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Pleasure Point (Sports Romance Box Set)

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Pleasure Point (Sports Romance Box Set)

  Pleasure Point: A Sports Romance Box Set

  Jennifer Jones


  Sea of Seduction

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  Author’s Note


  1. Dominick

  2. Coco

  3. Dominick

  4. Coco

  5. Dominick

  6. Dominick

  7. Coco

  8. Coco

  9. Coco

  10. Coco

  11. Coco

  12. Dominick

  13. Dominick

  14. Dominick

  15. Dominick

  16. Dominick

  17. Coco

  18. Coco

  19. Dominick

  20. Dominick

  21. Dominick

  22. Coco

  23. Coco

  24. Coco

  25. Coco

  26. Dominick

  27. Dominick

  28. Dominick

  29. Coco

  30. Dominick

  31. Dominick

  32. Dominick

  33. Dominick

  34. Coco

  35. Coco

  36. Coco

  37. Coco

  38. Dominick

  39. Dominick

  40. Coco

  41. Coco

  42. Dominick

  43. Dominick

  44. Dominick

  45. Dominick

  46. Dominick

  47. Coco

  48. Dominick

  49. Dominick

  50. Dominick

  51. Dominick

  Riptide of Romance

  Author’s Note

  1. Justice

  2. Justice

  3. Lola

  4. Justice

  5. Justice

  6. Lola

  7. Justice

  8. Justice

  9. Lola

  10. Lola

  11. Lola

  12. Lola

  13. Lola

  14. Lola

  15. Justice

  16. Lola

  17. Lola

  18. Justice

  19. Lola

  20. Justice

  21. Lola

  22. Lola

  23. Justice

  24. Justice

  25. Justice

  26. Lola

  27. Lola

  28. Lola

  29. Lola

  30. Lola

  31. Justice

  32. Lola

  33. Lola

  34. Justice

  35. Justice

  36. Lola

  37. Justice

  38. Lola

  39. Justice

  Seaside of Love


  Reader Advisory

  1. Isla

  2. Luke

  3. Isla

  4. Luke

  5. Isla

  6. Luke

  7. Isla

  8. Luke

  9. Isla

  10. Luke

  11. Isla

  12. Luke

  13. Isla

  14. Luke

  15. Isla


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  He’s a hot Brazilian pro-surfer.

  She’s a free-spirited artist.

  Will their passion come in with the tide?

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  Author’s Note

  The towns of La Fortuna and Point Rios are fictional. All other locations are real.

  Reader Advisory: This book has deeply sensual, steamy love scenes described in graphic detail and is recommended for readers ages 18 or older.

  To my readers. This book is for you.

  “The rule of surfing is never tell anyone where you go.” —John Slattery

  La Fortuna, California 2004


  I surreptitiously wiped my hands on the rough, dry cloth of my jeans under the velvet covered oak table before picking up my angel oracle cards. I prayed that the seductive woman sitting across from me didn’t notice my reaction to her.

  I longed to fondle her. I wanted to undress her, lay her on the table and slide my hands slowly up her creamy thighs.

  She was enough to make a playboy-gone-celibate break out in a cold sweat. What did they say here in the United States? She had the kind of figure that stops traffic.

  Long silky black hair that looked unimaginably soft framed her face. She looked classy and wild at the same time, wearing a blouse that was buttoned so far down her cleavage I could practically see her nipples. I snapped my head up and my gaze met her large blue eyes, the color of the ocean at dawn.

  I cleared my throat. “Well, Coco, how about if we start with an angel card reading?”

  Her smile was radiant as she tucked a long strand of luxurious dark hair behind one ear. “You’re the expert.” She crossed one shapely leg over the other and my gaze strayed to her perfectly polished pink toenails. Her high-heeled sandals were so strappy and skimpy that I felt like kneeling down in front of her and unbuckling them with my teeth, licking her perfectly shaped instep, kissing every single one of her toes.

  Jesus, Mama, and Santa Maria! I forced myself to concentrate and took a deep breath of the invigorating ocean air that wafted in through the open window.

  “The angels never steer us wrong.” I picked up my deck of angel oracle cards. They had been a present from my grandmother, and I caressed them lovingly, holding them to my heart. With great reverence, I held the cards in front of me, tapped the deck with my knuckles and visualized any negative energy falling out the bottom.

  I met Coco’s gaze and gave her my most enamoring smile. “I’m going to consecrate the cards now.”

  When she reached over to touch the deck her warm fingers grazed my hand. “Can I help?”

  Her touch was like a hot poker branding my skin. I jerked away. “No! I mean, no, that’s not necessary. The cards need my energy only, meu amor.”

  She gazed at me with wide eyes and settled back into her chair.

  I closed my eyes and moved the cards between my hands. When the energy felt intense, I opened my eyes and placed the cards flat on the table and waved my palms over the deck. “The cards are very sensitive and absorb vibrations.”

  I shuffled the cards and chanted the incantation my grandmother had taught. “Thank you for the insight. Thank you for the joy. Thank you for the accurate message.” Coco leaned in as I placed the deck in front of her. “Now you cut the deck twice, and I’ll pick the first card.”

  “Like this?” Her lily-white hand with French manicured nails cut the deck twice.

  “Yes, perfect.” I closed my eyes, picked one card from the deck and turned it over. When I opened my eyes, passion surged through me. My lips curled into a smile. “The Cupid Card.” The card depicted a scantily clad winged figure. In one hand she held a small gold chalice. In the other, she clutched a child’s bubble blowing wand. Her mouth formed a perfect O as she blew heart-shaped soap bubbles.

  Warmth flooded my body, and I closed my eyes asking for guidance. The vision of a young Coco flashed through my third eye. Then the movie sped up, and the spirits whispered the message of an exuberant female hungry for love. “The angels tell me that your decision to accept and enjoy romance has triggered a reawakening in your soul.” I caressed the card. A sexy woman like Coco should
have no trouble attracting a mate. I didn’t want to lead her on, so I turned the reading in another direction. “It also says that your true desires and goals are rushing into your life.” I opened my eyes. Coco’s blue eyes stared at me, her luscious lips curled into a slight smile. I wanted to kiss those lips. “Is there a particular goal you’ve set?”

  She shifted in her seat, and that small movement released the tiniest of aromas, a delicious fragrance—expensive perfume mixed with the ocean. I was certain her tongue would taste as wonderful as her delectable scent.

  “I have my own business.” Her gazed strayed toward the ceiling, and she clicked her fingernails against the table. “There’s always some type of goal.” She leaned back and crossed her legs, her hand stroking her thigh, just for an instant. “As far as desires …” She studied her manicure and then leaned forward, her blue eyes branding my soul. Her voice was breathy. “I’ve always got desires. You know, business-wise.”

  I raised my eyebrows. I tried not to become too personal with my clients, but it certainly didn’t hurt to be just a wee bit charming and encouraging. After all, the customers who frequented The Psychic Surfer wanted more than a straight reading. Many of my clients were lonely women with bank accounts large enough to fund this surfer’s quiver of surfboards. “Oh? And what business are you in?”

  She sat back in her seat and waved her hand dismissively. “You probably don’t know it.” She crossed her legs again and my gaze strayed to those gorgeously toned legs. “I own the Beauty For Life Anti-Aging Boutique.”

  I let out a low laugh. This woman looked like she would never age. “I’ve seen the place. But surfing keeps me young.”

  Her tongue darted out, and she licked her lips. “You can say that again.” She glanced around the room, her eyes lighting on one of my trophies, a framed photograph of me on the cover of Surfer magazine. “Looks like you’ve been around the surfing scene.”

  I needed to get the session back on track. I cleared my throat. “Let’s pick another card.” I shuffled the deck and selected another. “Ah, the New Partner card.” I laid the card flat. It depicted a winged horse with a white-clad angelic female astride.

  Her eyes widened. “Does it really say that?”

  I waved my hand over the card. “Not in so many words.” I closed my eyes, feeling a shift in energy. I brushed the stubble on my chin. “The angels are telling me that a chance meeting is no mistake. Pay careful attention to new people the angels send into your life. You will recognize them by your sense of familiarity, ease, and comfort.”

  When I opened my eyes, Coco’s mouth was slightly slack, her cheeks flushed. “That’s … that’s amazing. You really think I’m going to meet someone new?”

  “It’s not up to me. You must trust the angels, meu amor.” I dragged a hand through my hair. In my line of work, I met beautiful women every day. But this sensual creature was making it difficult to concentrate. She possessed elegance along with something that brought out my protectiveness. I sat up straight and shuffled the cards again. “Cut the deck.”

  I selected a few more cards making sure to read more generic interpretations into what the angels advised. But the messages all had to do with love and relationships. Finally, I glanced at my wristwatch.

  Coco sat up straight. “Oh look at me, taking up all your time.”

  “Would you like another session?” I reached for my appointment book. Luckily I’d had a cancellation. “I have Thursday at three available.”

  She nodded her head. “That’s perfect.”

  I rubbed my hands together briskly and waved them over the cards. “Thank you dear spirits for this guidance.” I put my hands in prayer position. “Thank you.” I smiled at Coco. A pink haze buzzed around her body. “Your energy is much improved. Look at you. You’re glowing.”

  She sat up straight and smoothed her skirt. “I am? Well. How much do I owe you?”

  “Eighty dollars.”

  She rummaged through her designer bag and extracted eighty dollars cash, laying it on the table. “This is great. Can’t wait till next time.” We stood up and shook hands. Her hand was warm and feminine as she placed her other hand over mine. “See you Thursday.” She gathered her purse and sashayed toward the front door. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the shapely view.

  Coco paused to stare at the photo of me on the cover of Surfer magazine. The photographer had caught the perfect shot; my crouched body covered up in the tube of the fearsome break in Tahiti known as Teahupo’o. The caption read very simply: “Oh my god …”

  I smiled at the memory of my ride at Teahupo’o that day. I had out-surfed every other competitor on the largest wave of the contest. Some consider the Tahitian wave one of the most dangerous surfing spots in the world with its size, power and speed breaking over a sharp coral reef.

  Surfing was my passion, my mistress. I’d made love to my share of gorgeous women, but I had never found the perfect mate, one who compared to the thrill of a flawless tube.

  I gazed at Coco and thought of how much I’d love to touch her, kiss her, hear her breath hitch as I ravished her.

  Her lips parted slightly as she stared at the photo. “Are you a pro surfer?”

  I rubbed the back of my neck and looked away. “I used to be.”

  Her body stood motionless as a statue gazing at the photo. “That looks dangerous.”

  I chuckled. “All in a day’s work.”

  She didn’t say anything for so long that I wondered if she was okay. Then, she looked at me, gathered a handful of black hair, tossed it over her shoulder and winked. She gave a little laugh. “Dominick Cortes. The Psychic Surfer. I love it.” She turned around, and those intense blue eyes gazed into mine.

  I held the door open, and she gave a little wave. The scent of her perfume remained. I moved to the window and watched her saunter past my truck. She stopped and ran her fingers along the bed of the truck and smiled. I watched until she was completely out of sight.

  A few moments later, Lola bounded into the room and snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Dad!”

  I brought myself back to reality and smiled at my princess. “Hey, sweetheart. Did you finish your homework?”

  She flashed a smile. “Why didn’t you charge her full price?”

  My face felt warm. “It was only a twenty dollar discount.”

  “You like her don’t you?” She jumped on the sofa and tucked her coltish legs underneath her. “Can’t say I blame you, Daddy. She’s a looker.”

  I shook my head. My daughter was twelve going on twenty-five. “You’re sounding more American every day. Looker.”

  She stood up and gripped my bicep. “My dad. So strong.” Her smile held a mischievous playfulness. “You like her! Maybe she can be my new mommy.”

  “I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. Besides, what were you doing spying on us?”

  “I always spy on you. Somebody has to keep this place respectable, right?”

  “This place is respectable.”

  “Just teasing, Dad.” She twirled around a couple of times and performed a high-pitched imitation of Coco’s voice. “The Psychic Surfer. I love it.” She dragged the word “love” out so long that it sounded like a screeching bird. “She is beautiful. She looks like one of those ladies on the cover of a magazine.” Lola grabbed my hand. “Come on Dad. Let’s wax our boards. You promised me we’d go surfing after you finished work. The waves are good today, and you’ve got to train. Cortes Bank is going to be going off soon. I mean, seriously, freaking gnarly, going off!”

  “Yes, my darling daughter it is. And I’m not taking you.”

  “I know. I’m not planning on it. That wave is crazy.” She squeezed my bicep again. “But my daddy can do it.”

  Crazy didn’t begin to describe the monster wave at Cortes Bank I was planning to surf.

  If Coco thought that photo of me on the wave at Teahupo’o looked dangerous, she hadn’t seen anything. Just thinking about my goal of riding th
e wave that reached upwards of sixty feet made my skin tingle with anticipation and fear.

  Lola stopped midway to the front door and whirled around. “My daddy likes a girl.” She stood on tiptoes. “Me da um beijinho!” I laughed as Lola gave me a big smack right on the cheek.

  Coco Bennett.

  It really was too bad I’d taken a self-imposed vow of celibacy.

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