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 part  #1 of  Intergalactic Guardians Series


Loved by the Elite Commander

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Loved by the Elite Commander

  Loved by the Elite Commander (Intergalactic Guardians 1)

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  All rights reserved.

  Copyright ©2019 Jessica Coulter Smith

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  Loved by the Elite Commander (Intergalactic Guardians 1)


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  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Loved by the Elite Commander (Intergalactic Guardians 1)

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  My people are dying out, and if my generation doesn’t find compatible mates soon then my people will become extinct. When I hear of a race called Humans who are capable of breeding with Elorian males, I know we must find some and convince them to mate with single males on Elora.

  Their home planet is too far from my own, but a ship of slaves crash-landed on X-2 five hundred years ago and many were of the Human race. It’s there I know I’ll find the females who will save my kind.

  It never occurred to me that I would be the first to claim a mate, or that she would have been so horribly abused. Despite her horrific past, my sweet Marcy gives me a chance, and now that she’s mine I will do anything in my power to protect her.



  I studied the readout on the screen. My first in command had managed to hack into the slave database the Marwains kept each time they procured a new species. My people, the Elorians, would be dying out before long and we’d been searching for the past decade to find a solution. Our last female birth had been nearly a century ago. While my people were long-lived, that female was no longer producing children, nor were other females from her generation. All children since that female birth had been male, and the last to be born at all were now more than four decades old.

  That wasn’t to say we were celibate, but we had yet to find an easily obtainable female species who could produce offspring when mated to an Elorian. Some of the males on my world had taken pleasure partners, but most remained single in hopes of finding a true mate. Brothels provided a quick release when we needed it, and the workers were happy to teach us the ways of pleasuring a female in the event we ever found a mate, but they were quick, meaningless moments, and for me I always felt empty afterward.

  But if what J-Ril had found was right, then just maybe the Elorian people would be saved, and our single males would finally have mates and families. I was willing to risk anything to make that happen. Every female species we’d come across thus far hadn’t been a good match. But this time we may have found the miracle we needed.

  “You’re certain this is correct?” I asked my first in command. J-Ril gave a nod.

  “Of course, Elite Commander. This is proof that there’s a race of females compatible with our kind. Not just sexually, but their reproductive system is almost identical to our females’. The Vaadens have been stealing women from that world for more than a thousand years, and so have a few other races. We’ve known for a long time that the Vaadens capture females to use as sex slaves, but it never occurred to me to see if any of those species were compatible with us. The Vaadens often procured their slaves from the Marwains and other slavers, and one of the Marwain ships crash-landed about five hundred years ago on a planet not far from our current location. According to the list of species on board, they carried both female and male Humans, as well as three other species. If we can find Human survivors, perhaps we can coax any pureblooded Human females into coming with us. Maybe we could repopulate our world, and we would no longer face extinction. Those females would be saved from slavery, or whatever fate befell them on the new planet.”

  “Where is this Earth located?” I asked. “Why haven’t we heard of it before? I don’t recall ever seeing a species called Human, and I’ve been to hundreds if not thousands of spaceports, large stations, and even colonies on other worlds. Why have I never seen one of the Human females before? Or have I and just didn’t realize that’s what she was?”

  “Their world is several years’ travel from our home planet, unless you take a chance going through a black hole. There are three between our world and theirs, but as you know those can be unstable. From what little I can find on their world, it’s rather primitive and until the last seven hundred or so years, they were unaware other life forms exist. It’s possibly why they were so easy to capture and take off world. It seems the number of Human females kept as slaves has dropped a bit over the past five hundred years. They were highly sought after previously, and even more so now. I’d go so far as to call them rare this far from their home world. Often, they’ve been purchased for sexual reasons, or even for breeding.”

  “Interesting,” I murmured, wanting to know as much as possible about the planet that produced females who could save my people.

  “Their space travel doesn’t seem to have developed until their world had been around a few million years or so. After that, it consisted of them reaching their moon and studying other nearby planets. In the past few hundred years, they’ve made other advancements and managed to set up a colony on a planet called Mars and have sent androids further into space, but they never leave their galaxy. They do not have the technology required to explore the many universes, and believe that inter-dimensional travel is merely a fantasy. In some ways, they’ve advanced quite a bit from where they started, and yet they could learn so much more. It seems to take them a long time to evolve.”

  “Anything else I need to know?” I asked.

  “Some of the Humans resemble the Vaadens in skin and hair color, though they’re smaller. Others have lighter or darker skin tones. Their eyes are not as vibrant as the Vaadens’, and some are afflicted with poor vision and other ailments, but nothing our medical technology couldn’t handle. The females might be frightened when they see us because we’re so different. It might be a bit of an obstacle in procuring them, unless you plan to simply abduct them.”

  I mumbled under my breath, listening to what J-Ril had to say, and studying the readout on my screen. I
wanted as much knowledge as possible about the females and where they came from before attempting to lure them back to Elora. As badly as I wanted to give my people hope, I needed to make sure these Human females could handle mating an Elorian and could live on our planet as well.

  “If we do manage to court the females of their world, perhaps the descendants of those who crashed on the Marwain ship, then perhaps they could help us convince other females on their world to mate with our kind. The Krixtan-4 currently holds a dozen pods, and each can hold up to two Elorian males,” J-Ril said. “It would be easy enough to put three or four of the small Human females into one pod for the sleep stasis to our world. As we only have fourteen males currently on board, that would leave five pods for the females. Could you imagine going home with fifteen or more females who are able to carry the offspring of an Elorian?”

  “How big are Earth females?” I asked, wondering if they were too tiny and fragile, if we could fit so many into one pod. Vaadens were a lot smaller than my people, and if they were compatible with a Vaaden, how could they possibly handle intimacy with an Elorian? There were a few images on the screen of the Earth females who had been on the crashed vessel, and while they were beautiful each in their own way, I had to admit they didn’t look very sturdy.

  “They vary, according to the Marwain records, and no two are alike. They are all different sizes and colors, but none are gold like us, or blue like the Tourmalanes. However, the largest female on the crashed Marwain ship would barely have reached our chests and was pale in color like the Vaadens. From what the research shows, they don’t live very long. Maybe one hundred years. Those who crashed are long dead. Earth seems like a rather fascinating place, but I worry we would scare their people if we tried to visit. There aren’t many races as big as us, especially our males. However, it appears that there is a treaty in place with a race called Zelthranites from a planet called Zelthrane-3. There seems to be some sort of program where the Zelthranites offer funds in exchange for females going to their world as potential mates. It’s possible we could also reach such an agreement with Earth’s leaders.”

  “We’ll locate the female descendants from the crashed ship and rescue them. Most of the planets in this system are full of sand and heat, and thankfully not too far from our home world. They will hopefully be eager for a change in environment. Perhaps they’ll mate with strong warriors who have come to their aid. As you pointed out, there are fourteen males on board, all single. If not, Elora has plenty of males who would be more than happy to claim one of them. Set our coordinates to the females’ current location, and alert me when we’re nearing the planet,” I said.

  “Yes, Elite Commander. Their current location is within one cycle’s journey from here, and within a dozen solar cycles of Elora. I only hope we make it there and discover the females are still present. It doesn’t appear a Marwain ship was sent to retrieve them, but if there are warriors present, I will gladly fight for the females. However, it would be better if we didn’t start a war. It’s hard to say whether or not any of the alien races on board paired with the Humans.”

  J-Ril was correct. The last thing our people needed was to start a war with the Vaadens, Marwains, or anyone else. But the thought of these Human females, a race who could give my people hope, meant that it was worth the risk. If all went well, the Elorian leaders would have to find a way to procure more of the females. The last female species compatible with an Elorian was too combative, and the others were too hard to obtain. Their worlds protected them fiercely and weren’t willing to send any to my planet, not even in exchange for goods they needed, or extra protection.

  It had been a genuine fear for the past decade that our world would fade and die without the presence of females in our society. No new births meant my generation would be the last, and since none of the males had found true mates it wasn’t likely there would be births in the near future.

  Not unless we found a species with female who could carry our young. The Elorians were a proud people and our lineage extended thousands of years into the past on our current world and beyond that on our previous planet. To give up now was unforgivable. The Human females would be ours, and they would bring new life to planet Elora.

  Chapter One


  Colony X-2

  Year 3021

  The sun on the unforgiving planet beat down, making it hard to breathe. My parents were long gone, and there was no one left to protect me.

  The colony I called home was a lawless place where men dominated and females were no better than slaves. I knew our history, had heard of my ancestors and how they’d been captured on another world, taken into slavery. Then the ship had crash-landed here, and the survivors had created a new home.

  The alien slavers had died, but the slaves had all lived. Mostly Human, though there were a few other races that seemed peaceful most of the time. The others kept to themselves and didn’t interfere.

  My mother had told me stories about Earth, the world our people had come from, and how wonderful it had been. The stories had been passed from her mother, and so on all the way back to the original Humans who had landed on X-2. There had been something called television and movies, music, and tall glass buildings that reached up into the sky.

  She’d said that women had the same rights as men on our home planet, and were given a voice even when selecting leaders. It seemed a bit strange to me, not having known any of those things, but it was nice to think there was a place like that out there somewhere.

  Our current home was a nightmare. The red dirt coated everything, and the sun stayed bright and hot for all but a few hours out of each day. Unlike the Earth my mother had spoken of, women here had no rights of any kind. Whatever a man told us to do, we had to comply immediately or face the consequences. Some of my friends had learned the hard way exactly what that meant, and bile rose in my throat as I thought about it. Each punishment was made public to make an example of the woman who had dared to disobey. It didn’t matter if a man asked you to fetch him food, or strip off your clothes. We weren’t allowed to say no to anything.

  I’d heard of females running and hiding. I didn’t know how true that was, or if they were even still alive if they had managed such a feat. The only shelters I knew of were the crude homes and buildings of our small village. Sometimes I wished there was a place I could hide as well. Men didn’t take wives, like my mother had said happened on Earth, and those who did choose a female to bear their children didn’t remain faithful to them. Women were cattle to be used as the men saw fit. Breeders, or a thing to play with.

  I felt Bruce’s hand slide up my arm as he crowded me. Revulsion filled me, but I knew better than to pull away. I’d been his favorite for a while. Not his ‘only’, by any means, but his favorite. I’d have gladly given that honor up to someone else. The brute never cared if he hurt me, and I sometimes felt like he got off on making me scream. My body still wore the bruises he’d left the last time he’d forced my submission.

  Better me than some of the others, though. In this lawless society men didn’t temper their needs for any reason, which meant even the teen girls were fair game. My mother had assured me on our home world something like that would have been cause for punishment, that men could be imprisoned for the things they did here. I often wondered if what she said was true, or merely a story to give me hope that life could be better.

  There were times I wished both the aliens and slaves on the crashed ship had died that day rather than live like this another moment. Bruce’s hand tightened on me and he turned me to face him.

  “You’re going to serve drinks to me and my friends tonight, Marcy. And you’re going to be a good girl, aren’t you?” he asked.

  Like I had much of a choice. I nodded and refused to meet his gaze.

  “Good.” His hand petted me some more. “After our card game, we’ll all have some fun.”

  Oh, God! Anything but that! I knew exactly what he meant. It wasn’t uncommon fo
r Bruce to have game nights, and after they were well and truly drunk, they’d take turns with whatever woman had been serving them that night.

  I tried not to tremble or give away my fear and disgust. By some miracle, I’d never gotten pregnant, but sooner or later that luck would run out. I’d either give birth to a daughter who would face the same fate as me, or a son who would become a monster. I couldn’t stand the thought of either scenario.

  “Go brush out your hair and come to my place. Don’t be late,” he said.

  Just as quickly as he’d arrived, he was gone. My body sagged and I couldn’t stop the tears that tracked my cheeks. I couldn’t do it! Not again. There was so much I’d endured since I’d turned sixteen and caught a man’s eye, but I knew I was slowly losing my mind. I should be grateful.

  I’d been late in becoming a woman, my body not changing until much later than the others. Had I developed curves and begun my monthly bleeding at an earlier age, I doubted the men would have waited until I was sixteen. A few women in our small colony had already broken and taken their lives. I knew if I had to endure much more, I would follow in their steps. I refused to believe that my life was supposed to be like this.

  I crept into the hall of the cracked and crumbling building we called home. As silently as I could, I managed to flee into the hot air outside. A breeze caressed me and gave me the courage to move forward.

  Freedom! That’s what I tasted, what I smelled… No matter what happened, I wasn’t going back! I silently made my way through the winding path of crumbling buildings until I reached the outer wall. The guard at the gate had his head slumped, probably having had too much to drink.

  I ran, my bare feet digging into the soil and broken bits of rock that served as a road to the other alien settlements. The original survivors had broken off into groups, and set up colonies on this small, dry planet. The trees beckoned, their brown and orange leaves crackling in the air, and I pushed myself, not daring to look back and only moving forward. I ran until my lungs burned and my legs ached. Pain pierced my side and I didn’t think I could go much further.

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