[2016] Leaving Traces

      Jennifer Moreland

[2016] Leaving Traces

"As I watched, the orb began to change, pushing a fat tentacle of light toward my open palm like a proud horse deigning to bend its neck. I stretched my fingers and lifted to my toes, taut as a guitar string, strumming with anticipation. A tingle started in my palm and spread down my arm to my neck, moving through me in concert with its approach."

Praise for Between Time & The Stars:

"It honestly felt like something straight out of a Gaiman novel."

"A lovely bit of imaginative writing..."

"The imagery is absolutely gorgeous."

"It was an awesome adventure, unlike any that I've read before."

What happens when a capable Time Traveler is pulled out of time -- and her body! --entirely? Can she find her way home with the help of a mysterious stranger, or will she be lost somewhere between time and the stars?

Leaving Traces is a series of complete short fiction stories chronicling the adventures and chance encounters that make up the life of a Time Traveler. Like memories, each adventure is a little different: Some have an overlay of romance, some have hints of magic, others are sweet and simple stories of lives found and lost across the years. Told in the style of a travelogue or a short memoir, each story has a beginning and an end but contains threads that connect to create a broader picture.

Leave a comment or an honest review, and your name may appear in the next adventure coming in August of 2016! "I watched them take the babies up the hill once. No one cried, but no one rejoiced. The whole village stood by the road as if stopping to let a carriage pass, faces turned toward the summit, and then they were gone, melting back into their lives. Down the slope and over the tender green countryside, the voices of the children called, but no one ran to take them back and bring them home."

If you enjoy "Leaving Traces: Between Time and the Stars," look for additional installments here on Amazon.


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