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Guardian demons box set, p.17

Guardian Demons Box Set, page 17

 part  #1 of  Guardian Demons Series


Guardian Demons Box Set

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  “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking clearly. It was always you that I wanted. I’ve never wanted Rickter. I don’t know what his intentions were and I don’t care.”

  Lucifer rose and gracefully made his way over to stand beside me. He placed a hand on my shoulder. “She’s telling you the truth, Aires. I’ve already had Rickter in here, discussing his behavior. He admitted to me that the kiss was his doing.”

  My chest ached and I knew it was my heart hurting. I wanted to believe them, but it just seemed too easy. My arms felt empty without Della in them, my quarters were lonely. Without her, I didn’t have a reason to live. If what Lucifer said was true, and I had no reason to doubt my master, then I could have my sweet Della by my side again. She didn’t belong to Rickter, as I’d feared, she was still mine.

  Reaching out, I twisted a strand of her hair around my finger, loving the silky feel of it against my skin. She looked up at me with eyes filled with hope and love. I opened my arms and she rushed into them. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent, feeling happier than I had in days.

  Lucifer clapped me on the back. “Why don’t you take your mate home? Your new quarters will be ready by this evening. Until then, you can celebrate the fact that you’re together again.”

  I arched a brow at him. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were anxious for little Halflings to be running around this place.”

  Lucifer laughed. “Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind, but I know you’ll have children at your own pace. Now, get out of here and go enjoy each other.”

  Not needing to be told again, I blinked us out of Lucifer’s office and back to my quarters. I wanted to savor Della, I really did, but after not being with her for so long I knew there was no way I could take my time. Hopefully she wouldn’t mind things being fast and hard because that was all I was capable of right now.

  Before I could utter a word, she began removing her clothes, letting the garments fall to the floor one at a time until she stood bare before me. Such a lovely sight to behold, and I’d get to see it every day for the rest of my existence. How had I gotten so lucky?

  I quickly stripped out of my clothes and reached for her, but she held back. “I need to clean up first,” she said softly. “I was so depressed this morning that hygiene wasn’t high on my list of priorities.”

  Hmm. Now that she mentioned it, I hadn’t had a shower since our last one together, taken right before I sent her home. Perhaps she had the right idea.

  I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the bathroom. After I set her down, I turned on the shower and guided her inside the enclosure. I marveled at the beauty of her body as the water soaked us. She was like my personal goddess.

  I grabbed the shampoo and soaped her long locks, reveling in the tender feelings she evoked in me. I wanted to take care of her, now and always, even if that meant doing something as simple as washing her hair. I took my time washing her, memorizing every inch of her creamy skin. When she took the shower gel from me and began soaping my chest, I knew I was in trouble. I had very little self-control left and her hands felt incredible on me.

  She pressed herself close to me as her hands reached around and soaped my back, her breasts brushing against me. Della pulled back and her hand circled my cock, sliding up and down the length of it, pumping it firmly in her silky smooth hand. I gripped the shower wall to keep from reaching for her as the exquisite torture continued. The water rinsed the soap from my skin as she teased and tormented me. When her heated gaze met mine, I knew I was in trouble.

  Della licked her lips once, then slid down onto her knees before me. I groaned, knowing what was coming, and yet even knowing about it didn’t prepare me for the incredible sensation of her lips wrapped around my cock. Her tongue glided along my hard, heated flesh and I wondered if she would think me less manly if I landed at her feet, my legs having given out. I fought valiantly to stay standing, but there was only so much I could take.

  Grasping Della’s shoulders, I lifted her to her feet. I pressed a hard, quick kiss to her lips before turning her around to face the wall. My fingers slid between her legs and found her wet and ready for me. I gently bit down on her shoulder as I entered her, slowly, stretching her inch by inch as my cock filled her. When I was buried to the hilt, I reached around and cupped her breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples until she was pushing her hips back against me.

  I withdrew before plunging back inside of her again, loving the feel of her heat surrounding me. Nothing compared to being with Della. When we were together, we truly became one. Moving faster and harder, I held her tight against my torso, needing as much contact with her as I could get. My hand slid down her body to tease her clit. I’d barely brushed over it and already she was crying out, calling my name as she came harder than she ever had with me before. With a growl, I wrapped my arms around her and fucked her faster and harder until I came inside of her.

  She tilted her head back. “That was wonderful, Aires. I’ve missed you so much.”

  I kissed her tenderly. “I’ve missed you, too, sweetheart. I never want to go another day without you by my side. The last twenty-four hours has been the worst of my life.”

  “I promise I’ll never leave you,” she pledged. “I’m yours forever, Aires. I love you, for now and always.”

  Caressing her cheek, I leaned down and claimed her lips in a kiss, showing her the depth of my feelings for her. I wanted her to have more than just words, I wanted her to have proof that I loved her.

  “Make love to me again?” she asked.

  “All day and all night. I never want you to doubt what you meant to me.”

  As I carried her back to our bed, she pulled my head down for another kiss. I had no idea what our future would bring, but I knew that as long as Della was by my side, it would be filled with happy memories and lots of smiles and laughter.

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Jessica lives in a world where warlocks, shapeshifters and fairies exist, and everyone deserves a happy ending -- from tragic vampires finally finding love after centuries of being alone, to super hunky womanizing werewolves finding their destined mate -- it’s all in a day’s work.

  Unable to find a werewolf of her very own, she decided to marry someone who thinks he’s one -- minus howling at the full moon, fleas, and a rousing game of chase-the-mailman. Okay, so he sometimes howls at the full moon.

  When she isn’t writing, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, reading (mostly romance), or going to the beach. She’s especially fond of bookstores and Starbucks! Jessica loves to hear from her fans! You may email her at [email protected] or visit her at her website:

  Visit for more titles by Jessica!



  Jessica Coulter Smith, Guardian Demons Box Set



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