Breathe: A Billionaire Romance, Part 1

      Jenn Marlow

Breathe: A Billionaire Romance, Part 1

Ah, Derek Sholts… where to begin.

Well, he's a billionaire for one. But he’s also gorgeous, with genius-level intelligence. So yeah, basically, on paper, he’s the definition of perfect.

But in reality; he’s a total dick. He’s a narcissist playboy with a shotty reputation; but he’s also my boss. And that’s why every time he tries to make me another notch in his bedpost, I turn him down. Hard.

He may very well be the sexiest and most intelligent man I’ve ever encountered, but he was a total douchebag of a boss and person. And lately, he was even worse; lately, he was almost intolerable. I was ready to quit my job. 

The problem is I really think I’m the only “friend” he has, and that makes me want to be there for him despite his anger issues. And, when he finally seems to spiral out of control, firing a multitude of employees and sending me to meet with one of his biggest investors, I know something else is wrong. 

I only hope I can help him and keep my own heart safe at the same time.  

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