Refuge Book 4 - Ashes and Dust

      Jeremy Bishop

Refuge Book 4 - Ashes and Dust

With the latest shift, the inhabitants of Refuge, New Hampshire find themselves in the charred, desolate landscape of a burned out, husk of a world. Using weapons recovered from the National Guard depot, Sheriff Helena Frost begins to organize the survivors into armed units ready to defend the town.


But the mystery woman known as Sally Field, cracks under the pressure of constant and strange danger. Out of her mind, she makes a run for the town’s border and into the new, dead landscape surrounding them. While Griffin Butler goes in search of Renford Ellison, the elusive multi-millionaire scientist, Frost, along with Pastor Kenneth Dodge, leads a team to recover the woman and bring her back to safety.


Beyond the town border, Frost makes a startling discovery—this new world was not always a dry, dusty ruin. Something burned it, and Frost and her group are about to find out what.


Can Frost get her people safely back to town, or will the denizens of this blighted world forever add their bodies to the ashes and dust?


REFUGE is a serialized novel, co-authored by #1 horror author, Jeremy Bishop, and five other authors, including bestsellers Kane Gilmour and David McAfee, USA Today bestseller, Robert Swartwood, and newcomer Daniel Boucher. The novel will be released in five parts, every two weeks starting November 12, 2013, but it will also be available as one complete novel, as soon as the fifth episode is released. So read along as they appear or hold out for the completed novel. Either way, you’re in for a creepy ride.

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