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Under the surface

  Love Is Not Enough Book Two

  Jaye Cox

  Under The Surface

  Love Is Not Enough Book Two

  Jaye Cox

  Copyright 2015 Jaye Cox

  All Rights Reserved

  This book is a work of fiction. Any references to real events, real people, and real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, organizations or places is entirely coincidental.

  All rights are reserved. This book is intended for the purchaser of this e-book ONLY. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system, without the express written permission of the author. All songs, song titles and lyrics contained in this book are the property of the respective songwriters and copyright holders.

  Editing by Editing Vixen

  Formatting by Swish Design & Editing

  Proofing by Janeen Bentley

  Cover design by Tracey of Soxational Cover Art

  Cover Photo by London Lenses

  Cover Models Damien Ray Decent and Roni Jay

  Cover Image Copyright 2015

  All rights reserved

  To everyone who has lost a loved one.

  Lane, Mark, Daniel, Pop, Tyler, Thomas.

  Gone, but never forgotten.

  To my family and friends, thank you for your constant support, it means so much to me. Without you all, I never would have had the guts to write my first book, let alone a second.

  To my betas; Angie, Lauren, Lesley, Jeanette, Kirsty, Michelle, Jessica, Chrissy, Terra and Cheryl. Without you, my mess I call a book wouldn’t have been turned into a story people love. Thank you all for loving my characters as much as I do. It makes the hard days worth it when one of you messages and asks for another chapter. Jeanette, those puppies will get it one day unless I get some tears.

  Janeen, you really are an important part of my team, without you everything would be a mess, and your way with words is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me.

  I would like to thank the author community for helping me without hesitation. The kindness I have been shown overwhelms me.

  Karina Almeroth, you have become a best friend and someone I turn to when I need someone to talk to, thank you for being that person. World Pink Domination!!!!!

  Cherry Shephard, Stone is mine and it’s now official because it is in print. So in your face Mischelly. Okay fine I will share him with only Mischelly. Also thank you for being amazing and helping whenever you can.

  Agelle, thank you for the amazing picture you have done for the book, it’s amazing and I love it.

  Traci, you know I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for me. You have been amazing. Thank you for going above and beyond for me, and everyone else.

  Tracey, thank you for an amazing cover. I know I can be a pain, but you managed to deal with me. You are a gem.

  Damien, Thank you for your face, lol. Thank you for being such an amazing person, the results of the photos speak for themselves with how talented you are.

  Roni, I didn’t get the pleasure of talking with you, just know you’re stunning, and I love the photos.

  Elizabeth, thank you for doing my cover photo.

  To all the bloggers who work numerous hours to help support authors, you are all worth your weight in gold.

  A shout out to Louisa from BOOM Book Promotions, thank you for being you.

  This book has been written using UK English and contains euphemisms and slang words that form part of the Australian spoken word, which is the basis of this book’s writing style.

  Please remember that the words are not misspelled, they are slang terms and form part of the everyday, Australian lifestyle. This book has been written using UK English and spelling.

  If you would like further explanation, or to discuss the translation or meaning of a particular word, please do not hesitate to contact the author – contact details have been provided, for your convenience, at the end of this book.



  A Note To The Reader

  Prologue - Ruby

  Prologue - Dex

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  Epilogue - Dex

  Epilogue - Ruby


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  About The Author


  I dread going to bed. I wish every night it was different, maybe yesterday was a bad nightmare, as was the day before. Maybe my mum would decide she wanted me back and come save me. I have been moved from foster home to foster home. My case worker tells me this is my last chance, if I get booted from here, I’m on my own. She tells me I’m too angry for a teenage girl, but wouldn’t you be if your father just up and leaves your mum for a younger, newer model, and doesn’t want you anymore? My mum told me it was my fault he left, I was too naughty and he couldn’t take it. The day he left she started drinking, and one day she told me if she couldn’t have him, she didn’t want me either. Well, here I am. It’s sick I still hold hope after all these years. Hope she would change her mind and come for me, tell me she was sorry, and it was a big mistake.

  As I lay in bed, I hope tonight he goes out with his friends and gets too drunk to come home. The Robinson’s are lovely people; I just don’t know how they raised such an awful child. I hear footsteps coming down the hallway and the creak of the wooden floorboards. I hold my breath and hope it’s Julie or Max, coming to say goodnight. The footsteps pass the bathroom and get closer to my room, I can feel the bile in my throat already. I curl into a ball and pretend to be asleep, the door opens and a slither of light shines into my room from the hallway. They keep the bathroom light on for the new, younger foster child, Brady. He has been here a few weeks and hates the dark. I know he’s coming for me, he always does, the slither of light is gone and he is now in my room. Even though I know what’s coming, but my heart is still beating so hard, I’m positive he can hear it. I hope if he thinks I’m asleep, he will go away. I know he isn’t going anywhere until he gets what he came for. He has told me if his parents find out, they won’t believe me anyway. He would tell them I wanted it, and I won’t have anywhere else to go.

  “David, can you come downstairs, please?” Mrs Robinson calls out.

  It must be a miracle, but it won’t stop him, he will be back. I hear him leave the room and his footsteps return down the hallway until I can no longer hear them.

  “Ruby dear, can you come down too, please,” Mrs Robinson calls out, not even t
en minutes later. I get out of bed and throw on an oversized jumper. I like to stay covered, that way they won’t think I flaunt myself in front of David. So if they find out, they don’t think I was asking for it. I dream about the day I can leave, I plan on traveling and as far away from here as I can. I have been here for nearly a year, the first six months were great, even David was great; he treated me the way a real brother should. But one day that changed, and he comes into my room nearly every night now. I have thought about saying something, but what’s the point now, the damage is done. I go downstairs and Mrs Robinson is in the kitchen with David, who ignores my presence and another boy, not much younger than me, he looks scared. I don’t blame him, not knowing what you’re walking into. At some homes, the parents are horrible and really don’t care about you. “Ruby dear, this is Ty and he will be staying with us.”

  “Hi Ty,” I say standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

  “Mum, I’m going to Shane’s place and will be back in the morning”

  “Ok dear, have fun,” she says lovingly. It almost makes me sick, the act he puts on in front of her. David walks closer to me and looks back at his mum fussing over Ty, asking if she can make him a snack.

  She has her back to us and doesn’t see David lean in close and whisper, “Don’t get any ideas Rubz, you’re mine and don’t forget it,” he says, almost with a hint of jealousy. I put my head down as he runs his finger down my face. He laughs and walks past me. I look up and Ty is staring straight at me, he has seen what happened, and I can tell he is confused. I hate the thought of anyone thinking David and I are together; and I can tell that’s what he is thinking.

  “Ruby, could you show Ty to the spare room next to your room, please?” Mrs Robinson asks.

  “Sure,” I say.

  “If you need anything Ty, please let me know,” she says.

  “Thank you, Mrs Robinson.” Ty replies, I can tell he just wants to go to his room to let it all sink in and sleep.

  “Dear, call me Julie, Mrs Robinson is my mother-in-law and a right bitch, but don’t tell my husband I said that.” Ty laughs and tells her he won’t as he follows me up the stairs.

  “This is your room.” I say, opening the door and not stopping. I head straight back to my room, if I get lucky David really won’t come home tonight.

  “Thanks,” he says, going into his room and shutting the door.

  A week or so passes by, Ty and I spend a lot of time together. He is pretty cool, but being around him has made David come in my room at night more often. I’m sure Ty can hear me cry after he leaves, even the nightmares I have are more frequent. Nine thirty is the time I dread, bedtime. I watch the clock around ten thirty, maybe eleven. Or if he comes home late he will sneak into my room. But tonight is different, he is early, it’s only a little after ten when I hear movement upstairs. I curl up and pull the covers over my head. I hear the door open and click shut. After a few minutes nothing, I hear nothing. He doesn’t sit on the side of the bed. I don’t hear his heavy breathing on my neck, right before he slips his hand in my underpants. I want to look and see what he is doing, but I can’t; I’m frozen in fear at what I will see. Maybe he brought one of his friends home, it wouldn’t be the first time, it’s like perverted assholes come in packs. I tried to fight back the first few times, but he just enjoyed it more.

  I must have fallen asleep, because I wake up to the sound of snoring. I see on my alarm clock it’s just after eleven. I peer out from under my blanket and freak out; why is Ty here? He can’t be here. It’s too late, I hear the footsteps coming up to my door and it’s cracked open, then closed. Ty is out of view from the door, he will see everything if he wakes up, which makes me feel sick. What will he think of me, will he tell anyone? I feel the bed dip beside me, and I start to cry silent tears.

  “I will give you two seconds to get out, before I beat you senseless.” Ty snarls.

  David stands, “Do you think that’s wise? You’ll be on to your next foster home as soon as I tell my parents.”

  “Tell them what? That you come in here every night and take advantage of her?”

  “Is that what she told you? Maybe you should ask her again, before I go talk with my parents about what I saw here tonight.”

  “You think I give a fuck about going to another foster home? Different day, different home. But I will get the pleasure of severely hurting you before I leave.”

  “Do it, because Rubz will still be here tomorrow.” David taunts.

  “Maybe we should take our chances and just see who they believe?” Ty says, as I watch in shock as a boy I met not long ago, defends me against someone so much older and bigger then him. “Get the fuck out of here, before I throw you out!” he says taking a few steps towards David. Apparently David’s attempts at intimidating Ty didn’t work like they did on me. I’m an idiot, I should have stood up for myself, but I couldn’t risk being kicked out and having nowhere to go. Who wants to take a teenager in, one with so many issues? David leaves, I can’t believe that worked!

  “I am sorry you know.” Ty says, getting back into his sleeping bag.

  “What for?” I ask, surprised by his comment.

  “I heard him and didn’t do anything. But I have been watching him, and I knew he would back down.”

  “It’s not your fault, Ty.”

  “Still, I’m sorry. My mother raised me better than that.”

  Every night for the next six months Ty slept on the floor in my room. I still occasionally heard the footsteps, but they would stop at Ty’s room; David must have been checking if Ty was in his room. Ty is the brother I always wanted. We went to school and no one treated me like a leper with him around. The weird Goth girl is hanging out with the cool kid, so she must be worth talking to. Ty didn’t care, he didn’t give anyone the time of day, so I don’t know why anyone would want to be friends with him. He is only nice to me. One of the boys, that use to bully me, literally pissed his pants after Ty caught him calling me names. He told him if he ever looked sideways at his sister again, he would regret it. Ty hasn’t told me much about his past because he doesn’t like talking about it.

  One night Ty was late getting home. He finally got a lead on his real father, and I told him I would cover for him. Mrs Robinson wouldn’t let us out on a school night, only her precious son could do as he pleased. I started to get worried by ten that something had happened to him, but my door opens. At first, I sigh with relief he’s back. But it isn’t him, its David. “I knew it was only a matter of time before he got sick of you. You know you want me, Rubz.” David mimics as he tries to touch me. But I can’t let him, I don’t want to be weak anymore.

  “Please David, don’t do this.” I beg. When he is close enough, I knee him in the nuts and run. I make it to the top of the stairs before he grabs me by the shirt. “My parents took Brady to the hospital with a fever, so we’re all alone. Running away only makes it more fun.” I manage to get down the stairs and the front door opens, it’s Ty. It takes him all of two seconds to figure out what is going on, and takes off up the stairs. After a few minutes, I don’t hear anything. I want to help but I’m frozen to this spot, I can’t move.

  “Ruby, get your ass up here and pack what you want to take, we are leaving now.” Ty growls

  I gain control of my legs and go upstairs. David is laying on the ground, bleeding. “Ty, what did you do?”

  “What I should have done months ago, now let’s go before the Robinson’s get back. I found my brother and got us a place to stay. I will fill you in on the way,” he explains.

  I pack a few clothes and the only pictures I have of my mum and dad. I also pack my keyboards, and a few books with my drawings. Ty packs his stuff and as we are about to walk out the door, as the Robinsons walk in. “What’s going on?” Mr Robinson asks. David appears at the top of the stairs all bloody, it’s still pouring from his mouth.

  “Oh god, David!” Mrs Robinson says, running up to him and pulling him into her arms, while Mr Robinson hold
s Brady.

  “He attacked me for no reason.” David says, lying to his parents, not that I expected any different.

  “Ruby, go wait outside.” Ty says, pushing me out the door.

  “No Ty, let me! Ty did do it, after David tried to rape me again. Your son has raped me so many times, I have lost count. So don’t feel sorry for him, he told me you wouldn’t believe me. Now, I realize I don’t give a shit; but then, I was afraid of having no one. I thought I could just put up with him, because for the first time since my mum dumped me, I had two parents who loved me. Ty’s the one who has protected me, like family should. Just let us leave, and your precious son won’t go to jail.” They don’t say anything. Ty just grabs my hand and leads me outside. I take a look back, Mrs Robinson looks at me with disgust in her eyes that I could say such a thing. Mr Robinson on the other hand, doesn’t seem surprised. I can’t help but look back at David, who just smirks at me. I might not have a family, but Ty has shown me it’s not about who your blood is, it’s about the people you have in your life that matter.


  Today has been the best day of my life. I get to marry the light of my life, my soul mate, Amanda. We met when she was fifteen and I was sixteen. I was the dorky lanky kid people picked on, and she was so beautiful. I knew I loved her the minute some asshole tripped me over; I looked up and she was helping me up. From that day, I never wanted her to see me so weak, and that’s how I met my best friend, Morris. I knew he was into MMA of some kind; I had seen his flyers all over town. At first when I asked for his help he laughed at me, that’s when Sam made some big speech, and the rest is history. Here I am seven years later with my beautiful fiancé, about to make her my wife. We had planned on getting married when we had been together for ten years, Amanda said we would both have an established career and a foundation to start a family. That all changed the day she found out she was pregnant, she wanted both our names to be the same on the baby’s birth certificate. I would have married her the day we met, so I was all for having the wedding as soon as possible.

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