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Undercover Secrets, Untold Lies

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Twenty minutes later CC stopped her car in front of an attractive house, aluminum-sided in beige with dark brown trim. Elm and maple trees shaded half the small yard, and the bushes in front were neatly trimmed just below the front picture window.

  Just inside the door they shed their coats onto an brass coat rack, and walked into a modern furnished living room decorated in bright yellows, oranges, greens and deep burgundy. To the right was a modern kitchen with a chrome and glass table in the center. The chairs were also shiny chrome, and thick hunter green and burgundy cushions were tied to the seats and backs.

  “Something smells wonderful,” Gwen commented.

  “Have a seat and make yourself comfortable,” CC told her. “I put a roast in the Crock-Pot this morning, so everything will be done in a minute.”

  A few minutes later they were feasting on roast beef, potatoes and carrots cooked in thick beef gravy. CC also served homemade coleslaw and rye bread. She opened a bottle of wine and filled their glasses.

  “This is great! You can cook for me anytime,” Gwen said, stuffing a fork full of roast beef into her mouth.

  “I’m glad you like it. I like the ‘quick and easy’ route too.”

  Gwen ate until she was stuffed and pushed her plate away. “God that was good. Thank you.”

  “I told you I’d make you dinner. I keep my promises,” she teased.

  “I can’t eat another bite.”

  “I’ve got dessert…homemade brownies and butter pecan ice cream. But we can wait awhile if you’d like.”

  “You’re already spoiling me,” Gwen laughed. “Let’s wait.”

  Gwen helped CC clear the table and clean up the dishes and they retreated to the living room to finish their wine.

  “Not quite the ambiance of your fireplace, but I like it here,” CC said, turning on the stereo to an oldies station, which was playing soothing seventies songs.

  “I like it too…and the company is fantastic,” Gwen said, putting her arm around CC’s shoulders. She moved slightly so their thighs touched. She knew she shouldn’t be with CC, not knowing who the department leak was yet, but she couldn’t help herself. This woman was intelligent, gorgeous and sexy. It had been so long since she had felt even the slightest stirring in her body for another woman.

  CC turned and kissed Gwen tenderly. There was no need to hurry. Gwen returned her kiss, enjoying the feel of her soft lips and the taste of her welcoming mouth. Their passion grew and the sensual melding of their bodies turned more desperate. CC finally pulled away and stood, grasping Gwen’s hand and leading her into the bedroom.

  Gwen followed CC’s leisurely pace as they undressed each other. God, she’s beautiful, Gwen thought when they were finally standing at the end of the bed naked. CC took Gwen’s hand again and led her to the side of the bed. She pulled down the covers and slid between the silky sheets. Gwen followed and snuggled closely to CC, wanting to feel every inch of the body next to hers and take in the scent of her perfume and the musky odor of her desire.

  Gwen slowly and tenderly caressed CC’s breasts until her nipples were rigid under her fingertips. They kissed until passion led to urgent desire. She carefully traced her fingers down her firm belly, gradually and deliberately drawing small, titillating circles with her touch, and then finally lowered her hand between CC’s thighs. She massaged the tiny hardness between her legs, feeling the moistness of her desire. When she could wait no longer, Gwen plunged her fingers into CC until she arched and screamed with orgasm.

  Massaging CC’s inner thigh, she was planning on pleasuring her again. CC pushed her hand away.

  CC scooted her body down and buried her head between Gwen’s legs. Lightly and sensually, she sucked on her clit until Gwen was close to orgasm. Just as Gwen thought she was going to explode, CC thrust her fingers into Gwen’s welcoming body and Gwen experienced the most gigantic, powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced. “Oh my God,” Gwen cried.

  They rested in each other’s arms until they were again full of raw desire, and then began their sensual dance all over again; tasting, exploring, and finding each other’s most sensitive spots. Gwen thought she’d never get enough, so infatuated she was with CC’s body and the thrill of her seductive touch. Their bodies felt perfectly matched as they intertwined their bodies together.

  Exhausted from their lovemaking, CC laid her head on Gwen’s shoulder. Gwen gently ran her fingers along CC’s arm, back and forth rhythmically until they fell asleep, still entwined together.

  Chapter Fifteen

  Gwen awoke to the sound of her cell phone. Disoriented, it took her several moments to remember where she was. Lying next to her was CC, rubbing her eyes and trying to figure out where the strange sound was coming from.

  Gwen jumped out of bed, found her jeans, and flipped her phone open.

  “Geez, Gwen. It’s nine thirty a.m. I’ve called your house a dozen times looking for you,” Scott said, irritation evident in his voice.

  “Last I remember, it’s Saturday. I sleep in on Saturdays, Scott,” she said with a hint of anger in her own voice.

  “Yeah, okay. Sorry, but Jerry’s back in town. He arrived last night to start packing up his shit before he moves to Illinois. Wright is still harassing him, and I thought you might want to talk to him.”

  “Sure. I would like to chat with him before he moves out of town. How long will he be around?”

  “He said he’d be out of here as soon as he’s packed. Sometime this afternoon, I guess,” Scott informed her.

  After writing down the address, Gwen said, “Thanks, Scott. I appreciate your letting me know.”

  “Sure, boss,” he said lightheartedly and disconnected.

  “What was that all about?” CC said sleepily.

  “I’m going to have to meet with Jerry Kingley in a while,” Gwen said conspiratorially, “but not before I finish what I started last night.”

  She jumped on the bed and started tickling CC until they were both laughing and wrestling under the covers. Their horseplay soon turned serious and they made love again.

  “That’s one hell of a way to wake up in the morning,” CC said hoarsely.

  “Umm…that’s the way I like to wake up too, and if I didn’t have to work, we’d still be in bed at dinnertime.”

  “I’d like to go with you to speak with Jerry,” CC said.

  “I’d appreciate your input. Besides, I like your company and you are my partner,” Gwen said, leaning over and giving CC another passionate kiss.

  “You’re right. We’d better get up now or we never will get out of bed today.” She kissed Gwen again quickly, jumped out of bed, and ran to the bathroom.

  They made a quick stop for coffee and breakfast sandwiches before hopping on the freeway and were on their way by eleven a.m. Gwen estimated it was about an hour’s drive to the resort area where Jerry lived.

  Most of the snow had melted and the fields along the highway were starting to show their deep green growth. Magnolia trees were starting to bloom with tiny white and pink flowers. The air smelled fresh and clean in the crisp country air, and they were able to crack the car windows open for the first time since winter had begun.

  The two women chatted about family and friends, and Gwen’s hand rested on CC’s thigh as she drove. They learned more about each other’s likes and dislikes in food, music and movies. Gwen was almost sorry to arrive at their destination; they’d had so much fun talking and laughing with each other.

  As they pulled onto the long country road spotted with tiny cottages and campsites, they recognized a Scarletsville unmarked police car about two houses down from Jerry’s address. Just as they parked, Gwen’s cell phone rang.

  “Gwen, I’m on my way,” Scott told her, “but I’ve been having trouble with my phone reception along these old country roads. I’m about two miles away. Jerry just called saying that Wright was trying to break into his cabin.”

  “We just pulled up,” Gwen told him. “We’re going in now.”

  “Be care
ful,” Scott warned.

  “We will. Hurry and call for more backup,” she said before signing off.

  “You take the rear,” Gwen told CC, removing her revolver from her shoulder holster. “And be extremely careful.”

  When CC was out of sight around the side of the building, Gwen crept slowly and stealthily up the porch steps. The screen door was half off its hinges and the inner door was wide open. As she brushed past the entranceway, the screen door let loose, breaking the last hinge and falling to the ground with a resounding crash.

  Just inside the door Gwen stopped, her weapon held steady. She saw Wright leaning over Jerry’s prone body. Wright had his service revolver in one hand and a butcher knife in the other, poised to stab Jerry in the jugular. Blood was pouring from Jerry’s right kneecap. Wright had apparently shot him to keep him from getting away. He had two stab wounds; one approximately two inches below his right shoulder blade and the other to the right of his ribcage. Wright’s hand with the knife stopped midair.

  “What the hell are you doing here?” Wright barked. “Drop your gun or I’ll shoot,” he said. She heard a click as he cocked the gun, forcing a round of ammunition into the chamber.

  Gwen dropped her gun. “You’ll never get away with this, Captain.”

  “Hell I won’t,” he replied.

  “Why?” she asked softly. The question was encompassing.

  “I didn’t mean to kill Kathy,” he gasped. “I wanted her to clean up her act. I begged her to move back home. I grabbed her by the shoulders to shake some sense into her and she spit in my face. She’d lost all respect. I was her father!”

  Gwen could tell he was no longer talking to her, but reliving the scene of his daughter’s death. Tears were streaming down his face.

  “I didn’t mean to kill her, but she spit in my face, I lost it. I put my hands around her neck, but I never meant to kill her. I cleaned her up after…after the argument. I didn’t know what to do until the snow started falling and I staged the accident. What else could I do? I was sure no one would question her losing control of her car around that curve in the icy weather…” Then his face turned red with rage, and he seemed to return to reality. “Until you started nosing around! You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you!” he screamed.

  “And Cyndi?” Gwen asked.

  “She knew too much. She was there when I dragged Kathy out of that…that pigsty and took her home. Jerry,” he continued, glancing down at the man at his feet, “I hate him for what he did to my little girl. He’s scum just like the rest of them. He doesn’t deserve to live, and neither do you!”

  Wright aimed his gun at Gwen’s head. She froze in terror.

  A gunshot sounded and Gwen dropped to her knees but it was Wright who crumpled to the floor. He hadn’t gotten his shot off. CC rushed from behind him and quickly cuffed his hands behind his back while he was still stunned. Blood spurted from his right shoulder.

  “You won’t get away with this,” Wright screamed. “They’ll never believe you!”

  “Oh yeah?” Gwen pulled her keychain out of her pocket and clicked the rewind button on the tiny tape recorder. Seconds later Wright’s voice filled the room, “I didn’t mean to kill her…”

  Wright’s face turned white and he winced in pain, pulling hard against his handcuffs.

  Gwen scrambled to Jerry. He was still breathing. She pulled out her phone to call for backup just as Scott ran through the door with a half dozen uniformed officers.

  Chapter Sixteen

  “Excellent work, Sergeant,” Chief Ziegler congratulated her. “I know you’ve already taken the exams for lieutenant. Having this case in your record will do nothing but help you.”

  “Thank you, Chief. I appreciate it,” Gwen replied.

  “It took a lot of guts to do what you did. I’m the first to admit, not all of us wearing the uniform are cut out to be cops. Along the line I’ve seen men and women succumb to temptation, start out bending the rules a little bit, take a couple bribes, get greedy. That’s why, when I see someone with the stamina and dedication you and your team exhibited, you deserve promotion.”

  “Just doing my job,” Gwen said modestly.

  “Well, we’ve got a ways to go, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you’ve done. Stanley Wright is still in the hospital with the shoulder wound and isn’t talking, except to his lawyer. CC’s clear, her discharge of her weapon has already been judged as tactical, a good shooting. You’ll be testifying at the trial and it’s bound to be a three-ring circus, knowing Stanley as I do. Tony Maglia is suing for wrongful termination, even though we have plenty of infractions in his file. Seems he’s prone to taking bribes from both the supposedly ‘good guys’ and the bad ones. We raided a storage locker rented in the name of one of his aliases, and found just about everything we were missing from the evidence room,” Ziegler said, shaking his head in disgust. “We even have surveillance footage of him coming out of the unit. Still he thinks he can sue, the greedy bastard! No matter how long I’m on the job, I never cease to be amazed.”

  “That’s what keeps us going, Chief,” Gwen laughed. “Keeps us young, eh?”

  “You maybe,” he laughed with her. “Me, I just lose another patch of hair on the top of my head. Too late for gray hairs. I’ve barely got any left to comb now.”

  When Gwen left Chief Ziegler’s office, she was exuberant, and couldn’t wait to tell CC the good news. Gwen checked the lab first. Finally, after taking the stairs down to the ground floor, she saw CC coming into the revolving doors.

  “Hey!” Gwen called.

  “Hey yourself! What are you beaming about?” CC asked.

  “Ziegler’s recommending me for lieutenant. I want to celebrate!”

  “Congratulations! That’s great! And you deserve it with as hard as you work. Where do you want to go?”

  “I know a nice, cozy restaurant where we can ravish a huge porterhouse steak and the best baked potatoes in town. They’ve got a superb salad bar too,” Gwen beamed. “And afterward…”

  “I can ravish you,” CC finished her sentence.

  “That’s exactly what I had in mind!”

  “I have to take these samples up to the lab and I’ll be ready to go,” CC said, hurrying off.

  An hour later they were sitting at a back table in Seventh Heaven Restaurant, watching the sun set on Lake Walleye.

  “This is a nice place,” CC said, looking around at the rustic atmosphere. There was a mounted moose head over the main entryway, a bear bust over the restrooms, and numerous stuffed fish decorating the walls.

  “This is my favorite place. I like my meat and potatoes, and they serve the best steaks in town,” Gwen replied.

  They both ordered the porterhouse steaks with baked potatoes and helped themselves to the salad bar. While they were eating, CC asked softly, “Have you ever been in love?”

  “Yeah,” Gwen admitted thoughtfully. “I’d always admired Kathy from afar…almost envied her for her wild ways and hearty spirit. Then we had that wonderful weekend, and I thought, this is it. I fell hard and way too quickly. When I returned home Kathy avoided me for a few days, then returned one of my many messages and said she was engaged to one of the jocks from school. Of course, I was crushed. I don’t think I ever did stop loving her. I had a hard time resolving why we couldn’t stay together, and I couldn’t put the hurt behind me for a long time afterward. I finally realized Kathy was all about appearances. I mistook our lovemaking for her caring about me, when all it came down to was another ‘adventure’ Kathy could chalk up to her ‘experiences.’ ”

  They ate in silence for a few minutes before Gwen continued, “Then I started dating someone on the force. She was just a year behind me in the academy. We were hot and heavy for seven or eight months. We’d just started planning a future when a drunk driver hit her. A guy pulled out in front of her, plowing through a stop sign despite the flashing lights on her squad. The accident killed both of them instant

  “I’m so sorry, Gwen. That must have been hard.”

  “Yeah, I was messed up over it for a while. What about you? Tell me about your loves.”

  “I lived with a woman for two years. We had what I thought was a beautiful relationship, liked to do the same things and spent every moment we could together. That is, when her work didn’t interfere. She was a schoolteacher. She taught second graders. She could have been fired if the school officials found out she was gay, and heaven knows what would have happened if some of her students went to their parents with that information. I finally got sick of sitting home alone when she went to the school functions …picnics, day trips and overnighters, awards ceremonies…there was always something she was running off to. Hell, she wouldn’t even go to a movie theatre with me for fear of being recognized, but she had a heavy social calendar when it came to her school buddies.

  “I remember one time when I took her grocery shopping. The cart was piled full and it was her turn to buy. She saw one of her kids with his mother coming up to the checkout line where we stood, and she just bolted…walked away and out the door. I was panicked since I didn’t have my wallet with me, but as they came up, I offered them a place in line ahead of me. They were only carrying a few items and I figured it would give me time to figure out what I was going to do. By the time my load was rung up and bagged, Judy was back. But I never totally forgave her. She was so damn paranoid and could never admit who she really was. She was too scared to come out in the open and I couldn’t continue to live like that.”

  “We’ve both had some healing to do,” Gwen said softly.

  They walked slowly back to Gwen’s car. It was now completely dark and the parking area had emptied except for a few cars along the opposite side of the lot. Gwen leaned over and kissed CC tenderly. CC returned the kiss and slid closer. Gwen slid her hand into CC’s jacket and massaged her firm breasts, then moved her hand lower and unzipped her jeans. She slipped her hand down until she could massage the moist mound between her thighs. CC cried out almost immediately, grinding her torso against Gwen’s hand.

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