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Aftercare: Second Chance Romance

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Aftercare: Second Chance Romance


  Second Chance Romance

  Jennifer Hartley

  Table of Contents

  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

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  This is a work of fiction. Names characters, organizations, places, events and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

  Text copyright © 2018 by Jennifer Hartley. All rights reserved.

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  With her career on an upward trajectory, and taking up most of her time and attention, love is the last thing on Regina’s mind. When one too many drinks and impulsive decision-making leads to a one night stand with a handsome stranger who gives her pleasure beyond her wildest imagination, Regina assumes that it will be the last she sees of him.

  However, in a strange twist of fate, an unexpected result of her encounter takes her to the emergency room of Lawrence General Hospital where she finds out that her one-night stand is Dr. Landon Stewart, an attending physician.

  Landon immediately makes it clear to Regina that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with her, and despite their less than ideal start, she agrees to give him a second chance. But little does she know that her handsome doctor has his sights set on making her his forever.

  Chapter One

  Katie had put a spell on her. Or spiked her drink.

  Those were the only reasons why she was in a cab with a total stranger, willingly going to his place and, much as she hated to admit it, very happy to keep his hand between her legs.

  Regina panted loudly against his mouth as he nibbled on her lips, his palm on her sex making her underwear grow damp and warmer by the second. Had she been in complete possession of her brain, she would never be with this man. He wouldn’t even look at someone like her but that’s why clubs are never brightly-lit. They made drunks awkwardly gyrating on the dance floor graceful, sexy. You looked attractive. Hell, you even felt like a goddess.

  “We’re here,” came the bored, tired voice of the driver.

  The man’s grunt filled her mouth before pulling away from her, his hand lingering on her thigh before reaching inside his coat pocket for money. She sighed, fingers brushing through her hair then pulling her skirt back down to her thighs.

  “Keep the change,” came the order before his hand closed around hers to pull her out of the backseat with him.

  Regina blinked up at the imposing, elegant high-rise before her, knowing despite her alcohol-muddled mind that she was in a posh address in the city. Her admiration of the building was cut off when she was once again caught in a kiss so hot it would have incinerated everything else around them. He was a really good kisser. Just the right balance of devouring her lips and exploring her mouth. She crushed the fine fabric of his tailored jacket as his scent swept over her. He smelled good too. Like fresh from a shower with a splash of sexy male.

  “I’ve never been this hard in my life,” he growled against her lips as he backed her. Finding there was nothing to lean on, she yelped, clutching him tightly. He laughed and pulled away from her, although his hands remained under her dress and cupping her ass.

  Regina looked at him, once again bowled over with how beautiful he was. This was one man for whom darkness would be criminal. Who the hell was this handsome? Streetlamps were harsh and washed you out. Was he photo-shopped from birth? His golden hair not only looked like straight from a men’s shampoo commercial - but it was also silky and thick. His emerald eyes have got to have been contacts. And that jaw. Even the stubble. She wanted to give him a shake, just to see if some of his unreal good looks would be knocked off.

  He smiled at her scrutiny and she wanted to put a fist on those dimples. And also lick them.

  “Oh,” Regina said when she moved and brushed against the hard, undeniable evidence of his claim. She blushed. “Well, we have to do something about that.”

  “Come on, then.” Again, he took her hand and pulled her towards the building.

  Regina turned away, making an awkward pretense of being cool and uncaring when the doorman doffed his cap at them and greeted her man. No, fuck buddy, she thought, grateful once they were deep in the lobby. The bright lights almost had her digging in her heels and changing her mind, but he smiled at her again over his shoulder.

  He must be a lot more drunk than me.

  “Now, we’re going to be in a very tight space and it would be very tempting to kiss and touch you again,” he said as he pressed the up button of the elevator. “Not to say I will not be able to control myself but I’m going to try.”

  She had to smile. So, he knew what she looked like and was still very much willing to have sex with her. And she really needed to be taken tonight.

  He didn’t kiss her once they were in the elevator, but rather surprisingly, offered his arm. She looped her hand around it. In her heels, she could see the top of his head. She was tall to begin with, maybe even taller than him in her bare feet.

  The doors parted, and they walked out together. There were only a few doors and he led her towards one at the very end of the hallway. He almost looked apologetic as he took the key out of his pocket to unlock it. He pushed the door open and put a hand at the small of her back.

  “Ladies first,” he said with another smile.

  Well, who would have thought? He was a gentleman. She certainly didn’t think that when he had his hand under her skirt earlier. Not that she was doing any thinking during that time. Or even now.

  The lights clicked on, revealing a spacious pad that was undeniably a bachelor’s but without tacky animal prints and leather furniture on every surface area. Instead, the rug was worn, genuinely worn but woven in an unfamiliar style so she guessed it had foreign origins. The sofa was a soft, pale gray with navy pillows. The only piece of leather furniture she saw were the black, tufted end tables. On the walls were black-and-white photographs of beaches and lighthouses.

  “Can I get you a drink?” He asked, slipping an arm around her waist from behind. He rubbed his lips up and down her long neck.


  “Water it is,” he remarked, showing some surprise. He was probably expecting a cocktail. Well, if she was going to enjoy having sex with him, she needed a clear head. And a mouth that did
n’t taste bad from a bourbon. “Make yourself at home.”

  As Regina listened to him putter around in the kitchen, she took off her shoes, letting out a soft groan. She was sitting on the couch, kneading her ankle and calf muscles when he returned with glasses. Embarrassed, she quickly sat up, mumbling thanks as she took the water from him. He sat down beside her.

  He drank a water too and waited until she finished hers before putting their glasses away and kissing her. Regina was glad. And surprised when he pulled her over his lap as if she weighed nothing at all. As their mouths clashed, their hands got busy. She pushed at his jacket. He pulled the straps of her dress down her arms. He shrugged off his jacket with a grunt. She laughed when he tore at the neckline of her dress, steadying his hand and placing it on top of a zipper.

  “You know,” he murmured as he licked her neck and her dress finally parted to pool at her waist. His hands were quick to palm her breasts and she gasped. “This would be better in bed.”

  “Hmm. I think so too. But can I go to the bathroom first?” She asked, sliding off his lap. She pulled her dress up again and this gesture of modesty pulled a pleased smile from him.

  “Straight ahead, second door on the left. It’s through the bedroom. Don’t take too long,” he drawled.

  In the bathroom, Regina pulled her dress up again but did not zip it. She wanted sex but was not bold enough to return to him naked. Taking out a tube from her purse, she squeezed a small dollop and lowered her hand to her sex. In the mirror, she saw herself wince a little and grunt as she applied it inside. Then she washed her hands, and, her cheeks flaring pink, decided to ditch her panties then and there.

  Regina followed the trail of his clothes on the floor, blushing some more and giddy about what was going to happen. Reaching the bed, she found him sitting up against the pillows, muscular arms stacked behind his head. The light from the bedside lamps was soft, casting him in more shadows than light. Her eyes brightened at the hair covering his chest, at the tight six-pack of his abs. As she stepped toward him, her foot landed on something soft.

  He grinned when she picked it up, her finger hooked around the waistband of his black boxer briefs as she twirled it.

  “Should I take this as a kind of challenge?” Regina asked, letting it dangle from her finger before tossing it to the foot of the bed.

  “Just thought to be prepared for the inevitable,” he replied. His eyes raked her body still covered in her loosened dress. “Care to catch up?”

  Alright. She was doing this. She never did anything halfway. She was in a stranger’s apartment, he was naked, and her panties were on his bathroom floor. Eyes momentarily casting to the ceiling in prayer, she pulled at the straps and let the dress slither down.

  Regina looked at him then, waiting tensely as his eyes went up and down her face, her body. With her small breasts, straight waist and broad, flat hips, her body was packed with strength and muscles instead of curves. When she wasn’t on her knees fixing another internet connection problem at the office, she worked out at the gym.

  Would he be disgusted? Regina’s bravado, rarely experienced, was now ready to flee as he continued looking at her. It won’t be the first time a man had shown disappointment in her breasts, mistaking a wide chest for at least B-cup breasts. Would he ask if she was really a woman? It had happened to her. Twice.

  “You’re strong,” he said, startling her. “Come here.”

  She tripped on her dress, sending her right into bed and straight into his arms. He grunted at the impact. Regina stammered an apology, but his mouth was upon her lips again. Sighing in relief and want, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and let him push her down on the bed.

  He was a hungry kisser and seemed to have more than two hands. Cupping her cheeks as he sank his tongue in her mouth. Knees nudging her legs apart as he bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth. He tucked his arms under her back as he mouthed her breasts, growls lacing his wet, loud kisses. Never had a man been, well, this pleased with her breasts, let alone with her body. She familiarized herself with his bunched muscles, fingertips tracing the hard veins running down his arms, palms pressing on his firm back. He drew hard on her nipples, making them swell, making her cry out.

  “Landon,” he groaned, freeing a nipple to speak before sucking it hard again. She arched against him with a wail.


  “Landon. My name’s Landon.” Then he kissed down her stomach, teeth grazing on her flat abs while his hands swept her thighs far apart. Oh, god. He was licking her! Toward-

  He pressed his nose against her mound and sniffed. “God. You smell good. What’s your name again?”

  Regina glared at him, outraged. What kind of idiot would ask her such a difficult question after messing with her head with his heavenly kisses?

  “Damn. And you’re wet.” He continued to say, thumbing her labia open. He smiled at her sex then directed it at her. “Your name, sweetheart.”

  She had a name. She just couldn’t remember it now. “Gina.”

  Part of it, anyway. “My friends call me Gina,” she gasped as his tongue slipped between the folds of her sex. “Oh, god.”

  “Landon, my-friends-call-me-Gina.” He muttered before slurping from her mound loudly.

  Regina must have called him because he didn’t correct her again. She said many things, screamed a lot of them, actually, as he tongued up and down her slit, circled her clit before wrapping his lips around it. As she shrieked, his fingers swept her labia wide open and he pushed his tongue deep inside her sex. The word went dark.


  Regina knew one-night stands could be crazy but no one told her it could also involve being eaten out! As she screamed through her release, Landon’s tongue got more relentless, thrusting into her, swirling around her and inside her sex, taking her again, sucking her clit, taking her without missing a beat as she squirted her come right into his mouth. She covered her face in mortification. That had never happened before! But her embarrassment was quickly discarded as Landon climbed over her, taking her head roughly in both hands and pushing his tongue in her mouth.

  She tasted herself, blushed, then licked him back before sucking hungrily at his tongue as he tucked his hands under her legs. He ordered her to keep kissing him, to never stop touching him as he fumbled in the drawer for condoms. He hissed as she bit at his shoulder, slammed his hips down on hers when she accidentally teased him with her fingers fluttering around his nipple. He practically yelled at her for not helping him with the condom and she burst out laughing, taking his face in her palms this time and devouring his mouth, as he did with her. He shuddered and chuckled against her lips, before suddenly grabbing her wrists and pinning them by her ears.

  “I’m getting you for that, Gina,” he growled with sexy menace, his emerald eyes twinkling.

  “Do it,” Regina retorted brazenly.

  He didn’t ease himself into her. Her sex was soaked and slippery, but god, he was huge. Her feet flat and firm on the bed, she thrust back at him, enjoying his startled expression before it softened into pleasure. He threw his head back, hands still gripping her wrists as he took her with breathtaking fury. This was not sex. This was sex. Mindless, rough, desperate and hot. Making love was for the saps hung up on romantic movies. That wasn’t the way to live at all. You haven’t lived until you’ve been taken like this.

  Their pubic hairs tangled, burned, he drank her cries, she sucked on his lip, managed to free one wrist to scratch at his back, his shoulder. He grabbed it again, imprisoning it in his hand and flattening his entire body on her as he would lunge hard and deep, his dick digging deep and sure in her sex.

  “Look at me,” he whispered as he pumped quick, hip-breaking thrusts into her. She did, panting hotly against his mouth. He licked her lips. “I tasted your come. Now I want to watch.”

  Oh, god. How come no one told her one-night stands could be this hot?

  Katie was yawning as she followed Regina into the ho
spital. Regina glared at her from over her shoulder. “Will you hurry up? I really need to get this off me!”

  “Seriously, Gina. Have some of this,” Katie said, shoving a paper cup of fragrant, wonderful coffee under her nose. “It’s going to be alright.”

  “No, I can’t have that, it’s a diuretic! I can’t pee while the doctor is taking it out of me,” Regina grumbled as she yanked her friend behind her towards the elevator. She pressed the button aggressively.

  She had no idea how she made it home last night - or this morning. But she woke up in her bed, still wearing her dress. This was not very unusual, although she expected to look better after that mind-blowing sex. Instead, the mirror had shown her hair sticking up and out as if she’d shoved a fork in the electrical socket. Her mouth was swollen to twice its original size and very red. On her neck were small, purple marks of passionate kisses. Still, she felt a lot better than she looked.

  It would have been another boring Sunday consisting of picking up her laundry and having brunch with Katie. Instead, she discovered a pressing problem. A pressing problem from deep inside her.

  “How big was the guy you had sex with last night?” Katie asked, grinning. “He must be a stud for your diaphragm to be stuck.”

  There was no way to fight off the bright, tomato blush that overtook her entire face. He wasn’t just big. His dick was an absolute monster. And made her come again and again. She rubbed her hip, hoping to ease some of the stiffness. Her legs were still weak.

  “Could we not talk about this here?”

  “It’s just you and me, Gina.”

  “God, this is so embarrassing.” Regina groaned as the elevator dinged at their destination. The doors parted and this time, it was Katie who had to pull her out.

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