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 part  #3 of  Cy-Con Series


Saved by the Cyborg

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Saved by the Cyborg

  Saved by the Cyborg (Cy-Con 3)

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  All rights reserved.

  Copyright ©2019 Jessica Coulter Smith

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  Editor: Crystal Esau

  Cover Artist: Karen Fox

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  Saved by the Cyborg (Cy-Con 3)

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  Intergalactic Multiverse

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Saved by the Cyborg (Cy-Con 3)

  Jessica Coulter Smith

  Intimidating. Damaged. Unlovable.

  Tark wanted a mate even before he joined the Cy-Con program. His sheer size made females fear him, and now that he’s been turned into a cybernetic freak they avoid him even more. When he finds a female being held in a brothel against her will, he knows that he can’t leave without her.

  Tark means to take Suki home to his world, a place where she can heal and start a new life. He never realized she’d want to start that life with him, or that she’d insist on leaving the safety of Xpashta in an effort to rescue others like herself.

  Brave. Fearless. Pregnant?

  Tark saved the alluring human female once. When she’s captured during a dangerous mission, he knows he’ll have to do it again, and this time, he’s not letting her out of his sight -- especially when he finds out she’s pregnant with his child.

  Chapter One

  Tark wandered the space station, clinging to the shadows in an effort to not draw attention to himself. Not that someone his size ever went unnoticed, especially since one of his arms was entirely made of Byrilia. He was large even for one of his people, towering over those around him. Tark had always been broad as well, his shoulders barely clearing most doorways.

  Before the Cy-Con program, the females of his world had been too wary of him to accept a mating for fear he would crush them with his brute strength. And back then he’d been fully Zelranian, with not a single mechanical part in sight. He’d been part of his world’s elite military, but even that hadn’t gained him a mate. If anything, word of his exploits in battle made people even more fearful.

  When he’d been asked to join the Cy-Con program, Tark had thought maybe things were turning around, that such an honor would help him gain the affection of a female. He’d signed up enthusiastically, not caring about the danger involved or the possibility he could die during transition. He’d been so wrong.

  Tark had thought about purchasing a slave, thinking it might be his only option, and that was why he was now heading toward the trading post at the edge of the space station. The things bought and sold there weren’t always legal, but Tark could look the other way if it meant he might finally have a companion. As much as he found slavery distasteful, it wasn’t against the law.

  If he could just find a mate, any mate, then he would count himself lucky. He knew the Commanders had spoken of purchasing slaves and bringing them back to Xpashta in hopes they would agree to pair with the cyborgs who called his world home. So far, only two males had successfully found mates.

  A third… Tark winced when he thought about poor Rorwick. He’d claimed a human female, Jillian, but the female refused to accept the mating. It had already been nearly a year, and all they seemed to do was argue. Jillian had broken nearly everything in Rorwick’s home by launching items at his head. If the male didn’t look so tortured, it might have been funny. Tark wasn’t certain what would happen between them, but he thought the Commanders might have to step in at some point.

  Tark neared the trading post and began scouting the area for the slavers. Even through the busy marketplace, the sound of his boots could be heard over the din of voices and clinking of coins as he passed various booths, domes, and glass buildings. The scents weren’t overly pleasant in this part of the trading post, and he shut down his olfactory senses.

  The sound of someone retching made Tark halt. Some illnesses could spread rapidly, taking out entire populations. Cyborgs were immune to such things, thankfully, and because of that they often helped those in need when they were able.

  “Worthless,” a male muttered. “Useless piece of trash. I should have dumped you out an airlock on the way here. I can’t have you throwing up on the customers. Lie there and rot for all I care.”

  The male stomped off in another direction, and Tark waited a moment to make sure he was gone. The last thing he needed to do was get into a fight with someone. He’d likely end up killing the male, and that would cause more of a headache than he wanted to deal with tonight. Tark didn’t think he would be able to contain his anger, especially if a female was involved.

  The retching continued and Tark moved a little closer. Customers? He looked around and noticed the sign at the front of the porta-dome. Exotic Females. 2000 nuroks per turn.

  A brothel? The large porta-dome contained a brothel? Tark felt his cock harden at the thought of being with a female, even if the services were paid for, but then he remembered that even whores wouldn’t accept him into their beds.

  A whimper drew his attention to the shadowed area behind the temporary structure. His hand gripped his weapon. The soft sound came again, and he scanned the darkness. He didn’t sense danger, but even a male such as him could never be too careful. Tark silently approached the figure huddled on the ground. The body was small, and as he drew nearer, he could make out the naked form of a female. An Earth female. His heart pounded in his chest and he froze for a moment. The slaver had an Earth female as part of his brothel? Were there others? He knew males kept Earth females as slaves, but he’d never run across one in a brothel before.

  “I can’t,” a voice said softly. “Please don’t.”

  Tark looked around. He didn’t see anyone else, other than the small human. Was she speaking to him? Did she think he would harm her? As pitiful as she sounded, it was possible she’d already been harmed.

  Tark stepped closer to the huddled form and knelt at her side.

  “I can’t,” she said again, whimpering once more.

  Tark reached for her, surprised that her skin was icy
and yet slick with sweat. He gently shifted her onto her back, looking for signs of injury. A trickle of blue goo leaked from the corner of her mouth, and bile rose in his throat when he realized it wasn’t goo. The female was dying, and had to be in horrible pain.

  “He made you service a Barkwanie male?” Tark asked. His gaze scanned the rest of her and what he found sickened him. Not just the Barkwanie, but others too. Her skin was orange and green in other spots, a sure sign of poisoning from the bodily fluids of males who should have never touched her.

  Tark carefully lifted her into his arms and strode from the trading post. The female shivered against him, and he wished that he had a blanket to wrap around her. Soon enough, he’d have her at a med clinic. He only hoped he hadn’t found her too late and she could be healed.

  * * *

  Tark moved swiftly as he carried the small weight in his arms, not stopping until he reached the safety of the med clinic. Some stopped to stare at him, but Tark didn’t care. Let them think what they wanted. The door shut behind him and the bright lights nearly blinded him. Tark eased the female into a med bay unit. She didn’t look good, and as her eyes opened, he saw they were dilated. Tark listened carefully, searching for her heartbeat. When he found it, he feared that she wouldn’t last the night. It was so slow, it had nearly stopped already. He could only imagine the agony she must feel.

  The lid closed and he watched as the unit scanned her slight form. An android med tech came over to read the coding on the lid, then tapped a few buttons until it was in a language Tark could read. Despite the words on the screen, he didn’t know how to heal her, or at least make her more comfortable. She’d not only been heavily poisoned, but she’d contracted space pox and another nasty disease called verilia. She had also been sterilized at some point.

  The readings changed, and he knew that she was about to die. He felt helpless, not having any medical training. The lid lifted and Tark moved closer as she stared up at him.

  “I’m sorry,” he said, reaching out to smooth back her dark hair. She was human, and yet looked completely different from the Earth females on his planet. “There’s nothing we can do for you.”

  “Sister,” she murmured. “Save Suki.”

  “Suki? Suki is your sister?” Tark asked, wanting to make sure he understood her.

  The female slowly nodded. “Tell her… Yoko… sent you. Tell her… sorry.”

  The female, Yoko, took a shuddering breath, and as she exhaled, Tark watched the life leave her body. His heart broke for her. At least her suffering was at an end. He only hoped that her sister didn’t face the same fate.

  “She’s gone,” he said.

  “Authorities have been notified,” the android said. “Your DNA is not a match to the males who harmed her.”

  “She worked in a brothel,” Tark said.

  Two males in uniform strode into the med clinic. One sneered at him and pulled out a set of restraints. Tark braced himself, but the android moved between him and the officials.

  “The male did no harm. The female was a prostitute,” the android said.

  “What race was the female?” one of the officials asked.

  “Human,” the android said. “Not illegal to own, sell, or trade. The cyborg is innocent of any wrongdoing pertaining to her death.”

  The officials dismissed him and Tark didn’t hesitate to leave the premises. He knew the med clinic would properly dispose of Yoko’s body. She hadn’t deserved a fate like this, no one did, but there was little he could do about it. Except find the Suki she mentioned.

  Was Suki another female at the brothel? He retraced his steps through the trading post and stopped outside the brothel. Were all the females as badly cared for as Yoko had been? Were they all dying? He didn’t know if he could handle seeing a tent full of females without killing the slaver responsible for their care. Not when the males on his world would give anything to have them as mates, would treat them as if they were the most precious things in all the galaxies. It didn’t matter if they’d been whores. A cyborg would never look down on a female for any reason except treachery.

  He pushed open the door covering and stepped inside. The slaver slithered his way, greed burning in his eyes as he scanned Tark. A Kronkite, he was reptilian in appearance and small in stature. Breakable, in Tark’s opinion. Before the creature could reach him, he scanned his surroundings. Several females of various races were servicing customers out in the open. None seemed to be in distress, and none were human. He checked the interior again, looking for a female similar to Yoko. The slaver moved closer and Tark eyed him, having no idea how he kept the slaves in line with such a weak appearance.

  Then again… Tark looked around once more. The females who weren’t servicing customers were lounging on cots, most staring at the roof of the structure. The few whose eyes he could see had a blank stare, as if they weren’t present. Drugged. It was the only explanation. Or perhaps so badly beaten that they had no fight left in them. Even those currently in service didn’t appear aware of their surroundings.

  “I have females available. How many do you wish? A male of your size could easily handle two or three, I would think,” the slaver said.

  “I want the female called Suki,” Tark said. “Human.”

  The slaver got a gleam in his eye. “That one is special. One such as you would likely break her. Her services are reserved for those of a higher rank. Princes. Ministers. Kings.”

  Tark took a step toward the slaver, then another, until he saw a flash of fear in the male’s eyes. The slaver backed up, and for every step he took, Tark took another. Soon, the disgusting male was pressed against a wall and had nowhere left to go. His skin camouflaged until he matched the color of the structure, but Tark could still see him clearly.

  “I. Want. Suki,” Tark said.

  The slaver waved a trembling hand toward the back of the porta-dome. Tark growled at him and the scent of piss filled the air as the slaver soiled himself. The cyborg smirked as he made his way to the back, scanning the females for a human.

  In the corner, her knees drawn up to the chest, he finally found her. Her long, dark hair was matted and there were bruises on her arms and thighs, as if she’d been forcefully held down. Rage filled him at the sight and he turned to face the slaver again. The male had enough sense to put a lot of space between them.

  “You want her? No charge. Use her all night,” the slaver said, his voice quivering. “You tell your friends that Porie is the best in the business and offers many beautiful females.”

  “Mine,” Tark said, his voice deeper than before as he snarled at the slaver. “Mine to keep.”

  The slaver narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “Too valuable.”

  “I said. She’s. Mine,” Tark growled.

  The Kronkite flexed his fingers and claws popped out. They appeared harmless and he laughed at the creature, but it had only been a distraction. Energy bolts hit the center of his chest and he glared at the shiny weapon in the Kronkite’s hand. Tark advanced on him, receiving three more blasts, but the little reptile had miscalculated. Tark was no longer just Zelranian. He was cyborg, and the energy blasts only served to increase the power to the receptors in his brain.

  Tark lashed out, his fist slamming into the Kronkite’s jaw. The creature flew half the distance of the dome and landed in a tangle of limbs. One foot was bent at an awkward angle, but Tark didn’t care. He advanced on the slaver, landing blow after blow, almost hoping he killed the nasty being.

  The male began dragging himself backward, looking around as if seeking help, but none of his customers were paying him any attention. Panic blazed in his eyes as he moved even further away. The stench coming off him suggested he’d done more than just piss himself. Weakling.

  “Whatever you wish,” the slaver said. “There are other females, if you’d prefer someone more exotic?”

  “Her,” Tark said, pointing at Suki. “And only her. You will never touch her again, and neither will anyone else.

  Suki trembled as Tark lifted her into his arms. Her eyes were dark, filled with terror, and he wished that he could soothe her, but this wasn’t the place or the time. For whatever reason, she didn’t appear to be drugged like the others. He needed to get her far from here.

  He went straight to the med clinic. If Suki was sick, like her sister had been, he wanted to know. Maybe if they caught it soon enough, she could be cured. Tark didn’t understand why she was considered a prize possession while her sister had been given to the lowest of the low and then left to die. But he did know that he needed to protect her, at any cost.

  The med clinic was nearly deserted and he went straight to an empty bay and set Suki inside the scanner. As she stretched out on the padded surface, the lid began to close. Her gaze met his, her fear even stronger than before. Perhaps he should have explained what was happening, that she was in no danger. Had she never been treated before? Every space station was equipped with a med clinic similar to this one, but maybe this was her first time at a place like this.

  One of the android med techs, a different one from before, rolled over to them and began pressing buttons on the bay lid.

  “Welcome back, cyborg,” the android said.

  Tark gave him a nod of acknowledgement. The machine then scanned Suki from head to toe, multiple times to provide a reading of any injuries she may have sustained. Tark waited impatiently, watching Suki and wishing she didn’t look so frightened. When the med bay beeped and a readout appeared on the lid, Tark tried to make sense of what he was seeing. All of her blood levels seemed fine, and there was no sign of disease.

  “She has been sterilized?” he asked, not overly surprised since her sister had been as well. Perhaps it was common for whores.

  The android med tech set the bay to a healing frequency to remove the bruises on Suki’s fair skin. As Tark stared through the clear lid, he could see her healing, watched as the marks began to fade. When the bay had finished, the android waited for more instructions.

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