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 part  #1 of  Guardian Demons Series


Guardian Demons Box Set

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Guardian Demons Box Set

  Demon Guardians (Box Set)

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  All rights reserved.

  Copyright ©2014 Jessica Coulter Smith

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  Changeling Press LLC

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  Editor: Crystal Esau

  Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

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  Table of Contents

  Demon Guardians (Box Set)

  Demon Guardians






  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Demon Guardians (Box Set)

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Demon Guardians: Sexy, seductive demons craving submission. For centuries, they’ve stayed silent, hidden, observing and interfering without being detected. Each guardian demon has a charge to watch over, and it’s always a woman. But there’s only so much a demon can take…

  Bale. Alia’s a magnet for trouble. It’s time for her reckless behavior to stop, before it gets her killed.

  Aleixo. Monica has terrible taste in men. Aleixo’s drawn a line, and when her current man crosses it, Aleixo will break all the rules to save her from herself.

  Rorlan. He’s always been Larissa’s guardian. But now he’s claimed her heart.

  Dominguez. A single night of passion with Amara, or a lifetime of love? How is a demon to choose?

  Aires. He’s falling in love with Della. But what happens when two sexy as sin demons want you body and soul -- and aren’t into sharing?

  Demon Guardians

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Demon guardians. Seriously? Who thinks this shit up? Didn’t Lucifer know that putting his Tinta demons in charge of young women was just asking for trouble? For centuries, they’ve stayed silent, hidden, observing and interfering without being detected. But there’s only so much a demon can take…


  Chapter One

  My name is Bale, and I’m a demon. A guardian demon to be exact. Blue skin, small black horns jutting from my forehead, and my teeth a bit sharper than a human’s. We all resemble one another, and carry the same intricate tattoos, winding down from our necks, down our arms, and covering our torsos. Each guardian demon has a charge to watch over. In my case, it’s the most exasperating creature on the planet. Beautiful, sarcastic, and a magnet for trouble, Alia keeps me busy.

  Blending with the shadows, I watched as she walked down the darkened alley. If the sway of her hips didn’t have me mesmerized, I probably would have ground my teeth in annoyance. The woman never learned. I’d saved her countless times from her folly, but this time was going to be different. This time she’d feel fear before I rescued her.

  A man watched her from a dark corner. I could smell his stench and hear his wretched thoughts. Even knowing the vile things he wanted to do to Alia, I refused to get her out of the alley, not until she’d seen the error of her ways. It was time for the reckless behavior to stop once and for all, before it got her killed.

  He pulled himself away from the corner after she passed and crept up behind her, quiet as a mouse. While she was oblivious to her surroundings and the danger she was in, he reached around and grabbed her, pulling her against his filthy body. Placing a hand over her mouth, he stopped her from crying out for help and dragged her into his dark corner, away from prying eyes.

  “Such a pretty little thing,” the man slurred. “We’re going to have us a grand ol’ time.”

  Alia struggled, but couldn’t break free. My hands clenched into fists, but I refrained from rushing to her side. She had to learn that her behavior was irresponsible, that it would get her killed, and this was the only way I could think of to get the message across.

  The man kissed the side of her neck, and I saw the revulsion and fear written across her delicate features. He unfastened his pants and slid a hand under the edge of her skirt, caressing her thigh as he pulled the material up higher.

  I could practically see her heart pounding and knew that finally she understood she’d made a colossal mistake. I would have never let it go any farther, but I was hoping her fear would teach her a lesson.

  Materializing from the shadows, I made my presence known. “Let her go.”

  I saw Alia’s eyes go wide, and the man glared at me. “This isn’t any of your business. Go away. Go find your own woman.”

  I grinned. “But she is my woman.”

  The man looked from his prize to me and back again. When his eyes settled on mine, his hold loosened just enough for Alia to slip away. Instead of running down the alley as I had supposed she would do, she slipped behind me and rested her hands against my back.

  She was trembling, but I knew her well. While she might have been scared when the man held her captive, now that she was free and felt safe her anger was beginning to build. If I didn’t get her out of here soon, she’d do something that could get us both killed. The difference was that I would return from the grave, while she’d be gone permanently.

  The man glowered at me and I knew he was trying to decide what to do, trying to decide if the woman was worth the trouble. His gaze traveled down my muscular chest and arms. My markings should’ve been enough to dissuade him from pressing the issue -- everyone knew to be wary of guardian demons -- but this one didn’t seem to be dealing with a full deck. I could tell the exact moment when he realized he would lose a fight against me. With a shrug of his shoulders, he shuffled away, moving slowly down the brick wall, searching for another victim.

  “Too much trouble anyhow,” he mumbled.

  I turned to give Alia the lecture of a lifetime, but she took me by surprise, slipping her slim arms around my waist, hugging me.

  “Thank you. If you hadn’t shown up when you did, he would have… have…”

  “I know what he intended. What possessed you to walk down this dark alley to begin with?”

  She lifted her head and her topaz eyes met mine. “It was a shortcut. I’ve used it before and nothing has ever happened. I guess it just didn’t occur to me that I could get into trouble along the way.”

  I snorted and rolled my eyes. Exasperating creature! “Alia, your carelessness is going to get you killed one of these days.”

  She stiffened a moment. “How do you know my name?”

  “Because I was sent to protect you. I’m your guardian.”
br />   Her gaze skimmed across my chest, taking in my intricate tattoos. I saw heat flare in her eyes, and it was all I could do to control myself. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t desire her. Who wouldn’t? Her eyes were expressive and full of life, her lips were plump and perfect for kissing, and her long blonde hair had inspired many a fantasy. And if her curvy good looks weren’t enough to draw me in, that spark of fire in her soul would be my undoing. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Alia was always into everything, even if it meant going toe to toe with someone twice her size.

  “You certainly don’t look like a guardian angel.”

  Now there was something no one had called me before. “I don’t recall saying I was an angel.”

  “But you’re my guardian?”

  “Yes. Your guardian demon.”

  Her eyes went wide and she took a step back. “Excuse me? Did you just say demon?”

  Grasping her arm, I led her out of the alley. If we were going to have this conversation, I’d rather do it someplace that didn’t smell like urine and trash. Back out on the sidewalk, I looked down at her, trying to figure out what to do next.

  I had never planned to show myself to her, and for all I knew I’d broken some silent rule. And yet I couldn’t help myself. Knowing what was going to happen to her, I’d had to do something. I only hoped it wouldn’t backfire.

  “I’d rather talk somewhere a bit more private. I know you’ve heard of guardian demons. You know you’ll be safe with me.”

  She licked her lips. “We could go to my apartment.”

  I was surprised at her offer. While she never thought of her safety, I also knew she didn’t take men back to her place very often, and never after just meeting them. So why make the offer to me? Guardian or not, I was still very much a male.

  “I would never hurt you, Alia, I promise you that. I won’t give you cause to regret your decision.”

  Her eyes grew dark and her mental images slammed into me. The two of us were on a bed, naked, with our limbs intertwined. The realization she desired me startled me, and it turned me on even more. As if it hadn’t been difficult enough to keep my cock safely tucked away, now I had the images of us fucking branded in my mind. I felt my shaft harden, blood pulsing through it as her images awakened the monster.

  “I think I’ll take my chances,” she finally answered in a husky voice.

  I knew that voice. That was her I want to jump his bones voice, and I realized I was in trouble. I was fairly certain it was taboo to have a relationship with your charge, and if it wasn’t then it should have been. But I was a man and a demon, which meant I was completely helpless to her allure. I could’ve fucked a hundred women before coming to her rescue, and still that voice and body would’ve gotten to me. All she had to do was crook her finger, and I’d come running.

  “You barely reacted when I said I was a demon. Aren’t you more than just a little surprised?” Perhaps reminding her that I wasn’t exactly goodness and light would bring her back down to earth. One of us needed to be sane, and it certainly wasn’t me at this particular moment.

  She shrugged a shoulder. “I’m not exactly an angel, so it only stands to reason that someone a little darker would be sent to protect me.” Her lips curled into a seductive grin. “Besides, my wicked behavior would probably shock a heavenly angel.”

  I’d always tried to give her as much privacy as possible when she’d entertained men, but her words intrigued me, and I wondered just what I’d been missing. Voyeurism wasn’t exactly my thing, but I was starting to wish I’d stuck around and watched over her all the time, privacy be damned. Just how kinky was my charge? And would she be willing to give me firsthand knowledge?

  Taking her arm, I began the trek to her apartment, going the long way in order to avoid all the unsavory places she usually frequented. It might take a lot longer, but at least I knew she’d be safe.

  Chapter Two

  Alia unlocked the door, pushed it open, and stepped into the cool apartment, sighing in relief.

  “It’s way too hot outside.”

  I watched the sweat trickle down her throat, disappearing between her breasts, and admired the way the damp fabric clung to her. I would have loved nothing more than to trace the path of that drop with my tongue, see if she tasted salty or sweet, or some combination of the two.

  “I don’t know. It seems just right to me.”

  Her eyes twinkled as she noticed the direction of my gaze, and the little mischief-maker went to stand directly in front of a vent, making her nipples pebble against her shirt. As she gave me a flirtatious glance, there was no doubt in my mind that her act was deliberate. When she turned to face me, she planted her hands on her hips, making her breasts thrust out even farther.

  “I believe we came here to talk,” I reminded her. My voice was deeper, and I knew my eyes reflected my desire for her, but I was determined to stay on track. No matter how tempting a morsel she might be, I needed to resist.

  “So talk. You said you’re a demon and my guardian. What type of demon are you, exactly?”

  “I’m what is known as a Tinta demon. We’re all marked with similar tattoos and have the same coloring and size.” Surely she’d heard of us before.

  Her eyes devoured me. “You’re all built like that?”

  I frowned as I thought of her with one of the other guardians. Thalen or Aires would gladly bed her, regardless of whether or not they should. Aleixo, Rorlan, and Dominguez weren’t much better, for that matter. Images of any of my fellow demons touching her perfect skin, caressing those luscious curves, set my teeth on edge and made me want to pound someone into the ground. That probably should’ve disturbed me, but I shook it off.

  “Not identical, but we’re all similar.”

  She licked her lips and lifted her eyes to mine. “So if you’re my guardian, then you watch over me.”


  “All the time?”

  I knew what she was asking and I grinned, letting the moment drag out. Her breathing became deeper and her eyes got even darker. Obviously, the idea of me watching her during intimate moments didn’t bother her in the slightest. In fact, she seemed turned on by the idea. It seemed that while I might not be a voyeur, my little charge was something of an exhibitionist.

  “Not all the time. I allow you some privacy. I don’t watch when you bathe or have men over, but I do listen in case you need my help.”

  She wandered over to me and placed her hand on my chest. Her touch was cool against my heated flesh, and I fought the urge to gather her in my arms.

  “So you’ve never seen me naked?”

  Does it count if it was only in my head, or in yours?

  “No, I’ve never watched you while you were naked.”

  She stepped even closer, our bodies nearly touching.

  “Have you ever wanted to?”

  Honestly, I’d tried not to think about her being naked, but since watching her in that alley, today I couldn’t seem to think of anything else. As I gazed into her eyes, I realized she wanted me to want her, and I found I was unable to resist. I’d always thought of myself as strong, but she made me weak with desire.


  Her hands drifted down my abdomen and across the front of my leather pants.

  “I’m assuming this works the same as a human’s?”

  I swallowed, hard. “Yes.”

  Why couldn’t I say anything but “yes”? It was hard to believe she had me tongue-tied, but there was no other explanation. The siren in front of me had all the control, and I wasn’t entirely certain when she’d gained the upper hand. As her fingers caressed my cock through my pants, I realized it didn’t matter who was in control as long as we both ended up naked -- soon.

  She tugged on my pants and began backing toward her bedroom. Nudging the door open with a hip, she led me inside and shoved me down on the bed. As I sprawled across the comforter, I watched in fascination as she slowly eased her top over her head, allowing it to drop on the
floor at her feet. Next, she unfastened her denim skirt and it slid down her legs. Her lacy bra and thong left very little to the imagination, and I have a very active imagination.

  “Lucifer dulcis, servo mei.” Sweet Lucifer, save me.

  She grinned as if understanding me and crawled across my body, her thighs encasing mine, and she leaned down. Her hair tickled my chest and her honeysuckle scent teased my nose.

  “Do you want to touch me?” she asked in a seductive purr.

  Hell, yes! With gentle hands, I reached up and cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples through the lacy material. Easing my hands down her ribcage, I dragged her farther up my body so she was straddling my abdomen. I pulled her down again, her breasts now aligned with my mouth. Her bra felt rough against my tongue, but she gasped as I laved her nipple. My hands slid down to her hips and I squeezed her ass, making her rock against me. She was hot and wet, and oh, so ready. The scent of her arousal was making my cock hard enough to drive nails.

  “I… I don’t even… know your… name,” she panted.


  I rolled our bodies and pinned her to the mattress with my weight. Her bra hooked in the front and I released the clasp, watching as her breasts sprang free. Nuzzling her sweet flesh, I reached between our bodies and stroked her wet pussy.

  “Sapis dulcis.”

  “What does that mean?”

  “It means that you taste sweet,” I answered as I sucked her nipple into my mouth.

  She moaned and arched her back, begging for more. I felt her nails scrape against my shoulders and her pussy thrust against my fingers.

  “Bale, please… I want you.”

  I chuckled before tasting her other nipple. My fingers slipped under her thong and grazed her swollen clit, making her cry out. I could tell she was close to an orgasm, but I didn’t want her to come until I could taste her.

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