light entered her eyes and I knew it spelled trouble for me.

  “Whips and chains? Other men?”

  I nodded, my eyes narrowed as I tried to figure out what she was thinking. The way she said other men set my teeth on edge. There was no way I was bringing another demon into our bed. Our bed? Lucifer save me! I was losing my mind.

  “Do you have a place for that kind of thing up here, or only in hell?”

  “Hell is my preferred place. I seldom dally with those who remain amongst the living.”

  Her eyes widened. “You mean you sleep with dead women?”

  I choked on a laugh. “I don’t think I’d put it that way exactly. The women I choose for sex are in hell. They’ve either made a deal with the devil or they earned a place in the fiery depths of brimstone and sin.”

  “So you have a place in hell?”

  I rubbed my chin. This wasn’t going quite the way I had anticipated. “I guess you could call it an apartment of sorts. But yes, I do have living quarters down there.”

  She moved closer to me, her fingers trailing over my chest. “Can you take me to your place?”

  What was she up to? “You want to go to hell?”

  She pressed her naked body against me and I grew hard. “I want to see where you live.” She rose on tiptoe to kiss me softly. “And maybe you can tie me up and have your wicked way with me while we’re down there,” she whispered against my lips.

  Well, if she’d wanted my attention, she had it!

  With a wicked grin, I wrapped my arms around her and blinked us down to hell, to my apartment to be specific.

  Chapter Five

  It probably wasn’t quite what she had expected. The walls were a slate gray; the marble floor was black. The furnishings were all black as well, from the leather sofa to the large bed. Satin sheets were puddled at the foot of the monstrosity.

  One wall had a set of manacles attached to it. There was a table nearby with a paddle, whips, and other things Alia had probably never seen before, things I would never use on her delicate skin. I wasn’t quite sure how far she would take this, but I was happy to accommodate her. If she wanted to explore, who better to show her the wilder side of sex than a demon?

  “So what do you think of my humble abode?” I asked her, grinning at her shocked expression.

  “This is where you live?”

  I nodded.

  Her eyes strayed to the manacles.

  “Want to try them?” I asked.

  “Try them? How…”

  I gently tugged her over to the wall. Caressing her, I turned her to face the wall and lifted her hands over her head, snapping the manacles in place. She was raised on her tiptoes, her body stretched deliciously. The sight made me lick my lips as I caressed her smooth, white skin.

  I placed a tender kiss in the middle of her back before turning to the table. Picking up a leather paddle, I smoothed my hand over her white ass, enjoying the silky texture of her skin.

  With a wicked grin, I gently smacked her ass with the paddle. Her indrawn breath was music to my ears and I smacked her again, a little harder. There was a slight flush to her skin.

  “Bale…” Her voice was thready with need.

  “Yes, Alia?”

  “I… I want…”

  “What do you want?” I smacked her with the paddle again, hard enough to leave a pink mark on her ass, and she groaned. I smirked. “I think you like that.”

  “Yes, yes, I like it. Do it again.”

  With a chuckle, I smacked her ass again and again, each stroke harder than the last. When her ass was red, and there was cream running down her thighs, I stopped and put the paddle back on the table.

  Stroking her pussy, I realized just how wet she was. I felt something inside me expand, perhaps pride. Yes, I was proud of her for trying something new. The fact that she enjoyed it just made it better.

  “I’m going to make you squirm and beg,” I whispered in her ear.

  She whimpered, and I looked at the table with a grin. Selecting one of the softer whips, I stepped back, sending the lash against her skin for the first time. A thin pink line appeared on her delicate skin. The lash met her skin time and time again, until pink lines criss-crossed her back. Every exhale and murmur she uttered increased my need for her.

  “Please, Bale… I want you…”

  With a growl, I tossed the whip aside. Stepping out of my pants, I walked up behind her, my hands reaching up to grab her wrists. Using my knee, I spread her legs, baring her to me. With one hard, long thrust, I entered her fully, her slick pussy gripping me, sucking me in.

  “Oh, Bale… yes! Just like that…”

  As she begged and pleaded, I fucked her faster and harder, giving no mercy. Her pussy clenched down on my cock as her orgasm ripped through her, and as I thrust into her hard, I exploded, coating her pussy inside and out with my semen.

  With my scent on her body, I knew my cock would stay hard. I would want her again and again, until I broke her. A little late, I realized bringing her here had been a bad idea.

  “Bale, that was… amazing,” she whispered, hanging limply from the manacles.

  “I need to get you home.”

  She looked at me over her shoulder. “That’s a joke, right?”

  “Sweetheart, you won’t be able to handle me down here. I’m damn near insatiable in the mortal realm, but down here… down here, I am insatiable. You won’t last the night.”

  She jerked on the chains. “Release me, and I’ll show you I can last.”

  With narrowed eyes, I raked her body with my gaze. “You think you can go again?”


  “You may change your mind,” I growled softly.

  Advancing on her, I grabbed some clamps off the table and fastened them to her hardened nipples. She groaned, and I wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or pain, but she had asked for it. Normally I wouldn’t use lubricant, didn’t really need to down here, but for Alia I would. Grabbing the warming liquid off the table, I coated my cock in it.

  “Bale, what are you…”

  “You don’t get to ask questions.”

  Gripping her hips, I slid my cock between her ass cheeks and slid inside her. She was so tight I had to grit my teeth to keep from coming right away. I started slow, allowing her body to adjust, and when she didn’t seem as tense, I thrust hard, burying my cock in her ass over and over. As I exploded i
nside of her, a horrible realization settled over me… sex would never be the same again. I now craved Alia like a drug, and no other woman would do.

  I unchained her and carried her to the bed, not caring that semen was smearing across the sheets. All that mattered was the woman in my bed, in my arms… the woman who had captured not only the undivided attention of my cock, but also my heart.

  “I think I love you, Bale,” she whispered as her eyes drifted closed.

  “I love you, too. Sleep, sweetheart. It won’t be long before I’ll want you again.”

  Pulling her tight against me, I watched my charge sleep… except she was more than just my charge now -- she was the other half of my soul. With a wry grin, I realized that even a creature like a demon could have a soul mate, and somehow I’d been lucky enough to find mine.


  Chapter One

  My name is Aleixo, and I’m a guardian demon. Dark hair, dark eyes, blue skin, small black horns jut from my forehead… We all resemble one another somewhat, and carry the same intricate tattoos, winding down from our necks, down our arms, and covering our torsos. Each guardian demon has a charge to watch over, and it’s always a woman. I’ve never figured that part out. Demons, particularly Tinta demons, are a lusty bunch. Having sex several times a day is pretty much a necessity, so placing hot, young women in our care doesn’t make much sense, and yet that’s precisely what’s done.

  Monica. That’s my charge’s name, and while she isn’t as troublesome as some, she still gets herself into scrapes. Usually the trouble involves men. She has the worst taste in men! Drug addicts, alcoholics, and this current asshole is abusive. He hasn’t done more than slap her, which still sets my teeth on edge, so I’ve let her be, hoping she’ll learn a lesson, but the moment he goes any further then everything changes.

  Recently one of the Tinta demons fell for his charge. We weren’t sure what would happen when Bale had sex with Alia, and the fact he’d fallen in love with her was even more puzzling. I hadn’t even been aware that we were capable of love. The concept seemed foreign to me, and I hoped I never suffered from such a human emotion.

  A demon being in love was so out of the ordinary we had thought for certain a higher-level demon or Lucifer himself would object, possibly even banish Bale to the lowest level of hell, but so far, they hadn’t done a damn thing. It seemed they not only condoned it, but supported the couple.

  It had made the rest of us wonder about our charges. If Monica didn’t have a boyfriend, I might have been tempted to seduce her, just to see what all the fuss was about.

  * * *

  I observed, unnoticed. It wasn’t the first time the new boyfriend had slapped my charge around, but I couldn’t very well step in every time he raised his hand to her. I’d already arranged an accidental beating or two for him, but nothing seemed to help. I’d thought of having him dropped in one of the lower pits of hell, but he wasn’t slated for that region just yet. Oh, he was going there, there was no question about that, but the timing was off.

  Monica cowered against the wall, watching Will with the wariness of a kicked puppy. He’d lost his temper before, but never like this. Her arms still bore the marks of his fingers, her cheek was still red from the slap he’d delivered, and now he was threatening her with a knife.

  “Did you really think you could get away with it?” he spat.

  “But I didn’t do anything! I swear,” she wailed.

  “I know better, you stupid bitch! I know you cheated on me. Who was he, huh? Did he fuck you good?”

  “Stop it! There isn’t anyone else!”

  “We’ll see if he still wants you when I’m done with you. I’ll cut that pretty face of yours, and we’ll see if he still wants to fuck you.”

  “Stop, please, Will. I swear to you there isn’t anyone else.”

  I had seen and heard more than enough. I’d observed silently, nothing more than a shadow in the room, but the boyfriend’s words and threats were going too far. Making myself visible outside of the apartment door, with a savage kick I splintered the door, knocking it off its hinges.

  “Let. Her. Go,” I growled, sending the man the darkest look I could muster, a look known to terrorize killers and rapists, a look that had sent more than one lesser demon running for its life.

  Will turned to me, surprise flashing across his face for a moment, but then he turned back to Monica and sneered at her. “I knew you were lying.”

  She stared at me, her eyes large, whether in fear or wonder I wasn’t sure. I was big for a human, standing well over six feet tall. I wasn’t as bulky as some of the other Tinta demons, but I was muscular. More than one human woman had been to my bed, sometimes more than one at the same time. They found me attractive, and I wondered if Monica felt the same. The bluish tint of my skin never seemed to repulse them.

  “I think you need to back away from her,” I told the man.

  He looked back at me, rage glimmering in his blue eyes, his face twisted in anger. I could almost smell the evil pouring off of him and knew his soul was destined for hell, and if he didn’t get away from Monica he was going to make the trip sooner rather than later.

  “Who the fuck are you?” he snapped.


  “Well in case you missed it, Monica is mine, and this is a personal matter between the two of us, so you just need to turn around and leave.”

  The man had balls, I’d give him that. No one spoke to me that way.

  I looked at Monica’s terrified face, with one cheek red, and purple marks forming on her arm. Something in me shifted. Allowing my full fury and all the powers of hell to shine through my eyes, I faced off against the asshole, ready to end it once and for all.

  He quaked in terror and dropped his knife, scrambling backwards as I advanced on him. When he turned to bolt out of the room, I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and lifted him off the floor. Hanging like a rag doll, his eyes bugging out of his head, he stared at me in horror -- a look I’d seen many times before, but never had I relished it as much as I did right then.

  “How does it feel to be the weaker one? How does it feel to be powerless, helpless?”

  I shook him, rattling what few brains he might have had in his head, and he gurgled, so terrified that he pissed his pants. Had I not been so furious, I’d have laughed.

  “You will stay away from Monica from now on. If I ever see you near her, or hear you’ve bothered her, I will hunt you down like the animal you are and I will gut you, slicing you open from navel to nose. Is that perfectly clear?” I growled.

  He nodded his head and I tossed him aside, enjoying the sound of him smacking the wall. I could only hope he’d broken something, hopefully something important.

  After he scrambled out of the room, I walked over to Monica. She trembled in fear, silent tears falling down her cheeks. I stopped mere inches from her and reached out a hand, slowly so I wouldn’t scare her further. She watched me but didn’t move as I wiped the tears from her cheeks.

  “You’re safe now,” I assured her.

  “For how long?” she whispered.

  “Forever. I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

  Her eyes flashed to mine, something unfamiliar shining in their depths, and I wondered what I’d just gotten myself into. I knew she lived with the sleaze and would need a place to stay. “Pack your bags. You’re coming with me.”

  She nodded and stepped away only to stop and look over her shoulder at me. “Would you come with me, just in case?”

  I nodded and followed her into their bedroom. Will was sitting on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. He looked up when we walked in, and his eyes widened in fear. “Stay away from me.”

  His voice shook with his terror and I smiled. “I’m not going anywhere until Monica has her stuff.”

  I watched as she grabbed a bag from the closet and quickly shoved her things inside. Once she was finished, she came to stand beside me, gently taking my hand, as if she was afraid I woul
d object.

  I gave her a reassuring smile and tugged her out of the room. Walking out of the ruined front door, we left the apartment and never looked back.

  Chapter Two

  “How did you know my name?” she asked softly as we walked down the sidewalk.

  “Because I’m your guardian.”

  “You mean like a guardian angel?” she asked, her brow furrowed in confusion, her gaze raking over my blue-tinged form.

  My lips twitched as I fought a grin. An angel? “Not exactly. Think lower, some place hot.”


  “Yep. I’m a demon guardian.”

  She stopped walking and looked up at me in both fascination and fear. “A demon?”

  “A Tinta demon to be exact, but yes, that’s what I am. I’m also assigned as your guardian.”

  “I have a demon for a guardian instead of an angel?”

  I shrugged. “It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Right now, there are a handful of us in this area, and each of us has one charge. Although, more are moving into this region all the time. In my case, my charge is you. That’s how I knew you were in trouble and needed help.

  “In the past, I’ve helped you sight unseen, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t work this time. Will didn’t seem like the type to take a subtle hint.”

  “In the past? When did you help me before?”

  I crossed my arms over my chest and studied her a minute. “Do you have any idea how much trouble you get into? Men follow you home and you’re oblivious, you don’t pay attention when you step off the curb and are nearly hit by a car, and you date the worst men on the planet. Do I need to continue?”

  “What do you mean, men follow me home?”

  “If I told you their thoughts, it would give you nightmares for the rest of your life.”

  She visibly paled, but grasped my hand again and began walking.

  She was taking this better than I had expected. It just showed how strong she was, boyfriends excluded. I just wished she could hold out for a nice guy. They were out there -- not many, but they did exist. Maybe if she was happy and settled, she’d stay out of trouble. She seemed like the type to get married and have a family. Maybe if she found the right guy, she’d have a happy ending.

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