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Guardian demons box set, p.14

Guardian Demons Box Set, page 14

 part  #1 of  Guardian Demons Series


Guardian Demons Box Set

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  Hmm. Now that I thought about it, maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea. What if my cock never wanted another woman ever again? Now that would be a travesty. Perhaps keeping her was the answer, both to my dilemma and hers. It would certainly keep that other demon at bay, since my guardian status didn’t seem to mean anything to him. Something told me now wasn’t the time to bring it up.

  Once she was packed, I blinked us back to my place.

  Chapter Two

  Looking around, I tried to see it through her eyes. A sandstone floor and aqua walls were pleasing enough to look at. My large bed, slightly bigger than a king, dominated the middle of the far wall, with a nightstand on one side and my glass cabinet of treasures I’d collected on the other. A chocolate leather love seat and armchair were positioned near the door with two cases of books on a nearby wall. There was no TV, no internet. I’d heard that Lucifer had found a way for my fellow demons’ mates to have a television in their gathering room, but Della wouldn’t have access to that, not unless she agreed to stay with me indefinitely.

  “It isn’t much,” I said. “You’re probably going to be bored out of your mind while you’re here. I should’ve told you to pack something to read, some magazines or something.”

  “I have a Kindle and an iPod, but their batteries will only last so long. I don’t see any plugs here so I’m guessing I wouldn’t have a way to charge them.” She gave me a sultry look. “I guess I’ll just have to find some other way to occupy my time.”

  It seemed my little darling was rather bold after all.

  She dropped her bag and wound her arms around my waist. Giving me a look that had visions of her sucking my cock, or me fucking her senseless, dancing in my head, she pushed up on her toes and planted a kiss on my mouth. Wrapping an arm around her waist, I fisted her long locks in my other hand and took control of the kiss, forcing my way inside to taste and tease. If she was going to torture me with the temptation of her voluptuous body pressed against my hard frame, I was going to return the favor.

  Without thought, I brushed my leather-covered cock against her. She immediately responded, rubbing against me like a cat in heat. Slipping into her mind, I read her thoughts, saw the jumble of images -- us entwined on my massive bed, me taking her against the wall, my face buried between her thighs. All of those were doable, those and so much more. By the time I was through with her, she’d be ruined for anyone else. Had I been a Fyore demon, I’d have burst into flames from the heat those images produced. My blood felt like lava running through my veins, and my body warmed with arousal.

  Her hands slipped under my shirt and molded to my chest. My heart, or what passed for one, was racing. It was a miracle the blackened, shriveled thing was capable of anything other than sustaining my existence. I broke the kiss and nipped her jaw, traced the shell of her ear with my tongue and softly blew in it. She shivered in my arms.

  “What do you want, Della? I won’t go any further unless you tell me what you want.”

  Her nails dug into my flesh. “I want you to take me. I need to feel you inside of me.”

  “This won’t be a one-time deal. You understand that, don’t you? Once I have you, nothing will quench my thirst for you. I’ll take you again and again until you’re hoarse from screaming my name.”

  Her eyes darkened with desire and she began nudging my shirt up. With a smile, I whipped it over my head and tossed it on the chair. She licked her lips before fastening onto one of my nipples. I hissed in a breath at the exquisite feel of her tongue and teeth on my flesh.

  Prying her away, I began stripping her clothes from her delectable body until she stood bare before me. Taking my time to peruse her beautiful form, I trailed the backs of my fingers across one erect nipple. I gently pinched the hardened tip. She moaned and leaned into my touch.

  Divesting myself of my boots and pants, I carried her across the room to the bed. This was our first time together and I was going to do this right, making sure she experienced as much pleasure as possible. Well, without bringing out the toys. I’d save those for later. I fought back a growl at the thought of her naked, bound and begging for more.

  I jerked the comforter off the bed and set her down gently on the smooth satin sheets. The golden color picked up the highlights in her hair as it fanned out across the bed. Running my hands up her legs, I leaned over her to kiss her once more, needing the taste of her on my tongue. I devoured her mouth like a starving man, and I was, starving for her. Denied the pleasure of her body for the past several weeks, I fought the urge to take her with a frenzy unlike any I’d ever known before. No, if I were honest, I’d wanted her far longer than that. The need had only grown stronger when we’d first kissed.

  I cupped her bountiful breasts in my hands, molding them, caressing them, stroking the nipples with my thumbs. Her legs hooked around my waist and pulled me flush against her body. It seemed someone was impatient. I gently sucked the skin on the side of her neck before kissing a path down to her breasts. Her nipples were dusky points, just begging for attention. With my gaze on hers, I leaned down and circled the tip with my tongue. I felt her indrawn breath and sucked the peak into my mouth. My tongue lashed the point until she was gripping the sheets and panting, my name a litany on her lips. Her moist heat rubbed against my aching cock. It would have been oh-so-easy to slip inside of her.

  While giving attention to the other breast, I caressed her satiny skin. She was keening and thrusting against me when I decided to take pity on her. My angel wanted to come, and come she would. Several times.

  Untangling myself from her legs, I moved down her body and settled between her thighs. I grasped her hips and pulled her closer, the scent of her arousal enveloping me. She was slick and ready, her body more than prepared to take me. But first, I’d give her more pleasure than she’d ever known. Perhaps a bit cocky of me, but when you’d been around for four hundred years, you learned how to please a woman.

  I traced her slit with the tip of my tongue, drawing a moan from her. I delved inside, needing her flavor, and gently sucked her clit into my mouth. She cried out and gripped the sheets tight, nearly pulling them from the bed. I couldn’t remember ever being with someone so sensitive, so responsive. Being with her was going to be incredible.

  I feasted on her soft, pink flesh, my tongue dipped inside of her, caressing her velvety folds. She was hot and wet and tasted like heaven, or how I imagined heaven to be. I lapped at her, taking in every bit of moisture that dewed her lips. I could feel her body tensing, preparing for orgasm, and knew just what would push her over the edge. I blew on her clit, my gaze lifting to her face as I sucked the bud into my mouth. I drew on it long and hard, and she came, screaming my name. I didn’t relent. I kept sucking until the tremors had subsided and she lay replete.

  I gently nipped her thigh before rising over her. Nudging her entrance with the head of my cock, I eased into her pussy, stretching her as I filled her. She was tight but she took me with ease, her silken walls encasing me like a glove. Buried to the hilt in her delicious warmth, I withdrew, slowly, before sliding back in. Her hands came up to grip my biceps, and her legs wrapped around my waist. Thrust and retreat. In and out. Over and over, I plunged into her wet heat, losing myself to the pleasure of being with her.

  I felt my balls draw up tight and knew I was about to blow, but she hadn’t come with me inside her yet, and that was intolerable. Reaching between our bodies, I circled her clit with my thumb, small tight circles meant to drive her crazy. It had the desired effect and moments later I felt her shatter beneath me, her inner walls clasping and unclasping my cock in a fluttering sensation that pushed me over the edge. I came with a roar, spilling myself inside her luscious body.

  Collapsing onto my side, I pulled her tight into my arms until we were lying hip to hip. Her breath fanned against my chest, and I tried to get my bearings. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for this moment. I’d never felt so connected to someone before and knew I never would again. Whether I liked it
or not, Della was special.

  “You’d probably like to rinse off,” I said, not really wanting to relinquish her just yet.

  “A shower sounds good, then maybe a nap. You wore me out.”

  I felt her smile against my chest. She wasn’t the only one ready for a nap, as long as I was able to sleep with her in my arms. My life had changed forever, and we’d only been together one time. Truthfully, my life changed after our kiss, but now I was even more under her thrall. She was an enchantress who had cast a spell over me.

  Assisting her out of the bed, I watched as she gathered her toiletries and ushered her into the bathroom. I took her things from her and situated them in the shower and on the bathroom counter, wanting her to feel at home. If I had any say in the matter, she would stay by my side forever. I knew she worked to pay the bills, but if she didn’t need her apartment topside then there was no reason for her to work. She could stay with me, and I would take care of her.

  Somehow, I didn’t think convincing her would be all that easy. She was an independent sort and wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a life of leisure. In the meantime, I could try to convince her with actions. Like my lips on her skin, my cock buried in her pussy, making her scream my name over and over. Yeah, that was me, a man of action.

  I turned on the water and tried to cool it as much as possible. In some regards, hell lived up to its hype. It was definitely hot, but nothing a demon like me couldn’t withstand. My poor human, on the other hand, would fry if she walked outside for longer than a few minutes.

  Once the water temp was tolerable, I tugged her into the shower. It was open on both ends with a wall about shoulder high, my shoulders that is, to keep water from flooding the bathroom. The floor and walls were made of natural stone, the fixtures made of oil-rubbed bronze. An oval mirror hung over the large square sink.

  We stepped into the watery paradise, with dual showerheads, and I watched the water sluice down her body. I wanted to trace the path of the water droplets that made a zigzag pattern down the slope of her breasts, only to hang for a moment off the tips of her nipples. My mouth watered as I remembered what those dusky tips felt like against my tongue.

  Already I was hard and aching for her, and I’d just had her! At this rate, I’d wear her out before night fell. No, I needed to get my wayward cock back under control. Just because I lusted after her didn’t mean I had to act on it.

  Her gaze caressed my chest before dropping lower. She ran a tongue over her plump bottom lip as she took in my aroused state. Della moved forward and placed her hands on my chest before sliding them down to my waist. Her eyes flicked back up to meet mine as she slowly sank onto her knees before me, her hands sweeping down my thighs. I watched as she leaned forward and inhaled my scent, something that turned me on even more.

  Softly, she pressed her lips to the head of my cock, giving it a gentle kiss, before darting her tongue out for a taste, swirling it around, lashing the sensitive underside. I fisted my hands at my sides to keep from grabbing her and forcing my cock down her throat. I wanted to feel the silky heat of her mouth encasing me.

  As if reading my desires, she sucked more of me into her mouth, a slow bob up and down, easing my length between her lips. She wrapped her hand around the base, unable to take all of me. It was still the sweetest torture I’d ever been through. As her teeth slightly grazed my shaft, I shivered. The glide of her tongue as her head lowered, the suction as she withdrew, it was almost too much. I tried to pull away before it was too late, but she gripped my hips and held firm, sucking longer and harder. I couldn’t stop it. I felt my balls draw up, and a moment later my hot seed spurted into her welcoming mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked her lips, looking up at me with her seductive eyes.

  I pulled her up and against me. “You didn’t have to do that.”

  “I wanted to. I’m afraid I’m not very good at it though. I’ve never really had the opportunity to practice.”

  “You did it perfectly. Any better and I’d be dead.”

  She giggled. “You can’t die. You’re a demon.”

  “Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure. If Lucifer gets tired of us screwing up, he can end our existence. It isn’t death like you’d think of it, but it’s bleak just the same.”

  She wrapped her arms around my waist and snuggled into me. I folded her in my embrace, feeling the steady thump of her heart. Tenderly, I kissed the top of her head, cherishing this moment with her.

  I set her away from me and picked up her shower gel. Squeezing a generous amount into my palm, I soaped her skin, my hands molding to her soft curves. I didn’t linger too long, believing that she couldn’t possibly take me again so soon, and if I touched her for much longer, I’d want to be inside of her.

  She returned the favor, taking her time washing me, exploring my muscled flesh. She seemed to be particularly fascinated with my chest and nipples.

  I growled softly and nipped her jaw. “Behave. I won’t take you again like some rutting beast. You need time for your body to recover before I pleasure you again.”

  “What if I don’t want to wait?”

  Impudent minx. “We need time, then.” Giving her a stern look, I nudged her under the water and we both rinsed. I shut off the water and wrapped her in a large fluffy towel before wrapping one around my waist. We dried off quickly and left the bathroom. She paused at the bed and looked uncertain.

  I lifted her into my arms and settled her on the cool sheets. Sliding in next to her, I drew her into my arms. Della snuggled close, draping her arm across my waist. I gave her a gentle kiss and pulled the sheet over us.

  “We’ll rest for a little while and then I’ll go up top to grab us some lunch. Be thinking about what you’d like. I can get you anything.”

  “You’ll eat with me?”

  “Of course. Since I’m a demon, eating isn’t required like it is for a human, but I enjoy food just as much as the next guy.”

  She sighed and burrowed closer. I looked down and realized her eyes were closed. She was already falling asleep. Good, she needed it. After the scare at her apartment this morning, then wearing her out, she had to be tired.

  I breathed in her scent and closed my eyes. I couldn’t remember a time I’d slept with a woman in my arms and I was going to savor every second of it.

  She napped for a good hour before waking and I made good on my promise, bringing the food of her choice. I even picked up a nice red wine to go with the pasta she’d selected. Being with Della was easy. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. We spent the afternoon laughing as she regaled me with stories from her childhood, and I let her see a little of the world through my eyes over the past four hundred years. I didn’t want the day to end.

  Chapter Three

  The next morning, I woke and found Della curled in a ball on her side. She was pale and her eyes were shut tight. A whimper escaped her and I smoothed my hand down her side, trying to wake her gently. She turned into me, as if seeking warmth and security, and I wrapped my arms around her.

  “Della, sweetheart, wake up.”

  Her eyes slitted open and I saw the pain shining in their depths. I wanted to help her, but she had to tell me what was wrong. I couldn’t fight for her if I didn’t know what I was up against.

  I decided to delve into her mind and see if I could find the cause of her distress. I was nearly blinded with pain at the first glance. Whatever was causing my Della to hurt, it was excruciating.

  I pushed a little further and discovered that she had a bad migraine. It was already silent in my quarters, but I could dim the lights for her. I didn’t know much about human maladies, but I’d learned a little something over the years. Working through the pain, I delved deeper and discovered that she had a prescription that would help cure her of the headache. I just had to go to her apartment to get it.

  Brushing a kiss against her temple, I extracted myself from her arms and quickly donned a pair of pants. I slipped on my boots, and forgoing a shirt, blinked
myself to her place. A quick rummage through her medicine cabinet produced the pills she needed. Pocketing them, I did a quick run through, checking on her place. When I reached her bedroom, her drawers were opened. Upon closer inspection, I realized her bras and panties had been rifled through. The Surack, perhaps? Nothing else was disturbed and I couldn’t think of anyone else who would do such a thing. It irritated me to think that he’d been in her home again, but it was something I’d have to deal with later. Right now my priority was getting back to Della and making sure she recovered.

  I returned to my quarters only to discover that Della was missing. I tried to remain calm, but I wanted to tear someone apart. I could only think of one person, or in this case demon, who would be so ballsy as to run off with my sweet Della. I knew there was no way she’d gotten up and wandered off on her own. Rickter was behind it. I had no doubt that the demon had entered my quarters while I was gone and absconded with my charge. No, she wasn’t just my charge. She meant more to me than that.

  I was livid. The demon had gone too far this time. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do about it, but I had to put a stop to his behavior once and for all. Somehow. But first, I had to find Della. Nothing mattered if I didn’t have her by my side.

  I went door to door, all down my corridor and the next, trying to find someone who knew Rickter. It took hours, but finally I found someone who at least knew him in passing. I was able to gather information to discover the location of his quarters and blinked myself there immediately. While it’s frowned upon to blink yourself into someone’s home, demons do it all the time. There was just one problem. Something repelled me and knocked me on my ass outside Rickter’s door. What the fuck?

  I brushed myself off and pounded on the door. When it opened, a smug looking Rickter stood before me, but he only opened the door far enough to wedge himself between the door and the frame. I couldn’t see around him, but I just knew Della was inside. Who else would take her?

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