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Guardian Demons Box Set, page 2

 part  #1 of  Guardian Demons Series


Guardian Demons Box Set

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  Pushing away from her, I straddled her small form and slipped the bra down her arms. After tossing it on the floor, I removed her thong. My breath hissed through my teeth at the sweet sight revealed to me. Her pussy was shaved, the lips parted ever so slightly to expose her engorged clit.

  I fought for control and slipped my leather vest off my shoulders. Her eyelids drooped as she watched my hands unfasten my pants. As the leather slid down my legs, my cock sprang free, hard and ready.

  She reached for me and I gave her a feral grin. Leaning over her body, I licked her breasts, letting my cock gently brush against her. The heat emanating from her nearly consumed me, and I fought the urge to slide into her, claiming her as mine. Mine! Yes, that’s very much what she was. Mine to protect, mine to devour, and she was oh, so delicious.

  I trailed kisses down her stomach to her waist. By the time I reached her pussy, I was kneeling on the floor between her spread legs.

  “Pulchra es. You’re so beautiful.”

  Shoving her legs wider apart with my shoulders, I leaned down and lapped at the nectar that was dewing between her legs. She tasted musky and sweet at the same time. I heard her whimper and knew she wanted to find her release. Just the thought of her coming on my tongue was enough for my cock to dribble pre-cum on the floor.

  I shoved my tongue into her molten center and groaned as her scent and taste surrounded me. The primitive demon within me roared with delight as she squirmed beneath me. As my tongue plunged into her relentlessly, my teeth softly grazed her clit. Over and over, my tongue dipped into her sweetness, until tremors shook her body.

  With a cry, she shattered, and the spoils of my victory coated my tongue like honey. Boneless and sated, she lay limp on the bed, panting for breath.

  I flipped her body over with one hand and held her down, not that she was struggling to get up. Spreading her legs wide, I settled my body over hers, my chest against her back, and thrust into her with one long, hard stroke, filling her completely. Her pussy still spasmed from her orgasm and gripped my cock like a vise, driving me to a frenzy.

  I thrust into her hard and fast, each stroke harder and faster than the last. As she lay submissive beneath me, I felt her body responding to mine. With each stroke, she grew hotter and wetter. My release built inside me, growing like a storm, until, with one final thrust, I slammed into her as far as I could go and exploded inside her, my semen coating her slick passage. I wasn’t worried about a pregnancy, as our bedmates could only become pregnant if we wished them to.

  Nipping her shoulder, I gathered her in my arms and rolled to my side, our bodies still connected.

  If anyone had told me I would feel attached to my charge, I would have laughed. Until now. As her pussy held my throbbing cock, her heart beat against my arm, and her head rested under my chin, I realized my life was forever changed. One time was not enough. I now craved Alia like a drug, and knew I would do whatever it took to have her again and again, until I finally fulfilled my need for her. I just wasn’t sure it was a need that would ever abate.

  Chapter Three

  Well rested after our frantic lovemaking, we sat in her living room in companionable silence. Wearing nothing but a T-shirt, she looked radiant, her cheeks still flushed and her eyes shining. She shifted, and I could see under her shirt for a moment, just long enough for my cock to harden painfully in my pants. Regardless of how tempting she was, I knew I must show restraint; there was still much I needed to say to her.

  “Alia, we didn’t get a chance to talk much earlier.”

  She grinned. “I don’t remember you complaining.”

  “No, I wasn’t complaining then, and I’m not complaining now. The experience was, I believe, mutually enjoyable.”

  She mumbled something I didn’t quite catch and I watched her intently.

  “What was that?”

  A blush suffused her face. “I said it was more earth-shattering than enjoyable. I think you’ve ruined me for other men.”

  I fought back a smile, absurdly happy with her response. What the hell is wrong with me? If Lucifer saw me now…

  “You have to stop your reckless behavior.”

  She sobered instantly.

  “I mean it, Alia. What if I can’t save you in time? What if I had been a few minutes too late in the alley?”

  Uncomfortable, she looked away. “But you weren’t.”

  “No, I wasn’t, but I could have been. I’ve kept you out of harm’s way as much as possible, but one day I might not be able to. You have got to stop doing foolish things.”

  “Like sleeping with my demon guardian?” she asked icily.

  Okay, so I deserved that. I knew better than to sleep with her, and yet I gave in to the urge anyway. Now I got to pay the price.

  “Yes, like sleeping with me.”

  Her brow furrowed in confusion. Obviously, she hadn’t expected that answer. “You regret what we did?”

  With a sigh, I stood and began pacing. Did I? No, I didn’t think it was regret I felt. Although I did regret the constant urge to fuck her. I could have easily taken her immediately after the first time, and even now, I wanted to shove her against a wall and take her. Perhaps taking her from behind, holding her down on her stomach, was not such a good idea. It had appealed to the demon in me, and now it had awakened a beast I had thought long dormant -- lust. Experience told me I could take her all day every day and it would be months, if not years, before my desire waned. I knew she wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of attention, and it would be best if I found a way to distance myself.

  “How could I regret fucking something so tender and sweet?” I made my tone as blasé as I could. Women always wanted kind words and declarations of feelings after being intimate with a man. If I did the exact opposite, it should push her away. I hoped.

  She watched me in silence, dissecting my words. It was hard to keep the emotion out of my voice and even harder to keep a blank expression on my face, and yet I managed both.

  “So you don’t want to do it again?” she finally asked.

  Sweet Lucifer! Why did she have to ask that of all things? I was a demon and could, therefore, lie with the best of them. But something in me demanded that I be honest with my answer.

  “Of course I want to do it again. And again. And again.” I growled in frustration. “That’s the problem, Alia. When a demon’s lust is released, it’s hard to lock it back in the box, and your fragile human body won’t be able to handle it.”

  “What if I said I wanted you again? Right here, right now.”

  Incredulous, I looked at her, noting the seriousness in her expression, the stubborn set of her chin. Damnation! She honestly meant it -- she wanted me again, and she wanted me right now.

  Images assailed my mind as she thought of the things she wanted to do. In her mind, I took her gently, lovingly, caressing every inch of her body. I shook my head, ready to break down her walls. “I’d say you’re a fool. Do you know what it’s like to be fucked by a demon? Because that’s what we do, we don’t make love or whatever silly terms you human females use. We fuck.”

  “As long as I can have you again, I don’t care how you take me.”

  My eyes narrowed on her and I stalked closer. When she was within my grasp, I ripped the T-shirt over her head, leaving her naked in the middle of the living room.

  She watched me passively, awaiting my next move.

  Fisting her hair, I shoved her to her knees. “Unfasten my pants.”

  With nimble fingers, she did as I ordered and my pants slid down to my knees. My cock was hard and throbbing with need, lust scorching me from the inside out. The sight of her sitting docile at my feet, her lips parted, sent a surge of fire through me.

  “Suck me.”

  Her eyes met mine as she leaned forward. Her lips parted and as she drew me into her mouth, I felt her tongue caress the steely length of me. With a moan, she closed her eyes and sucked, her tongue swirling around me.

  I bit back a curse, re
alizing she was enjoying herself. Holding her head steady, I thrust in and out of her mouth, losing more and more of my control as her tongue flicked over me, as her hot mouth glided over my flesh. Fucking her mouth with zeal, I threw back my head as I came, my hot sperm sliding down her throat.

  When I pulled out of her mouth, she licked her lips and gave me a smile. “I’ve never had someone be forceful with me before. I think I like it.”

  Lifting her off the floor, I pressed her against the chair, making her bend over the back of it. I pushed her legs apart and sank to my knees on the floor behind her. She was already wet, having become aroused while she sucked my cock, and the knowledge of it drove me wild.

  My tongue swirled around her clit until it became swollen and hard with need. Then I began licking her, starting with her clit and then delving into her wet passage. Using my finger, I gently massaged her anus, drawing a gasp from her. With a grin, I realized no one had ever touched her there before, and it thrilled me to be the first.

  I pulled away for a moment and she whined.

  “Do you have any toys?” I asked, suddenly feeling inspired.

  With wide eyes, she looked at me over her shoulder. “In the bedside table drawer.”

  “Don’t move.”

  Getting up, I walked into her room and opened the drawer. I smiled with delight as I saw the vast array of items inside. Selecting a bottle of lubricant, a slim, short vibrator, and another that fit on my finger, I closed the drawer and went back to the living room.

  She still lay sprawled across the back of the chair where I had left her. I smiled at her obedience and realized that while I couldn’t have anything lasting with her, I wanted to be the one who showed her new horizons in her sex life. The thought of her mouth on my cock made me hard again, but I knew before I took my pleasure of her I would have to do a little work.

  I kissed her shoulder. “Such a good girl.”

  Caressing her body, I slipped my hand around her waist and down between her and the chair. Her pussy was still warm, but not as wet as before. A gentle tug on her clit made her moan, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to make her ready again. I tugged, pinched, and caressed her clit until she was panting with need.

  I slipped the small finger vibrator onto my index finger and placed it against the sensitive nub. She came on the spot. Keeping the vibrator against her clit, I managed to lube the slim one and turned it on. I slipped it between her ass cheeks and pressed it slowly against her anus. She stiffened for a moment, but as I twirled and twisted it, easing it slowly inside her, she began to relax. Finally, I had it buried in her ass.

  “What do you want?” I whispered in her ear.

  “I want you inside me.”

  I eased the vibrator from her ass and plunged it back in, drawing a gasp from her. “Here?”

  My fingers trailed down to her pussy and dipped inside. “Or here?”

  She groaned. “Yes, there.”

  I parted her lips and my cock brushed against her, nudging her inviting opening. I grinned as she squirmed, and I thrust the vibrator in and out of her ass again. It made her still for a moment and I realized she liked it. Repeating the motion, I watched as the vibrator disappeared into her ass again and again.

  Slowly, I slid my cock into her drenched pussy, sighing as I buried myself in her. Sheathed in her delicious, wet heat, I refused to move until she came on my cock. As I fucked her ass with the vibrator, I clenched my teeth against the urge to move inside her. I pressed my finger against her clit a little harder and fucked her ass a little faster, and at long last, she came, squeezing my cock with the walls of her pussy.

  I felt her cream coat me and began to fuck her fast and hard, giving no mercy. After a few thrusts, she came again and I made my strokes longer and deeper, wanting all of her. As she came a third time, I let myself go as I buried my cock in her soaked pussy.

  Panting for breath, she lay over the back of the chair, unmoving.

  I kissed her shoulder. “Did I break you?”

  She shook her head.

  I eased the vibrator from her ass and removed my finger from her clit. Trailing kisses down her back, I held her to me. “You were incredible.”

  “You were pretty amazing yourself. No one’s ever done anything like that to me before.”

  “If you still think you want me, there’s plenty more where that came from.”

  She mumbled something I couldn’t catch, and I realized she’d fallen asleep. Sliding from her body, I lifted her into my arms and carried her to bed. I drew the sheet up over her and brushed her hair away from her face.

  In sleep, she looked angelic. Such a far cry from the spitfire I knew her to be. I was rather surprised she relinquished control to me so easily. Maybe my demonic side appealed to something buried deep inside her, some unknown need she had to be dominated. Having her willing and eager under me made me want to curl my body around hers and hold her tight to me. I wanted to imprint her soft body against my harder one.

  Chapter Four

  I stood in her shower letting the warm water sluice over my body, washing away the stickiness of sweat and semen. I hadn’t lied to her about awakening a demon’s lust and as I washed my body, my cock ached, needing release again. Resting my head against the shower wall, I wondered what I was going to do. It was impossible to take Alia again this soon and my options were limited.

  Maybe I could pop down to hell and come back before she realized I was gone. Lucifer kept a special room for the Tinta demons, filled with beautiful women who would do whatever we wanted. Just the thought of the chained beauties made my cock swell.

  Turning off the water, I checked on Alia once more. Since she was still sleeping soundly, I blinked myself into hell.

  * * *

  Striding through the room of women, I realized none of them called to me like Alia did. Thankfully, my cock was semi-erect from thoughts of Alia so I believed it shouldn’t be an issue. I selected two comely wenches and was about to retire to a private chamber when Thalen and Aleixo strolled into the room.

  “Bale,” Thalen called with a smile. “Where have you been?”

  I returned his smile. “Fucking my charge.”

  His eyes widened a moment and then he threw back his head and laughed. “Only you would try something like that. So why are you here if you’re hot for your charge?”

  “You know humans can only handle so much. I came down for some fun while she’s asleep.”

  “Wait on us. It won’t take but a moment to pick out a woman.”

  I nodded and waited impatiently. When they walked back over with a dark-haired woman in tow, I headed for an empty corner. Stripping off my clothes, I watched as Thalen and Aleixo did the same.

  Naked, I beckoned to the women I had chosen.

  “What do you want us to do, my lord demon?” the smaller one, Sheba, asked.

  “I want to watch you fuck each other. And then I’m going to join you.”

  They nodded and got comfortable on a pallet of blankets. As I looked down at their delectable naked bodies, I realized something was missing. This didn’t feel right. Normally my cock would be hard and ready, but it was barely semi-erect.

  I turned to watch Aleixo and Thalen as they fucked the woman they’d chosen. Nothing. Not even a slight hint of desire. What the hell was wrong with me? Had Alia broken me? Had being with a human woman changed me in some way?

  Before I could think on it further, I felt a pulling sensation. Alia needed me.

  “Sorry, guys, my charge is in trouble.”

  Thalen snorted. “Isn’t she always?”

  “Pretty much.” I grinned and vanished in a puff of smoke.

  * * *

  Appearing in Alia’s apartment, I was surprised to find her arguing with her ex-boyfriend. Personally, I’d never understood what she saw in him. He was okay in the looks department, but he was a complete asshole. Then again, all her ex-boyfriends were assholes.

  Alia was pissed, and looked positively stunning in
her fury. “Kane, I told you it was over. I haven’t spoken to you in nearly a month. What makes you think you can just waltz into my apartment and act like we’re still together?” she asked.

  “Come on, babe. You know one taste of me and you’ll be begging me to come back.”

  She snorted and rolled her eyes. “Not likely.”

  Kane’s face changed in the blink of an eye from cajoling to angry. Advancing on her, he pushed Alia against the living room wall. She was completely at his mercy. Or so I thought. A well-placed knee to Kane’s groin had him doubled over in the floor, hurling obscenities at her. “You stupid fucking bitch!”

  She looked up and saw me, surprise flashing in her eyes for a moment. “Bale, when did you get back?”

  “Just a moment ago. I was going to step in and help, but you seemed to have the situation under control.”

  Kane sat up on his knees, his hands holding his crotch. “Who’s this asshole?”

  “My boyfriend,” she promptly responded, lifting her chin. Her eyes flicked to me momentarily, as if assuring herself I wouldn’t refute her claim.

  I’d donned my leather pants on my way back to her apartment, thank Lucifer, but had left my vest in hell. Flexing my muscles, I crossed my arms over my chest and glared down at the human on the floor. He might pick on a female, but I topped his height by a few inches and weighed a good twenty pounds more, so it wasn’t likely he would try anything with me. Not to mention that most humans don’t want to tangle with a demon.

  One look at me, and Kane paled. “Sorry, man, I didn’t realize she was with someone.”

  I jerked my head toward the door. “It’s time for you to leave.”

  He immediately began to scramble toward the doorway.

  “And leave that spare key on your way out.”

  He paused, looking like he wanted to argue, but he dug a key out of his pocket and placed it on the coffee table. Without a backward glance, he let himself out of the apartment, closing the door firmly behind him.

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