Freedom's Son: Savage Sons MC 3

      Jayna King

Freedom's Son: Savage Sons MC 3

Blood, sex, and the hot, Mexican sun make Freedom’s Son the steamiest book yet in Jayna King's Savage Sons MC series

When Luke Callaway came to Denver to find his birth parents, the last thing he expected was to become a member of the Savage Sons MC … or to fall in love. In jail awaiting trial for a murder he didn’t commit, Luke wants nothing more than to get out and start a life with Krystal Shaw, the woman he loves. But the MC has dark secrets buried in its past, and the FBI and DEA want all the details.

Will Luke make a deal with the feds to get out of jail?
Will he and Krystal find a way to uncover the MC’s secrets?
Will a trip to Mexico bring the Sons closer together … or tear them apart?

Troubled Son
Prodigal Son
Freedom's Son
Sinner’s Son - July 2014

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    Step Brother

      Jayna King

Step Brother

Step Brother:

1 — Tatum

Before I even opened my eyes, I could tell that my headache was going to be the kind that lasted all day. I needed ibuprofen, water, and more sleep, but my cell phone was insisting that I wake up. I rolled over to grab the phone and silence the alarm, and I realized that I was most definitely not at home. I panicked and sat up, realizing three things. One: my head hurt worse. Two: I was completely naked. Three: I was not alone.

2 — Reed

As I was waking up, I remembered how amazing the night before had been. Tatum had pounded some serious quantities of vodka and Red Bull, but I’d stayed pretty in control and recalled every minute. Before I even realized it, a smile crept over my face, and I rolled over, planning to slip my arm around Tatum and wake her up in a way that would put her in the mood for some wake-up sex.

3 — Tatum

I was utterly speechless.

4 — Reed

I was trying to concentrate on the ink, but visions of a hot blonde kept intruding, distracting me from the shading I was doing along the jawline of a skull. “I gotta take a break,” I said, putting down my gun.

5 — Tatum

“You slept with your brother?”

6 — Reed

It hadn’t been easy, but I’d done it, and I was damn pleased with myself. I pulled up along the curb in front of Garrett’s house and waited for Tatum to emerge. Getting her number from my mom had been the easy part. Talking Tatum into riding to Thanksgiving dinner with me—much harder. Figuring that she was just running a few minutes late, I scrolled through my new emails, and when I looked up, I saw Tatum leaning out of the front door, waving frantically at me.

7 — Tatum

My heart was still racing from being so close to Reed when my dad opened the door.

8 — Reed

I tried to pay attention to all of the dinner conversation. I really did. But Tatum was all I could think about. The taste I’d gotten in the office just wasn’t enough. The heat between us wasn’t going away, and no matter how much she tried to push me away, I knew she felt it just as much as I did.

9 — Tatum

I’d felt wretched the entire weekend after Thanksgiving. I’d gotten Garrett calmed down about the ruckus at his parents’ house that night. Apparently, his brother had called Garrett a faggot, and Garrett’s mom had thrown a big fit, railing about how the gays were going to be the downfall of the country and how everything from AIDS to the common cold was the result of God raining down punishment upon the world because gay people … well … exist.

10 — Reed

I put Tatum down next to the bed, and I turned on the light on the nightstand. “I want to see you while I make love to you.”

11 — Tatum

God, I missed Reed. It was probably a good idea to take a little break, given that it was a bit painful to walk after our day and two nights in bed. He’d been sweet at some moments, and almost frighteningly powerful and intense in others. He was absolutely the sexiest man I’d ever been with, and I wanted more. Much more. It was a little scary how much I cared about him.

12 — Reed

Tatum pulled up the directions on her phone, and I got us on the road. The car smelled like sex, but I didn’t really care. I just knew I wanted more of the woman sitting in the passenger seat. I’d been so busy with my father and the traveling we’d done that I hadn’t realized just how much I’d missed Tatum until I saw her at the airport. She was simply intoxicating.

13 — Tatum

I was pretty sure Reed had been kidding about not having brought any presents, but in any case, I was excited about Christmas morning—more excited than I’d been in years. Since Garrett wasn’t charging me rent, and since I hadn’t taken the plunge and gotten the new car yet, I had plenty of money to spend on presents, and I was quite pleased with my choices.

Step Brother: Part 2

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    Prodigal Son

      Jayna King

Prodigal Son

Full Length standalone MC Contemporary Romance Novel of approx. 70,000 words. Contains sex/violence/language. 17+

In Jayna King’s debut, Troubled Son, the Savage Sons MC was devastated by the death of Moses Hall. When Luke Callaway rolls into town, everything changes.
Luke has found far more than he expected in Denver. He came looking for his birth parents, and he found the Savage Sons MC … and the sexiest woman he’s ever met. Krystal Shaw has her hands full with school, work, and her boyfriend, the VP of the Savage Sons. Things get complicated when golden boy Luke Callaway walks into her life.

Does Luke have what it takes to become a member of the Savage Sons MC?
Can he help the MC move on after Moses’ death?
Will Krystal and Luke give in to their desire?

Prodigal Son continues Jayna King’s saga of the Savage Sons MC where Troubled Son (Now for sale) left off. Look for Freedom’s Son (June 2014) to wrap up Luke and Krystal’s story. Sinner’s Son (July/August 2014) takes you back in time to explain Moses Hall’s past, and Fortunate Son (September 2014) brings the whole series to a breathtaking conclusion.

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    Sinner's Son (Savage Sons Motorcyle Club)

      Jayna King

Sinner's Son (Savage Sons Motorcyle Club)

Sinner's Son: Savage Sons Motorcycle Club #4


Kate Tanner looked at her reflection while she brushed her teeth. The dark circles under her eyes were a clear reminder of how little sleep she'd gotten the night before, and she knew that she was looking at another long day. She knew that she should be pleased about the arrest of Daniel Hall, the president of the Savage Sons, but she couldn't help feeling like there was more going on than she knew about, and that feeling made her very uncomfortable.

Chapter 1

"Goddammit, if you don't hold still, you're gonna end up with a fucked-up mess on your back," I said, picking my hands up from the bare lower back of the chick draped over the chair in front of me. I shifted the tattoo needle from my right hand to my left, giving the girl a chance to reposition herself. "You need me to stop?" I asked, impatient.

Chapter 2

"So it's settled, then," Joker said, sitting at his usual place at the head of the table. "We're going to start another lab out near Florissant, and make sure the guys in Fort Collins have enough crank to push the Vandals all the way back to Wyoming where they belong."

Chapter 3

I opened my eyes and looked at the light of my life -- brighter to me than the morning sunshine that streamed through my window. I reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair, not quite as curly as my own, behind my daughter's ear. She stirred, beginning to wake.

Chapter 4

The three of us rolled up to Lupita's, and I was looking forward to a drink, a shower, and a fuck ... in that order. It had been a long ride, and the rain we'd hit just before the Mexican border meant that we weren't just dusty. We were filthy. As loud as our bikes were, I figured that Luis would hear us coming and be ready. I didn't really trust him, but I knew that as long as our interests coincided with Don Roberto's that we were safe.

Chapter 5

There was something about Moses that unsettled me. I was used to doing all sorts of intimate things with men, but I wasn't used to being looked at like I was a real person. I've had years of experience sharing my body with men, and the one lesson that I've learned is that the best way to protect yourself is not to care. It's a job. The person you're having sex with doesn't care about you. You're just a hole to fuck.

Chapter 6

I wasn't quite sure why I woke up with a smile on my face, and then I opened my eyes. I saw the sun shining in through the windows of Maria's living room, and I remembered holding her in my arms the night before. I couldn't put my finger on what had happened to me, but Maria aroused in me a fierce desire to protect both her and her daughter, and I knew that something inside me had changed. I sat up on the couch and rubbed my face, trying to clear my head of the unfamiliar emotions and figure out my plan for the day.

Chapter 7

I spent far too much of the morning daydreaming. All of my thoughts swirled around the tall, young man who'd spent the night on my couch and had completely enchanted my daughter. We'd gone to church and to the market to get ingredients for dinner, and Nadia had kept returning to the topic of Moses. I stood no chance of getting him out of my head.

Chapter 8

"I have never before tasted anything so delicious," I told Maria and Nadia after I took my first bite of the stuffed peppers. "They're rich and light, all at the same time. Maria, a dinner like this could make a man propose marriage."

Chapter 9

I wasn't sure what I wanted from Moses, besides a way out. I was confused by my feelings as I took a big gulp of wine. He was being kind to me, and I believed that it was genuine, that he wasn't doing it to get a piece of ass. The trouble was that I was really attracted to him, in a way I hadn't been attracted to a man since ... well, maybe forever. He was strong, he liked my daughter, he wanted to take care of us, and he was tall and handsome. I realized that I had finally met a man that I wanted to take to my bed, not because I was being paid, but because I wanted to feel his hands on me, wanted to put my hands on him.

Chapter 10

I awoke to the smell of coffee, and I could feel the slight soreness of my muscles that meant that I'd had a great night. By my count, I'd woken Maria up twice, and she had returned the favor by waking me up a couple of times as well. I think she'd been surprised at how much she'd enjoyed herself, and I thought it was a little sad that a woman whose business was sex had previously gotten so little pleasure out of it.

Chapter 11

I could still feel Moses' lips on mine as I rushed around the apartment spending the day in an attempt to round up all of the things we might need. It didn't help that I had no idea how long we'd be gone, but I did the best I could. I kept an eye on the clock, watching for the time when Nadia would arrive home from school.

Chapter 12

Standing in front of the mirror, I studied my reflection. I thought about shaving, and I decided that walking into church all neat and clean-shaven might not convey the right image. I already had enough of a mountain to climb in facing my brothers. I couldn't afford to alienate them any more than I had when I set up Joker to be arrested. I'd shrugged off Tanner's offers to have some of her associates waiting outside in case I needed help during the meeting of the Savage Sons, but I knew that there was no guarantee that I'd live to see the sun set that day. I was taking a risk in attending the meeting, but I knew that I had to at least make the attempt to tell my brothers what I'd learned in Mexico -- to try to explain why I'd done what I had. I wasn't sure they'd listen, but I had to give it a shot.

Chapter 13

I backed out of the garage and headed toward Denver. Since Joker had been arrested a few days before, neither Luke nor I had seen or talked to Sable. We'd both tried to call her a few times, but her voicemail was full, so we couldn't even leave her a message. I knew she might not want to see me, but I felt like I had to try.

Chapter 14

I'm not gonna lie. I was scared. Krystal was driving, and we were headed to the address that -- as far as I could tell from my phone's GPS -- was in a huge self-storage facility.

Chapter 15

Before I opened my eyes, I could hear a bunch of voices I didn't recognize. I heard machines beeping, and I heard at least two women using a bunch of words that weren't quite distinct enough for me to understand. Before I tried to open my eyes, I realized that I had the worst headache I'd ever had in my life.

Chapter 16

I felt strange just walking up to the federal building in plain sight. Previously, I'd been so careful to keep all of my dealings with Singer and Tanner a secret that it was almost unsettling to know that I didn't have to cover my tracks any longer. Everyone in the Savage Sons knew that I had to wrap things up with the case against Joker, and they were more than happy for me to supply the information that the DEA would need in order to go after Don Roberto's cartel in Mexico. Revenge was revenge, whether you delivered it yourself or used a messenger.

Chapter 17

After Sable picked her jaw up off the kitchen counter, she stood up and folded me into a big hug. "First of all, congratulations. I know that you and Luke will be wonderful parents."

Chapter 18

"A baby?" I repeated, completely unable to wrap my head around what Krystal had just told me. "Are you sure?"

Chapter 19

I looked at my cell phone on the counter and thought about calling Maria after I'd showered and put on clean,comfy clothes. I knew that my archaeology paper wasn't going to write itself, though, so I promised myself that I would write at least half the paper before I called to check in on her. The research on marriage customs across a number of cultures had been really interesting, and before I knew it, I had finished the first draft of the paper. I figured I'd take a break, call Maria, and then get back to work.

Chapter 20

When we sat down to the table at church, Joker's chair was still left empty. At some point, I knew we'd have to vote on new leadership, but that mattered less to me than the news I had to share with the group. Sally started the meeting with an update on Joker -- which wasn't much, considering that he was still in jail and unlikely to go to trial for another few weeks at least. I didn't care about him, but the other guys seemed to. I was silent through the discussion.


Maria Alvarez pulled into the driveway of Sable's house. She'd only been driving for a couple of months, and while she knew that she drove so slowly that it took her much longer to get places than it should have, she relished the freedom of being able to go wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She looked in the backseat of her used Scion XB, and noted that Naomi was sound asleep. It took a couple of trips to get all of the groceries into Sable's house, and by the time Maria had made the last trip, the sleepy little girl was just starting to wake.

Also by Jayna King

Max Fisher is going to have to get up close and personal with a whole new scene in her very first undercover case for the FBI. She’s smart, focused, and ready to put the Savage Sons Motorcycle Club in prison. The only problem? She has to work with a partner.


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